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Played Tustin Ranch on 8/16/18. My first time out here since 2004. My prior visits here were underwhelming considering the price to play. And I've never been a big fan of Ted Robinson designed courses. Had an affordable chance to come back, so I decided to erase my brain and have an open mind.

First off, the staff and facility are top notch. Well run. Carts were nice, comfy, and had a nice GPS system that actually had correct pin placements. Water stations were well stocked. Beverage cart came by several times. The course itself is a much better layout than I remember - a really good mix of holes, not tricked up, and not too punishing.

Conditions - they are definitely putting water on the course. For August, it was surprisingly green and soft. The greens are a strange mess. Really really soft, to the point of being spongy. Really bumpy as a result, and it is hard to putt a straight line. Ball marks are huge and deep, so there are several left over marks everywhere. Several greens are having fringe replacement, so large patches of fringe are bare, marked off, waiting for sod replacement.

Fairways and rough are ok. Most of the lies are good, but lots of places where grass is having problems. Sand is pretty good, bordering on a bit thin in spots.

I am really torn on this course. On one hand, it is a top rate facility, and the course itself is really a nice layout. But the conditions are quite strange for August, and I can't tell if it is fall maintenance beginning or just general poor conditions in many spots.

I have hopes that TR will shape up nicely and be more worthy of the mid-upper class of public golf courses. But right now, there are many options within 30 miles that are just as good and half the price of TR (or even less). But this last visit at least gives me incentive to come back much sooner than the last 14 year gap.
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Rode the Blacks (6761/72.3/131) as a single in 2.5H twilight. Partly cloudy, fairly calm and in the low 100's.

The Bermuda tees were lush, maintained long with few divots.

The Bermuda fairways were mostly lush, nice to play from.

The Bermuda rough was mostly lush close to the fairways. Get away from the fairways and you could encounter hardpan to knee deep lot ball rough.

The sand traps were playable, but thinner and firmer than would be my preference.

The Bermuda greens had been vericutt and were lightly sanded. They putted better than the Valley greens that were just vericutt. Medium speed, firm with hardly any ball marks because of the firmness, they rolled okay.

This is a fun Ted Robinson layout. Up/down rolling hills with some raised green complexes featuring numerous tiered greens. Nice water features with a generous amount of water to avoid. Also a decent amount of sand to avoid. You cannot spray the ball around too much, but Palm is not an overtly tight course. The customer service was excellent from all encountered. Cart gal out making numerous rounds, ample water stations every few holes on the course. Good course layout, above average course for the greater Palm Springs area.
Rode the Blacks (6627/71.9/130) as a single mid afternoon in 2H. Conditions were overcast, fairly calm and in the low 100's.

The Bermuda tees were lush and maintained long. Level with hardly any unfixed divots.

The Bermuda fairways were mostly lush and well maintained, nice to play from.

The rough is hit and miss. the Bermuda close to the fairways is long enough for the ball to sit down, Away from the fairways you could get hardpan to calf deep.

The sand traps were poor. Both green side bunkers I was in were too thin, and numerous fairway traps were raked but looked like they had not been trimming around the edges in months.

The Bermuda greens had just been vericutt, and it definitely affected putts. They were bumpy and medium-slow and firm. Hardly any ball marks because of the firmness.

Ted Robinson design that is not overtly tight overall, but there are places you need to be precise around and over water. Constantly up/down rolling hills with many raised green complexes and numerous tiered greens plus a generous amount of water & sand to avoid. The customer service was excellent from all encountered. Ample water stations every few holes on the course. Better than average course for the greater Palm Springs area.
Played Monday afternoon and Tuesday morning, 8/13-14/2018, in the SCGA 4-Ball Senior Net Championship. I hadn’t played here in ~10 years and had good memories of the course and layout (and had seen many positive GK reviews!), so was eager to get back and was not disappointed. Conditions were very good and the weather cooperated with sunny, mild temperatures and not too much wind.

Greens were in great shape – good turf, pretty smooth and running at medium+ speed. Only the many recent ballmarks on most greens detracted from the greens. Fairway lies were great; lies in rough were OK in the close-cut stuff but don’t get into the longer native areas. The dry native rough is tough to escape; the lush stuff is just a ball eater! Most greens had shaved areas surrounding the greens where you could putt or bump the ball easily, but beyond the shaved areas the rough was grabby and you had to focus while chipping. All the water features are dry and you can frequently play from within the red lines. Tees were usually OK but par-3 tees were all torn up and lumpy/unlevel/sloped (we played from the White markers). Sand was in good shape.

