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First off at twilight, it's been 12 days since winter maintenance so I knew the greens would be so-so and they were . . . but A. I'm not a pro so I don't need perfect greens and B. I was too lazy today to venture far from home.
Tees: decent, playable, mostly level
Fairways: a little furry so not much run out, but there is grass most everywhere
Rough: in need of a mo... » More
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Played Eagle Crest on 9/25/2016. I have played here many times over the past 15 years, I have always enjoyed the layout. The conditions are abysmal right now. the course is not playable in my opinion, not sure why they are even open. Our group walked off after 9 holes as well as the group in front of us did. There is hardly any grass anywhere on the course, where there is grass... » More
Monarch Beach yesterday 1:30pm. So is this the new Champions Club at the Retreat? Not so much the course itself, but more so the recent reviews/ratings along with the wide array of opinions. Here's my long detailed version of it:

Pre-Round: Complimentary valet took our bags (after standing around for 5 minutes with no help even though they weren't that busy at our time... » More

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