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Early morning four hour round on a very well conditioned course. The staff and facilities are always top notch. The tee boxes were all in good shape with a couple being slightly sloped and scarred up from the golfers. The fairways have excellent coverage with great lies to hit from every shot. The rough was fairly thick and pretty damp from the overnight showers. You could hit shots from the rough but would be penalized yardage every time. The traps were wet and damp with many having standing water in them. The greens were all in excellent shape and held shots nicely. Most all the greens rolled great with only a couple being slightly bumpy. The views from the course are nice and fact there are no homes along the fairways is nice. Highly recommended!!!!
Played 3-16-18 early morning as a single in a little under 2 hours in a cart for $32.99 on a TeeOff deal. Tee boxes were just okay with some being a little un-level and others having the grass a little to long. Fairways were in descent shape mostly green with some minor thin and brown spots. Rough was mostly in the 2 inch range with some spots being a little thin and some others areas being 3-4 inches and thick. Was in three bunkers, two fairway and one greenside all of which had nice white sand which was a little to soft for my liking in the fairways but really nice around the greens. Greens were in good shape rolling medium speed and semi-soft but mostly smooth. Overall course is in real nice shape and playing a little soft after all the rain.
After fighting frost delays most of February, now it's the rain. For those of you unfamiliar with Coto - south, even just a little rain causes the cross-overs between some holes flood and the course is forced to close. 40 degrees at tee off today (6:40am) and but for the rain there would again have been frost. Just can't seem to win.

To my surprise, a number of the fairways have become very thin and have bare areas near some of the greens?? The greens however are excellent and most receptive to shots. The bunker project is about 50% complete now, so if the weather co-operates, they could finish in a few more weeks.

On the plus side, with the rains, the dormant fairways are turning green and at least look good, even if they don't play as good as they look.
Played marine memorial this morning at 830. Course was very green driving in, looked fantastic. We knew the greens were punched about 5 days ago but the rate was 12 to walk and 27 to ride so we drove on down. Tee boxes were nice, fairways were good in general, a few too many wet spots from the rain, probably should’ve been cartpaths only today. Rough can be very thick and long. All areas around the greens are very nice. Bunkers are about as good as you’ll see anywhere, they really frame the course well here and add a lot to the visual design. Greens were about what we expected, soft, a little slow and bumpy. If you’re looking for nice greens id give it another 2 weeks. Great deal for the rate on a weekend even for bumpy greens. Really excited to come back down during the summer and see how the course looks.
Course is shutting down for the LPGA today but we got out in the morning. Rained the previous night and off and on during the front 9. At times it was extremely heavy but the back 9 the coulda parted and the sun was out and quite enjoyable.

It rained enough that there were some puddles on the greens and bunkers had standing water in them but despite that the course was in outstanding condition. On the back the greens are about perfect. Really picked up pace as they dried out and really smooth. Never saw a putt get knocked off line once.

Fairways are fantastic. Definitely some wet spots but because of the undulation there was usually some dry spot to be found. Not a lot of roll thou.

Rough wow. That is some very thick stuff. I lost 2balls in the rough. We were told it’s going to be cut for the ladies and it makes sense with the rain last night and the morning that they probably couldn’t get the mowers out there.

We played the tips but that was not always possible because they had stands up blocking some of the back tee boxes. Some wetness on them too. I remember 7 was almost completely under water. Generally the tee boxes were pretty much untouched thou so they were really fantastic.

Again sand had some standing water in them and others were pretty wet but these were some of the best bunkers I’ve hit out of. I was a little uncertain the first time but one of the other guys had hit out first and looked fairly easy and it was.

Customer service is top notch and I expect nothing less from a Troon run facility. Never had a bad experience here and makes it easy to come and play here. I’d highly recommend coming after the tournament next week. Rack rate is a little out of my range but there are always deals out there for this place. I’m already making plans to come back and you should too.
It's hard to believe I haven't played here for 3 months. Blackhorse is one of my peninsula favorite courses. Conditions are usually above average (but not quite superior like Quail or Spyglass). Blackhorse is a challenging course. Every green has multiple tiers and breaks making the preferred landing area very small. In addition to that the greens are firm so holding approach shots can be difficult at times.

The layout is fun with several elevation changes throughout the course. Numerous views of the Monterey Bay help ease the pain of the difficult greens.

Greens are in decent shape but are in need of the upcoming maintainance next week. They are rolling a little slow (medium speed) right now. More than likely they haven't been mowed in a couple days due to the rain we've had this week.

Fairways weren't bad. A few thin areas but very palpable throughout. Fairways were super soft due to the recent rain so roll out on drives was non-existent.

First cut of rough was lush throughout.

This course sits in a cooler foggy area of the peninsula. It's not uncommon for temps to be 10 degrees cooler at Blackhorse than at surrounding neighborhoods just a few miles down the road. It may be sunny and warm at your hotel but it can be cool and damp at Bayonet/Blackhorse. Come prepared with extra layers.

