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Was able to grab a late twilite creek card member $29 rate, teeing off a few minutes late at 2:52pm, and finishing in 4.5hrs, at just about sunset.

Course remains in very good/excellent condition from my last visit a few weeks ago. Fairways did not provide as much run-out, but did provide very good lies. Tees were good and mostly level. Rough was being actively cut much shorter at another 1" beyond the fairways, and was less penal. Around some greens, it was much longer, but was sometimes 'wispy', allowing the clubhead to get through easily enough.

Was in a few bunkers, and it was a medium-heavy. Greens were firm, held shots only OK today, and were a bit bumpy from the day's foot traffic.

Cart girl came by a few times. Great service and smiles from all staff. A good day out on a lovely 70+ degree day.
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Rode the Golds (6158/69.5/125), playing 36 twilight as a single in 5H using Forelinx. Mid 90's, fairly calm and clear. Only saw one 2some and another single after 3pm on the whole course.

Most of the landing areas are generous in size, but there is OB down both sides of most holes and numerous holes have water that comes prominently into play. Not a grip it and rip it course.

The tees were lush, mostly level and well maintained.

The fairways were lush and well maintained. Few unfixed divots.

The Bermuda rough is beginning to come around with the recent hot weather. Still far from lush with scattered areas of hardpan.

The sand traps had good quality sand but did not look like they had been raked today.

The greens were firm, smooth and putted medium speed. They held irons with some run out.

This course would be difficult to walk as numerous tees are a long way from the last green. GPS to the front/middle/back of the green only. The customer service was excellent all around, no drink cart today. Plenty of water stations on the course. Good facilities, complementary range balls although the range tops out @ 220 yards. Fun layout, but could not recommend at their rack rate. Playing conditions are decent, but a notch below most courses close by.
Played yesterday, 4-18-19. I had a tee time at 12pm with a reasonable fee of $34. The carts were really nice with ball/club washer and a good GPS. I was paired with a fun threesome of guys who play there regularly.

I played the reds which, although really short, still give me a good challenge with the layups and forced carries on several holes. The course conditions now are very good.. The fairways are completely green and lush, and the greens were fast! There are a lot of interesting breaks here, with balls doing almost a full u-turn at times. I wasn’t in any bunkers. I was very happy about that as most were muddy with an occasional puddle. . The tee boxes were all level but in dire need of mowing. One of the guys commented that it looked like I was teeing off in the rough. There was several maintenance workers out on the course during the round, so I’m sure things would be trimmed up soon. There were sprinklers going on a couple of the holes, causing some swampy areas, but we didn’t mind when we considered how beautifully green the course is now.

I only got to play 14 holes because when we got to the 15th I realized my cell phone was missing and I had to back-track the course to try to find it. I wasn’t able to but Mike in the pro shop took my info in case it was later found. Fortunately it did turn up a couple hours later and Mike sent me an email letting me know. I really appreciate that he went the extra mile to help
Hidden Valley – highly recommended!
I went out today with a couple of buddies who frequent this course early Friday mornings. Of course, I did not check GK and they had just aerated the greens last Monday/Tuesday. That being said, the greens were the best part of the course!

Tees: we played the blues. It was mostly flat, but many tee markers were placed in poor areas that left us with slopes or long grass or weeds. Only a few divots, but no mix to fill them.

Fairways and rough: lots of weeds. It appears they have not mowed or watered lately. It was thin lies and some bare ground here and there. The rough was anything from dirt to a foot high grass and weeds. So many weeds here. Some of the fairways looked like no grass at all.

Bunkers: Lots of sand. Maybe it's the sand that was earmarked for the greens or just extra. I was in a few bunkers and there was ample amounts of fluffy, brown sand. It was a little wet at times, but not terrible to hit from.

