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It's Lonely at the top.
Wednesday November 28, 2007 1:45pm

Well I just had to open my big mouth.  I accepted the volunteer position here at GK as head hostess (joke).  Seriously I am the so-called "Community Director."  What does that mean?  It means I try to keep the peace whilst also being the "face" of GK

Some of you have played golf with me and I look forward to playing more rounds and meeting our very loyal GK membership.  But before I wander off into obscurity, allow me to point out some salient facts about what I do and what I believe my job entails here.

1.  I am not your mother.  For reasons very obvious I do not and will not act like one.  I do however reserve the right to point out some obvious rules that must be ahered to from time to time. 

2.  Take the criticism, do not take it personally.  Look this is the internet.  A reputation means everything.  I won't go sullying yours so why would I do that to you?  I am here simply to keep the peace, keep the comments on track and hopefully have fun doing it.  You should too. 

3.  This is not a democracy; this is a benevolant dictatorship.  In other words, I believe firmly in free speech BUT if you disrespect the rights or beliefs of others  -- your posts, your comments, or even your profile will be deleted with a very polite "thank you" and a gentle boot from our community.  This is not the place for name calling; harrasment, or other agreigious actions.  Do not test my patience. 

4.  Enjoy what this website has to offer.  GK has a unique perspective and that is the playing regular Joe-golfer, that's you!  We respect your comments.  We appreciate them.  Your participation is what makes GK a great resource for all golfers.  So keep it up and keep it up often.

5.  Finally, I reserve the right to change these comments at any time.  I play fair and expect the same respect from you in kind.  I will and have on occasion spoken to the concerned parties via email rather than airing the dirty laundry of one person or another in our forums.  I prefer it that way.  Some things are private and had better be left that way.  So if you get an email from me, don't be alarmed.  READ IT.  RESPOND TO IT.  AND MOVE ON.

That's it for now.  This is Ringworld your Community Director signing off.