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Went off first at twilight yesterday 1/22. Finished in just under 4 hours without a wait until the 13th. Course is in really good shape in all the areas one should be playing from. Tees, fairways, rough, bunkers all in good shape with greens being in excellent shape. The greens are really fast (Torrey fast), smooth and tricky right now, such a pleasure to putt on! A little soggy in places, but a good play right now.
Play date: 01.22.20

Once again, it was a bright sunny with a few patch of clouds and very little wind at the Classic making it a real fun warm day.

There's not much I could add to the prior review I've done. The course is as good as any good course anyone could find. It is as majestic as its name and the current playing conditions are very good.

Greens rolled smooth and medium fast.
Teeing grounds were lush and level.
The rough were dormant and were about one to two inches in height making it very easy to get out of.
The bunkers were good and had plenty of sand.
Good customer service all around.
Beverage cart was present and came around a few times.
The restaurant had good food and services.

Highly recommended.
1 Like.
Play date: 10.21.20

A nice day in the cloudy but a cooler 71 degree with very little winds.

The pro shop staff were welcoming and the bev cart came around a few times. Some guys in our group were looking for sandwiches- the girls didn't have any so he asked if he could have her get one but not a chance. No big deal.

The rough were dormant and they were down and easy to play from, however, around the greens on those dormant Bermuda made it a challenge to make a good shot. The fairways were tightly mowed though there were plenty of unfilled divots so it wasn't great. The bunkers had very little sand to none though some of the greenside bunkers had some enough to make good shots. The greens were slow and bumpy with lots- I mean plenty of ball marks fresh and old- very disappointing!!

I like the course, but I can't say I will come back any time soon.
Arrived around 11AM and paid $30 Single Walking. They have a deal after 12PM. Course was busy but flowing well. We started as a twosome but were joined by another twosome at hole 2.

Greens in decent shape. Still a little issue with inconsistency from green to green with the occasional bumpiness from the afternoon sun but overall impressed. Greens rolled relatively true with medium speed.

Fairways were mixed bag. Thin lies for the most part but you were occasionally blessed with a decent lie and really BAD lie -- Hole 13 in the fairway I was landlocked on some hard-pan -- not fun.

Bunkers had decent sand. It was hard packed but a decent, playable layer of sand above.

Rough was cut to same height as fairways for most part but also a mixed bag.

Tee boxes were flatish. They did give you enough room behind the tee box to choose a decent flat spot.

Overall pace of play was fast. We kept pace with the two foursomes ahead in carts -- we were two in carts with two walking.

I would say conditions are even with Harbor Park. Not bad for a Muni in the middle of the South Bay.
Play date: 01.20.20

A beautiful day here for my first time on this course. Although the crisp cool temps lingered longer because of the hills around it, the temps did get to its high 60s with very little wind if any... great day!

The pro shop and its staff were all attentive and very accommodating making sure we've got what we needed was a pleasant welcoming.

The course conditions were good. Starting with the teeing grounds, it is old school, having small knoll in the middle, but they were lush. The fairways were also good- it runs well without having mud on the ball, and they were tightly cut and lush. The rough were not overly long and penalizing with some areas having shorter length than the 3-4 inches in many of the areas. The greens were medium slow, but they were smooth and were okay. The bunkers had plenty of sand in it and they were fair.

I like this golf course for its simplicity and classic style that many including me could play it everyday, but not necessarily walk it as a few of the holes were far from each other. The one thing I did not like were the duck poop on the course near their lakes and some other places.

The beverage cart came around a few times which was nice.
Play date: 01.19.20

It was a very nice day at this resort course with partly cloudy day and very little wind. The day's temps got up to 71 making it a really fun day to be out.

This little course has a lot of members, although it isn't a very exclusive place, every aspect of their course and facilities are at its best: From their tennis courts to their exercise/gym, to their outdoor and indoor pools, bar and restaurant, and the best yet their course that is so well maintained with their (always) new equipment without shortage including the number of their crew.

As a result, their course is at its tiptop shape for play and I was once again very impressed with how cool it is to play it. Their teeing grounds were perfect, and btw, the number one tee has been completed, moving back a few yards. The original practice putting green is now used for chipping area and it's surface is amazingly great- much better than many other playing greens I've been on. The new practice green just south of the old one is also completed and it's conditions are seamlessly wonderful.

The fairways are also amazingly great- it runs well and tightly mowed and we could hardly see any brown spot and that look also goes for the rough that is about 3 inch high and never really being difficult to get out of.

The bunkers are with white sand that are conditioned for good play on all existing bunkers in the fairways and greensides. I was in a few but didn't mind it at all knowing that it will react well if I executed a shot correctly. But of course, no one wants to be in a bunker unless it's a part of the game that could be advantageous if you know what I mean.

The greens are superb, it is one of the best I've played anywhere. They were smooth, fast and true to say the least. Loved it!

There were beverage carts who came around more than a few times. The pro shop didn't take cash, credit cards only to all the guests, and they were pleasant and easy to deal with.

They also have the best brunch buffets in the valley (I think) with plenty of choices of good quality food and beverages.

A place like this is always something I would love to come back and visit and often.
Rode the Blacks (3020/53.4/78) in 2H, 15M using Forelinx. Paired with Greg twilight in sunny, breezy conditions in the low 70's.

