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Played the Blues (6530/71.6/127) with Joo, Mike and Danny in overcast, breezy conditions in the 70's. We played three different sets of tees and moved well, this was a good group to play with. I got a replay special for $20 with a cart after playing Buena in the morning. They had me on the first tee approximately 25 minutes after I putted out on #18 @ Buena a couple of miles down the road. POP was okay for a Saturday afternoon, 4.5H.

Excellent course to walk, very flat. Huge putting green that is usually very comparable to the course. No frills pro shop is in a trailer, minimal food available onsite. No GPS on carts, usually no drink cart. However, I am play here more than any other course in So Cal because this is an above average layout almost always in above average condition @ good prices. Excellent grass driving range complete with a good chipping and sand practice area that they have expanded to include a separate chipping area off to the side of the chipping green.

The tees were lush, nicely maintained. Very few unfixed divots anywhere.

The fairways were fairly lush and firm. Good (but not great) with a few poor areas that were clearly marked as GUR.

The rough around the fairway is mostly lush. Farther off the fairway could be hardpan with patches of rough that is now waist deep or anything in between.

The traps were well maintained and have good quality sand, nice to play from.

The greens were firm, smooth and putted medium speed.

The customer service is always good here. Definitely recommended.
Have played Sierra Lakes twice over the past two weeks, taking advantage of very good course conditions and reduced rates while they did course maintenance. As of Thursday 3/23 the greens have recovered about 90% with only the outside edge of the greens showing minor punch marks. The fairways have been cut down and remain in great condition with favorable roll out from the tee. The rough is short and playable but still provides a degree of difficulty when missing the overly generous fairways. No problem with the tee boxes but they did move us up on one day to compensate for the windy conditions. Don't recall seeing the cart girl, but we did play on weekdays and the low player activity could have contributed to that. The starter is a friendly fellow. Always a good little chit chat with him before you start your round.

In conclusion, scoring is optimum in Fontana. Good place for a friendly money game.
Played the Blacks (5826/68.3/117) in 4.5H, matched up with Brian & Francisco. The weather was clear, in the 70's and fairly calm.

Because of storm damage, the entire course is CPO for the immediate future. The course was closed for a month and just recently reopened. Some areas are still subpar, but overall the course is quite playable. They are in the process of completely resodding the entire #3 fairway, so it is currently playing as a 150 yard par 3. There are some damaged areas along the outer edges of holes that they have no gotten to yet, but from tee to green on most holes the course was playing fairly close to normal.

While I knew about the storm damage and really appreciated the in depth info provided when I called to make my tee time, it was disappointing to be putting on furry, bumpy greens that had been punched less than 2 weeks ago. Healing nicely, but I would have played elsewhere had I known that beforehand.

To their credit, Buena is running a special for the next month because of the storm damage. Twilight rates are AD, and you got a sleeve of Pro V's if you also got a cart today.

The tees were in good shape with almost all the divot damage already properly maintained.

The fairways that were not resodded were mostly decent. Semi lush with almost complete coverage everywhere.

The kikuyu rough is mowed down, few lost ball areas which is great for POP. Lusher closer to the fairways/greens, thinner the farther you are from the fairway.

Many of the sand traps have been refilled with nice, new sand. However, a few damaged ones were basically GUR.

The greens putted medium slow and were bumpy from the recent aeration. They held approach shots very well.

The customer service was excellent as usual from the tee time reservation to the courteous and efficient check-in. They matched me up and got me out 45 minutes before my scheduled start time. Drink cart out making numerous rounds. No GPS on the basic carts but the sprinklers are well marked. Nice snack stand with good burgers and their drinks are good AD.

Fun, shorter course that is tougher than the scorecard initially indicates because of trees, tightness and the usual 1-2 club ocean breeze. Easy course to walk, shorter, few hills, no long walks between tee boxes. No range, they only have a couple of cages to warm up in.

One of the few negatives I can say about Buena is that they are one of the few non American Golf courses that allow 5somes. We teed off @ 820a on Saturday morning directly behind a 5 some. That group seemingly never even though about letting a 3some in carts play through. When they were on 16 tee and we were on 15 fairway, I could see that the group in front of them had already finished, so they were at least 3 holes behind. Recommended again in 10-14 days once the greens are back to normal.
Wow. Played Navy (Destroyer) today, Sat 3/25 at 8:23am, with a 4 some and a 4 hour POP. Definitely impressed by course conditions.
Tee boxes are prob the most rough, but still decent. Some were a little tilted, but not anything too crazy. Very playable.
Fairways are immaculate. Good clean lies everywhere, good roll on well struck tee shots, and good overall coverage. Aestically they looked great too.
Bunkers are good. Most had decent fluffy sand, just a few with hard-compacted sand.
The greens are great. Sad to report they are going to punch in about 2 weeks. Most of you that have played here know the greens have severe slopes, but they rolled great, and held well struck shots.

