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Building a GK Staff for 2008
Friday November 30, 2007 12:04pm

Well part of my dilemma here as Community Director is to create a staff of volunteers.  Interested?  Email me at ringworld@greenskeeper.org

What does being a part of the GK staff entail?  Let me break it down for you so a three-year-old can understand.

  1. I need active members to apply.  What do you do?  Just continue what you're doing right now -- that is provide information on golf courses you have played.
  2. A more active role in the forums.  We want your input.  We want your perspective on everything from tee times to how crowded or what other courses do better than others. Why? Because this site is not only a resource for golfers but Golf Courses. They read about themselves. How best to improve customer service and quality and maintain golfer pricing when you have such a valuable, honest resource like GK helping you achieve your sales goals? 
  3. Finally as part of being a GK staffer there is the community. The community here at GK is the cornerstone of this site. This is a group of like minded golfers that look to us for guidance. If you think you have the qualities that offers guidance, respect for the game, and humor that appeal to our audience then consider becoming a GK Staffer.   As a GK Staffer we help focus forum posts and discussions. We monitor the golf comments section to ensure they are just comments rather than politics or a panel for discussion. We offer our humble advice to those that ask it.

    My question to you is are you interested? If so let me know. I am trying to create a core of community leaders to help this rag tag group of golfers grow. And it doesn't require a lot of time -- just participation. That means instead of taking a back seat and reading what other folks have done; it means making the news that everyone talks about.

    Please note that this is a volunteer position. You will not be compensated monetarily. You will however be what I like to call a "Staffer with benefits."   More can be discussed about that once you have applied.  How do you apply?  Drop me an email here at GK  mine is ringworld@greenskeeper.org

So what say you? Are you interested?