Greens: Okay, so they aerated this past week. Looks like it will grow in fine in no time at all. There was just a little sand on the surface. The holes are still big and do affect the putts. Who likes to see their ball jump around like a kangaroo? Seriously, it was not that bad. Balls did have some hop to it, but a smooth stroke will yield okay results. It was also very slow as well.

Overall impression: They must have given the grounds crew a couple of extra days off after aeration. It looks like they need to mow and water this course. Some weed management is in order. There are only 7 par four holes and those fairways were in poor shape. Coming out of the winter we had, there should be no excuse for not growing grass. Sucks to play on a golf course, a short par 60, with not a lot of good turf. I will not say anything bad about the greens; they just aerated. In fact, that was the best part of the course. For $22.50 walking, POP 3:45 at 7:30 a.m. tee time, I guess it wasn't so bad.
Took a day off work and walked on the Destroyer Thursday morning, $45 non-military walking rate. PoP a tick under 4 hrs. teeing off at 6:35am as we followed a four-some that had no business playing that early. Marshall should have been on them much sooner. Good thing was that I was paired with ex-navy guys who were a hoot ... one a WWII vet which was super-cool. Another was the biggest ball hawk I've ever seen who, I found out, donates the balls to the local schools.

Course conditions were, as usual, decent fairways and rough, large/semi-tiered greens were aerated a couple weeks ago and just a tad slower than normal ... give 'em one more week. Bunkers great sand but damp and heavy early.

Always enjoy rounds here. Not super tough unless your tee shots are in the trees. Re. RDD's comment about length: maybe the blue tees were moved up that day, Bob. If you play from the perms you'll find this course has teeth, especially if you stray off line or if the pins are back.
Played following Masters Sunday. Walked on, checked in, grabbed a wrap from the grill, and was on the 1st tee in less than 30 minutes. Teed off solo but joined a 3some while waiting on the 2nd tee. Finished under 4 hours, even though the 3 in front of us were throwing down multiple balls on the tee.

Course seems to be transitioning from the winter rye to Bermuda. Some of the tee boxes need to be leveled. Fairways are a bit thin, with some GUR marked off. Rough is starting to grow. The new sand in the bunkers is a little heavy. The greens were the best part. Pretty smooth, on the fast side, but with some ball marks that haven't been fixed.

Easy check in, great starter, and drink cart was around every 3 or 4 holes. Always a good challenge on the Mountain.
Played 4/12. Tee boxes were really, really hard. Like breaking tees hard. Fairways and tee boxes thin, greens were nice. Comparatively, Balboa was in much, much better condition a few weeks ago when we played there. No marshals on the course whatsoever, so lots of waiting with groups way out of position, but I guess that's to be expected here. One of our group parked by the driving range and had their car broken into. Good times.
Played El Dorado on 4/17/2019. Course got me out a little ahead of my tee time around 11am, pace of play was about 4.5 hours, not too bad. Course has recently just punched and sanded the outer ring of the greens just inside the fringes, about 3 feet wide on every green. The rest of the green, other than the outside edges are in nice shape, recovered from punching, firm and much faster than I expected. The fairways out here are pretty hit or miss, some are a little shaggy, some are thin, plenty of bare spots and thin lies, probably a 4-5/10. Rough is similar, some thick grass, some bare spots, can get some tough lies. Wasn't in any bunkers but looked decent. Course actually has some back tee boxes that aren't listed online that can make the course play about 6900 yards. Would recommend right now, but the outer ring of sand on the greens does make for some tough chips off the edge.
Played BG today at 2:32pm, $44 rate via their website. Teed off with 3 other guys, losing one to a hand injury just a few holes in. POP was very good being so late in the day - 4hrs 15mins, a nice pace, just a few short waits on some tees, but never really pressing the lady 3some in front of us. We barely kept up, and the group behind were likewise, slightly behind our pace at the end.

About a month since punching the greens, they looked great, and putted mostly smooth at medium-fast pace and held shots very well. Seems like they've been rolled and are almost 100% healed - barely an issue for putting results.

