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Played Saturday 12/2 - Last Men's club tourney for the year.
Customer service was very good, got us out on time for an 8am shotgun, marshals circulated around to keep everyone moving, 2 tourneys going on.

The course was is very nice shape, tee boxes were green with few divots, fairways were green with some dormant areas but rolled decent, the rough was about 2-3 inches and the ball tended to settle in and hard to find. Hard to get out of since it would grab the club head. Greens were nice and lush, rolled on the slow side, maybe around 9-9.5, bunkers were mostly dirt.

Green fee included breakfast buffet, and lunch buffet. The carts have 2 USB ports, wish I had known I would have brought my charging cable.
Played early Tues 11/28 - Customers service was good, got out on time, friendly old timer at the starter post, Santa Claus beard, appropriate for the season.

The course - Tee boxes were OK not too many divots, fairways were green and brown as the grass is going dormant, and I'm sure the cold nights don't help. Got some long rolls on drives, fairway shots were off thin brown spots. As mentioned before the greenside bunkers were a couple inches of sand and hard underneath. Greens were fast and smooth.
Played here on Tues 10/17. The crews were out mowing, and spreading fertilizer. The fairways and rough are getting dormant, beginning to show brown areas, but playable and maintained. The tees were fairly level, not many divots. The fairways rolled well. The greens rolled well, some ball marks, and at times bumpy. The rough was fairly short, but tended to grab the club (for me that is). The bunkers had good quality sand in them. The course is always challenging to play.
Late post
Played Tues 10/10 as a guest of Men's Tuesday Club
Customer Service is always great, the desk guys are friendly, and courteous. Special Shout Out to Arturo at Red. Always stop at the 19th for beers and nachos, Arturo is efficient, professional, courteous, and friendly.

The Course - Tee boxes were fairly flat with some brown but very playable The fairways were smooth, with lot of run, also had some brown, The rough was about 2-3 inches playable but could grab your club. bunkers were sandy but a bit thin on ones I got into. The greens were in great shape, on the quick side with only a few ball marks.
Second round for our Men's club Weekender.
Shotgun start at 9AM, Customer Service was excellent, all the staff made sure we would have an enjoyable time.

The Course - Almost totally healed from previous aeration, looks like they did blade cutting of tee boxes, and certain areas of the fairways.
Tee boxes were fairly level with very few divots, The fairways has the usual few brown spots for Desert courses, ball rolled well. Rough was cut short but hard to come out of. Bunkers were like at Mojave course, packed dirt and pebbles. The greens were visually nice and green, we were informed that they had been cut and rolled early that morning. They were very quick, 10.5/11 stimp, but ran true with some unexpected breaks for us playing it for 1st time in 4 yrs.

As part of our package they set us up with a private area near the practice green and range and added a deli meat buffet with salads, and pastries. Great time, great round for me, and another fun Tourney.
Played here as part of our Men's club Weekender golf Package. Practice round here, tourney round at Laughlin Ranch.

The Course - Customer Service was good, we were welcomed, and went off on schedule.
Tee boxes were fairly level and not many divots. The fairways ran well, had some brown patches. Rough was short but at times hard to get out of. Bunkers were packed dirt and rocky, I skulled a couple of shots when the SW bounced into the ball. Greens were visually nice and green but were not receptive, and very slow.

The wind was a major player for this practice round, we started with 1st tee time at high noon, wind was medium with occasional gusts, got worse by the 12 hole. My drives were 180 or less into the wind, 190/210 into the wind. Not fun, other than enjoyed a round with ftiends
Played today Tues 10/3 8:37 tee time, got out on time. $30 to walk. Agree with everything that grantar2, Mission Viejo wrote. My one exception is that the rough had been cut even with the fairway length. The type of grass still had a tendency to allow the ball to sink down and hide which at times made for a difficult shot.

