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Just a quick update on conditions - Course is in pretty good shape. Bunkers are a little hit and miss. Some have plenty of sand others a little firm. Greens look like they may have aerated 3-4 weeks ago, but rolling very nicely. I played a week ago, so I'm sure they are only better now. Medium speed with very few divots. There is a deal on golfmoose $49 for two players including cart. An extra $10 per player on the weekend. Valid 7 days a week with no time restrictions. Well worth the fee. There are a few tee shots that are hard to judge, but otherwise it's a fun course and I recommend it.
Showed up 12/12 @ 10:00 ish as a single and was sent down to the 1st tee to join a twosome in the on-deck position. Once again, great customer service.
I've been playing Goose Creek for a while now, and have never seen it in such good shape. Tee boxes great, fairways perfect, rough was manageable (maybe 2"), and the greens were firm enough to stop a 7 iron and under within a couple of feet and were rolling fast/quick. The greens were rolling about as pure as I've ever seen them and with a side/downhill 3'er that you have to give the hole away for par, gives you a lot of confidence that you're going to make it.
They've been doing a lot of work to The Goose lately. They've taken out a lot of bamboo around the tee boxes and made a new tee box on #3 (not open yet) and #17 which by my GPS watch was playing 572 yards (and could probably go back another 25-30 yards) from the blue tee boxes.
POP was a little slow at 4.5 hours, but considering playing in shorts in the middle of December with no wind at one of the best public golf courses in Southern California, the delay wasn't even noticed.
BTW, the course is very walk-able, but be sure to bring your push/pull cart as they don't rent them there.
Thanks again to Goose Creek, the staff, and my playing partners, for another outstanding day of golf. Get out and play The Goose you wont regret it.
Got out this afternoon as a single @2:50 and got 11 holes in for twilight before calling it quits. There was no one in sight behind me and the twosome ahead of me moved briskly so I never got close. No wind, and really a beautiful late afternoon to get a walk in.

I'd describe the conditions overall as good but wintery, the fairways in particular. With few actual bare spots, the coverage was generally green but included patches of browned out or drier grass — all of which was generally on the firm, tighter side with the accompanying rollout. I take little or no divot so I was generally fine with it. If you take more divot or need more perched lies, you might have more issue with it. The tightness overall also made chipping more challenging than usual if you were on the fairway short of the green. Areas of rough around the green were more typical, thicker lies. Otherwise, teeing grounds were very good. I missed playing any bunkers but they seemed clean and firm based on stepping into one. The greens were quite decent, pretty clean and true, running a nice medium quick.

One has to make the personal decision as to whether tighter fairways create a disincentive. For me, it was not a big factor, the course conditions were consistent, and I enjoyed it.
We played here yesterday with a 9:50 tee time. It was another perfect day for golf and we all enjoyed our round. Pace was just over 4 hours and the service was great. We all found the conditions to be about 7 out of 10 except the greens which were awesome. Running at about 11 and smooth. The course would easily get higher ratings from me but there are just to many inconsistencies. The bunkers have two different type of sand, the tees are level but a little spotty, and the grasses in the rough are varied. Getting up and down here requires a real good short game due to the hilly surroundings. We will definitely be coming back with senior rates at $55 and the starting age is also 55!.
Played the Blues (5827/67.3/120) in 3H, 45M using Forelinx. The weather was clear, almost no wind and around 80 on a very busy weekday afternoon.

Many holes are fairly tight, OB on both sides is a common theme on this layout. The course is relatively short and you have to manage the course and avoid penalty strokes, but I could see good golfers going really low here. Could be considered an easy course if you keep it in play.

The tees were lush but fairly chewed up. I did a lot of divot repairing.

The fairways are over seeded and played very nice. Mowed close, firm, decent amount of roll, few unrepaired divots.

The rough was lush and mowed down close, not too penal to play out of.

The traps were decent with good quality sand.

These smallish greens slope gently from back to front, no tiers or large mounds to navigate. They putted mostly smooth and medium speed. Much softer than last week, and that was reflected in many more ball marks.

The customer service was excellent. Drink cart out making the rounds & plenty of water stations. This course would be easy to walk, shorter, flat and most tees are close to the last green.

