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Played on Presidents and was the 2nd group out so pace wasn't a problem. We were teeing off on 18 when the group ahead of us cleared 18 and the group behind us was teeing off on 18 as we cleared. We were never pressed for pace.

Greens are FIRM. They do not look fast and with the rain that we have had you'd think they would be soft and slower but they are not. There is also a light dusting of sand on them which I do not think affects the roll at all. I cannot stress enough that you need to land the ball on the front of the green. Even high flying shots seem to roll and chips around the green roll more than you think.

Fairways are very good. Divots are filled in mostly. It appears they have people out there filling them now if we can only get the golfers to fill in their fair share. Just one side note I think there is a broken sprinkler on #10 about 100 yds in to the green because that whole area was just soaked and water running down. Hopefully its fixed by now.

Rough is down but with the rain still somewhat wet and can make it difficult to hit the ball cleanly out of it.

I wasn't in a bunker but they seemed to have been addressed. It appears to have been raked but it did seem like the sand was wet a little but no standing water from what I could tell.

Note the course is not fully open yet. The tee times are only from 7 am to 1 pm and the course is closed on Wednesdays. This is being done to allow the course to mature.
Played here early on Presidents' Day with three friends for $62 with carts. I usually like to walk Rio but decided to ride with my group. Rio has always been my "go to" course due to conditions, proximity, and pace. I think this is a $40-50 dollar course all day but anything above that is a stretch.
Now on the conditions....the greens are still the best part and are always in great shape. The fairways are usually green but thin and this time they were a little patchy due to all the rains. The rough was patchy as well and the sand traps were pretty beat up and still had water in many. The pace of play was great at 4 hours and we always enjoy coming back here. The front nine always seems to play 3 shots tougher than the back but both nines are fun. Once Rio dries up it should get back in prime shape but I would give it some time.
My usual drive from OC to Phoenix took a southern detour on 2/21 in order to play Rams Hill for the 1st time. I had high expectations given all the glowing reviews, and every expectation was met.

An immaculate course, beautiful location, and a great staff round out a perfect golf day....if I could only have the last 5 holes over.

The only minor complaint from the group was that the greens could have been faster (speed 10), but the greens were so plush and smooth - I am fine with the speed if all greens could be so perfect.

Well worth the drive, and I hope to take the southern detour again soon.
Played here yesterday for the first time in about 9 months. After it rained heavily over the weekend I expected that it was going to be soggy but it was great. The course is in very good shape for the amount of people who play on it. It wasn't very busy and I got out right away. The customer service here is some of the best I have ever had. Go play this course, sign up for their weekly emails and you might be able to get some good deals. They also consistently have good deals on GolfNow. It is also a really good course to play a 3 club challenge if you're up for it
Played on 2/19/17 for the 1st time in 4 years. The forecast said 0% rain, but that didn't happen! Sprinkled all day on and off.

Before writing the review, I will be honest. This is one of my least favorite course. I played because an annual tournament that I play in is going to be played here. The last time that I played was when they had the tournament on this course 4 years ago.

The course was doing OK after the heavy storm that we had. The course was overall soft, but not soaked. The best part of the course was the green. I came in thinking that it will be long due to the rain, but all the greens were cut and rolled true. It was extremely slow due to the rain, but I did expect that to happen. The fairway was fair. A little longer than usual, but I have played in worse condition on this course (5 inch tall fairway!). Noticed that some of the holes looked like they were punched before the rain. Few holes had huge bare spots on the fairway. The sand was packed, but that's expected after the rain.

In the 4 years that I haven't played, I saw some small changes. The front and back nine were flipped (again). The OB stakes between the current 4th and 5th (old 13th and 14th) is gone. 17th (old 8th) had an wood chipped area in front of the tee box.

More reviews to come. I will play this course until June...
Played Sunday, 2/19 for the SCGA One Day event, which was an 8AM shotgun. POP was just short of 5 hours, which was good for a shotgun. This was my second time playing DI and enjoyed it even more than last year's event. Every tee box was flat and lush green. Fairways were perfectly manicured and had drained remarkably well even with a bunch of rain in previous days before the event. Greens were perfectly smooth and had very few ball marks. My group had to search to try to find extra ones to repair. I was in two bunkers and both were a little crusty on the top, but fluffy sand underneath. If I'm looking for something to nitpick about....there are overhanding trees quite close to four tee boxes which could (and did) affect tee shots. Pro-shop and cart staff were super nice and hospitable and I hope to have the chance to play here again next year.
Got a good rate on GNow, $15 w/cart. Got off a few minutes early from TTime, with another single and a 2some.

