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The new GK Newsletter.... is a Great Advertising Opportunity!
Tuesday March 31, 2009 12:42am

There is a wise saying that I live by, "If you don't advertise, something terrible happens.  Nothing!"

Wise words yes especially given the state of our economy but one should never overlook the obvious.  If you have something to sell do you keep it a secret or do you climb the highest tree and yell for all to hear about your product?  Your choice.  In this day and age everything literally moves at a fast pace.  We all have to keep up with new information readily available, deal with it, and finally diseminate it.  The trick is turning this faucet of information on and focusing its torrent in our direction.  One way is to use Greenskeeper.org. 

Why?  Simple, Greenskeeper, attracts a very specific niche -- the golfing fan.  Take a look at our demographics.  Over 35,000 registered members and growing.  Over 1.2 million page views with over 200.000 unique hits monthly.  This is exposure you can harness for yourselves. 

What does this mean to you and your hard earned advertising dollar?   That means our members play golf.  They look up how to improve their game.  They look up course conditions and what to expect.  They do everything to plan their trip and stretch that dollar as far as they could.  That is where GK comes into the picture.  Advertise through us your golf-specific products and reap the dividends a die-hard community of golfers can generate.  Join our casual GK Golf Outings; showcase your products and/or services to our GK playing crowd and get noticed.  Help build your sales effort organically using the multitude of advertising venues from Home Page exposure on GK to our Monthly Newsletter to our GK Casual Golf Outings and even our moderately priced Coupon Campaigns.  Direct those spending dollars to you and your products.  Track it.  Bank on it. 

Take advantage of a great opportunity to advertise with GK today.  To contact just send us an email to vjflores(at)greenskeeper.org