Large driving range with grass and mats – on mats for this tourney. Large putting green with realistic contours, although a little slower than on-course greens. Large chipping green with sand bunker. Adequate water available. Divot sand bottle refill rack and bin on #10. Single bathroom building but located at perfect intersection to service both nines. No clubhouse, just a trailer office. The trailer bathroom module needs attention – one men's toilet stall for the entire staff and shotgun tourney.

I wish I lived closer so I could play this fun, well-conditioned course more often. Highly recommended. But #16 is a beast!
Played 8/14 with a 7:15 tee time on a overcast cool day. We never saw the sun until the 14th hole and then it was still quite cool. I was paired with two local guys and a friend of theirs from out of town. Really fun threesome. We got out on time and breezed around in 4 hours flat. They were having the mens club championship later that morning so the course was in top shape with some very tough pins.The greens here are relatively small without any big undulations but there are some slopes to deal with and they can be very deceptive.
Tee boxes where level and without too many divots.
The kikuya fairways were cut short and good to hit from. The rough made you work and could grab your club.
There are only two bunkers on the course and of course i found one! The sand was a little heavy and damp but very playable.
The greens were in very good shape with hardly a ball mark to be seen. They rolled medium fast and very smooth. I was told everything breaks towards the bay and yes it does. Some putts that looked like they had to turn ended up straight due to the pull from the bay.
This course is built on the side of the hills which makes for some sidehill lies in the fairways with most holes running either up or down hill. A couple of the par threes are just over 200 yards and when you add it being sea level and damp made for tough shots. Lots of trees along the edges to make you pay for a wayward shot.
The staff at checkin was great. No cart this day. Not sure if this is normal but you came back to the proshop at the turn so you can get anything you need then.
Overall a very enjoyable round and money well spent.
I always enjoy playing this course. I find the "mix" of holes so very much fun and interesting. There are several holes which I look forward too even before starting the round. While I like the entire course, I find the back nine particularly interesting. Hole after hole is so different from one another.

Condition of the course was better than expected, given the recent heat wave, the course has held up very nicely. Greens rolled well and were fairly quick. Fairways had plenty of grass. Most of the bunkers I looked at appeared well maintained and had decent amount of sand.

Staff is always friendly and accommodating. While a bit pricey, because I like this place so much, I tend to over look the cost.
Generally play Telega twice a week. As many nearby courses the heat and humidity has taken its toll on the putting greens and Telega is no exception. Greens are in very very poor condition one would think they are putting on greens of a course that’s going out of business. Yes the greens are that bad your putting on dirt and dried mud. Will the greens come back? Probably yes they always do but when...... Unless you enjoy these type of putting surfaces you might want to play elsewhere for a while.
Played Monday 8-13-2018 with buddies. POP was 4 hours 40 minutes behind a packed tee sheet. Paid $25.00 to walk which on Monday's is their all day twilight rate. Weather was very nice in the low 80's and a bit humid. Staff here are so friendly. Hitting cage to warm up in--no range. Nice big sloped putting green--no frills bar and restaurant.

My buddy who had not played in over a year was visiting from the Midwest and Buena is such a nice course to get back into the game--we had a great time.

The fairways were lush, tightly mowed turf with only a few brown spots here and there. This is a summer course that is always very well maintained in the summer. Rated 8/10

The tees were mostly level and very lush. You needed a long tee peg here. Good shape. Rated 8/10.

I was only in one bunker on number 13 that had nicely raked sand. I dropped some balls in some of the bunkers with some of my buddies on a few holes and the last review was correct some of the bunkers seemed thin but not to bad. Rated 7/10

The rough is green, lush and around the greens is a nice challenge. Its not to high but a great way to describe it is sticky. The aprons here are not meant for bump and run and are sticky as well and they are in good shape. Rated 8/10.

The greens are super soft and are really holding shots well at this time. They are rolling medium speed. Uphillers can be a bit slow. Rated 7/10.

I always love the weather and the all day twilight rates are great on Monday especially if you can get out early in the morning. Some parkland holes here with a awesome mix of shorter treeline doglegs. A very fun short layout that is well maintained. I would recommend this course to any golfer. Have Fun.
Rode the Blacks (6669/71.9/128) as a single in 3H mid day. Basically had the course to myself under partly cloudy skies and 108 degree temps.

