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Played 10:40 1/17 finished just over 4 hours. Course is always nice to play short but able to hit every club in the bag. Course was very playable except for the greens. Greens appear to have been small punched recently every green had a light coat of sand and very bumpy. Sand traps have a lot of sand recommend a high bounce sand wedge when playing here. Staff is very friendly and the place to have something to eat and drink would be at the snack shack off the 5th green. Would like to play here more often but I would have to win the lotto.
Played on Saturday, 1/13 with a tee time about mid-morning. Took around 5 hours to play 18. We didn't start on our scheduled tee time. It was about 20 - 25 minutes behind. It's been a while since I last played here.

I noticed that there were a few changes here. The driving range appears under new management as I had to get the balls at the pro shop instead of at the ball machine. The usual starter window where you paid was closed and you had to pay inside the pro shop. There was hardly anything in the pro shop for sale.

Course was in overall good shape to play. Being in January, the weather was warm when we played. It's been a few days after the recent rains and the course hasn't completely dried out. I did run into a lot of mud on my ball while playing today. Fairways were still a little wet. Fairways had good coverage. It was not all green, there were yellow spots, bare spots, muddy spots on the fairways but you can still play. There were a lot of leaves on the fairways/rough so it was a little hard finding your ball. Greens were in good shape. The bunkers had decent sand (it was a little thin). Tee boxes had good coverage. Water does come into play on a couple of holes.

Course was very busy today. It's a popular course to play. It's one of my favorite golf courses to play. It's got enough challenges to make it interesting to play.
Had my first Rams Hill experience with the Gurus on 1/7. Everything about the course was well above average. Great coverage on the fairways and rough, good tee boxes (some overly long but they were probably getting a haircut soon), and great, receptive greens as Keith noted. They definitely looked faster than they were and my entire group left more than our fair share of putts short. Bunkers had lots of soft sand, which was great around the greens but made fairway bunkers a pain to play from. I really enjoyed the layout which reminded me more of Tucson golf than anything in Palm Springs, not something I was expecting. Looking forward to coming back!
Played on Monday, 1/15 a holiday with a tee time around 9 am. It took us around 4 1/2 hours to play 18. First time playing here for me.

Course was in overall good shape to play. The fairways were looking a little thin, yellow and bare in spots but you can still play. I didn't care for spots on the fairways with dirt mounds here and there. But I liked that the fairways were rather wide on the majority of holes. There were a lot of birds on the fairways and tee boxes on a lot of holes while we played. The greens were in really good shape today. I did find unrepaired ball marks here and there. I didn't land in any sand traps but my playing partner commented about the the thin layer of sand over the dirt in the bunkers. Tee boxes had good coverage but on one of the tee boxes had a lot of bird droppings. Water does come into play on a couple of holes. There a few lakes here on this course as well as a lot of birds too. You just need to approach your ball carefully with a lot of bird dropping all over this course.

The driving looks nice now after it was recently refurbished. Tho' I saw a sign on the door saying that the driving range lights are temporarily not working. Course is really flat so you can walk 18. Saw a lot of players walking today. This course doesn't seem to be as busy as Encino or Balboa. Will have to keep this course in mind in the future.
Played the Blues (6642/70.8/112) in 2.5H as a single twilight in partly cloudy conditions on a GN Hot Deal for less than $20.

The customer service was excellent, quick efficient check-in and I was on the 1st tee before my scheduled tee time. Only saw a couple of 2somes playing twilight. Pro Shop is a trailer, no Starter, Marshall or Drink cart. The gas powered carts do not have GPS. The course was marked every 50 yards old school.

The tees & fairways were a mixture of grasses, good coverage with few unfixed divots but winter thin.

The primary rough was winter thin, mowed down and barely higher than the fairways. The secondary rough had been recently plowed under and was loose dirt.

All the traps look like they were converted sand traps and are currently grass bunkers. Most need to be avoided, large lips and some of the thickest grass on the course presents a challenge. A few were hardpan.

The large greens putted much better than they looked. Medium speed, relatively smooth and they held well struck irons very well.

