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Had time to play the Lakes course at 12 noon today 8/19/2019 with my buddy and fellow teaching pro Brian, my buddy Mack and his buddy Ricki. I have been reading a lot about RR the last couple months so decided to head out to the Lakes Course to give it a whirl as its one of my favorite layouts. Our POP was 4 hours riding taking our time. It was an odd scene--we did not see 1 group on the entire golf course in front or behind us! Don't know if I have seen that ever. Weather was 10-12mph breeze, partly cloudy beautiful low 70's weather. I got to meet the new GM at RiverRidge through American golf and she was very pleasant along with the normal pro shop staff. This was is spite of their computer system being down which I am sure was stressful this morning. Very good customer service in the pro-shop.

I always loved coming out here and testing myself from the black tees at almost 7200 yds. I am sad to say for you bombers that they have taken the black tee boxes away from the layout. We played the tips which are now the blue tees and they had many of the blue tee box markers back where some of the black tees are. Most of the old black tee boxes they are letting go like #5 coming to mind. The blues are still a nice challenge at almost 6900 yds. The tee boxes are mostly all level and semi lush. Decent to good shape with just some minor divot damage on the par 3's.

The fairways were half green, half brown but I feel all had nice cushion and enough grass where I never had a hard pan lie.

Rough was generally mowed down and a little bit lusher and green than the fairways and in nice shape.

Was in greenside bunker on 13 and 14 that contained raked, firmer wet sand that had enough sand to easily splash out of.

The greens looked to be a little more bumpy to start the round but then there were greens like 11 that were just pure and beautiful. I don't think the greens were that bad as some have described. They were playable and held shots nicely. Pretty decent rolls. You could always count on RR to have almost professional or PGA quality rolls in the past. I am a stickler for greens and I thought these rolled nicely and I would play them anytime. Not as nice as the last time I played here but still nice.

I would recommend the course right now to anyone. As long they continue to put some water on the fairways and keep the greens at least to the standard I saw today I think this course will continue to thrive. Love the challenging layout, cooler weather and good prices.
Played at 9:30 am today. Conditions were good. Greens were very smooth and putted around 8.5/9. Fairways had good coverage and plenty of grass. Rough was thick and juicy and traps were above average. POP was 4.5 hrs. Drinks and food service was pleasant with $5 breakfast sandwich special. Layout is great mix of holes with annoying power lines that run throughout course. One of the better conditioned course in the area.
After a long year away, finally made it back to Los Amigos and found pretty much what I expected to find there. 'The Friends' is a short track with plenty of good scoring opportunities and fairly simple layout with the exception of the last three holes which are beasts.

Conditions are about what you would expect right now at this course. You will find serviceable fairways with good to decent coverage but a slew of thin areas and browned out spots, but you can still get the job done. The tee boxes are pretty beat up without a doubt, but the bunkers as usual remain in very good shape. You'll almost always find great sand traps here.

Greens are running at medium speed, have good coverage, but are definitely a good bit on the spongy side, and far too many ball marks from lazy golfers who seem to think that a low-cost course deserves low-energy personal sacrifice to fix the damage. Speaking of low-budget, the carts are about as basic as it gets - no frills personified.

POP was great for a Sunday though so have to give props for that. No waiting outside of a few minutes on the par 3s but the rest was a breeze. So, in summary, Los Amigos is feeling a bit of the summer dry spell but it's still in good working shape and, as long as you're not expecting anything too spectacular, you won't be too disappointed.
8/19 using underpar voucher $67 2some for play after 1000 and range balls--arrived at about 9 --quick check in and starter even offered to send us straight out-- but took 15 minutes of warm up was on the tee at 920. Course has a golfer friendly philosophy that is willing to move golfers up when there are open tee times--nice!!
Fairways were varied with some areas rather wet/soggy with good cover, some dry and thin with even some bare areas, and some goldilocks just right. Rough bordered fairways was more a factor in slowing the ball that affecting shots until getting closer to the greens with deeper thicker growths. Tees were mostly on the thin side and some were uneven--3 were off limits and markers were moved up.
Did not have the pleasure of playing out of any bunkers most of which looked to be well maintained and recently groomed.
Greens were well watered generally soft and receptive rolling at about medium speed with some occasional bumpiness but overall of good quality.
Layout is true to its name some nice elevated tee boxes and many up hill approaches as well as stances that have some slope involved. Scenic parkland setting winding through the hills and dales. POP 340 with occassional waiting on the back 9.
Played today mid morning and course in nice shape. Usually dried out this time of year but pleasantly green. Green side bunkers have decent sand but fairway bunkers hard. Greens were smooth and consistent.
Played Sunday the 18th and the course was OK. We teed off early so pace was great and finished in 4 hours with a couple of slow partners in my group.
Tee boxes are not very level and a few had bad damage, expected a little better with the rate you pay out here.
Fairways were decent but a lot of different grasses on the course and some great lies but also some not so great lies.
Rough was penal and thick and not easy to play from but exactly what it should be.
Greens were in good shape but had some different grasses that led to some less than smooth putts. The greens are challenging with the slopes.
Sand was a mix of good to not good but overall have very little complaints with there never being not enough sand or too much, just wish they were a little more consistent.
Good time but not worth the rack rate. Better places to play for the cash.
Played on Friday, Aug. 16th. Had a 1:30 tee time. Course was pretty empty so they let us go off early! This course has always been my favorite local, affordable course. It was in really good shape. Tee boxes were good, not great, but still plenty of grass. Fairways were the same. Never landed in a bad spot, luckily. I was really impressed with the sand in the bunkers!! Wow!! Every bunker had fluffy sand you'll find in a higher-end resort course! Good job, Los Amigos! Greens were good, but a lot of knuckleheads refuse to fix their divots. Bar, clubhouse, coffee shop and (recently added) outside bar are really nice (outside bar is cash only ). Staff was friendly. Finished our round in 4 hours or so (had a slow group of Seniors on the last 6 holes, but not that bad). Can't wait to come back! (BTW- I'm an 18 hdcp, and shot 80 from the Whites, with 29 putts) You'll like this place!!
Played Balboa Park Golf course yesterday morning. 7th or 8th time I have played in the past couple of years. The course is in as good a shape as any time I can recall! A couple of greens have what might be a little fungus, but overall very healthy greens and fairways. We teed off at 7:45am and finished at right about 4 hours. This course is walkable, and there was a foursome of ladies just ahead of us that were doing just fine. However, the course is not flat, so you do need to be in decent shape.