Considering how many straight days the temp has been 100+ locally, this course is in phenomenal shape! Par 35-37=72 layout with five par 5's and five par 3's. The front is stacked with par 3's, 4 of your first 8 holes are par 3's. Generous landing areas and the difficulty factor would make it a good choice for players of all skill levels. Some forced carries and water comes into play on many holes, but moving up a tee(s) could negate that for shorter hitters.

The Bermuda tees were lush and well maintained.

The lush Bermuda fairways were some of the best fairways I have played from in awhile. Nice cushion, the ball sat up like it was on a tee.

The Bermuda rough is lush and just deep enough to make the ball sit down.

The sand traps were decently maintained with good quality sand.

The large Bermuda greens putted nice, medium speed and firm. More undulations on these greens than the sister Santa Rosa course.

The customer service was good but limited. No drink cart today. Not a course to walk, many holes are a long ways from the last tee. No GPS on the basic carts. Definitely recommended.
Played today in POP of 3.5 H. The course, IMO is in the worst shape I have ever seen it. It is very apparent that the recent heat wave in P V took its toll? Greens were sanded yesterday (and being watered today) and they are in terrible shape. Evidence of previous fungus is on every green (they putted lousy). Fairways are a mix bag, with many brown areas and were for the most part, very wet and very few good lies. For the first time, I witnessed tee boxes that were in bad shape. No comments on the bunkers, as I was not in any, nor did I hear anyone complain. The restaurant, which I believe began a remodel almost 3 months ago, is still unfinished. They now have an area for food outside of the pro shop (not where I would want to eat). The bathrooms in the locker room are still closed. One bathroom available inside the banquet area. Customer service was adequate, not excellent like normally. This is a course I have played on a continual basis for the last ten years. But it will be sometime until I read a good/better/best review, before I go back.
First of all just note the greens are scheduled to be punched next Tuesday and Wednesday.

Played here a few times the past couple of weeks and wanted to summarize all the reviews in one. Greens are not bad but there are a lot of ball marks on them so maybe now is a good time to punch them. Hopefully they just don't take as long to heal. Greens rolled decently if they stayed on line. Certainly not a firm as before but still some roll out on approach shots.
The biggest disappointment is the areas around the greens. There are some really bad areas with dead grass, no grass, sandy areas, etc. I'm not sure I had a round in which I didn't have to deal with a bad lie at some point. I couldn't figure out how to play these shots either and I tried, chipping, using a hybrid and putting. None of my choices seem to be the right one.

Fairways showing more signs of a dry summer, more browness, dead areas but still a decent amount of coverage on the fairways.

Rough is not bad and I mentioned the areas around the greens. The same could be said in other areas of the rough. Its down so its not penalizing at all.

Tee boxes are generally ok, some are worse than others and I think #1 might have been one of the worse ones.

Pace of play was generally good. I was always out in the am so it never took over 4 hours.

Bottom line is the course is in a little TLC right now so I would hold off playing until the maintenance is complete.
Good morning GreensKeeper golfers. I just want to share with all of you. This last Monday, August 13th; I had the opportunity to played Buena Ventura Golf Course with two GK's golfers. Our tee time was at 1:00 PM and paid $25.00 walking rate. The price was well worthy. We finished our round in 4 hours.

Customer services as always the best. They receive you with a smile and if the course is not to busy they will let you tee off earlier then your tee time appointment.

But let me tell you about the Golf Course:

Fair Ways:

I have played Buena Ventura many times and I have never, never seen their Fair Ways as I did this last Monday. They are in EXCELLENT conditions. Very green and not to much water by the greens as I have seen before. I was very impress how other golfer are being taking care of their fair way debits. There weren't many of them.


Excellent conditions. We played from the black tees and they were just beautiful and well level with exception of a few holes. But overall they were level and you didn't had to look for a level spot to hit your shot. Great Job green Keepers.


The best that I have ever seeing at Buena. The ball was rolling and debits were fixed by other golfers. But at the time that we were finishing our round; I did noticed that some greens at the end were a little bouncing, where the ball was not rolling as smooth as prior greens. But it was fund to see my buddies making their puts.

Sand Bankers:

This is the only thing that Buena Greens Keeper has to work on. I did hit a few bankers and the sand was very low; as I hit my banker shot my club will bounce as there were not much sand to hit from. I was able to see the mud under the sand every shot I hit from the bankers.

I hope and Buena adds more sand to their sand bankers. It will make your round more fun.

Over all, I rated Buena Ventura Golf Course an 8 except the Sand Bankers I gave them 6.

If you haven't played Buena lately; you have to get up there and do. Again the golf course it's in great conditions.

Thank you for reading my review and get up there and hit the ball.
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