Overall it was great. Still can't believe POP was right at 4 hours on a Saturday morning. Gotta treasure that on a public course in Southern California.
On a side note, the replica ship that used to be in the water on 9 has been moved to the grass by the parking lot. I thought something was missing from that hole.
Highly recommend.
Lakewood today, $40 walking, PoP at 4.5 hrs. Course has dried out nicely. For the most part, the greens have recovered from aeration but still a bit bumpy Poa, medium speed today with a sandy texture. Held all shots. Fairways green and easy to play from, some thin areas. Rough full and thick. Bunkers very good sand and well conditioned. Will rate it higher once the greens are back to normal.

Not a tough course, it's flat and mostly generous fairway widths, but can play a bit long from the tips for sure. Need a strong driver or you'll be hitting long irons and hybrids to the greens.

Driving range still under construction with an October estimate completion date. Excellent short game practice area. Lot's of geese doing their Spring dance looking for a partner.

Good muni golf for a decent price. Recommended.
On the basis of my favourable impression playing in the last GKGuru Review outing here 4-5 months ago, decided to join the Crossings Club. Felt it was a good deal, as you get enough free rounds, discounted rounds, member rates at Black Gold and other discounts, along with a dozen ChromeSofts with their logo on them. A very good deal, imho. Was able to convince Larry (larryq2001), to join me at a discounted $41 (using one of the member perks) rate this past Thursday at 1:03pm, as he mentioned in his review.

Very warm greeting by the gents at the bag drop and pro shop to get things started. Lady at the driving range gave me some tees as I was warming up to stick in the artificial turf and also gave me a ride back to the putting green while Larry finished out a bucket.

Starter was friendly and pointed out that the carts were 'brand new' and we were the first one driving them. Nice, racing blue color, very comfy seats, cooler filled with ice and a sharp screen for the GPS. They were very quiet, smooth ride, went fast, stopped well, but could use a little more torque going uphill. GPS was good, but they are working out some kinks in the software, as the holes stopped advancing automatically about the 11th hole and challenging to get back to the hole graphics. Hopefully they can sort this out/provide some better instructions soon.

As for the course, tee boxes were all green and level. I played the whites. Most with great views, including some with views of the Pacific. Ball always sat up nicely in the lush green fairways, shortish grass, and got some good roll. Elevation changes helped of course going downhill, hurt on the few uphill tee shots. Hit all fairways but one, and the rough I did see a few times wasn't too penal, maybe up to 1/2 club at times. Was in a bunker and the sand was a good softness on the top layer, with firm footing.

Greens were aerated about 3-4 weeks earlier and with the exception of a few areas on maybe two greens, they were healed and no sand to deal with. Greens were not cut very close, and were firm. They looked faster than they were; about medium-speed on the day and mostly smooth and true. As typical, too many unrepaired pitch marks. Lots of nice undulations to make putting a challenge. There were a good number of 'tough' pin placements I thought on the day.

Saw the cart girl 3-4 times along with the marshall. At one point, I thought he was going to ask us to speed it up (we were a hole behind, the other twosome was all over the place, believe u me), but instead, he just inquired 'if everything was working OK' and he offered assistance with the GPS unit. POP was about 4:30hrs, with no one holding us up after the first hole. Larry and I tried to pull them along...

A very enjoyable round on a sunny and breezy day with Larry, it's always great to see someone with such a nice, smooth swing hit the ball long, straight, make some putts and score well! He's a nice gentleman, too.

**Be sure to watch out for cross-traffic between the 11/12/13 holes, otherwise someone might unexpectedly run into you, and you don't want to be liable for any damage to the shiny new carts. :^O

Highly recommend this course. Scenic and a good, challenging layout. Nice condition. Some 'strategery' is necessary.