Also, unlike Bayonet, you will not go back by the clubhouse at the turn (or at anytime during the round). The beverage cart is regularly out during prime time and there is a cooler with bottled waters on the 10th tee box. Other than that make sure you are stocked up with food and drinks.
Played Friday, 3/16 at 1:30pm, $39 w/cart twilite rate via their web site. My playing partner and I were joined by another twosome and teed off a little ahead of schedule, teeing off about 1:25pm. Had short waits on most holes/shots. Things picked up a bit on the back 9, as two players dropped out ahead of us, and we finished in 4.5hrs.

Course conditions were very good overall. White teeing areas were generally good and cut nicely, but a few had unlevel areas to deal with, including #s 1, 3, 5, 7, 8, 9, 10, 15. Worst feature of the course. They did resolve the unlevel teeing areas on #s 14 & 18 last year, and those areas are really nice, notwithstanding the divots on the par 3s.

Fairways were pretty typical condition for the course - good, generally cut shortish. A little softer than usual due to the recent rain, but still provided good roll-out and decent lies. Well-marked GUR areas in most cases. Rough was cut short, so not too penal when you were just off the fairway. Further away, the rough became unkempt, dry and bumpy, and provided challenging lies.

Was in a good sampling of bunkers, including on #s 2, 5, 6 (fairway) and 8. Sand was very consistent and good. A little deeper than I would like before you got to a firm base - about 2", the sand was medium-weight. Needed a little more clubhead speed for a good shot (I will try to remember this point for next time, as I ended up barely getting out of a few).

Greens weren't the smoothest I've seen here, nor the fastest (thankfully). But, they were in very good shape, very green, and held shots well. Medium-fast on the day, really a pleasure/challenge to putt on. Made some, missed some.

Trixie, the notorious and enjoyable cart lady was by several times. Always a pleasure. The friendly starter was making his marshal rounds later, and saw him on the 11th. Weather ended up being nice enough - no rain on the course, certainly chilly for parts when the wind was 2-3 clubs at times, but when the sun was out, had to take off a layer.
Played Fri Mar 16th at 730 check in fast, no starter so we went to the tee at 720, found out that our 5 groups had an extra so we had to go out as a 5 some, don't like 5 somes, disrupt timing and flow. Our first guy hit then the starter drove up and said these guys had a 710 and they were going to put them after us in between our 5groups, well it was 730 by then, so they were 20 minutes late, must have been regulars since they got out anyway. We left them go ahead of us and it was at least nice to see they were faster players. Looking at the first fairway it looked like palm Springs, green fairway and brown rough. It was like that for the front nine, then the back nine where they were doing allot of tractor work on the fairways on the back, the greens were good, held shots hit high, were on the fast side on down hill putts. The greens are large and many time difficult to putt and no exception for me today. Lunch "OK" I think I got spoiled with the restaurant at los serranos. The highlight of the day was Dave, the guy that puts our OFG together had his first ACE on hole 10. That was cool
Had a morning T time under cloudy skies.

Excellent practice areas.

Greens: firm, smooth with medium speed.

Fairways: green and firm. A few too many divots.

Rough: not very penal.

Traps: raked and very playable.

Good GPS in the carts.

Excellent customer service.

POP: just over 4 1/2 hours.
Played today in a nice 3.5 H pace. Course is greening up after the rains and playing very soft, both in fairways and on the greens. I had no issues with tee boxes, fairways (soft and no roll) had good coverage and provided good lies. Very little, if any rough to deal with. Greens were in very good shape (though putted slowly). As I mentioned in previous posts? The bunkers are not good. They need more sand, new sand, just sand period. I had one shot hit in the bunker and bounce out, like it had hit a cart path (not good). Customer service was excellent. Looks like a good cafe/restaurant right off the 18th green? Will give it a try next round.
Ha Ha after reading sngernz's review I won't be so critical? But I played 3/15 and we did play in 3 hours (yes play early). Yes with this time of the year, L V always turns into the "ugly relative", especially during the rains. Greens are the best part of the course, presently. I would concur with previous review about other areas of the course and hope maintenance can improve them, in the coming days/weeks? Also, yes the restaurant and restrooms are being redone, but they do have a temporary restaurant set up back in the banquet room, if needed. Customer service excellent at all levels.
Decided to stay local this gorgeous Friday morning and trekked up to Los Verdes, teeing off at 8:30 and finishing a bit past 1PM ... slow play is the norm here unless you play at dawn like Weber or 24hour. I'd rant but it'd be preaching to the choir.

Anyway, course conditions have not changed since the last time I was here about a year ago. Wire grass in some areas has worsened, multiple grasses in fairways (somewhat shaggy), and great Poa greens sums it up. Errant tee shots (even 5 yards off the fairway) can be rewarded with a hardpan lie. Bunkers hit and miss but the maintenance crew were working on some so that was good to see.

Beautiful vistas, semi-challenging layout, good greens will keep LV in the rotation. Slow play, crappy fairways, and non-existent rough will mean it'll be another year or so before I return.
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