The customer service has always been great, counter, and coffee shop. If you get breakfast I recommend the breakfast sandwich, or burrito. Both are a great value. When you stop at the 9th hole tell them you want the "Cantinero Special" or The Bartender special. He adds in a plate of nachos (not free but a good buy) - refried beans, crispy chips, and jalapeno slices.
Played Saturday 9/29 Charity event for Scholarships.. Scramble, followed up with awards banquet. POP 5.5 hrs :(
POP was as expected for a tourney of this type, lot of players from good ones to just out for fun types. All in all a fun time

Course - tee boxes not level with unsanded divots, fairways were decent with a few thin spots. Rough was about 2" abut the ball settled in and at times hard to find. Bunkers - did not play out of any since it was a scramble format. Greens were fast, bumpy, lot of ball marks, some were from previous day or two.

Customer was good, welcomed us, and treated us pretty good. Usual chicken/veggie dinner :)
Played our men's club monthly outing on Saturday 9/9/17
Course was in very good conditions although physically the fairways had some brouwn spots from being cut too low in some areas, not dry spots.

Tee boxes - definitely need to improve on the level, but managed to find a fairly level spot to tee it up
Fairways - ran well, not many unsanded divots
Rough - long and shaggy in many areas, made it difficult at times to find and errant shot, between the four of us we lost at least 20 min looking for our balls
Greens - starter mentioned that they were still damp from the morning watering but would dry up by the time we hit the 10th. They were still a bit long to prevent sun damage, and a bit slow specially up slope putts.
Bunkers - the two I was in were both different, one had nice sand, the other seemed a bit dry packed.

Customer service was excellent. The front desk kept us informed on starting times, the starters at the 1st tee were friendly, shared information on course conditions, and shared small talk on golf while we waited to tee off.

Glen Annie 1 - Gil 0 - - will have to go back another time and get even :)
Played Tues 7:30 tee time. Agree with weber's comments.
We always go early and eat brkfst there, unfortunately they no longer offer their $3.99 Special, now it seems to vary and is priced at abt $7, still not too bad but no longer a bargain. We know the waitresses from before they started working there and they always treat us great. Customer Service has always been great here.

The Course - as was mentioned the tee boxes are OK, fairways are green to brown with some thin spots, rough was Ok not too long or punishing. The 2 bunkers I was in only had dirt and were crusty after drying from watering. The greens were receptive, and rolled slow to med as the sung came out. POP was 4.5 hrs, 2 some in front was a bit slow, allowed a single that was behind up to play through, we wanted to enjoy our round and he was hitting long drives.

Senior rate is worth the price.
Agree with dcdonnely on his review from his Saturday play
We played on Monday, 6:20 tee time, got out on time, with no waiting on next tee.

The course was in great playing conditions, lush, a little wet from the dew or watering, until the sun warmed things up. Tee boxes were fairly level with few unsanded divots, the fairways are lush, and not much run on front 9 due to moisture but got better when the sun came out. The rough was not too deep but grabs the club specially when it was wet, the greens were in beautiful shape. Lush, firm, rolled true, a couple ball marks on a few holes. The bunkers have decent sand, some were still moist, a couple I was in were dry, but one seemed to only have a couple inches of sand.

Great golf day, POP was 4.5 with only 3 holes where we waited for 2some in front to hit 2nd shots, 4some ahead of them were a bit on slow side but not much. Customer service was very good. 19th hole was OK, service was good but disappointed in the nachos we ordered. Chips were bagged ones, not fresh which was OK, the cheese was obviously Velveeta (shredded cheddar would have been better), the meat was ??? looked like it may have been previously cooked hamburgers, dry with no flavor. But the beer was cold.
Played Tues 6/27 witha 6:20 tee time to beat the heat.
Used their great Inclusive package for Seniors 62+, at $55 it can't be beat. Green Fee, cart, meal ticket for any item on the menu, and 1 drink. We use it for lunch after the round.

Course is in very good condition in spite of the heat, although they are watering several areas during our round. Tee boxes are fairly level with not many divots, fairways are green with some signs of brown from the heat and rolled well, bunkers have decent sand, one I was in was a little damp, greens were lush, on the fast side of 10 and held shots with backspin (which I don't have). Some long irons tended to run off the green.

Customer service is always great here, friendly, cheerful desk guy, smiles and assist from the starter, good service with our meal. Try their salads if you want something filling but not too heavy- char broiled steak, Asian salad, shrimp Louie is what we ordered and were tasty.
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