Tees were thin in spots. Fairways and rough are mostly good, with very good lies in the fairways, and providing pretty good roll. Holes 2, 3, 6, 12, 13, 15 and 17 were either full or substantial CPO, a bit more than normal. Was in a few bunkers, and they were decent - my skills were not.

Staff, as always, were all very friendly from initial greeting in the pro-shop, to the starter, cart lady and end-of-round cart lads. Top-notch and add value to the experience here. Burgers smelled great from the 18th fairway! Lovely day, hope to return very soon.
Right now Del Monte GC is probably in the best shape I've ever seen it. Conditions are usually above average here but today the track was in excellent shape. Greens are almost (95%) healed from last months aeration. They rolled super smooth and fast. Greens at Del Monte are are on the small side with most being single tiered with back to front slope.

Fairways were a solid 9. Very green and lush throughout. Tee boxes bordered on a 10. Easily a 9.5. Lush, level and divot free. Sand traps were the low point. I was in a number of bunkers and almost all of them were very thin.

Course is Easily walkable with all tee boxes being within 50 yards of the previous green or closer. Some are too close. Beverage cart was out most of the day and customer service is always friendly. POP was 4 hrs 15 mins.

Del Monte is another good peninsula course that can be a bit expensive at the rack rate of $110 but for my $39 w/ cart it's an excellent choice.
Played here alongside fellow GK members Jim (ratpatrol), Tim (rudyclub), and Brady on what turned out to be a perfect day weather-wise after some morning showers. We used an UnderPar deal that turned out to be extra beneficial with some bounce back certificates on top of a good rate. This is my fifth time playing here and I enjoy it more and more each time. Amazingly enough, I believe that I played my best round of all previous times yesterday and the course was in really good shape. I won't add much to weber's review as it still applies in large part, but suffice to say if you can afford to get out, you should!

Tee boxes: There were a few uneven lies on certain holes and we were playing the whites, I can imagine blues must have been worse since they got more play today.

Fairways: Still offering good lies and a fair amount of run. I know aesthetics are overrated, but how can you complain about having lime green fairways out there.

Rough: Even shortened since the KIA, the thick stuff was grabby and penal. I don't remember ever having a ball disappear in it, but it easily could have.

Bunkers: Was in three today and they were all exceptional. When I make good sand shots, the sand is perfect.

Greens: A bit disappointing in that there is always a group of greens that are sanded (which is the way they do it). Even those ran okay, but there were a few shots I know were affected by this on approach.

ETC: Staff is always first-class. Carts are equipped with excellent color GPS, ice and water in the chests, and plenty of juice to get around the course. Starters here seem better than just about anywhere else sans perhaps Troon properties. Clubhouse and facilities about what you would expect for a place that hosts an LPGA tournament; even things like lotion, sunscreen, hair gel, and everything you'd expect at a hotel present in the locker room. The layout here is fantastic and don't let the yardage fool you, this place has teeth. Highly recommend on a good deal.
Wanted to make certain I took advantage of the anniversary special before it expires. A great deal for a wonderful course in very nice overall condition. The course was in much better shape than when I played here a couple months ago after all the heavy rains. Fairways provided much more rollout and the greens seemed a bit quicker.

I'm not as bright as chevelle, because even though I'm 72, still playing from the blues, and because I too have distance issues, the course plays tough at times - doable but tough. At least I'm not so dumb to play the black tees ! Despite the challenge, this is a fun course to play, visually very appealing, with nice vistas. Funny I remember always walking this course when it first opened. I don't even know if they allow walking now? If so, without the funicular, it would be trek to get from 18 green back to the club house. (I did not look to see if the stairs are still in place going up the hill. I recall there were 126 steps if my memory serves be right)

I always preferred Eisenhower to the Babe, but I have to admit I really enjoyed playing the Babe. Hope they run some kind of special for the Ike !
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