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I played one of my least favorite courses on the Central Coast today, and I was pleasantly surprised. First, I bought a small bucket of range balls to warm up and they all looked brand new. Second, I don't remember the course ever being in better condition, and I've been playing it for 30 years. There were few bare spots anywhere, the rough was manageable the the greens putted clean and true. Finally, at the price I paid ($18.00 since I have the SLO County volume card) it was indeed a bargain. And after several days of temperatures in the mid to high nineties in Atascadero, the high today of 78 was very pleasant. I look forward to playing match play against Chalk Mountain next week. The round I played today was practice in preparation.
Played 6/9/19 First time playing this course and was pleased. It's a typical mountain course with some narrow fairways and many elevation changes. Numerous elevated tee boxes.
Course is still coming out of winter conditions. Fairway's mostly lush and filled in. Many thin or bare areas that have not grown in yet, but should not take long for them to grow in. Over all in very good condition coming out of a big snow year. Greens were in good to great shape. Some really good and some still growing in, but overall doing well. Challenging & interesting layout. The 17 th is interesting. 250 carry over water from elevated Tee or hit less than driver to a very small landing area next to lake. Was able to clear the lake by a few yards and roll out to about 290. Got to love that mountain air!!!!
Played Mile Square today. Went as a single and was paired up with a father and son twosome. POP was very reasonable. We only waited on a few tee boxes. Made it around in slightly over 4 hours.

Tee boxes were a bit shaggy and uneven but playable.

Fairways were a bit long and wet so not much run-out.

Bunkers were groomed but pretty wet. Not unplayable, but certainly a bit frustrating. I realized if I stay out of them I won't have to deal with it. :)

Greens were smooth and stimping about 10-11. Very playable and needed a good read and speed control to master.

No beverage carts observed and there were Marshall's present and keeping an eye on POP.

Green fees were $63 with cart and I was told no 9 hole or senior rate. I guess next time I'll book on line for $45 + cart.

4 months out from back surgery and the game shows it. First time for me here and I'll definitely return. Not too bad for a muni and it's 3 mi from my girlfriends house so very convenient.
Played 6/8/19 Joined Matt and friends for their group get together. The course is one of the best around and in great shape. Fairway's were a treat to hit from with ball sitting perfect.
Rough can be very tough if you miss the fairways by too much. Even a little can make your next shot tough. Greens were in great shape. Posted at 11 but ran more like 9. Medium pace, but rolled true and receptive for well struck shots Service was great great. Highly recommend.
Played on 6/14 at 7:25. They had cut and rolled the greens this morning and they were immaculate. Seriously, absolutely immaculate. You need to be a high ball/spin player to hold these greens but it’s doable. Pitch shots release hard so all of the slopes on the greens need to be accounted for. The reviewer below said it best, the back 9 is phenomenal. With the current conditions of the greens and the price point I would recommend you get out and play it!!
Played today with a few buddies. I guess that there is a good reason why this is the least expensive golf course in LA County. The overall conditions are declining at this time. Greens are slow, bumpy and show fungus. Hole 13 had a big dry area in front. Fairways were dry and the turf was variable from okay to thin. Hole 9 is dirt approaching the crossing hazard. The rough on every hole was thin and dry. Leaves and small branches from the eucalyptus trees lay everywhere. Bunkers were firm and wet. One weird thing was that there was nice grass growing in areas where you wouldn’t normally be. POP was 3.5 hours riding. Not bad at this very popular course, but we started at 7:30. We paid the senior special: $24.07 riding, tax, beer, and hot dog. You have to be 60 years old, but the starter gave me the discount anyway since my playing partners were all over 60. I think I will pass next time due to the current conditions.
Do you think concrete and steel are as beautiful as flowers and grass? Do you prefer the sounds of progress over the sounds of wildlife? Shandin Hills has got you covered. Straddling the 215 freeway and pressed against a shockingly busy stretch of train tracks - there are few holes where some vehicle isn't moving in your peripheral vision.

I was worried about playing here since not much is said about this course, but was pleasantly surprised. Fairways were in mostly great shape, greens were smooth and consistent - also apparently the perfect speed for my putting style because even my misses stopped near the hole. Only $21 to walk during the week and an under 4 hour round was all I could hope for.

If you're a "miss left" person, you could have a miserable day because almost all the OB is left and it's in play. I found two errant shots overly punished by finding my ball snuggled against an OB fence even though the shots weren't terrible.

