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Played at 2:10pm as a threesome, POP was pretty good on the front, slowed on the back 9. 4hrs 20mins.

Tees were level and cut well. Fairways were in the process of being cut, and the kikuyu was a bit grabby where it wasn't. Rough was typical of the tract, not too bad. Found too many bunkers, and they varied from crispy to soft on greenside bunkers. One fairway bunker h... » More
Played the Blacks (5826/68.3/117) with GDR23 in clear, fairly calm conditions in the 70's. We played 36 holes as a 2some in 7 hours on a "throwback Monday" that reminded me of when Gary/I did this on a regular basis. Also "throwback" because Gary threw out an 11 birdie 67-69 performance that reminded me of some rounds 10+ years ago we played together.

Buena is a easy cou... » More
Played on an Underpar certificate for $89 with GKer rat-patrol at 1010am on a clear hot Sunday, 8/20/17. The course was mildly busy and we went out sandwiched between a number of foursomes, and played thru one group on #3, so pace was relaxed in a little over 4.5 hr, with quite a bit of waiting on the back nine. Staff was friendly and helpful, including engaged starters, and we... » More

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