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Played this morning with a 8:30 tee time. Fivesome. Starter squeezed in a twosome in front of us behind a foursome??? Local players who knew him... Not cool. Fairways for the first four holes were all punched a were wet mud plugs all over the fairways. Those greens were tracked on muddy footprints all over. The twosome pushed through and we never saw them again, back to normal pace of play. The rest of the course was in poor shape except the greens. Fairways were patchy and thin. Greens were fast but very moist. Hard to repair divots because they were so wet underneath. As you all should know.. small greens all well bunkered. Most green side bunkers were also damp sand but playable. Tee boxes were being mowed so Mondays must be maintenance day. Brookside#1 had a charity event and might be in better shape??
I had not played this course since 1992. I was able to secure a Moosegolf voucher on Ebay for $49 for two, so how could I pass it up? Plus it gives me an excuse to play La Purisima tomorrow.

When we arrived at a little after 10am, they had a small group of player filling the course from 10 to 11, but the starter allowed us to go out on the back nine, and we zipped around in just a hair over 2 1/2 hours, finally catching up to the other players on #9 (Out last hole)

The greens were excellent, although very dry. Fairways were for the most part good, with a few areas which need attention. Sand in the bunkers was "muddy" and/or hard pan. The tee boxes were very fuzzy, almost like teeing up in the rough.

I remember not being overly impressed with the course when I played it 25 years ago, and honestly, nothing has changed. It's not that there was anything wrong with the course, it just wasn't "special". Stopped over at the Ranch course after the round. That course looked much nicer! Glad I played it, but I suspect it might be 25 more years before I return.
I played here on Friday the 13th...The course, you can tell is being prepped for over-seeding. The fairways and rough are getting dormant (low watering), but playable and maintained. The greens are still rolling good. The bunkers have been kept up nicely with good quality sand in them.
The course is always fun and challenging to play. They will re-open Oct 30th. So I expect it to be back to top Quality again!
Played as a twosome Sunday, 10/15, around noon. Due to my buddy nursing a tweaky back, we only went out for the front nine by design. It's not usually a problem to get out here and we had just walked up and were put right out. It's a little unusual that an 18 hole course gives you a nine hole option during the main part of the day, and that definitely contributed to our choice to play here.

I would generally describe the course as good, late summer conditions, particularly with respect to the fairways. While generally pretty decent coverage, there were dryer, thinner patches scattered about that one would probably expect at the end of summer and well past rain season. The grounds crew had marked off many of the more severe spots around the course as GUR, so that helped. I had a layup shot in the fairway that would have been on hardpan had it not been marked as GUR and allowed me a nice, adjacent lie. Tee boxes here are generally flat and covered, although some of the par 3s were a bit more chewed up and required a quick survey to find a good tee spot. On average, rough here tends towards less severe and playable. The greens exhibited the ghost of the aeration pattern visually, but for practical purposes, they are healed. They generally ran true and medium slowish with a couple running a touch firmer and quicker. They were soft and receptive to incoming shots, leaving deep pitch marks. I don't think my ball was more than a foot from it's pitch mark on any green I hit. I avoided the bunkers, so no comment there.

A foursome of one adult and three kids had us play through on the second fairway and we played in a bubble from then on, with the forward group a couple of holes ahead, and no-one pressing from behind. In the past, even as a single on a weekend, I have sometimes found myself in these pockets. The course was active, but not crowded. The front nine is generally short and flatter than the back nine, so on a warm, low energy day, it fit the bill for an enjoyable, low stress round.
Played on 10/13/17, which was a perfect day for golf. Low winds, 80 degrees, and no clouds. Doesn't get any better for Paiute. I've played all 3 tracks now and I truly enjoy each one, however, my only knock is that the holes tend to blend in together. Especially on the Sun, but trust me the views and conditioning are top notch and this is still a must play when in Vegas.

Course conditions were near perfection. All the courses appear to be coming out of maintenance beautifully. The Sun fairways were 10/10 pristine and as good as I've played on in a while (see pictures). The rough was rather long and very lush/thick. Bunkers were nicely groomed and soft and the greens were pretty true. I would say the greens were medium speed and rolled nicely (although i think they are about 2 weeks out from firming up and being perfect for rest of November).