The layout is unremarkable, many holes blend in with dozens of holes on other old school Palm Springs layouts. However, the conditions are usually good and there are definitely some fun holes here. Excellent option for seniors and golfers that do not desire forced carries and penal rough. Not a destination course, but I would not hesitate to recommend it to anyone desiring a quick round on an easier course in very good condition.
Had an 8:30 tee time this morning at SJH. Couple tee boxes were not level, fairways and rough have good coverage and are nice and green. Greens are huge with lots of undulations, couple times was above the hole and had no chance of stopping the ball. For whatever reason holes 4-7 play very slow, rest of the day course played fine.
Really need to think your way around to score well. Good eats afterward at the 19th hole.
Played on Saturday, December 9. They had put a top dressing of sand on the greens sometime this week, but it did not affect play. They were running well if not as good as the week before. The sand was little evident on the back nine, indicating to me that they started there.

Overall, the course was in pretty good shape. I like the fact they are regrowing grass in some of the areas they let go during the drought. Hopefully by this spring, with a decent rainy season, the course will be more lush around the edges. We started about 7:00, ten minutes late, and finished in just over 4.5 hours. We waited on most shots. Still, a gorgeous morning only marred by the cloud of smoke rising behind Malibu from the Thomas Fire.
One of my favorite golf courses ! Based upon the prior review, expected the greens to be smooth and quick - they were neither. I don't think they cut the greens at all, lots of footprints, some aeration holes, they just did not roll well at all. Medium speed, receptive, but not true. Fairways/bunkers were fine. A couple tee boxes could use some attention.

Staff was fantastic ! Very friendly and accommodating. Due to some car issues, was unable to get out first, rather was third group off. Only took 3:10 to play, but felt much longer. Great weather, wonderful course, poor golf ! Oh Well !
Played Encino golf course Monday morning 12/11 at 9am. Over the past few weeks this course has really dried out. The fairways are thin with quite a few bare areas. There are some good areas also, but the fairways are quite thin and dried out. The rough is blotchy, with bare areas and hard dirt. Although many of the areas surrounding the greens are decent, some of them were mostly dirt, and hard as a rock. I was in two greenside bunkers. One was very hard with little sand, and the other had adequate sand and was quite firm. The greens are the best part of the course. They were medium fast, rolling smoothly, and holding well hit shots. Overall, I rate this course as only fair.
12/11 using groupon $38 2 some with 25% off. 1st the good--Roy in the pro shop provided excellent customer service, very friendly and golfer oriented. The ball washers were well filled and in good working order. The last 6 holes were in pretty good shape.
The 1st 12 holes encompass the old Riverside section of the course--built in 1956 and have some real problems--apparently due to the alkaline soil conditions. Fairways are thin and patchy with many areas affected by gophers and ground squirrels--#10 is being cultivated. The rough is sparse with some bare spots. Most tees are level but in poor condition. Bunkers need a good churn and groom--currently quite hard pack.
Greens are damaged with many dead areas which have been sanded to at least smooth them out. Pins were generally located in the best areas so conditions were ok within 5 feet. Holes 6 and 9 have temporary greens--the new greens look to be coming along very well and willl be ready in 1-2 months.
POP 320 with no one around. It is sad to see the decline of Green River--hopefully they have a plan for recovery--the 2 new greens are a step in the right direction.
Beautiful 18 hole par 3 course that is in very good shape. Old course with huge trees, it helps if you are able able to work the ball both ways on some of the holes because the trees are so mature. My usual group is pretty good players and we all had a blast playing this course, great for a skins game. It is lighted so we played most of the holes under the lights which was really neat. This is also a perfect course for beginners and kids. After golf they have an older bar/restaurant with a good beer selection, nice TV's and the food is very good. They also have a putt putt course that looks fun but we didn't have time to play it.
Had a 10 AM Tee time. It was great to get out from the threat/smell of the Lilac Fire.

Excellent practice areas; driving range, chipping area and large practice putting green.

Recommend you play from the tees that your game can handle as this is a very challenging layout.

Greens: smooth, medium to fast speed and firm. Very challenging contours.

Fairways: some very thin areas from cart traffic otherwise playable.

Rough: 1 -3" high, not very penal.

Traps: raked and very playable.

Good GPS system in the carts.

Marshall visited us twice on each nine.

POP: just over 4 1/2 hours.

I am beginning to like this course the more I play it. Recommend.
Listing 13 to 24 of 55,115 Course Reviews
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