Ghost Creek GC

Chambers Bay

Portland, OR Ghost Creek GC

Chambers Bay

Statue of Francis Ouimet and his caddy, Eddie. Putterham Meadows, Brookline, MA

Burned fairway at Industry Hills, Zaharias.

Nine iron to the top v-ditch above desilting basin number 4.

Hailstorm, Sunday, March 22, 2009 at Vista Valencia.

Rain and hail on the tenth fairway at Vista Valencia.

Carmel Valley Ranch

Carmel Valley Ranch

The Duke At Rancho El Dorado 18 Fairway

17 Tee to green at Rancho Vista.

Noel's cart goes down! Noel's cart goes down!

Hole 11.

Hole 7

#6 at Rancho Vista.

Looking west on #5, Rancho Vista.

Noel runs to help, while Mike looks on.

Erich approaches the grass bunker on 3.

Moneysworth and kviser on 12 tee at Laughlin Ranch.

View from nine tee at East Valley.

East Valley Champions Course Hole One.

Moneysworth, kviser, and softballdad at the East Valley GK outing.