Both Cimarron courses were partially washed away in the February, 2019 torrential rains that resulted in the wash being about 10' deep with fast moving water. They have done an INCREDIBLE job after the place was closed for repairs for most of 2019. I have never seen the course look and play this good.

John Fought design, links style executive layout with an excellent mixture of holes. Very fun short course with 17 par 3's and one short par 4. The par 3's feature a couple holes over 200 from the Blacks, with the shortest at 118 with a good mixture of lengths in between. I used almost every iron in my bag on tee shots. Few sand traps and #18 is the only hole with a water hazard. Nice place to work on your irons.

Tees were lush and nicely maintained with only a few spots that needed divot attention.

Fairways do not come into play much, but they were lush and well maintained.

Rough was lush, mowed down with good coverage and was nice to play from.

Sand traps were below average. Hard packed even thought they had been recently raked. Many waste areas if you get wide of the rough can come into play.

Greens are very large for a shorter course. Firm and putted medium speed with few ball marks. Chipping is over and around mounds, so you have to be creative &/or precise.

GPS on the basic carts is to the front/middle/back of the green only. All grass driving range. The customer service was good, quick efficient check-in with the pro shop. No drink cart. Recommended.
Played today the 22nd of Jan. Last review was back on Dec 29th 2019. As shown in the pictures that is the way all fairways are, Dormant. The Brown thin fairways has clumps of grass throughout the course. If your playing ball down just hope your ball doesn't come to rest along side a patch of crab grass because that can cause some serious hurt to your wrist. Tee boxes were pretty much level, Sand bunkers had good sand in them and the greens were the best part of the course nice and pure, hard to read at times but nice. Customer Service at check in was friendly and good. The Restaurant at the course has good food and real good service (thank you Kathy).
I used to play Eldo quite frequently when I lived in Westchester, but not so much any more. I have always enjoyed playing here, in part because it is a course that has never treated me very well. (I know that sounds strange, but enjoyed trying to shoot well on a course which I struggle on) Another struggle today, because if you don't hit it straight here, the course just punishes you. Too many boogies !

No complaint as to condition, not great, but hey, it's the middle of winter. Some thin fairways, rough was inconsistent, greens rolled well, although I could not make anything. Two bunkers I found had plenty of sand.

Still not thrilled about paying $41 to walk this course. A bit overpriced in my opinion. Good solid course, despite the cost. One of these days I'll beat this course !
First off this morning. 3 H POP for $49 is well worth it. Course has started to show its colors and is improving. Now that the weather is warming, the fairways are greening up and showing good life. Though damp this AM when we started, they still all played very well. Tee boxes are lush and over seeding took well. Traps were all fine (in one and all others looked fine). Rough was 1" and damp sticky. Greens were terrific (IMO). Chipped/putted very well and had excellent speed (and all mowed before we arrived at any hole). Had two CPO holes but no others. I can only think that as it warms up (please) the course will even get better?
Played in the GK Cup final here on Sunday with mnielson, JohnnyGK and Nickesquire. First time here and really enjoyed the course.

Conditions are what you'd expect in winter except for the excellent greens, which were definitely the high point. They were smooth, fast and accepted full shots well, but shorter shots tended to run out quite a bit. Really fun to putt and I feel like I was just getting a good feel for them toward the very end of the round. Fairways were thin but with decent coverage. Rough was a little spottier; my ball ended up on bare spots once or twice. The bunkers I was in – one fairway and one greenside – were both good, especially the greenside one, which was excellent. Blue tee boxes were a little beat up but not a big deal.

I really enjoyed the layout, which snakes through housing but also has some spots where several holes converge and provide less of a "housing tract" course. Friendly staff and seems like they have great rates, too. Definitely recommended, and I'd like to play it again sometime with lusher conditions. Thanks to Johnny and Nick for setting it up and thanks to the course to having us out!

Finally, big congrats to Mike for capturing the Cup! Fun day!
For my first outing of 2020 at Spanish Bay the course did not disappoint. The views are always spectacular here and the swell was up making the waves in the background even more impressive. With ocean views on 17 of the holes the scenery is never dull at Spanish Bay. Add in the half dozen holes right on the water and it makes for a fabulous outing.

Course conditions were top notch. Tee boxes and fairways were just short of a perfect 10. The only thing holding the fairways back from a perfect rating were a few damp spots. They were small and really not in play but while walking in the fairway I noticed a couple areas throughout the day that were damp. Other than that the fairways were a dark emerald green and lush. They were an absolute joy to hit off of.

Greens were smooth as silk with very few pitch marks noticeable. Greens have some severe undulations so getting a ball to hold can be tricky at times. They rolled at a medium fast pace.

Sand traps were also very nice. They have pure white fluffy sand. I did land in one that was a little damp. Given it rained the previous night, it’s understandable.

The one ding on the course was the skirt area to the side and behind the greens. The “rough” in these areas was only about 1” deep but patchy at times. I struggled on a few holes getting clean contact with my ball just off the green.

Other than the course is in excellent condition. Of course the restaurant/bar overlooking the course and the ocean is also well worth stopping at afterwards.

As a reminder, there isn’t a range at Spanish Bay but you can go up the road and use the range at Spyglass Hill or Pebble Beach. Spanish does have a large practice putting green with some undulations on it to get you prepared for the greens out on the course. Also, for those taking a cart, it’s cart path only.
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