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Played here on 8/5. First time as I don't tend to play many nine hole courses.
What a fun little track. Some really great holes. Really enjoyed the par 5's especially the second one. Downhill dogleg left.

Tee boxes were nice.
Fairways were in good condition. Very, very few problem areas. Rough was good and just long enough to keep things interesting.
Bunkers were very good.

Great place to get in some golf without committing to a full 18. 22.00 to walk on the weekend is a good price IMO.
Played Saturday. Course is in good shape this time of year. Greens and fairways were good. Sand traps uneven. Range is really beat up. Biggest issue as always here is the pace of play. Mostly groups of 5 going out and not spread out enough. On a weekend, you are lucky if you get around in 5 1/2.
Played here 8/12/2017. Had a early morning tee time. Pro shop worker wasn't very friendly but he did his job. The starter was very friendly and nice. Pace of play for our foursome was 4 Hr 32 min. Never had to wait which was nice. HOWEVER, This course is in pretty bad shape. We paid $56.00 each and this course looks worse than most of the city courses ive played. Holes 10 & 11 shouldnt be active. The fairways were non existent. Mud everywhere. Outside the fairway there was no rough just sticks and roots and trees. I will not be returning until the course can improve its conditions. Greens were in good shape and rolled true and tee boxes were decent but everything else was terrible. Don't pay more than $40 for this course! Otherwise your giving your money away.
Played Monday 730 am on 8/7/17, day after the Will Jordan Classic. POP was only about 4 hours. I knew the greens would be good, which they were. That was the highlight of the course. The overall course conditions are not good. GUR is everywhere, they must of went through 5/6 cans of white spray paint prior the WJC.
1. This is the only course I know of that you'll need at least a 6" tee. Some of the tee boxes have super thick spongy kikuyu grass. It's hard to get the tee in the ground because of this.
2. Fairways are a hit or miss, thin lies, good lies or spongy lies. Plus there is absolutely zero roll.
3. Bunkers looked to be in good shape.
4. Greens were the highlight of the round, medium fast, rolled very true, held there line nicely.
Glad it only cost $32 to walk, that about what's it worth.
Course is making a comeback!! I'm gonna give it an A+ for effort to this point, but a C+/B- for overall conditions. The same overseeding task continues on the remaining three or four holes allowing no carts, one hole on the back actually as a temporary green @ 100yd out, drastically reducing a par five.
Greens are in pretty good shape, with some having issues on their parameter. Most of the bunkers looked to have numerous small small rocks.
The Burns scattered throughout the course could be surprise, but they provided a course guide along with GPS in carts that provided all the needed distances to avoid them.
Played Saturday morning @ 8 in a foursome, and the only time we slowed down was to allow a couple twosomes play thru...This place could use a push of activity to keep the rehab efforts going, which I'll soon be returning. Also a good staff for wrapping things up @ the 19th.
Played with my monthly club at 8:45 on a hot, clear Saturday, 8/12/17. We play here every August. Management continues to tweak the facility – since I only play here once or twice a year, but have been coming here for 30 years, I notice some of the changes as “new” to me. Carts had a simple GPS last year, but it’s gone this year, leaving only the colored plates in the fairways. More trees/brush areas look to be cleared out. The pitch-and-putt area next to the parking lot is gone. They’ve removed the ball machine – get your baskets at the desk.

All parts of the course displayed a feast or famine motif today – greens, fairways, and rough were either very dry and firm or overwatered and soft/wet. You could have dry/bare conditions in the rough next to a muddy/rutted area. Fairways were generally good but there were scattered areas of very thin or bare lies. Greens generally had good coverage, but were alternately very dry/firm or soft/wet, making judging speeds difficult from green to green. Pitches to the softer greens stuck immediately or backed well down any sloping areas. Speeds were generally medium, but lots of fresh and old ballmarks. Many rough areas looked like they had been allowed to grow quite long, then were scalped down, leaving brown, thick-stemmed rooty material.

Tees were generally OK, although par-3 tees were pretty torn up. The course provides refill buckets there and some (but not most) previous players had used them. I wasn’t in a bunker, but playing partners had remarks about variable conditions.

