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July 2007

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""if you say that you can't or if you say that you can. Your absolutely right""

65 years old
Retired :)

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Andrew1's Golf Statistics

Index: 6
Average Score: 78
Available to Play Golf: Weekdays & Weekends
Cart Preference: Will Ride or Walk
Temperament: Casual Golfer
Smokes (while golfing): No
Plays in Tournaments: Yes

Andrew1's Favorites

Golfer: Ben Hogan
Golf Course: PGA West, Nicklaus Tourna

Where Andrew1 Plays Golf

San Bernardino County; Riverside County; Palm Springs Area; Orange County

What's in Andrew1's Golf Bag

At this age. "Ben Gay" for sore muscle's and "Advil" when the Ben Gay doesn't kick in.

Last Updated: April 29, 2016

More about Andrew1

I'm a proud Vietnam Veteran and it was great honor and a privilege to serve my Country. I fly an American flag 24/7 to honor all Military personal through out the globe for keeping us safe from all those who feel the need to destroy us. If it wasn't for our Military/Veterans and those you gave all, we would all be speaking German or/and Japanese right now. Calling all True Americans. Fly an American flag if not at your home a Decal on your Car.

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Andrew1's Golf Course Reviews

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played Desert Island yesterday and the day was a perfect day to play. Used one of my last 2 Desert Island Vouchers (which only leaves one left for sa... » More
played "Prado" Butterfield today. Planned on Sierra lakes but the winds were howling at 15 plus mph. El Prado is in very good condition right now, I g... » More
Played Saturday in a Church Tournament. Greens are horrible. Greens were areafied and we were not told. Greens real bumpy with sand in many places. M... » More
played the "Babe" side today. Course is looking good after the aerafication. Greens are coming back really nice. Greens were about 95 percent back. A... » More
I played this Couse last week, using one of my 3 vouchers. This Couse is absolutely fantastic and its a must play for all skills. Water comes into pl... » More

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