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Golf at Knollwood with Kviser, moneyoff, and "Mike"
Monday December 31, 2007 7:25pm

Played today at Knollwood. 10:44 tee time, but we didn't tee off until 11:00.  5-1/4 hour round in the worst wind I've ever played in. Kviser and I showed up at the same time and rolled up to the clubhouse with our matching Clic Gear push carts. On the first tee I asked our playing partners if they had ever heard of Greenskeeper. ....and wouldn't you know - one had , his GK name is moneyoff.

Kviser and I both got off to a rocky start. I popped up my drive and he pulled his toward the 18th. The round didn't get a whole lot better for us, but we had a really fun round playing with moneyoff and Mike. I had a couple of monster drives with the wind at my back. Hole #16 Par 5, I hit driver, then 8 iron to reach the green. Hole #4, another par 5 with the wind, I hit driver and 5 iron to the green. Other than the few monster drives, my golfing was forgettable, but I had an absolute blast. Mike, kviser and moneyoff were great putting up with me and my trash talk :-). I look forward to playing golf with them again.

This round was a really fun way to end the golf year.