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Rode the Blacks (6669/71.9/128) using Forelinx. Matched up with Steve, Stew and Alan, 3 nice seniors. POP was 4H, 15M playing in calm, sunny conditions in the low 90's.

The customer service was good as usual here. Drink cart out making the rounds. No driving range onsite, you have to go 1/2 mile down the street where the sister Santa Rosa course has a nice, all grass driving range. No GPS on the basic carts or ports for electronics.

The Bermuda tees were mostly lush and well maintained.

The Bermuda fairways are mostly lush and nice to play from.

The Bermuda rough is mostly lush. Even though cut low, it is thick and will impede your balls momentum and cost you alot of yardage on longer shots. Great POP rough.

The sand traps had excellent quality white sand and were well maintained.

The large Bermuda greens putted medium fast speed and are very firm.

Billy Casper design. Numerous well spaced tees and it's a good test for players of all skill levels. Nice balance in play ability and difficulty. Currently the course is 10 days from closing for fall over seeding and they are drying it out. It plays very firm right now. Recommended, one of the better values in the Palm Springs area.
Joined a buddy and his two friends at Westridge. Have not played this course in over 7 years. As i approached the cart area, they were letting out two 5 somes ahead of us at 11:45 am. I dreaded that sight and knew we were in for a long day. You would never believe this, but we tee’d off at 12 pm and finished in 4 hrs 15 minutes. Un...believable. I was shocked. Sadly, POP was the only highlight of today. Greens were slow, running at 7.5/8. Fairways and rough was a mix of dirt, weeds, and grass. Sand traps were average and mostly unraked. Thank goodness your 1st beer after round at bar is $1. Next time, skipping golf and going straight to bar.
Pre-opening special, complimentary tacos at the Ram shack, closest to the pin contests (on course and on a simulator featuring the 7th hole at Pebble beach) for free rounds, fun day! Weather was beautiful, cool in the morning warming up as the day went on with just slight easterly winds. The only thing I noticed that they changed was where the counter is located in the pro shop.
On to the course conditions . . .
Tees: level, a little furry (but everything was, more on that later), clean and ready for play
Fairways: soft and in need of a trim, very little roll out, some areas need a bit more time to fill in, some rough spots here and there, but given the time of year and coming out of summer heat very nice (like usual)
Rough: very consistent and plush
Bunkers: good soft sand looking well maintained
Greens: very good, medium fast (not lightening quick but some unexpected roll out on certain putts), rolling smooth and true, obviously no ball marks (I did fix a few fresh ones) the aprons and green edges were still filling in on some holes but nothing major
Layout: fun and makes you think about proper positioning
Facilities: fantastic, from the semi-hidden chipping green just past the first tee area to the putting green to the driving range loaded with pro b's, great warm up
POP: just under 4 1/2 hrs, nice and relaxed
Customer service: excellent, like always, only exception was when we finished and went in to try our hand at the simulator our bags were moved from our cart, they were placed with other bags along a bag rack, my rangefinder that was in the cart was set on someone else's bag next to mine and we had to go to the cart barn to retrieve my partners cell phone and the pro v's I had left in the cup holder. We got everything straightened out but in the future they need to tell people what they plan to do so one could collect all their things right away.
Overall the course still needs a few nips and tucks to get back into the pristine condition we all know and love about Ram's Hill but it was still well worth the drive and the cost. The layout is fun, interesting and challenging without beating you up the whole round.
I look forward to hearing about the course rounding into shape!

*After seeing the rating number I would say it came out a bit low. I would put it more in the 7.5 to 8 range today.
Walked 10/15/2019 with my buddy Matt teeing off around 10:30am finishing around 1:45pm for POP 3 hrs 15 minutes. Got to speak to the GM before the round to compliment him on how nice the course has been looking. I have been playing here almost 30 years and have never seen the course this nice this late in the season. Weather was perfect mid 80's with a slight breeze.

Greens were super receptive, soft and rolling medium pace. Hardly any ballmarks and in great shape. Gil Hanse design greens were there are I believe 7 different hole locations on the pin sheets. Rated 8/10

Fairways are incredible for mid October. Mostly all green lush areas, ball sitting up beautifully. They have some nice strategic fairway bunkers that come to mind. #12 right in the middle of the fairway is my friend as I flied it right into the face of the bunker. So impressed with the fairways. 8/10 bordering on a 8.5/10

Tees are mostly lush and I believe more level than before possibly? Rated 7.5/10

Was not in any greenside bunkers and just one fairway bunker that was in perfect shape and easy to get out of. Rated 8/10

Rough is mostly lush and uniform and in decent shape. Course has done an amazing job for those shots that don't find the fairway--they have cleaned some areas up in and around the rough. Rated 7.5/10.

I just love both Ojai Valley Inn and Soule Park--the way these 2 courses are looking and the peaceful vibe of Ojai I wish Ojai had a couple more courses to boast this great laid back city.

Played 10-16-19 first out as a single for $39 including cart, and getting around the course in about 2 hours and 15 minutes with a little bit of skipping around on the back side to get around back niners. Tee boxes were being worked on for over seeding, but still mostly level and okay to hit from. Fairways overall were in good condition with some minor thin areas and some small newly sodded areas. Rough was not to long, maybe 2 inches and not that difficult to hit from. Was in one greenside bunker on 9 that was thin and firm with small rocks in it. Greens had been punched about 4 weeks ago, they were semi firm and were rolling very nice at medium/fast pace . Overall conditions were pretty good. Nice to see this course getting back into good shape.
Like many of the L A County courses, you better get out early otherwise it will be a long day. Always crowded at Lakewood, but if you're lucky enough to secure an early time, pace is tolerable, even with the fivesomes being sent out.

