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Played a couple weeks ago in the Guru outing.

I played here about 6 months ago and was thrilled with the conditions this time around.

The highlight of the course, as per usual, was the greens. They were fantastic. would rate 8.5/10 due to some inconsistencies in speed and receptiveness. They rolled true and generally held shots well.

The fairways were lush and provided a great hitting surface. There were some dry spots but mostly on the steeper slopes in the fairways. Not necessarily bad since it prevented the ball from stopping on those steep slopes.

The tee boxes were good as well.

Was in a few bunkers throughout the day. the greenside bunkers were stocked with nice sand, fairway bunkers had good sand as well but were spotted with some pebbles.

Overall a fun day with the gurus and would like to get back out to TR soon.
Played in the Guru outing on 5/23

This was my third time playing Rio Secco and the overall conditions have improved each time. Both the front and the back are great 9s, and fairly different in terms of their layout.

Outside of a few wind exposed areas of fairway and some unrepaired ball marks, the conditions were ideal tee to green.

The fairways and tee boxes provided excellent playing surfaces. There was some good cushion for roll out as well which helps on a course as long as Rio Secco.

The greens were rolling true at a medium to medium fast speed. The greens held well struck shots well. Some of the uphill approach shots proved difficult.

For a desert course the bunkers were above average with both the quality and quantity of sand present.
Played 5/18 at 7:20 pm. Played 16 holes when they closed at 10 pm.

This is by far the best condition I have ever seen the course in. The tee boxes were largely flat and lush. A few were crowned and/or had a lot of divots.

The fairways were, over the majority of the course, perfect. They were cushy, had good roll out, and were a pleasure to hit from. I couldn't believe the condition of the fairways.

I didn't find myself in any bunkers but have thought the bunkers had good sand in past trips.

The greens are recovering from their recent punching on 1/2 of the greens. The flags were placed on the unpunched half but if you found yourself on the wrong side of the green it could be a frustrating trip to the green.
Played in the guru outing with Nick, Mike, and Gus. Had a great round in excellent condition.

It’s hard to add much more praise to the course after the reviews left for the outing but I will add that overall it was a pleasure to play from driving range to tee to green. The practice greens were running at the same speed as the course. The greens on the course were fast and firm which were a challenge of their own.

All around the conditions and service were impressive. Can’t wait to play there again.
Played on 3/16 at 9 am - 4:20 POP

This course was in fantastic shape from tee to green. The practice facilities were also in fantastic shape with balls readily available on both the driving range and chipping green. The putting green was a little small though considering how popular and crowded the course is.

Tee boxes were all level, lush, with minimal divot damage.

Fairways were perfect.

Greens rolled true but were much slower than anticipated and a little inconsistent from green to green. They held shots well that were well struck.

Customer service was friendly and excellent.

Can't wait to play again.
Played 1/28 POP 4:15

This was definitely the windiest golf I have ever played. We probably shouldn't have played with balls rolling off the green pretty regularly. The conditions of the course were great. Tee boxes, fairways, and greens were there usual great shape. Not too much to comment on other than the wind, be careful out there.
Played on 12/13 with the Gurus Johnny and Rob. POP was right on 4 hours.

I played here in the guru outing in August of 2016 and was pretty critical of the course. At this point in time I'd like to take it all back. Everything about the course and experience was top notch.

The new practice facilities were beautiful. They have two putting greens, a chipping area, and a new all grass range.

Tee boxes were lush and level.

The dormant rough was beautiful contrasted with the lush, emerald green fairways. The rough was dormant but wasn't penal. The ball often sat up a little bit making it fairly forgiving. It was 2-3 inches long.

The fairways were great. As mentioned above the color was beautiful. They provided a great surface for playing off of and also allowed for some great bounces helping me gain a few yards (when I actually hit the fairway).

The bunkers all had brand new sand in them. What I liked the most was the the fairway bunkers and greenside bunkers had different types of sand it seemed. Greenside it was fluffy beach-like sand. It was a bit coarser than I am used too, but it makes the sand heavier and less likely to blow away which is needed in the desert. The fairway bunkers was significantly less fluffy, but contained a similar coarse sand.

The greens are brand new. At times they were slower than I expected but they were true true true. The ball didn't so much as wobble on most putts. Because the greens are still new they were a bit hard but as they soften up a little bit will be perfect. There were very few ball marks outside of the 17th hole which gets peppered with full wedge shots all day.

Overall it was a great experience and day on the course. An A+ for the renovation work.
8/25/17 the range is officially back open. I did not play the course but arrived within an hour of the range re opening and it's very nice. There's a good 30 yard deep strip of land where they can move the tees around. The hitting surfaces were providing great lies with good cushion -- maybe too much. From the back of the range is 300 yards. Similar to Rancho Park they put in artificial turf at the range, but unlike rancho the greens are slightly elevated and tilted from back to front for a good view of where your ball lands. The artificial turf on the greens seems to react better too. If you hit a ball well it doesn't bounce like it's hit concrete, they keep the spin and can stick to the greens.
Played 7/30 while the Mrs was getting a massage. Teed off as a single around 1:45, joined a 2some on 9 and played in 3:30.

Course was in really great shape from tee to green. Some of the tee boxes could use a little love but overall no complaints about any of the conditions. The design was also really nice. Had some close encounters with the local deer and turkeys during the round.
Played 6/10 at 2 pm with uscdodger and golfplayer91. we were the second twilight group out with POP at 4:40. We lost sight of the group in front of us and the group behind us.

The course is in very good shape. Tee boxes were level and fairly lush, not too many divots to worry about. The fairways were the best I had ever played there. They had just enough cushion to be great playing surfaces. The rough was very inconsistent, up to 2 inches in spots and dirt in others. Bunkers were good, had to remove a few small rocks but nothing too big to worry about. The greens were mostly great. there were a few spots where they were in poor shape but thankfully those spots were pretty limited and not too close to the pin positions.
Played in the 6/5 Guru outing with nickesquire, stickboy, and mdames.

It was another beautiful day for golf and the course had conditions to match. We played all 27 holes so it's nice to write a comprehensive review of a 27 hole facility. This was my second trip to play Moorpark and got to play the newest 9 for the first time and absolutely loved it.

The tee boxes were all in good shape, only one (#2 Canyon Crest) had some uneven lies. 7-8/10

The fairways were excellent. Even though there was some browning in areas it was only cosmetic and still provided a good hitting surface. There were a few soggy/muddy spots in the low lying portions of a couple fairways 8/10

The rough was well kept and could make approach and recovery shots difficult 7/10

The bunkers were nice and had few if any rocks in them. They were firm, but fluffy enough to provide me with a nice fried egg on one of the par 3s. 7/10

The greens were the highlight of the course conditions for me. They were much slower than the last time we played (thankfully!) but rolled true at a medium+ speed. they were firm which meant very few ball marks which was great but were receptive enough to allow for spin to matter -- stickboy spun one back a couple feet for eagle on one of the par 5s. 8.5/10

Overall a great day at Moorpark and would definitely recommend to someone who is looking for great golf, views, and food.
Played on 5/22 at noon. 4 hour POP

Rancho Park is really benefiting from all of the rain this year. Most of the course is in very good shape. Its rough spots are near the fences and near the cart paths. The fairways were the highlight today. Fantastic coverage and were very nice to hit from. The greens were next, followed by the tees, then the rough. I didn't find any sand so I won't comment on it. Overall a very pleasant day. Played the front 9 in 1:30 which was great and we were met by a three group wait at the par 3 12th for our first wait of the day.
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