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Was invited to play here today and readily accepted. The drive into the course is very nice. Then you arrive at a beautiful and stately large white clubhouse, decorated wonderfully for Christmas. Built in 1906 (William Watson and William P Bell 1928 and Brian M Silva 2007). The course is not long (6602 from tips) but it has teeth and great elevation changes. Was really glad I was playing with someone who had local knowledge (very needed on the greens). This is one course you don't have to talk about tees, fairways, bunkers, etc.. All you have to say is that everything is great. I loved the men's locker room, as it has its own barber shop? Driving range/putting green next to the first tee. Service in the pro shop was great (made me feel like a member). From tee to green, it is just a wonderful course to play if you have the opportunity. Service (as expected) was terrific at all levels.
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What a beautiful day to play Terrnea. Warm, clear, views forever. It wasn't so much that I wanted to play this course again, but while the "boss" shopped at Del Amo. what better way to spend time on a Winter day in Southern California. Perfect.

Nick's prior review was spot on. I too struggled from the bunkers, but mostly because it seemed ever one I found provided a super tough lie. (At lest that's my excuse) Greens rolled well, faster than I expected.

I would play here more often if it were closer to home and less expensive, but the $$ I'll forget, the memories will last.
I went over to Altadena for super twilight yesterday for the first time in a while and started out as a single around 3:40. Caught up with a friend in the group ahead to finish as a five-some. The most noteworthy aspect of the course is that they have changed the sequence, which I will come back to after a quick recap of conditions. Due to timing, I only played 7 holes total, skipping the current 7th and 8th holes. Overall I'd say conditions are a little wintery but fair. Tee boxes are generally good with coverage. Fairways are predominantly green with good coverage, but the grass can tend to be uneven/lumpy up close, so there will be some variance in the quality of your lie — sitting a little up or just a little down. Things have an underlying moisture so sometimes I got pitch marks where my drives landed rather than rollout. Rough is generally green, reasonably consistent, and not overly long or punitive. I was in one bunker and it was OK to play out of, leaning a little closer to firm than fluffy. The greens were a little mixed — generally quicker than expected with surface quality varying. Most were in decent shape, but a few had distressed surfaces in areas. Overall, the course is serviceable for a casual round at less than full price.

The old routing started out with the inner loop holes one through five (a par five) and finished with the perimeter holes, six through nine (the other par five) . They have flipped this so that what used to be the sixth hole is now the first hole and you play the perimeter first, finishing with the inner loop and the former fifth hole par five. I'm not sure what motivated the change, but it makes sense and plays better. The previous first hole (now fifth) is a 453 yd par four that is the #1 rated hole and was a bit of a bear to start with. The current first hole is a 300 yd par four, made somewhat strategic by a well placed fairway bunker — very gettable as a par four and drivable for some. You now generally get a better opportunity to build up some confidence and rhythm before you get to the #1 rated par 4 hole at five position. The par five finishing hole (shorter than the par four rated #1) is a nice opportunity on which to finish.

While I have only known the routing that was just abandoned, I believe this new routing was used in the past and may have been the original for this iteration of the course.

I think the current sequence will provide the opportunity for a better score without any actual change in the holes themselves, and so improves the experience.

I may still be the only one from this site out there, but at least now you know if you ever go.
Teed off Wednesday at 7am and finished in 3:45. The course overall is a little rough around the edges primarily due to the large amount of rain during the previous week. The greens rolled decent with medium/fast speed and were mildly bumpy at times. The outer foot or two of the greens is still pretty rough due to the green expansion project. The fairways had decent winter coverage but there are still some mushy wet areas due to the rains. The rough overall had was good with some thin/bare spots. Like the fairways, the rough still has some mushy wet spots. The bunkers looked to be in decent shape (I was not in any). The tee boxes were mostly good. While the course is still drying out from a lot of rain it is very playable. I always enjoy playing Eldo. The staff all around were friendly.
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Played out here this afternoon with GK'er xazntigerx and his friend from Michigan. We had an 11:48 tee time and teed off right around then. Starter warned us there was a big group of resort guests out on the course ahead of us. Front nine went quicker than expected without much waiting until we hit the 9th hole. Then, things slowed down as we caught the group ahead on almost every tee box. Still not as bad as it seemed, though, and we finished in a little over 4 hours.

Course conditions were excellent as it rounds into peak season form. Tee boxes, fairways and rough were all lush and nicely maintained. A few soft-ish spots on fairways, especially in front of the greens. Not many run-up shots today and sometimes a delicate chip off of a tight, yet soft lie. Rough was lush and quite thick, at times punitive and at times not too bad depending on the lie. Sand traps had good sand. One I was in was kind of wet and compacted, though. Greens firm-ish, but reasonably receptive and rolling well at medium speeds. Kind of slick on downhillers, but not super fast this time of year.

