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Wednesday December 19, 2007 3:02pm

Flashback - Thursday April 19, 2007:

Rtewfik and I decide to play Knollwood on a Thursday since rain was forcast for our usual golf day Friday. We're paired with a guy I'll call "Miguel". He's wearing tennis shoes, so I figure he's a beginner. I ask him what he normally shoots and he says "85". Ooooookay.

So he steps up to the tee and proceeds to pull his first tee shot onto the 18th fairway. Okay, so he's no "85". Things do get better for him and he ends up shooting at "86". See, I told you he was no "85".

At the end of the round I ask him if he would like to play in my tournament in 2 weeks. He agrees, and then tells me he knows this guy, I'll call him "John", that owns a golf website - something like "". He tells me I should check it out.

So, a month or so later I finally check it out and it's pretty cool plus it has a nice feature for tracking handicaps, so I sign up and come up with the screenname "TheBigDog" in honor or the fact that one out of 486 of my drives actually goes a long way down the center of the fairway.

Sometime later I post a thread inviting GK members to join me for my August tournament. Somehow JohnnyGK (the man himself), ringworld, swing18golf, and thingstodo all agree to come play. I put the 4 greenskeeper golfers together and for the first time at one of my tournaments we play a team format later to be named "The Man". The greenskeeper group shoots a 78 and beats all 7 other teams. Swing18golf shoots lights out with a 71.

The rest is history.....

I now play golf just about every Friday with "Miguel" (miguelgolf2007) and I think I've become a GK addict, attending every GK casual outing and meeting lots of greenskeeper members.

So, if you ever meet a guy in tennis shoes who says his name is "Miguel" and says he shoots 85.....