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Played 3-JAN with an $85 Golf Moose coupon. Very strange day. Tee time was for 9:04. Arrived at 8AM and was told due to a frost delay, everything was pushed back 30 min. Went to the range where I was told I could only hit off the mats until further notice. After stretching, waiting a bit and hitting a few, we were told at 845 that the first tee was now open, they were all caught up and we were third up. We rushed and teed off at 8:55 only to be backed up after the second hole. Saw the marshal on 7 who said the group ahead of us had one or two open holes in front of them and would push them. We were on them again at 9 and never saw the marshal again. Two or three groups on top of us as well but no where to go. Never saw a beverage cart the entire round.

Course was so so. I'll offer my ratings similar to the previous post:

Tee Boxes: 4/10. Uneven and in need of coverage. A LOT of sand divot repair marks. Gopher holes on several of them!
Fairways: 6/10. Good lies with ok roll out. Brown and yellow mostly, but not thin. One or two holes (hole 5) were completely soaked/water logged close to the green. Sprinkler or drainage issues
Rough: 5/10. Agree, hit or miss. In places it was thin with just dirt, and in others it was a club thick.
Bunkers: 5/10. I was in them all day. Decent sand on some but a few others with exposed netting. Traps on 9 on the left side were beyond horrible
Greens: 7/10. They were pretty pure but A LOT of ball marks.

Also noticed a lot of downed trees and un-raked leaves between holes. With the recent winds and rain, I'll cut some slack, but if I were paying the rack rate ($135/$180), I would be furious. I see Underpar now has an $85 rate with free replay. Makes sense as I think it will take a few months to get the gopher issue under control, tee boxes back and Oak Creek back into the shape it once was. Even $85 might be too much to pay at this point.
Played Wed 12-19 around 7AM and finished under 4 hours with a gift certificate. I came in with low expectations based on word of mouth from the locals over the past few months, but the previous review gave me a reason to try. The recent rain may have done wonders and the course definitely appears to be back. Greens were very good. Rolled even and true and ball marks were at a minimum. Fairways were good although a few bare spots in areas which were meant wet clay. Traps were thin and shallow and could use some work. Never saw the food/beverage cart nor any marshals, but the staff was certainly cordial and friendly. I would come back back for sure while the getting is good.
Played 9/14 around 10AM. Was scheduled to tee off earlier but they were backed up. Was met in the parking lot by an attendant with a golf cart. Left it for my friend and I to load up and head in to the club house. Staff was friendly and welcoming.

Range was nice, hitting off real grass. Has a separate area for chipping with a ball collector included. While targets are measured, they are only valid from one distance, so you may want to bring your range finder.

Overall course was in nice shape, considering we are in another drought. Agree with the previous review that despite being aerated 3-4 weeks ago, greens ran fairly smooth. The back greens did seem a tad slower than the front, but overall they seem to be about 90% back. Fairways were hit and miss. A few dry spots, but then a few very wet spots causing a few plugs at times. Rough was fair. Would also agree the layout is challenging. Really only needed the driver 3-4 times playing from the blue tees due to a lot of blind tee shots and severe dog legs. Cart GPS was incredibly helpful making the round a bit easier on the blind shots, but local knowledge is a plus. Hit through one or two fairways. The sand traps were above average. None too dry, wet or shallow.

I saw the beverage cart about 2-3 per side, a greens-keeper came by to ask our opinion on the greens, and the marshal about twice as well.

All in all, I think this is a fun track and appropriately named. Wild turkeys on just about every hole as well as a few deer, squirrels and rabbits. People were friendly and I would be happy to return.
Played 8/8 in the morning. Not much to add to previous reviews. I would summarize by saying the conditions on the front 9 vs the back are night and day. Front has bunkers under renovation, beat up/uncut tee boxes, and a lot of greens with divot marks and/or bad fertilization. Greens on the front were incredibly slow. Fairways were hit and miss throughout both 9's. Rough was fine.

As a Creek Card holder, rate was $65. I dont think I would pay any more than that right now, and if youre thinking about making the trip from out of town, I would certainly consider other tracks first. Not horrible, but the course needs some time and healing.

Staff was friendly, saw refreshment cart 2-3 times, and Clubhouse temp was fantastic on a 93 degree day.
Played 4/18 in the AM with a $82 green fee. Overall, course is in good shape. Forgot how open the course is now that they have removed or cut back so many trees. Greens were fantastic, but fairways/rough are still getting some work and some traps were essentially sand-less. One group threw everyone off, so the Marshall was scrambling to try and get groups back on pace. Still finished in 4:15. Saw the cart girl twice. Apparently they are tuning up for a US qualifier first or second week of May.

Overall, I wouldn't pay the rack rate of $135 midweek or $185 weekend here, but at a discount, no issues.
Played 12/29 in the AM. Beautiful day. POP was just over 4 hours. Had to pay holiday rates which with a Creek card was $90. A little steep, but for Orange County on a Friday during the holidays, fair enough. Overall conditions were very good. Tee boxes were in great shape although the blue tees were all the way back, even sharing with the tips on a few holes. I rate the greens about 8.5 out of 10, as everything held, but fast and pure. Just a few spots here and there. Fairways about the same, maybe a tad lower. I included a picture of the worst fairway hole 17 (in my opinion) which was taken right smack in prime position just over 100 yards out in the middle of the fairway. Signs of the course getting ready for winter, but overall, still in great shape. The 7.5 rating maybe be a touch high.