David's most recent review covers conditions very well. It's not that the course is in bad condition, or even good condition, it seems it all depends where your ball ends up. Some lies are fine, others thin. Some bunkers have sand, others don't. Parts of the rough is thick/juicy, next time, thin and sparse. Tee boxes were same way, some good, some needing attention.

Years ago I always played Lakewood from the "tips", but times have changed as those tees are no longer feasible. Even the blue tees provide several holes which now are beyond my abilities. The par 3 holes and a few of the par 4 holes really expose your shortcomings when distance deserts you.

But using the senior discount cards makes this a bargain to play and despite some conditioning issues, still an enjoyable course to play. (Providing you get out early)
Played 10-14. Course is in very good shape. Lots of watering has been done following course aeration. In fact, there were many wet areas from overwatering. Course plays too short from the white tees. However, on this day, they were overseeding a lot of the tee boxes and all the markers were grouped together - so it played even shorter. Fairways are lush and the ball sits up nicely. The only detracting feature is that a lot of the bunkers are thin with lots of rocks. Fortunately, with the new rules, you can remove rocks that interfere with your ball. But, still, those rocky bunkers are not an asset. Most of the greenside bunkers were beautiful and devoid rocks. Nice coupon for $32 here on Greenskeeper. Thanks to Eagle Glen and our own John Hakim for that. Makes for a really good playing experience/deal.
Played today with our weekly foursome. The course in good condition. The course is being overly watered to fight it from drying up. The fairways did start to dry up midday and your ball did roll if you landed on it. The greens have recovered from being aerated approximately 4 weeks ago. The greens were rolling slow as they are still a little shaggy. Great staff. They do need to change the range balls as they are torn up. Still one of the best track to play especially the 18th hole. POP was slightly over 4 hours.
Played Wednesday late morning and finished in 4:40. The greens were aerated two weeks ago. There are still signs of punching but the greens are very playable. Putting was fairly smooth with a little bumpiness, medium speed, and held shots. The fairways had good coverage with a few thin spots. The rough along the fairways was good with some thin/bare spots and not too penal. The rough around the greens was good. The bunkers were a little crusty but in overall good condition. The tee boxes are fair to good mostly due to mild unlevelness.

The course offers a nice variety of holes with water coming into play on several holes. The driving range rotates between mats and grass depending on the day (don't know the rotation schedule). There are two putting greens and a chipping green with a bunker. The restaurant has good food. The staff is friendly.
Early round with a friend who lives in the Temecula area. Would have preferred Cross Creek, but we don't always get what we desire. As it turned out, worked out fine as the staff was friendly and accommodating and we were able to get around in well under four hours.

Course conditions are a mixed bag. Some of the greens were firm, some soft, same with pace, but because there are so many tiers on these greens, I'm sure that made it seem inconsistent. The rough however is inconsistent, from thin/bare to thick, depending upon where the ball ends up. Bunkers were OK, enough sand, well raked.

Because I tend to flight the ball lower than most, this course plays tough for me, with so many elevated greens. Some interesting holes. I really enjoy the finishing hole, providing a great opportunity for a birdie, but it makes you hit the shots.
Having to be in the area later in the AM, decided to play here. Thought I would use Weber's definition: "it's inexpensive basic golf, which sometimes is all I'm looking for." I looked on the site last night, no maintenance posted. Checked in and was told "doing the greens - front yesterday back today and you play the front and if you want 18, you play it twice." Guess they don't wish to use GK? The guy was pleasant, but it was not what I wanted to hear @ 6:15 AM. So I asked the price? "$20 with cart for 18." Decided to play and got right out. I actually found some of the fairways with decent coverage/green grass (kikyu/bermuda) but not all fairways had coverage and the lies were thin for the most part. Some fairways had large bare spots (4 and 5) and I swear they were there when I played some years ago? Tee boxes were OK and were mowed and tee friendly. The rough is hit/miss and needs attending to, soon please. Not in any bunkers, but they did not look good? Of course there were large holes and sand on the greens, so putting was nothing to be happy with. But they looked like they might have been pretty good prior to aerating? Old course layout that no doubt at one time was pretty good? Personally I would have preferred to play all 18, even with green sanding. But this course has outlived its time for me, but serves a useful purpose for those in Azusa and the area no doubt.
Posted: 10/18/19
By: i4golf

Played with 2 gents from Valencia on Wednesday middle day with a Golfnow hot deal. Finished the round in 3.5 hrs. I assume the morning walkers is off for a relative hot day :) Have not played this course for awhile. Course is in a great shape. Everything is green here for this time of the year.
Green is on the soft side compared with what I used to play, having troubles to judge the speed for first few holes. The holes were already beaten up by middle day due to soft condition, or didn’t get recut it today.
My play partners provided me some play tips from tee box which helped my drive. Rough area is not very deep but take some efforts to have a solid shot to the green. Sand is prefect for all bunkers compared with many courses in this area. But can be tricky due to some server slopes if you’re unlucky to land there. Avoid them at any costs! Few water holes, but luckily are not in play today due to my solid drive. Thanks to my partner!
First time smelled weeds on a golf course! Turn out, a weed field is planted on the other side of the course. Try to avoid this place if you’re allergic to the smell.
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