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Golf Means What
Monday September 1, 2008 8:15pm

Golf has a bigger meaning than just the game,
because its not all just about you and me out there...
nor is about just writing down your score and walking away...
its about having the truthfulness to ones self to do the right thing,
its about honor, graciousness and accepting others out there...
being able to play and respect each other and put your differences aside.
to be tolerate ones misfortunes or to applaud one for a good effort,
to remove your hat and shake hands and thank one another when the round is over....

Golf has a bigger picture in the meaning in life,
for the most part it teaches us that we all need to get along cause without
that we accomplish nothing by cheating, bad manners, and bad feelings...
because if you haven't learned that one by now,
you have a long game ahead of you....

Smilin Steve