There wasn’t as much wind today as I normally see in the late morning/afternoon here – as a result, it was very hot and the darned thick kikuyu really holds the moisture and contributes to muggy conditions. Fortunately, plenty of water available. Carts are very basic – no wind screens, no cooler or washer, and the cart guys were sending carts out with empty sand refill bottles, so I had to go searching for some. Saw a cart person making the rounds a couple of times, and a “ranger” drove by a couple times. Pace was OK for this venue on a weekend – we started about on time and finished in about 5 hours. We saw several groups going out before us using the blue tees – they likely “always play blue”. Here, however, the blue tees are almost 7,200 yards!! Better take a look at that scorecard beforehand! That likely contributes to longer rounds.
Played a pretty abysmal round at Hansen Dam this weekend with Mattias and two other friends, but the course itself did not have much of the blame for my driving and hybrid woes. In fact, the course is in pretty good shape right now despite the relentless heat.

Fairways have a solid amount of deep green to them, in fact even some areas a little too damp from overwatering, especially closer to the greens. Almost always a good lie to be found if you're hitting them straight. The rough varies depending on where you go, but it's mostly thick but not too penal. You'll easily find some dirt areas though off between the ample amount of trees or on the hillside of the dam itself.

Greens were running medium speed without too many complications. A few ball marks here and there that could have easily been fixed before, but what can you do? Nothing too bad at all though ... and while I didn't hit too many greens myself, I could see others doing it well so greens definitely receptive to good shots. Tee boxes and bunkers both good, not necessarily great. Everything works.

It was a very hot day and prime time on a Saturday so it was surprising not to see any cart service whatsoever, but now that I think about it, I'm not sure I've ever seen a cart girl at Hansen. We all walked so the price was around $40+ roughly which is a fair price for the shape the course is currently in right now. In summary, you shouldn't be too disappointed if you stop by at this time.
What happened to La Mirada? After the renovations last year, I thought La Mirada was one of the best maintained courses locally. Everything was green, sand traps were filled with beautiful white sand, most of the fairways had decent lies with grass, hardly any hard pan areas. In the last few weeks, fairways are either very wet or muddy, big tractor tire marks imbedded in mud, no grass on some of the fairways, many ball marks on the greens (I repaired at least five on every hole!), horrible greens (on #15, my ball landed on a bumpy bare spot, so I had to move my ball marker off to the side where there was some grass and flat lie!), ladies bathrooms were dirty and smelly (I understand there is a sewer problem, but it hasn't been fixed.) This is truly a disappointment, especially since it is such a very popular course. Kudos to the young ladies manning the pro shop, they are sharp, personable, and efficient!
Walked on yesterday morning (Saturday, 8/12/17) as a single, was grouped with a three some and teed off at 6:30. Played at a very nice pace, finishing the round in just under four hours. Greens were pretty good, they looked like they would be a bit bumpy but actually rolled decently. Medium to quick pace, and holding solidly struck shots. Fairways weren't very consistent, there were lots of dry spots like you would expect with the lack of rain recently, but some places were actually very muddy and wet. In general I had no trouble playing from them and always had a pretty good lie. Rough was very lush, quite long and definitely penalizing. They are definitely giving the course plenty of water. I found the greenside bunker short of #8, and it was quite thin. Seeing as I've played here a lot, I was ready for that as I've never seen that bunker have a decent amount of sand. Tee boxes remain the weakest part of the course, very rarely are they level. While there are some shortcomings with the place, it was a decent experience.
Skywest is a long flat course with parallel fairways. It's your typical muni course. It's apparent that there has been a focus on grounds maintainence the past year or two. The fairways are impeccable and the greens are very good.
Out early again, in an effort to keep in front of maintenance. Arrived a couple minutes after 5am, and there were already groups waiting on the tee. They allowed me to tee off in front of them, but let me tell you that at 5:15 it's really dark !! Didn't actually see my first shot until #5.

Course is in nice shape right now, greens rolling true and fairly quick. Still some issues with the greenside bunkers, but rumor is they are doing a complete bunker renovation within a few months.
Played Glen Ivy yesterday at 2pm. Course was in nice shape. A couple of the lakes, on hole 1 and hole 17, were still drained and empty of water while the lakes with water in them were very brown looking and dirty. I've always liked the layout here with both nines starting with an easy downhill par 5. Fairways were in good shape, mostly green with a little browning out but not bad at all. Rough was hit and miss, some thick stuff around the greens but mostly thin around the fairway edges. Was only in one bunker but it had great sand, the rest of the group seemed to find luck in the bunkers as well. Greens looked very nice. Extremely receptive but rolled smooth and medium-fast. A couple random greens such as number 4 had some ball mark damage and bumps but for the most part greens were very nice. Had a deal where it was 25 bucks after 2, definitely worth it. POP was great.
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