I really enjoyed our round out here as always. The customer service is very professional and for around 150$ this is a good price considering others closer to strip are well in excess of $200. We will most certainly be back.
Haven't golfed for awhile so finally got out with some friends. Course was not busy at all
around 4.5 hour pace as we took our time and enjoyed the cooler weather. No none in front or behind us until the 17th hole. Most enjoyable day. Tees offer good coverage although some are very uneven. Fairways were very good with a few over watered spots here and there. Rough was mostly short, but real thick. Edges were brown hard pan, but really why waste water on those areas. Found two bunkers and had good sand in them. Not real deep or fluffy, but easy to get out off. Greens were great. Roll fast and very true unless you hit a ball mark. Greens are a little soft so even though people were repairing ball marks you get the occasional bounce from a poorly fixed one. One of the better munis around as far as conditioning, challenge and enjoyment.
played this past Sunday. Course is in okay condition with greens running fast. Everything fine except for the fact that Pro shop attendee has a serious problem talking to customers. I have never had this type of rudeness coming from Oak Valley. I say "PAT" behind the counter needs additional training on how to treat customers. Other than that bad experience the course and staff are fine.
Played here Sunday morning, second out as a single following a single. It was my first time here and I think this course could be in better shape. In order to give that other single some space and to warm up, I played two balls on most holes. The course seems to need some more maintenance than it is receiving currently. The golfer ahead of me was a local who said many of the maintenance people are no longer there. First tee time was at 7:30 a.m., right after the kid on the greens mower. I saw one other maintenance person who was watering a couple of greens by hand. Other than that, there was only the cart barn guy and the starter at check in.

The course:

The greens were fast; maybe around 10 and definitely faster toward the ocean.

Fairways were somewhat inconsistent: some were a bit shaggy and needed mowing. It wasn't terrible, but you could tell. Also, there were several areas that were either too dry or too wet.

Rough was also inconsistent. Some areas of thick grass or really thin and dry. Also, areas that were too dry or too wet. If it was wet, then that did not get mowed and was roped off. The left side of 10 looked like a water hazard, but it was just mucky, wet, and roped off.

Bunkers were also inconsistent and a little crappy. Most had a thin layer of dark, fine sand. Some were wet or had rocks. They had not been raked and some had footprints from a day or two ago. A fairway bunker on the back side of 10 had piles of debris and grass that covered the entire bunker; you could not tell that the bunker was there until you were on top of it. It seemed to be a major part of the design of the hole and now it was totally neglected. Too bad.

Overall, I liked the course. There is a lot of character to it. Many forced carries on the back nine. Maybe a little tight in places, but if you can hit a straight shot you will be okay. You don't even have to be long. As part of a resort, there could be some more love put into the course to attract more people. There are deals out there, so if you are in the area check it out.
For my first round of golf in a very long time, I joined 3 childhood friends for an afternoon of fun. One in the group organized using a Groupon deal at $19 per player, including cart. Checkin was efficient, and we were given the first tee a little ahead of our 1:10 tee time, playing behind a group of 5 that included a young boy, but they kept pace with the group ahead. Play was slow, but we weren't in any rush - a relaxed vibe was the order of the day. We played from the white tees.

It was a hot, breezy day, and as usual on this course whose fairways are lined with cottonwood trees, any balls hit in the rough were a challenge to find among the shiny, fallen leaves. Tee boxes were in decent shape, generally well covered, with some unlevel ground, and some chewed up areas. Fairways were lush and well covered. I didn't play from any bunkers, but they appeared to be maintained. Other members of my group noted that sand was thin and hard. Rough was variable (lush at the edges of fairways, thinner away), with lots of rodent burrows. The greens were disappointing. I knew of the recent maintenance, but several greens still had sand and obvious punch holes. Some small bare areas were evident, and there were many unrepaired ball marks. For my taste, there was just too much variability in the condition of the greens from one hole to another.

