Del Lago Golf Club

14155 E. Rancho Del Lago
Vail, AZ 85641 • (520) 647-1100

Vail, AZ (85641)
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Humidity: 10%
Wind: NNE at 1mph

Sunset: 6:36 pm
green Sunrise: 6:20 am


1. mrjimmy
Posted: 07/27/13 8:33p
Member Since: Sep 29, 2012
From: Tucson
I reviewed this recently and nothing has changed but i have some photos this time. Southern Arizona can really put some teeth into it's target golf. These shots at Del Lago show it. Great staff and co... Continue »
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2. mrjimmy
Posted: 07/13/13 5:26p
Member Since: Sep 29, 2012
From: Tucson
Played for the first time and it is a great course. Very good shape right now. I'll play tighter next time now that I've seen some danger zones. It has every aspect you could want (or not) Elevation c... Continue »
7.9 Conditions
Topic: Fun course
Posted: Mar 7, 2009
This is one of the "best buys" in the Tucson area. The course is always in very nice condition. Tim Nugent is the designer, and he's done a very nice job of winding a golf course throughout a housing project without making it feel cramped at all. At no point do you think "man, I have to hit this ...
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- Driving Range: YES (grass)
- Practice Chipping & Sand: YES
- Practice Putting: YES