GK offers a coupon here. Am looking forward to playing this course a few more times over the next month and then enjoy Black Gold again once it heals. To those playing here on April 5th, ENJOY!
Played 3-23-17 early morning walking as a threesome in 2 hours 40 minutes. Tee boxes were in descent shape with some divot damage on shorter par fours and three pars. Fairways were mostly in good shape semi-lush with some small bare areas here and there. Rough here is still a mix of everything from long and lush to some bare spots. Was in two greenside bunkers both of which had good sand but a lot of small rocks in them. Greens were in great shape holding shots real nice and rolling fast and smooth.
3/24 guru outing with Steve Mike and Johnny good company and good golfers who are big hitters unlike me--had the common sense to play from the whites still listed at 6300 but a lot of the yardage is in a couple of longer par 4s and 5s. Shorter holes tended to be uphill however. Nice to not have to hit 3 wood 2nd shots all day.
Layout is really scenic with good variety and lot of character. Course is extremely well maintained keeping with the reputation of Troon golf.
Fairways are lush, firm enough to generate some roll but providing good cushion and good lies. Found only a couple of collection areas that had a lot of divots most of which were filled. Most fairways are ample but well place bunkers can come into play and some holes are quite penal if drive is missed on the wrong side. Minimal rough not much of an issue but hazards lurk beyond that.
Tees level and lush with only a couple of the par 3s showing wear. Tee boxes are large so there is plenty of room to rotate marker placement.
Found the greenside bunker on 18 which like all the others I observed is filled with consistently good rather fine grained sand that was nicely compacted allowing for an aggressive swing which was needed for a long bunker shot coming out nicely but then skittering sideways on the green leaving an unmade 20 foot putt.
Greens provided an entertaining challenge as they are large amoeba shaped providing a variety of pin placements to take advantage of the contours and slopes testing reading skills. Very helpful to be the last to putt on similar lines. Greens rolled pretty true mostly smooth at medium fast speeds consistent overall.
Nice grass driving range with balls provided. Practice green was a little faster than on the course.
Very good customer service top class amenities and a very aesthetically pleasing well designed course.
POP 420 with no waiting just delays related to wayward shots and taking time to judge distance and read greens. No GPS on carts but all sprinklers have yardage. I would expect normal POP to be at 41/2 or longer but hey enjoy where you are--every hole is a picture hole.
Played 3/22/17 10am $107 Pop 3:45
Tried to find a less expensive course, but was still $100 for a morning round. Hoping to get in before the trade winds picked up too much. The front 9 seems to play mostly into the wind with many up hill holes. Course can play longer then stated depending on wind.
Fairways mostly olive green. Reminded me of SoCal fairways. Many browned out or dead patches scattered about but never caused me any issues. They were firm with good role, but still nice to hit from.
Rough in good shape. Fluffy Bermuda.
Greens definitely the low spot of the course conditions. Many sick areas covering most greens. Very firm and dry looking. Ran at a good pace of medium fast. Appeared they had dyed them sometime in the past.
Beautiful course with very nice views of the central valley
Played with the GK Review Gurus on 3/24, another fun day on a great course.

As weber2323 said, Maderas is closing today for 10 days of spring maintenance. The course already begins in the best shape I have seen it, so it should be fantastic for the summer.

One of the few complains I've had about Maderas is that the fairways (and rough) are too tight and firm. The winter rains have helped soften them up a tiny bit. Still tight and firm, but not extreme. Greens are in great shape, definitely a "stay below the hole" kind of course.

Maderas is in a terrific location. Remote, but not too far from the freeway. Holes route through some difficult terrain, and finding some of the tee boxes can be a challenge.

You should note that the actual holes on #2-#17 are too small, and putts won't fall in. #1 and #18 are normal size, so I made those putts. (ok, they are all normal size.)

Still one of my favorite SoCal layouts, I can't wait to return.
Played the the Gurus yesterday and had a great time. Not really too much to add to my review from last week. Staff is outstanding as always. Everyone was very helpful, I've never had a bad experience here.

Greens were probably a little softer than last week and a little slower but still ran pretty good. Being an afternoon tee time there were probably a few more ball marks than last week but overall greens were still pretty smooth.

Fairways are still great to hit from. Still quite a bit of roll out there. I just wish I could have hit a few more fairways. Because of some of the contours of the fairways balls may collect in certain areas more which result in more divots in these collection areas. The good news is that many were filled in.

Was in 2 bunkers. One fairway and one green. Both were pretty consistent and really nice to hit from. I feel like there was really a splash when hitting out of them.

It's a shame the course is shutting down because conditions are great right now. I can't wait until it opens back up to get out there. Highly recommended.
Was invited to played Crossings this past week by fellow GK’er Leef2020 who had a guest voucher for $41. Great deal and was very nice of Lee to invite me. As a twosome, we hooked up with a couple of singles. Nice guys but very slow. We fell behind by about a hole and a half and tried to pick it up a bit. Ended up finishing just under 4:30. They just got new golf carts and we were one of the first to use them. Very nice and very comfortable. The GPS is new and state of the art as well and we could have used a lesson on how to use it.

The course is hilly. You stand up on the first tee and its downhill left to right and looks rather daunting. Then come to find the rest of the course is the same way :-) A lot of elevation changes. We caught the afternoon wind which wasn’t real strong but did affect club selection.

Fairways were very nice and in good shape. Downhill, downwind got lots of roll out. Fairways were also pretty generous even though sometimes it doesn’t look too wide standing on the tee box. A couple of fairways were narrow but those fairways were short in length so you didn’t need to hit driver. Regardless, you can’t be spraying drives here otherwise you end up unplayable as the twosome we played with soon found out. There is distance getting between the green and the next tee box. The drive to get from 11 green to the 12 tee box seemingly took a couple of minutes. Cannot even imagine how one could walk this course.

Greens were recovering from aerification and were in good shape. Heavy poa in the afternoon sun however slowed em’ up a bit but they still rolled true. For a change I was only in one bunker and it was in nice condition.

I played well this day but I still found this course challenging. It was nice to have someone with you who has played here before which really helped. Playing without course knowledge here would make a difference.

All in all, a great, enjoyable day.
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