I would agree the Creek card value is not what it once was but for South Orange County, Im still not sure there is a better value. Would love to hear from others in the forums if there are better player card values in the area.
Played 12/21. Apologies for late review. Will review the course for regulars and those who haven't played. Will start off by stating the Santa Ana's were in full force at 830am, probably 30mph. Made for an added challenge but still fun. Overall course conditions are fantastic. It was cold and windy which is probably why greens were so hard and fast, but greens, fairways and tee boxes all in great shape.

For those that haven't played, well worth the green fees and trip. Layout is pretty open, greens are huge, but depending on pin placement can be tricky. Some "quirks" to consider. Online green fees tend to be cheaper, but no price differences are given online (senior rates). You have to call if you want any discounts and book accordingly. There is no cart GPS or hole maps on the course. There are a few holes where course knowledge is worth while but not required, but if you bring GPS or play with a local, even better. Customer service from the entire staff was fantastic as well.
Played 11/20 around 630AM. A buddy treated so I didn't pay green fees. We got the email claiming "Their Back" after over seeding, etc. They may be back but need at least another week. Fairways are in terrific shape. Best part of the course. Holes 1 and 3 the greens were pretty beat up, as if the mower was off as their were some bad grooves in the greens. Tee boxes weren't cut on most holes. After putting out on the 4th hole, the greens crew followed us and threw a fresh coat of sand all over the green. Sure enough, the remaining holes of the round were played on fresh sand in morning wet conditions. I was a bit disappointed with that.

Overall course looks like it will be in great shape within 1-2 weeks, but not worth full rack rates right now unless your in a pinch.
Played Friday with a Golf Moose voucher at 7AM. Pace of play was fast, less than 4 hours. Overall, course is in great shape for the value. My only complaints: traps were wet for the first hour (spent too much time in them), a few tee boxes were a little off level, and range balls are rock hard. Other than that, no complaints as overall conditions are great including greens (ball marks repaired - thank you!!!!).

Only saw the drink cart once on 16, but passed. If you fill out the customer service survey, you earned a free drink at the clubhouse. Not bad! Still a great value in North County.
Im a Creek Card member so got out on dawn patrol for $65. A lot of fog for the first 4-5 holes which added some additional challenge (visibility and moisture), but finished in about 4 hours. All in all, I still think the course is one of the best values in South Orange county. I was excited to get out for my first time since the aeration.

Similar to a few other reviews, I too am a little worried about the greens. They were cut close, held shots well, medium/fast-speed, but unfortunately a lot of ball mark damage. Not much damage left from aeration. Some rare dark green polka-dots of grass are still visible, but I don't think it affected putting as much as the ball marks and some burns on a few greens (hello Arroyo Trabuco?). I agree they are still not up to their lush quality, but getting there.

Fairways were in great shape, lush, and divots repaired. Couldn't ask for much more.

Tee boxes were hit and miss. Some boxes were cut, others not. Some with un-repaired divots, some had the markers aiming a good 20 degrees off into the rough, other not. A real mix match. First time I had seen that here.

Traps were wet and mushy. Agree with others that it would be nice if they could get this right one day.

We saw the cart girl once on 17, although it was 10AM at that point, and the marshall about 3-4 times. I think the course is in great shape. Beautiful scenery on the back with no shortage of deer, rabbits, squirrels and other wildlife. Still a great value and probably my go to course in South OC for the near future.
Played 5/3 for $25 on GolfNow. 1215 tee time which took 5 hours. A few slow groups out there slowed the pace. Wind was blowing pretty hard on the front which added yardage as well. All in all course needs a bit more time to heal and some TLC. Greens were aerated a few weeks ago, but still need two more weeks in my opinion. Tee boxes were ok, but even about 50% of the time. Fairways were OK, but rough is pretty slim if not bare in a few areas. Crab grass in the first cut seems a bit poor to me as well. Greens were a bit hard and didnt hold much on the front. Seemed a bit better on the back.

One of my biggest issues were the amount of ball marks on the greens. BIG pet peeve of mine. Probably repaired 5-6 on every green. Cmon people!

Didnt see cart service on the course, but 19th hole is a great spot and way to end the round.

All in all, I wouldn't pay rack rate right now, but if you get a deal and are in a pinch, so be it. Be warned, pace could be slow and greens need a few more weeks before possibly rolling true (if ball marks are fixed as well)
Played 4/27 early morning with a GolfMoose voucher and finished in 4 hours. First time on this track but great feedback from other members as what to look for when reading the tips and reviews. Sent us out 30 minutes early as we didn't know the range and snack bar is closed every Thursday until 9AM. Was a little worried as they aerated earlier in the month, but the greens seem to be 90-95% recovered, were in great shape and VERY fast. Read about the multi tiered greens and that is extremely accurate. Approach shot accuracy is a must! A few of the tee boxes were a bit uneven, and a few greens had some bare spots and damage, but all in all greens were soft and in great shape, fairways nice and pretty lush. Note, there was no cart service for those who want it. Would definitely come back, especially at $40 for a midweek round. Well worth it.
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