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Over 40 Basketball Champions!
Monday December 3, 2007 8:17am

We (the Celtics) finally won the championship of the Sunday Over 40 Basketball league, beating the previously unbeaten Timberwolves 75-70. We finished the season 11-1. Revenge was sweet as they had given us our only loss (in week 2) of the season and they also beat us in the championship game two seasons ago. Okay, so they were missing their big outside threat, but we had two players suffer severe leg injuries during the game (we only have 6 players) ....and.... we were easily the oldest team in the league with 4 starters over 50 years old.

5 of the 6 players on my team are also regular golfers who play in my tournaments at Knollwood.

Old men rule!!! basketball for me for a month.......I can focus on my golf game.