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Golf at Knollwood with Aikidomon, yoondaman316 and rtewfik
Friday January 18, 2008 8:02pm

Had a great time playing today at Knollwood in a fairly strong wind. We played all the games we're going to play at my tournament in two weeks. Shot 42-43=85 for my first round in the 80's for 2008. I think it was my second best round at Knollwood. I was actually tied with yoondaman316 thru 16, but he birdied #17 and I 4 putted 18. He finished with 82. Changed putters today and oh what a difference! 31 putts today after 39 last week with my other putter. Eight 1-putts. Drove the green on #14 (made birdie) for the second time, otherwise, not such a great day with the driver. Finished the round in just under 5 hours.