This was actually only my second time here since my very first GK Event back in 2012. I've been eager to return and I'm glad I finally made it back. Worth the wait. This is a great course and I really enjoyed the round today, even if my score wasn't anything to get excited about. Worth a look among many of the top Coachella Valley public courses, though good deals can be hard to find unless you stay at the resort.
12/12 out at 730 with no one insight for a POP of 345 slowed only by our own ineptitude causing the wayward ball. Tee boxes are a current work in progress with deep plugging "composting" and overseeding and ample watering resulting in less than ideal but playable condition.
Fairways have drained quite well have full cover with good lies but are on the soft side restricting roll. Rough is also lush cut to about 2 inches and fairly juicy.
Bunkers are wet with a few still having standing water and all in need of grooming. Fortunately due to "skill" and good luck only found one bunker-fairway #3 and the flat firm wet sand provided an excellent lie that was the foundation for my shot on the green 6 feet above the pin with then a 4 footer coming back up the slope that still broke a good 4 inches..Yes that was a 3 putt.
That was the preview of the greens. a little bumpy/grainy which seemed to enhance the break as the ball slowed. Greens were soft with many unfixed or marginally so ball marks. Speed was medium to medium fast. Most greens are fairly large with contours and slope plus having to factor in the overall topography.
Staff is friendly and casual. Carts have informative/interactive GPS.
Scenic and pleasant setting.
Early morning tee time Tuesday at Glen Ivy. Check in and first tee well organized. More than a couple tee boxes were not level and pretty beat up. Fairways and rough were a little on the thin side, probably because it gets pretty cold out. Aprons around the greens were wet and muddy. Greens were lush and smooth, very few unfixed divots and rolled medium fast. Bunkers have a mixture of dirt, rocks and beach type sand in them.
Lake on 18 has water again. POP was a little over three hours since we were the second group out. Great layout and always a fun day at Glen Ivy.
Played Tues dec 11th at 733, check in friendly as usual, cold morning, we were a 4 some walking, POP was 348, we have done better but waited a little on the front 9, pace picked up on back nine, course was in real good shape except for the greens, they were nice grass, not many ball marks, but I am "assuming" something happened to the mover because there were grass shavings all over the greens, this was picked up by the ball and really affected the speed and break, this is very unusual for goose, we will be back next Tuesday and hopefully it will be better.
Played at rams hill Gk plays 2018. Second time here. Brought my usual foursome up here. The course is definitely worth the green fee. The tee boxes were the best I've played on all year. Every hole has its own characteristics. The back nine has water in play on the first three and the 18th. The 11th hole with the creek running along the side to the infinity edge, which continues through the 12th. Stunning! Not a bad picture taken! Staff was very amicable and helpful. Glad to see the shack opened after the 13th. The restaurant has great food. Had a breakfast burrito and the hole in one burger. Well worth the price. The beer a little pricey,but expected. As always a great time with the GK crew.
I had a great time playing the the GK Plays event at the Omni La Costa Resort & Spa Legends course. La Costa has 2 18 hold courses I had never played the legends only the champions course.

It was a great round thanks for the course's ability to drain from all the recent rains. We started out with Cart Path only on the even holes but that was lifted about 1/3 to 1/2 way through the round.

The course has a lot of holes where you decide either hit over either a small river or a bunker or lay up in front of the bunker/river. There is GPS in the cart to let you know where the hazards are and how far you need to hit it to avoid them. I think I need a few more rounds here to really dial in where I want to go for it and where I want to lay up.

The fairways were kinda soggy and did not provide alot of roll out. The ruff was felling itself after the recent rains and was a challenge to find balls and hit out of.

The greens were pretty smooth but they were rejecting every thing into them hit with a 9 iron or higher the ball about be about 5-7 yards past the divot on an 8 iron which I am more used to a 2-3 yard stop. The sand was really great here. I was in a few bunkers and each time the sand was nice, fluffy and workable.

The overall resort at La Costa is an amazing thing with a kids care place and a spa for the wife (they can take care of your whole family for a price while you golf). When I go on vacations I am looking for a resort like La Costa. A place that can entertain everyone on the property while I am playing golf.
I played in the GK plays even held at Rams Hill on 12/8/2018. The course is in great shape and I would highly recommend it. The service is top notch and the views from the course are amazing.

The course does a great job of making you feel like you have a lot of options off the tee with very wide fairways and strategic bunkers that can be challenged based on the tees you are playing from. The very wide fairways run off into some pretty thick ruff that should be avoided.

The greens were very nice but I think not as good as they were last year. There were a few spots with less than complete coverage but overall in amazing shape. This would be a great course to play a bunch; you would then have the time to understand all the subtle undulations. I think the sand traps had not been fully raked/fluffed since the rain but everything else was in great shape.

Afterward I got the tri tip sandwich which was very good. I wish I could have stayed for the festivities afterward but after two consecutive days of golf my wife and three kids were ready to have their husband/father back. Look forward to the event in 2019!
Played today in a POP of 3 H. Found the course to still be feeling the effects of the rain from last week. Several holes were CPO, some bunkers still had mud in them (most of them were playable however) and some standing water in some low lying areas of fairways. The fairways were soft and not providing much roll, but did provide good lies. Much of the rough around the outside of the fairways and around the greens was long and had not been cut. Greens were fast and very fast downhill. Hard to hold some shots and chipping/putting were challenging to say the least (but very enjoyable). Customer service excellent at all levels. An enjoyable round of golf.
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