The layout is decent with large greens and little water or trees. Mostly flay with numerous dog legs and a decent amount of OB which was almost always on the left side. Below average playing conditions but the price was right. Recommended if you are willing to play in thin, spotty conditions.
Played today in a great POP of 3.5 H. After last weeks rain and maintenance, the course is in great shape. Tee boxes clean and playable; fairways have very good coverage (and several areas are now seeded and growing grass in many fairways) firm, with good lies and roll; bunkers are all clean and playable and heard no complaints; virtually no rough, since crews came in and mowed; greens were just terrific (firm/fast). Customer service was excellent at all levels.
Always a positive experience playing here because the staff is always awesome. Very friendly and accommodating. The only downside is this course is getting a bit pricey.

Conditions were good overall, greens rolled better than I'd seen in some time. The recent rains didn't hurt the fairways, as they were reasonably green/lush. Only in one bunker and it was very nice.

I don't know if it's because I'm getting older or there is just more grass on the fairways, but this course used to play a lot shorter. Just don't get the "run-out" like before.
Better late than never!

I played in the GK Event a week and a half ago and had a great time! I absolutely love this course and it gets better and better every time I play it. One thing that does stand out to me is that I have a hard time remembering the details of the greens and their slopes. I'm not sure why because I am starting to get a feel for the sight lines off the tee and flow of the course layout, it's just the green complexes that I can't remember. This kind of sucks because its a HUGE part of the course design and a big advantage if played correctly. Oh well...

First off, the course conditions all the way around were completely awesome. It's always so fun to play courses so immaculate from tee to green, especially in contrast to the desert landscape. If I could be nitpicky at all I would like to see the par 3 tee boxes cut a bit shorter, but seriously, I have to try REALLY hard to complain on those.

I know the knock is the distance to get to Rams Hill, but I have no problem with the 1 hour 45 minute drive. It's scenic, easy driving and if you give yourself ample time you just know you're making a day of it.

The staff out at Rams Hill is always fantastic. Jennifer in the bar was great and funny and the guys running the carts and beverage cart did a great job. Just genuinely nice folks.

Can't really say much more than Rams Hill is definitely my favorite course in San Diego County. I'm excited to get back soon!
Played 1-15-18. Got out to see how the course was looking. Curse is in great shape. Tee boxes were perfect, fairways had occasional brown spots but minor problem. Greens showed signs of punching but rolled true and had good speed. Similar to Rams Hill. Bunkers seemed OK but was only in 2 and one had had fresh sand spread in it so around the edges was hard packed and the new stuff was very soft. The other was a fairway bunker and mostly hard pack. Not much to complain about here and as enjoyable as ever.
Always a decent course on the Central Valley stop. Cencalhack did an excellent job describing conditions and the layout of the course. Greens remain the strong point of the course. They are fairly large with some challenge but predictable breaks. Carts offer pin sheets with greens broken down into thirds so the pin sheet will just give you a front , middle or back location.

Fairways are dormant but still very playable. Tee boxes on the par 3's were all in need of some Maintanence. they were horrible. All of the other tee boxes were decent. I agree, the course plays harder than it suggests. The main thing here is keeping your tee shot in the fairway and out of a fairway bunker. as long as you do that it's a very scoreable course in that there's not much trouble around the greens outside the traditional bunkering

Ridge creek also makes you feel like your actually at a GOLF course and not just a random field with 18 flagsticks. By that, I mean, they have a nice rock waterfall entrance, a great practice area (grass range, multiple chipping and full wedge stations) and the pro shop & restaurant buildings actually have some nice architectural design to them.

Yes, this course is in the middle of nowhere but it doesn't feel like it once you enter the grounds
Played 1-11-18. Payed $225 on there California Golfer deal which also included a $75 gift card. Was paired with a threesome going out first at 7:40 and finishing in 4 hours and 10 minutes. Tee boxes were very nice, lush, level and cut semi tight. Fairways were in great shape, very lush and a little soft so not much roll out but the ball would sit up very nice. Rough was 2-3 inches and very healthy, and in great shape, ball would sit down so getting out of it was a challenge. Was in three greenside bunkers all of which had some of the nicest sand I have ever played from. Greens were in great shape, a little slow but rolling smooth without a blemish. One of my favorite courses that never disappoints.
This is an update from my Nov. review. Teed off at 8 AM, not very busy.

Good grass Driving range with decent golf balls.

Greens: firm, smooth with medium to fast speed.

Fairways: we had nice green fairway but now they are brown from the recent frost.

Rough: terrible, hardpan and animal borrows.

Traps: excellent!

Tees: uneven because of old animal borrows.

POP: just over 4 hours.

Good condition overall for a Muni!
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