In any case, this course has potential to be good, but on this day (Sunday 10/15) it could have been better. Note the quirky layout, in which you play away from the clubhouse until the 12th hole, then pass the clubhouse in the middle of a very long trek to the 13h hole. There is a refreshment shack convenient to the area around the 3rd tee and 11th green, but it was closed at the time we played. Also lacking was reliable water fountains - only found 2 on the entire course, and their flow was little more than a dribble.
Sunday, 15Oct17, 10ish. Paid $64 to ride. Breakfast at the grill was an ok experience. The food was fine, nothing fancy, got what we expected. One person was the cook and cashier which was fine since we were the only ones there but, sorry to say, she was not happy but not rude. We tried to melt the ice but it was not to be. Oh well, not a big deal but we decided to eat elsewhere after the round.

Starter was fine and we had no other contact with the staff. Tee boxes were ratty but heck, it's a muni, so no real complaints. Overall, the fairways were ok most of the way with some bare spots, some muddy spots and some bumpy spots. Greens were good all around. Bunkers played decently.

It's been awhile since we last played here on Sundays because every time we did, it was a five plus hour round. Today, no exception. There was no marshal to keep players on pace. The younger players are decent enough golfers but they are acting as if they are pros. I would suggest to the management of this course to encourage "ready golf" as opposed to PGA style as seen on tv. Golf needs more young players to take it up but the golf courses' laissez-faire is making it undesirable to the long-time golfers. Most of us miss their fair share of fairways and greens but EVERYONE can be conscience of pace by speeding up the process between shots. Little things like being ready to hit on the tee, getting in your cart with your club and take off and replace your club in your bag when you stop, writing your score down while waiting at the next tee, getting off the green right away after everyone putts. Foursome in front was a perfect example. It took a minute or so for the first guy to tee off even though the preceding group was already approaching the green. The next two guys hit right after but the last guy was on his phone and held up the group for longer than it should have been. He was on his phone often throughout the round. They seemed to migrate down the fairway as a group often looking for balls for a long time. The five minute rule is too long if you are holding everyone up. I know, I know, it's Sunday golf but courses better wise up before it is too late. If they endorse ready golf and really detail it out, they can even allow fivesomes which would increase traffic. I know these courses are hurting but they are shooting themselves in the foot.
Made it out to El Dorado again this weekend after reading some positive reviews about this Long Beach classic course. The reviews were pretty accurate.

Conditions are good all across the board at El Do right now. Greens were very nice, not particularly fast, but held (other people's) shots well and rolled pretty nicely. Not a lot of damage or bumps to speak of so that was nice.

Fairways are pretty lush in most areas, but of course you're going to find some dried out or thin areas, but nothing too thin to feel you're getting a horrible lie. There were some really wet or thick crabgrass areas around some of the greens and it was really difficult to chip out of that stuff. But overall not too bad.

Tee boxes were a bit shaggy and probably about the worst aspect of the course currently. Sand was nice in the many traps that I was in but of varying quality - seemed to be much nicer sand in the fairways bunkers than greenside, which I found a bit odd. But both totally fine to play out of right now.

POP was a bit poor as they failed to inform us that there was a tournament going out right before us, so imagining that was part of the slowdown. We waited a bit on just about every hole so it ended up taking a little over five hours. Cart service was around though and there were many water stations on a hot day.

Not sure what the aeration schedule looks like but you can have a fun round at El Dorado right now if you're looking for one. Pretty fun layout to boot.
I played Saticoy Regional Golf course on October 1st with my buddies Carlos and Sherwin. Our tee time was at 6:30 AM. The Saticoy Regional Golf Course is a 9 hole only. The green keeper is doing a very nice job keeping the tee's, fair and greens in great shapes. If you want to play a quick 9 hole you have to visit the Saticoy Regional Golf course. It has 5 par 4's, 3 par 3's and one par 5. The greens are great shape and the ball rolls very nicely. The fair ways are been kept in great shape but they are very narrow. The tees are being worked and fixing them. The ones that are being done are good shape. The green keeper is remodeling and filling the sand bankers with sand. Customer services is great.

Overall I will rate this nine hole course 7.
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