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Latest Golf Course Review
Got a good rate on GNow, $15 w/cart. Got off a few minutes early from TTime, with another single and a 2some.

CPO only on all holes, so it hurt PoP, which ended up being 4 hrs, 30 mins. Check-in was fine, with the friendly starter, got us out maybe 10 mins early, at 12:25pm.

Never played here before, and have heard various feedback from a number of guys I've run into on other courses. Some people have praised it, others have admonished the tract.

I will say, at times it was confusing to know what club to hit. Holes 5 & 6 were closed, and a number of holes later included 'temporary' greens, added holes, and they were not in sync with what my Garmin GPS indicated on shots into the new, temporary greens. At least twice, I had hauled a club or two with me, only to learn that the 'temporary' greens were completely off from the expected yardage measurements.

Tee quality was hit/miss, some reasonable grass coverage, with the majority being tough to get a flat lie, smooth stance without the divots getting in the way on one's footing. 4/10

Fairways were not cut recently due to recent rains, I guess. Mostly needed to roll it. Some casual water on at least 1/2 the holes, and on hole #2, a 'casual' lake that consumed my 2nd shot, right, but near the green, not to be found until it dries out. 4/10

Rough was generally long and penal, 5/10.

Sand traps ranged from wet puddles, to heavy damp sand to fluffy sand. 4/10

Greens were great. As previously reported, the shining star of this course. Firm and not generally receptive, they did offer smooth and 'fast' green putting. A few 'bumps', at timesi putting, but otherwise smooth. 8/10

No cart lady. Marshal came by once. Water on 1 hole on the front, along with a johnny-loo on the 4th tee, and another water jug on the back nine, perhaps the 14th hole.

Reasonable challenge, and tight layout. Doubtful I will return anytime soon, but no doubt better... » More