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Teed it up Friday with 6 other GK Review Guru’s at The Golf Club of CA. Great time!

This layout body slams me, every time, yet I love it. You have to be accurate off the tee, long off the tee, work the ball left or right off the tee, be able to play uphill, downhill and side hill approaches, not get intimidated by forced carries over hazards, bring a sand game and putt well. It’s an interesting great test of golf. No two holes alike.

It’s a country club atmosphere at the facility with large fancy clubhouse and patio. The service is excellent. Good pace of play.

As far as playing conditions, the course continues to improve to what I would deem very good/great shape. Greens on Friday were running smooth, some inconsistencies with speed and mostly firm. Pleasure to play. The fairways which used to be a sore spot, are getting softer with continued routine aeration. This had no effect on the play of them as they were light green, firm and provided good lies all day long. The rough was cut down, sporadically lush or thin. The bunkers were in excellent shape with quality sand, which is very important as sand comes into play on all holes. I foresee this course continuing to improve its playing conditions.

I posted a lot of photos so please check them out. Looking very forward to my next round at The Golf Club of CA.
Played on 5/21/17. Pace of play was VERY slow. I'm a 9hcp and it took 5hrs 14 min to finish the round. Waited on every shot. On a couple of the holes there were 4 groups on the same hole. Saw marshall several times but he really wasn't pushing pace of play. Greens were decent, but a little shaggy/long making putts bumpy at times and on the slower end stimping probably around 8-9. Fairways were airated. Grass was decent but very firm underneath which i think is more a character of the type of grass rather than watering. Rough was thick and green. Bunkers were hard packed dirt. Not really bunker sand. For $90+ I did not expect to have 5+ hour round so I was quite disappointed.
Ok I know I will get some blowback from this post but this is MY take. While I think some of the redo is good, over all they took a good course and made it much tougher and less fun. I have been playing TP N. for 30+ years and really loved it. I think they forgot it is a Municipal track and should be fun and playable for Mid to high handicaps. The 12th hole par 3 was 100 yd. fun hole now its 155 yds from the green(mens) and a miss here means a double or triple bogey. The greens while bigger are so undulating its not a typical track any more. In my opinion they tried too hard and just tricked it up. I have played the new North 3 times and maybe I will appreciate it more in the future but for now this old boy says, "if it ain't broke ..." . I'm a 15 hcp and in my mid 60's and yeah I could play from the forward Tees, but I could break 90 regularly on the Old course. Just Sayin !
Played 5-15-17 with Matt, Matt, and Gary in a GK Review Gurus outing teeing off around 11am and getting around the course in a little over 4 1/2 hours. Tee boxes were in good shape, level, lush and cut tight. Fairways were in really good condition providing an excellent surface to hit from. Rough was in good shape not to long and easy to hit from. Was in a couple of greenside bunkers, one very soft and the other a little firm but both were descent to hit from. Greens were in good shape, a little on the firm side and rolling medium/fast. Overall some of the best conditions I have seen the course in in a while.
I played today, 5/20/17 at 8:58am. I got to the course at 8:30 and there was a 25 minute line to check in. I didn't have time to hit balls due to the slow line. I get my car and get in line for the tee. We do not tee-off until 9:20am, 20 minutes late.

The front nine took 2 hours and 45 minutes which is absurd on most courses but especially on a par 61 executive course. They let people out every 3 to 4 minutes and the pace of play is atrocious. I was told it is better to play in the evening, around 1 or 2pm if you can't be one of the first 3 groups in the AM. Overall the round took 5 hours and 15 minutes.

That being said, the course is in great shape for the price. The grass is green, rough is fluffy in most spots and the greens are in great shape. Bunkers can be hit or miss as they are either wet or very hard with a few soft bunkers.

This is an executive course that is trying to drive revenue. I get it, I really do but they need SOME standards.
I got lucky today. The men's club cancelled. I got a crazy Saturday on line deal. I loved playing here when it was a military only course and still love playing here as a public course. The conditions are above average everywhere out here. Although the greens are not pool table smooth, the ball still will hold its line fairly well. I never was in a bunker but the ones I saw looked very nice. The best part might the fairways. I got many good lies in the fairway today. Some of the once ponds have now become waste areas. The "Tiger Tree" on 18 is 343 yards from the back tees. Yes, I could reach it.:)....from the ladies tees :(
My first time playing Woods Valley Golf Club. Not sure why it took a GK Review Guru round to get me out there given all the positive reviews I’ve read over the years. But none-the-less, its reputation stood true. This is a very enjoyable, tale of two 9’s layout with plenty of fantastic golf holes and great playing conditions to go along with it. On the back nine I discovered why it’s called “woods” valley. Had my share of lost balls into the trees. Which are predominately beautiful large and small oak trees. 10 – 16 is a special stretch of golf holes carved into a natural secluded landscape featuring position golf and challenging green complexes. Took many photos, check them out.

