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Was 2nd off yesterday and cruised around in 3 1/2 hours. We were 3, there was a 2some behind us so it wasn’t busy at all out there. Rat’s review is spot on. Greens are pretty good. They are not going to wow you with speed but balls did stay on line with the occasional ball mark that needed to be repaired. Still dead areas out there which made for some difficult shots. I did see what Rat was talking about with the tee boxes. Looks like they have been marked. I wasn’t sure if that was for the mowers or how they redo the tee boxes. There was a new one on 10 which is a little further back. I did think the tee boxes needed to be cut but there were mowers out there hopefully they got them done. They were a little long for my taste. Overall enjoyable.
Bigdana just reviewed Rancho Park after playing there yesterday in the morning while I played a twilight round, but his words are pretty spot on. My 'home' course is in a pretty poor state right now overall and could use a little time off for maintenance.

Got a cart and played the blue tees for around $35, so at least the price was not outrageous for what we got. Was paired with three other singles who were all very nice and turned out to be the best part of the day - thanks Tiffany, Cliff and Yong! But we were all a little miffed off the bat by seeing the first two greens and some dried out fairways.

Many of the greens have some serious damage, including sand filling in dry patches, bumps everywhere, and some areas that should seriously be GUR. They were bumpy, inconsistent speeds and at minimum held decent shots. But overall, pretty terrible - maybe the worst condition I've ever seen them here. Sad.

Fairways not much better with loads of thin lies and dry areas, but you will find the occasional lush spot. Chipping around the greens always an adventure with so many balls finding dried out divots that affected shots and just an overall poor quality. The rough was slightly better for many of the shots and was often glad to be off the fairways if the line to the green was still good.

Bunkers were good, actually - at least the ones I found myself in at times. Not exactly fluffy, but more than serviceable. And the tee boxes? Again, pretty rough shape. They could definitely use better coverage and a little flattening. Rancho Park definitely not in its best state right now. Not even close.

No cart service all afternoon and the water fountains are mostly a broke-down joke. They really need a little bit of a sprucing up here and need it fast. The only salvation is the great snack shop between the 11th and 12th holes - everything you need to get you back on track.

POP felt longer than the five hours it took as we actually did a little more waiting than I have in recent visits to Rancho. I'm hoping this is more an anomaly than standard future practice.

Everyone knows the layout story at Rancho Park so I won't bother you with those details, however I will STILL let everyone know that the right side of the driving range fence needs to be higher and better quality so finding your ball on the 18th approach isn't always such a dumb adventure. Other than all that though, it's swell! Seriously though, it'll be a while before this track is required playing. Hope they get it sorted soon.
One of the best layouts in Los Angeles but in poor condition. POP was good at 7am on a Friday but the conditions all around are poor. Tee areas are uneven, fairways are bad and so are the greens. Rolling about 7 and bumpy. Couldn't help noticing the locals I was playing with disrespecting their own course and not repairing ball marks or divots. Pretty sad to see this at one of my past favorites. If I were LA I would keep a look out for these kind of players and ban them.
Played with sixpez and Nickesquire Thursday morning. Was my first time playing Terra Lago after all these years. It pleasantly surprised me. I knew not to expect excellent playing conditions typical of the higher end Palm Springs golf courses which I have been accustomed to playing. Also the South golf course was fresh out of overseeding. What surprised me was how interesting, challenging and flat out fun the layout was. As a first time player that loves shot value, this course is loaded with them. Risk/reward tee shots, intimidating bunkers, lots of doglegs, forced carries over water, tough green complexes, hazards on both sides of every hole, elevated tee shots, a fantastic signature par 3 … a blast.

As far as conditions, very good. Interestingly is after the round I talked with the Superintendent who informed me the greens are not overseeded with rye but rather poa. That they are tiff bermunda surfaces that do well the majority times of the year but need a cool grass added for winter play. This explains why the greens rolled so well. They are basically all bermunda with some poa sprouting through. I was told the greens right now are as slow as they get and to expect them to gradually become faster and firmer. Makes me want to head back there for sure. With all those undulations and tricky pins, must be diabolically fun when they are running faster.

Fairways in very good shape mostly lush with some thin spots. Rough mostly lush greenside and adjacent to the fairways with occasional thin/bare areas. Bunkers, well groomed but in many cases very firm and depleted of quality sand. Fairway bunkers overall in poorer shape than the greenside bunkers. I did find a couple in decent shape and got used to the firm texture. Tee boxes in very good shape with exception to the gold tees on the 17th hole.

Service was friendly and excellent all day. After the round I grabbed a bite to eat in the restaurant. Decent burger with tasty fries and great view of the signature holes on the North Course.

