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Rode the Golds (6401/71.0/130) early morning with Sixpez and JohnnyGK. We let a couple of 2somes play through and enjoyed a relaxed slightly less than 4H round. Thanks to Terra Lago for having us out! The weather was clear, calm and in the 70's.

This Schmidt/Curley layout is challenging yet fun. Many undulations on the greens and large swells around the green complexes make for challenging chipping. There are a few problem areas but overall the course is in good condition just out of over seeding. They have taken out many of the dead bushes around the fairways that used to be unplayable since i last played here 2 1/2 years ago. Now, much of that area is dirt/sand with a few bushes. Good change for POP.

The tees were lush and almost none needed divot repair. Only #17 was in poor shape.

The over seeded fairways were lush, very nice to play on. #8 had some bad areas, but the rest were lush with excellent lies.

The rough around the fairways was a combination of lush/thin, very playable with good coverage.

The sand traps were very hit and miss. A few were very nice, well maintained with good quality sand. Most were mediocre. A few were hard pan.

The over seeded greens look nice. They were smooth, firm and putted medium speed.

This course would be difficult to walk as numerous tees are a long ways from the last green. GPS on the carts. Good all grass driving range with a couple of practice holes is a +. The customer service was excellent from everyone encountered. I like the layout, fun course. Recommended.
Played today after noon. Another grueling round over 5 hours. 2 groups before us with slow play throughout the front 9. The back 9, pace improved. It appears that one group quit after the front 9.

They are preparing to aerate next week so some of the tee boxes and fairways had already been tilled.

The greens rolled fast but were in good shape. The bunkers appeared to have been completed and contained fluffy sand. Staff always friendly.

Note driving range will be closed from next week to early November for reseeding.
Played today on the Member for a Day promo. Pace of play was right on 3 H. No one in front of me on the front 9. Starting on ten they had a 12 man member tourney, but was able to work my way through them very easily. Had never played here, so was very interested in doing so. Course is right off 57 highway (between 10 and 210) as well as Via Verde exit from the 10. Course has a nice putting green located right next to the 1st tee, as well as the driving range next to 1st tee as well (very convenient). Course is a mixture of downhill and uphill holes, due to the course sitting in a little valley. Nice set of par 3's (one fairly flat, one straight uphill and 2 downhill) that are of good length and challenging for all handicaps (nothing outrageous). Bunkers were great (only in one) with nice soft/playable sand. The rough is thick and penal outside of the fairways, which are very generous/wide. The par 4's and par 5's are a good mixture in length, with many of the holes playing all uphill (like # 18, 496 all uphill). They had just punched the greens about 10-12 days ago and some had healed nicely, while others still had aeration remnants. So putting and chipping where slow. Greens are very large and look to be very challenging when in top shape. Fairways (nice and green) needed cutting, so very little roll out during the round, but the lies were fine. The tee boxes had been "scalped" and were brown, but did not effect teeing the ball up in any way (they were also sanding some of them today). There were two holes that had water and from the tee box they looked huge (like infinity pools) and gave the impression the carry was longer than it appeared (very interesting). Also, on # 9 right after coming off 8 green, there is a staircase (45 steps) to # 9 green, if you are walking and don't want to walk around the corner (I think I would walk around). Customer service was excellent at all levels. If you ever have the opportunity to play here? Take advantage of it. The next promo offer that comes my way, I will play again, so I can hopefully see the course in top shape.
So, to follow up on my previous review of 6 or so months ago. The course is in much better shape as they are putting much more water on it . greens are good . Fairways good, all in all much Better then months ago. Give it a Go it's a good value and fun course. 7/10
It just drives me crazy when I book the first time off at a course, call to verify, and then when I get to the course, I'm told that "a couple of members will be going out in front of you" It was plenty light at 6:40am, but the starter would not allow play until 6:56am, which was my time, then sends a twosome out in front of us. Now in all fairness, they played quickly and were not an issue, but that's beside the point.

Last played here in July 2016. Greens were far and away the best part of the course. They were receptive, rolled true and had decent speed. Bunkers were OK, not great, but playable. However the remainder of the course is in really rough shape. Some of the fairways were good, some just so-so. The areas adjacent to the fairways were a mix on dirt, thin weeds, etc. The tee boxes were being verti-cut (?) so were very fluffy, almost like teeing it up in the rough.

I like this course ! I find the layout interesting, fun, and not the least bit redundant. Several of the holes are rather tight off the tee, but since I'm fairly straight, (But short) they did not present an issue for me, but I can see where many players could/would lose lots of balls here. But for $20 including cart, what a deal ! Kinda makes up for the other negatives !
Played 10/14/18 11:50 am POP 4:20 $65
First time playing this course and really enjoyed it. Played the forward Tees with my Father and another older couple and it was still a challenge. It can show it doesn't matter what tees you play from, you still have to make the shots! A fun layout, with some slightly challenging tee shots. Fairway's were mostly lush & green. Very nice to hit from. Greens were receptive and ran smooth at about a medium pace. The course winds through a rolling hills vineyard. This time of year with the grapes turning color & the golden foothills it is very scenic. Look forward to playing this course again. Highly recommend.
Good times out at Black Gold Golf Club Sunday with GK’ers Mattias, roarksown1 and kassper7.

Sunday was a great testament of how much I like this layout even when I was looking for my tee shot on the majority of holes. My driver was as bad as I can remember as far as accuracy and let me tell you this course will eat you up on a day like that. However, take a drop, or two (lol) and play out the holes, enjoy the great views. I still had fun with the approach shots, be it many different angles than I am used to. The challenging green complexes and putting greens.