CPO only on all holes, so it hurt PoP, which ended up being 4 hrs, 30 mins. Check-in was fine, with the friendly starter, got us out maybe 10 mins early, at 12:25pm.

Never played here before, and have heard various feedback from a number of guys I've run into on other courses. Some people have praised it, others have admonished the tract.

I will say, at times it was confusing to know what club to hit. Holes 5 & 6 were closed, and a number of holes later included 'temporary' greens, added holes, and they were not in sync with what my Garmin GPS indicated on shots into the new, temporary greens. At least twice, I had hauled a club or two with me, only to learn that the 'temporary' greens were completely off from the expected yardage measurements.

Tee quality was hit/miss, some reasonable grass coverage, with the majority being tough to get a flat lie, smooth stance without the divots getting in the way on one's footing. 4/10

Fairways were not cut recently due to recent rains, I guess. Mostly needed to roll it. Some casual water on at least 1/2 the holes, and on hole #2, a 'casual' lake that consumed my 2nd shot, right, but near the green, not to be found until it dries out. 4/10

Rough was generally long and penal, 5/10.

Sand traps ranged from wet puddles, to heavy damp sand to fluffy sand. 4/10

Greens were great. As previously reported, the shining star of this course. Firm and not generally receptive, they did offer smooth and 'fast' green putting. A few 'bumps', at timesi putting, but otherwise smooth. 8/10

No cart lady. Marshal came by once. Water on 1 hole on the front, along with a johnny-loo on the 4th tee, and another water jug on the back nine, perhaps the 14th hole.

Reasonable challenge, and tight layout. Doubtful I will return anytime soon, but no doubt better if the fairways were maintained at a higher level. A nice challenge, but an unremarkable tract, imho. Clubhouse needs some investment.

If you live nearby, OK, I understand the attraction due to the price. But, otherwise, not worth the drive, imho.
Played on Sunday after the rain so conditions were not ideal. The course was soggy and lots of areas muddy and roped off. We were warned at the proshop beforehand so we appreciate the warning.

Greens were in decent condition. Surprising that it was firm and still rolled pretty decent speed.

Bunkers were decent but wet and sand heavy and packed.

Pace of play was pretty good due to a lot of people staying away due to the wet conditions. Finished under 4 hours with a start time of 9am on a Sunday.

Probably would wait a few days before playing and hoping no more rain :)
Played 2/16 before the rains of Friday. Course was still soggy before the rains, so I would imagine it is somewhat worse now? They had CPO on # 1 and # 10. Various fairways (mostly on the back, were still damp). Tee boxes were fine, traps were wet/damp and the rough was very deep/thick. Greens were soft but playable and putted very well. Course was very busy due to Thurs golf/food special and play was very slow. Customer service excellent at all levels.
Early morning round at Coto - south. Wanted to get this round in because the course will closed for the next 5 days to allow for punching and heavy sanding of the greens. (The North course still has not recovered from its punching/sanding on two week ago, so that means both courses will be less than fun to putt on for a while.

Otherwise, the course withstood the recent rains very nicely, other than some flooded bunkers. Still carts of path but actually the fairways were more then dry, but since I walk, didn't affect me.
Played on Saturday 2-18-17

My friend was able to get a 12$ hot deal with carts. Surprise! - no carts allowed and none of us were smart enough to call. Coincidentally I had taken my trolley out of the car which I never do. They were giving pull carts for free but did not have enough for the group.

Tees - some mud and longer than normal grass with some torn up areas
Fairways - some spots with standing water and many muddy areas but the grass is starting to come out of being dormant.
Bunkers - wet and hard packed with some standing water
Greens - slow but in fair to good shape overall, they still have some invasive grasses in areas

Overall the course is holding up pretty well to all the rain.
Played the course on Feb 6th. Rainy day in southern california which means fast round and cheap online tee times. Never played this course so was excited to play this one. Very nice course which is also challenging. Didnt get much roll on the fairway due to the wet fairways. Saw couple of twosomes on the course so i wasnt the only crazy golfer out there. Rain wasnt to bad the whole day and went away in middle of my round. Course was in great shape and would love to play this course again on a dryer setting
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