This is a municipal course, so don't expect a country club experience. But, for a muni it is a great value at $59 on a weekend. Your view from the 11th tee box of downtown San Diego, Balboa Park, and on a clear day, the Coronado Islands is a Kodak moment for sure!
Played The Palms on Saturday, Aug 17th, tee'd off at 0600H to beat the heat. My Pal and I were the only two out early and let a fast twosome by us on the 8th hole so we could enjoy the play. First time for me playing Angel Park and was met in the darkness by a friendly worker that brought us a cart, bought some coffee and some muffins for us from the awesome bar keep, Peggy. Starter let us go early, tee boxes were fine, had to hunt a bit for a flat stance but not too hard to get a good spot to tee from. Fairways were full and green so not much roll out. Rough was full and no bare spots, bunkers were still wet from the overnight watering but I was in 6 of them all day and had no trouble getting the ball out with an open blade, greens were firm but very slow though I putted well but its scary to pound that ball to the target. Overall the course was in great playing conditions in spite of the Las Vegas sun beating it up. I will return someday. Oh, I had 3 eagle chances and actually hit the pin on a sidehill slider putt and ended up two inches left of the hole. 5 birdies on the day really made it a fun round for me.
I do not play here very often, in part because of geography, and in part because of cost. Secured what I thought was the first time off at 6:30am, but turned out two groups teed off in front of us ???? That said, there was no issue with pace of play because while our threesome played in 2 hrs 45 min, we never had to wait

Course is kept in overall excellent condition, you can just see the attention to detail in the areas surrounding the tees and cart paths. Greens were nice, a bit on the slow side and a bit firm, but still very good. Fairways also very nice, a little "tight" for my skill set, but that did provide for some rollout. Tee boxes well maintained. Bunkers were just OK. (Too wet !)

While everyone was nice, the guy who checked us in was a bit gruff, not the most pleasant individual. Not rude, just not friendly, at least to our group anyway. Despite my poor play, enjoyed the course and am glad I made the return trip here. Recommend this course, with the advice that you play from the appropriate tees.
Played today. Should not have. Stew's revue (which of course I read, warned me) is still relevant 2 weeks later, with no improvement, IMO. I did not really expect as much re-sodding, as I experienced? But he reported decent bunkers? Not anymore? They were all terrible, hard and crusty. There is a ton of new sod, everywhere. CPO on all but 2 holes on the front. CPO on back had 4. # 10 looks like it was all redone with new sod? Course is wet and even when you do find a good spot, it is hit and miss to find a good lie. Forget about any roll and you are warned, OK asked, "pick up from sodded areas at all times."The only good part about the course is the greens. But you have to go through he!! before you get to them, except on the par 3's. I can honestly say, I wasted my green fees on this one? As a long time golfer, it is my opinion, this course is 30 to 45 days from being playable and perhaps longer? They really should close it and allow it to heal properly. For sure, I will not be coming back anytime soon. I honestly cannot believe they are allowing golfers to play this course, at this time? Shameful.
Saturday round with my monthly golf group at Skylinks this past Saturday, riding the white tees with a $78 greens fee (a little steep but standard stuff on the weekends). Course was in good shape overall with a few exceptions, namely too many ball marks on the nice greens (who pays that much to play and doesn't think to fix ball marks on the greens?), some thin bunkers that even had twigs/small branches coming out of them, and beat up tee boxes.

The fairways though, while not a vibrant green, had very good coverage and it was rare to find a poor lie. Rough was not very penal so it often provided a nice, cushioned surface to hit from. Layout is always good fun at Skylinks and playing from the whites for the first time because of the group made it really enjoyable as a good driving day resulted in lots of short irons into the greens.

Carts are in good shape with a standard GPS system that could use some updating, as in the ability to be able to pick out layup spots and get yardage for them. Cart service came around often on a hot weekend day, so that was good.

Course was very crowded in the parking lot but actually moved pretty well throughout the day for a 4.5 to 5 hour POP - not bad for a busy Saturday. Fun day out and recommended right now.
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