Overall, I’d play the South Course again and want to try the North Course. If the track was manicured better and in the kind of conditions of a PGA WEST, Desert Willow Golf Resort or Indian Wells Golf Resort the layout would be on par with most of those playing experiences. Granted the courses I mentioned do have higher levels of service and amenities but my point is this place has great bones with a ton of upside potential. It looks to be moving in a positive direction. CHECK OUT the photos I just posted. Recommended.
OK time flies. 7 years since I played here last (why - maybe traffic coming home). Played this morning in 3 H. We took advantage of the weekend Sr deal ($29). Greens were punched on 8/9 of this month and are still healing. Some of them are better than others and those had good putting speed, but I think at least another week? But overall, they were all playable. We found the tee boxes all clean and playable. No issues with any fairways, as they had roll out and great lies, all round. In one trap and no issues and heard none from others. Did not find much rough, but there are enough OB areas to compensate, should you get way off the fairway. Customer service was excellent at all levels. Glad to revisit here, as I totally enjoyed the course and the layout. Recommended and we will be going back, before 7 years, for sure.
Played Thursday 10/18. It was a grueling POP of slightly over 5 hours. Other than that the course was in good condition. The greens were medium fast and recovered well from aeration.

The Players side was busy as they are aerating the Classic Course this week.
Teed off Wednesday morning around 10:30 and finished in about 4.5 hours. The greens have recovered pretty good after aerating two weeks ago. The greens rolled mostly smooth with medium/fast pace and held shots. The fairways were mostly good with some thin spots. The rough was good around the greens and mostly good along the fairways with a few thin/bare spots. The bunkers were mostly good. I was in 3 greenside bunkers of which two were good and one the sand was thin and a bit compacted. The tee boxes were fair to good mostly due to mild unlevelness and a few were a bit chewed up where the the tee markers had been placed. Overall the conditions were pretty good. The staff was friendly.
Teed off at about 1:10pm with 3 other guys. Very slow POP on the day, just over 5 hours, finishing just before a nice sunset.

My last round here was just before the punching. Course overall is again in very good condition, with the greens pretty much healed from their punching in early September, showing only minor signs in the grass patterns. Greens were very consistent, lush, and a bit soft. They held shots well, putted mostly smooth at medium-speed. Practice green was smoother and faster than the greens out on the course.

Most, but not quite all holes, had all sets of tees recently scalped and I assume re-seeded. There was no issue with footing, as they were not taken down to bare sand, but were brown, with mostly dormant grass. Firm footing here.

Fairways were very lush and green, not cut as short as I'd like but provided decent roll. No major wet spots in front/aprons of the greens. Usually good lies, but the bermuda was somewhat grabby due to its length. Rough was choppy in all places, and as will happen here, the ball may end up falling down into the deeper rough, making for challenging shots.

Was only in one bunker, sand was medium-fluff and slightly damp - odd for so late in the day. Fresh un-raked footprints near my ball, but was spared the extra insult.

Saw the cart girl on #6, but not again. No marshals. Might explain the slow overall play. The Players lounge is open again, and there was a private party on the patio with the fires going after the round. I look forward to playing here again soon, likely next week. Recommended.
Played Bayonet today on a beautiful cool but sunny day. I teed off at 9:20 and was never held up in fact we played in 3hr 40 min. On to the course, the course was in fantastic shape. The fairways were great condition and the speed of the greens were very quick. Lots of break on the greens. Everything about the course was in top shape, and I highly recommend either course if your ever in the area.
An update to my Oct 11th review.

Greens - healed, in good condition.

Fairways - better than average condition!

Traps - plenty of sand and raked.

Good condition for a Muni!
Participated in a 2 day tournament at Boulder Creek the weekend of 10/13. I play in this tournament every year and so look forward to it. For one, this tournament is a lot of fun and 2, BC is always a fun venue. This year was no exception. Wonderful golf course. Played a practice round on Friday and they gave us the resident rate. Nice guys!

There are 3 nines here and all in in great condition. A desert course with desert bushes and hard pan lining the fairways. Go in there and you can still play your shot unless your ball rolls under a bush. The layout is fairly flat. Some doglegs and some minor elevations but for the most is straight away. All of the fairways have been over seeded so in the fairway, you will have a great lie. The rough is not too thick and is playable. Oddly enough, the rough around the greens was very thick. Dormant Bermuda but still playable. Bunkers were also in great condition.

The greens were not very fast but rolled great. They looked much faster as they were cut pretty low. I have seen them much faster but I am thinking they are still in recovery from aeration.

I love playing here. The weather in October is great. The views of the surrounding hills/mountains are worth a couple of pictures. Great practice area with a huge, grass driving range. They also have a nice bar/restaurant and the food is very tasty. What’s not to like? Already looking forward to next year’s tournament!
Played this am in about 4:15 pace. Course is in good overall shape. Just like most courses in San Diego it’s not lush but decent. Tee boxes were mostly good, didn’t have a hard time finding a place for the tee but some were a little uneven. Fairways are green with brown patches. Not a real issue if you keep it in the fairway, but if you miss the fairway a little expect a hard pan lie. Greenside bunkers were good but fairway bunkers were hard. Greens were the best part of the course. Back 9 greens were better then front but overall they are in good shape with medium speed. Course is walkable and they offer a different green fees for walking and riding. I will play the course again and if you can find a good deal I would suggest giving it a try!
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