I thought the playing conditions were great with the highlight the greens. Smooth, medium fast and held shots very well. With exception to some patches of thin areas on the front nine fairways, they were predominately lush and groomed. The rough was cut low being thick in many places and thin in few. The secondary rough on the back nine was long and wild. Hole #13 comes to mind (what a beautiful par 3). The tee boxes were in good shape, lush and level. The only negative was the sand quality in the bunkers. Pretty thin in most and in some rather wet. They could use a good turning IMO. Overall very happy with the playing condition I experienced.

The staff I encountered were all friendly and professional. There is a good vibe at this place. They have a good driving range hitting off grass and excellent practice putting green. A couple years ago Woods Valley Golf Club won's award for “Most Worth The Green Fee” San Diego County. I now see why. Highly Recommended.
Played the Blues (6395/71.1/127) in 4H, 35M Saturday morning. Played with lamitchw, Sean and Joe in clear, breezy conditions with temps in the 70's. Fun group to play with!

The tees had good coverage and only the par 3's needed divot attention. However, numerous tees could use leveling. I had to move 3-4 times from my desired tee spot because I would have been standing in a low spot on the tee ground otherwise.

The fairways had good coverage and were decent, semi lush.

The rough has many bare hardpan areas, with a combination of thin coverage with some lush to very lush areas mixed in. Only part of the course I rated below average.

The greens here are undulating and firm, but they still held full shots well. They were quick today and rolling very nice. We definitely played tournament pins, as numerous holes were right beside or on top of crests/plateaus that would quickly turn a 2-3' putt into a 15' come backer if you were barely long.

The traps were in very good condition, nicely maintained with dark brown sand.

The customer service was excellent. I prepaid for the 4some ahead of time and after mistakenly charging 2 of our group, they quickly and efficiently refunded the excess charges at the turn. Nice starter and the Marshall was out riding around trying to speed up POP. Drink cart out making numerous rounds. Had fish tacos in the restaurant after the round, very good and decently priced. Good layout overall with many fun/interesting golf holes up/down rolling hills. Par 71 with only 1 par 5 in the first 15 holes. Decent course in decent condition. Recommended.
Enjoyed a nice day yesterday with the GK Gurus. This was only my third time playing this course, and I find myself appreciating the layout more with each visit. There are a number of great holes here and it's a fun and challenging track.

Not much to add to the other reviews about conditions. A little dry and firm out there from tee to green, with kind of a semi-dormant light color throughout. However, pretty good playability and I personally enjoyed the lengthy extra roll-outs when playing the blue tees. Tight lies, but still good turf to hit from on fairways. Rough more hit and miss with coverage, but generally not much of a factor. Bunkers had good sand. Greens soft and receptive and rolling at medium speeds.

Thanks to Johnny and the course for setting up the Guru deal. We had a blast out there on a nice day!
Early 4+ hour round on a fairly good course. Most tee boxes were in okay shape with a few slightly thin. The fairways have actually stayed green since my last visit here and have also softened up somewhat. Most fairways were cut short with the exception of the 16th where I found my drive exactly in the middle of the fairway in thick 4" rough?? What's up with that?? Maybe somebody forgot to mow that section! The rough was mostly thick throughout the round and made it very difficult to find balls. The greens were softer after the maintenance but very bumpy with MANY balls marks! The staff is always great and the vistas add to the experience also. The course has improved but still has some way to go before it is nice. The place was very busy which is encouraging to see!
Played on Friday, May 19th. I have always loved playing Ojai and have come to expect exceptional playing conditions and customer service and yesterday was no different. The guys in the proshop and the starter were awesome. These guys treat you like a member at a private club.

The course was in terrific shape: striped lush fairways, manicured rough and aprons, and near perfect greens rolling about a 11, maybe quicker. The course it's self has a great mix of par 4's and 3's. I would say it's weakpoint may be the par 5's, however, although not overly long the 5's still require accuracy off the tee (only my opinion though). The final 4 holes are quite challenging and require great second shots to score, including hole 16, possibly one of the best par 3's in California.

All in all, I highly recommend getting out here early this summer as the greens and course are playing great. Pace of play during the weekdays can be 3.5 hours which is also a major plus of coming up here!
Played 5/19/17 with the GK guru dudes. Another great day with with the GK group. Played with Johnny & Andrew. Lots of laughs.
I thought the course is in very good shape. Haven't played here in a couple years and really thought the course has improved a lot. Fairways have filled in more then they used to be, and even though many are cut very tight, still presented decent lies. A little dry and firm underneath and they had very good roll. Which was nice on some of the longer holes. Especially that beast of par 5 that is all up hill!
Greens were very good to great. Receptive and ran really smooth at a very good pace of medium fast. Although a couple seemed slower ?
Rough was a mixed bag, but very playable. Traps in very good shape.
I've always loved the layout of this course. No holes alike and are challenging, but still fun to play.
The course is in the best condition that I have every played it.
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