As for the conditions, very nice for October. Like roarksown1 I was expecting the golf course to be a little on the brown side but rather it was green. Good lies when I found the fairway. The rough was hit and miss as far as lush long or thin in areas. We played after the big rain on Saturday so it was still damp in places. Damp + Kikuyu grass is a tough combo! Noticed many greenside bunkers with new sand. Played a couple shots from them. Very nice. Tee boxes in good shape. Some were closed for what appeared to be nothing more than just giving them a break to grow in more. Last but not least the greens. They were in very good shape BUT very soft for Black Gold standards and consequently a bit bumpy and slower than I’ve experience in the past. I’m sure it has to do with the fact the greens were softer due to aeration 4 weeks ago combined with heavy rain the night before. Add to that we played in the afternoon on full tee sheet of players before us. You put all that together and still get very good greens, you know these greens are going to be rolling fast and smooth again likely by the time you read this review.

Service was excellent all day. Check-in, starter and on-course beverage service. After our round there was a wedding taking the whole clubhouse but normally I always enjoy their food/drink on the patio. I might try to get back out here again this fall/winter. Need to redeem myself for my poor play but more so just love this place.
Rode the Purple tees (6507/71.2/128) in 4H, 30M twilight using Forelinx. Matched up with Umberto, Kitty and Ryan, nice group to play with. The weather was sunny, breezy and around 80.

The Bermuda tees were lush and nice to play from. Level with few divots.

The Bermuda fairways are mostly lush and firm.

Same for the Bermuda rough, which is mowed low.

The sand traps were nicely maintained with thick sand.

The Bermuda greens putted medium fast speed and were firm. However, too many ball marks!

Excellent customer service on every visit here. Nice GPS on carts. Drink cart out making numerous rounds this afternoon. Normally a nice all grass driving range with a good chipping area & practice green, but currently closed for over seeding. Course is in really solid shape for just before over seeding. Recommended.
Continuing on our trip in No Calif and we have to make a stop at one of my favorite places to play. Beautiful setting on a very cool, autumn day in the Lake Almanor area. A bit breezy which made it colder and getting in the sunlight was a relief.

Everything today was great. Fairways were in great shape. The rough was not thick and very playable. Bunkers are filled with good sand and although some were damp, no issues getting out of the sand.

Greens were incredibly fast. I suppose the breezy, dry weather made them so but they were as fast as I have ever seen here. Putting downhill could end up rolling past the pin and off the green.

To say I like play here would be an understatement. Generous fairways and always in great condition makes this an opportunity to score well. New carts this year but still gas carts?? Unusual. Wonderful folks in the clubhouse and restaurant and love the food here.

I come here to play at least twice a year now and have never been disappointed. Know that they are about to close down for the winter as it gets pretty cold up here but again, if you are ever up here between April and October, make it a point to play.
Up in No Calif. for a reunion of college pals and first stop was Table Mountain. Know that this is not my first pick to play but some of my friends don’t really play a lot so this is a good place for that reason. On a cool day, we had a mid-day tee time and it was pretty busy. I was also pleasantly surprised with the conditions.

Fairways in pretty good shape. Overall pretty good coverage. The rough is beat up and dry but you have to expect that from a muni since not much water up there. Bunkers were in good shape also. It appears they were re-worked.

Greens were very nice and fully recovered from aeration. Rolled true.

TM is not a difficult track. Flat with some dog legs but it served us right on this day. Very nice folks though in the club house and restaurant. Its not a course I am anxious to get back to but I will likely be there again next year.
Played here on Thursday POP 5 hours

It's funny how much how well you play as well as the quality of your playing partners affects your enjoyment of a course. I played with the most nightmarishly slow group and played the worst I have in 2 months. Yet still was blown away by the course.

SunRidge Canyon is the first course finished with the reseed in the area.
I wanted to play a special course after being let down by everything following Quintero and SunRidge delivered. Every hole is different and takes advantage of the extreme natural topography. The Tips on this course are very challenging. The sight lines and visual cues from the tips are tough. Even well placed tee shots were offline due to the offset fairways. Driving accuracy and up and downhill distance control are musts here. You have to be generous with the club up on the uphill shots here.

The turf is growing in well from the reseed. What is unique about this course are it's green side bunkers and rough. They leave the rough very thick around the greens which you don't see around here. The bunkers have sheer walls. What they have done is stacked sod to make the lips, so they are literally square edged pot bunkers around the green. Both elements provide a little Scottish links feel which I enjoyed.

The sod hasn't set around the bunkers, and there was flood damage around the rough from the recent monsoons. The greens were clean with no ball marks but still running medium/fast because of the rain.

Easily a top 5 track in the Phoenix/Scottsdale Area and by far a top 3 most difficult.
Played 10/14/18. $19 price. The course had opened 2 weeks earlier recovering from overseed. Also, it had been closed the last two days due to rain. Would have been cart path only even without the rain. The fairways were a little shaggy plus soggy so no roll out. We played LCP as every ball was a mud ball. Playing the whites at 6200 yds and played every bit that long. I have played when dry and plays shorter. There are a couple forced carrys but nothing too daunting except for 18 where I played around turning it into a PAR 5. Hit my 3rd to 6 feet and missed the PAR putt. Considering the conditions course was in great shape. Greens were slow but very good. Bunkers had some puddles (took relief) but still playable. Fun track with well placed fairway bunkers that keep you focused. One side of most fairways is dead/guaranteed lost ball. Local rule is play as lateral rule 26-1. Highly recommend it.
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