Tee boxes were, in general, a mess - it was weird because all the grass around them looked flatter and healthier then they were. The other big thing here is the bunkers - there are a lot and they are a main feature of this course. The heavy dirt that fills them makes them even more punitive than your average bunker and probably the biggest deficiency most golfers would point out.

According the group ahead of us that we met on the turn, if I had spend $14 more on my round, it would have included a cart, range balls, and food before, during and after the round. That's an amazing deal - and I was a bit jealous of those guys as they strained to pick up their tees and waddled to their cart on the 10th tee.
Played Coyote Hills with my monthly neighborhood group on 6/11. Had a 10:20 tee time on a rather warm day but we had plenty of water and snacks to make it through. This is only my third time playing here and the other two times were scramble tournaments so this is the first time playing my own ball throughout.

Check-in was a little hassle. They were training a new person who was struggling to get the green fee correct. She charged me the premium rate of $75. I mentioned I was a senior and she had to correct the computer again. She charged me $56 where I mentioned I thought the senior rate was $50. No response so the more seasoned starter indicated that the $56 rate includes lunch and a drink. Wasn’t looking to have lunch after but didn’t want to go through this check-in hassle any further so I just paid it and walked on.

The course is in good condition with a couple of flaws. The fairways looked like many have been aerated a while ago but haven’t fully recovered. Not terrible but pretty thin so not at their best. I imagine they will be better in the upcoming months. Bunkers were hit and miss. One was perfect and yet another I was in was rock hard. The rough was in good shape and cut just about right.

The greens are excellent. Smooth, rolling fast, holding shots and in some cases provided back spin if it well. Very nice.

Despite the heat, I enjoyed playing here. Finished in in just under 4 hours. The cart associate came by a couple times so we were not without refreshments. A pretty hilly course with many elevation changes from the tee boxes. It plays relatively short and there are a few holes that do not require hitting a driver. We played it from the blues which is only around 5,600 yards but just because it’s a bit short doesn’t make it easy. Target golf on some holes so if do hit driver, don’t spray it. Recommend and looking forward to the next time.
Played on Friday, 6/7, for the start of Matt's birthday bash. Everything is what you would expect for a course charging $230 a round. Tee boxes were better than most courses' fairways. Most fairways were lush and carpet like (except for a handful that had been aeration). Rough was up around 2 inches and not very penal. Greens were smooth and medium-fast.

The employees were great. Awesome bartender, fantastic starter, and the staff at the halfway house was great. Carts are high end with GPS to the hole and multiple USB plugs. There's a phone and full menu on the 9th tee to call in orders to the halfway house on the 10th tee box (pro tip: breakfast burrito is not on the menu but they'll make a very tasty one). Cool trick: the 9th straddles the statelines, so you tee in California and putt out in Nevada.

It's a cool, fun course to play. Not a big fan of trees in the fairways (approach into 11, tee shot on 16), and there's a few around the greens that make you alter your shot. Definitely a splurge course, and not an every trip to Tahoe course.

**It rated out to 7.8, should be closer to 8.3
Played Sat 6/1, 7am, first off: 3:30 round walking. Missed the GK plays, but was able to get here a few weeks later. I really enjoyed the layout. It has a lot of links style routing. The greens were running fast... and newer greens are near impossible to hold... so you do have to play some rollout. I feel that if you replaced the Oakland Airport with the Pacific Ocean, you'd have a legit $200+ course. That stretch of back 9 that abuts against the airport are some quality holes. There are some elevation changes, quite a few uneven lies... I think it's #12... a beast of a par 4 hole uphill. Easy walk. Will try to play this one again.
Played today after about a 4 year hiatus from this course. We had stopped playing here because the course conditions had gotten pretty bad in relation to cost. Figured we'd give it a try again. Still pretty pricey but it is south OC. $65 for seniors is a bit on the high end but not too prohibitive. Must say we were presently surprised that the course is in the best shape I've seen it in a long time. That's not to say there are not some issues. Sand traps are the worst I've seen on ANY course in this price range. Just atrocious! Greens were fine and rolled pretty well though a tad on the slow side. Fairways in decent shape with pretty nice lies throughout. Hardly any ballmarks! Enjoyable round.
Played 6/6... about 3pm, as a single, rode in 2:15. Stayed at the resort, so saved a few bucks on the owner rate. Empty this PM... super windy and a bit cold, though sunny. Interesting course that meanders a mountainside... lots of elevation changes. Greens were super slow. Had a good time, but of the 4 courses I played this week, this would be #4 (Pronghorn Nicklaus/Fazio, and Juniper)
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