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New Home Page Interface at Greenskeeper.org
Friday November 7, 2008 2:44pm

Who says that being fresh and new can be a bad thing.  Some may but if you take a look at our new Greenskeeper.org home page you will agree, it's hands down better.  Easier to login or out.  Fast load times.  It's all aimed at improving your initial experience. 

This streamlined approach is part of a new mantra at GK where more is Good but Precise is Better. Look for additional improvements to help in elevating the function of this FREE membership at GK. 

Remember GK offers us golfers as well as destination golfers an opportunity to digest current course information played by actual, regular golfers like you and me.  We offer unbiased and often brutally honest commentary on course conditions from tee to green, including pace of play, and course tips to help manage your game.  We even have a really nifty GK Handicap Tracker (also FREE!) that can help improve your game.  It offers detailed game breakdown from GIR (Greens in Regulation) to the number of puts and sand saves.  I use it.  If you try it I guarantee that you'll be hooked.  And all this information is FREE to all memberships.  And did I mention that member is FREE? 

Rather than harrangue you with all the benefits, why don't you take a test drive, register and start taking advantage of the many great features being part of the GK Golf Community can offer.