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Our group thought we would give this course one last try. Back in July we had encountered large stake bed trucks and crews resodding the fairways we were attempting to play. They never stopped, looked up or even turned down their music. The rest of the experience was equally bad. Yesterday was the last straw. This time there dead spots on most greens (all had been punched like nothing I have ever seen. Incredibly, they actually placed some pins in those dead spots even with other areas being punched but not dead. I hear the course will become condos in the future. Might as well get started on that, as it is worthless as a golf course.
Played 9/18, greens were just punched and sanded. Not crowded on a weekday afternoon except for the high school teams. Pro shop starter was nice to us. Course was in good shape.
Walked this super fun 12-hole par 3 course late on the afternoon of 9/13/18. What a fun facility this!

Greens are wild and a blast. They feature two holes. One, the easier location (usually more in front) is a big cup, the other hole location is a normal sized hole and is usually tucked. The manufactured dunes and slopes of the greens along with the wind off the ocean create lots of opportunities to shape shots and bounce shots into the hidden 'harder' holes. Meanwhile you can drive yourself crazy wondering why you aren't making 2 on all of the 'easy' hole locations.

The tees are flat but, as you might expect, a bit beat up by divots in places. Good grass coverage, though. Fairways and fringes were good and the greens were pretty good. I didn't find too many unrepaired ball marks, which is a nice sign at this kind of course. Greens were pretty soft, which is to be expected. I was not in any bunkers but they looked to have a good amount of sand in them.

Really a fun place to spend an evening.
Everyone warns you that the front nine at PG is what you must suffer through before you get to the sublime back nine, but I even kinda liked the front.

I played early in the morning on 9/13/18 and maybe it was the quiet solitude on the front nine that made it possible to appreciate those holes. It was pretty much just me and the deer out there.

Also, it was as good a way as any to warm up before getting to the real attraction, which is holes 11-16, the holes in the dunes, which are spectacular.

The course was in good shape, maybe a bit soft. Greens rolled well, but again were pretty soft, putted about medium speed (this was a day after playing Pasatiempo and Poppy Hills, though so my concept of fast may be relative). The rough was thick and wet early in the morning. The grounds crew was in the midst of aerating some fairways on the front nine, about half had been punched already as I played and the guy was working on the seventh fairway when I got to the tee, so note that the next couple weeks (less an issue in fairways than on greens obviously and I saw no signs that they were planning to do greens).

I was not in any bunkers but they looked OK.

POP was quick, since I was the first off. I saw one group who started on the back nine, but they let me play through right away off the 11th tee. The only waiting I did was for deer and for maintenance guys.

The price here might be a bit steep. Granted, it's a steal compared to Pebble or Spanish (the other courses where you can play next to the ocean). But it's not hard to find an online deal for Poppy Hills which is a way better golf experience for just a bit more money. But it's up on the hill, not on the ocean.
Played Poppy Hills on a twilight rate the afternoon of 9/12/18, walking with an NCGA member. Absolutely loved this course. I never played it prior to the renovation, though I had seen it and it wouldn't then have been on my radar to play. Now I think it may be better than Spyglass.

The course is in amazing condition. It plays really firm with tons of options around all the greens. Tees are free form and all level. I hit a lot of drivers but the turf was good enough that my companion hit a lot of three woods off the ground. Fairways are firm but well covered. The course essentially has no rough. What passes for rough is native area or, in some places, waste bunkers. This works very well as it makes the course play wide and just feels very natural. Neither of us lost a ball throughout the round despite several shots clattering into the trees and native area.

Greens were quite quick (not quite as quick as Pasa that morning but close!) and I gave them as 9 simply because they were just edging toward that line of being quick and thin, which isn't quite as pleasurable to putt on.

The bunkers were great.

POP was OK, but not great. We teed off at 3:00 and finished at 6:45. My partner said it is typically quicker late in the day but perhaps many people were out enjoying the great weather on the peninsula. Still finished with enough daylight, even if my legs were jello from 36 holes of tough walking.
I played Pasa the morning of 9/12/18. It was, bar none, the best conditioned golf course I have ever played.

I was joined by a member who said even he had never seen it in such good condition (or the greens quite so slick), which he attributed to the fact that they had a member tournament coming up later in the week.

The greens were firm, smooth, lightning. The guy in the shop had told me, "downhill putts are fast but you have to hit it uphill," but on the practice green I noticed even uphill putts seemed fast. This was true throughout the day. They weren't scalped, not US Open scary. But fast.

The fairways were firm and perfect. The rough was lush and brutal. Finding the rough was a true punishment. Bunkers were perfect, soft sand. Nice, wooden rakes. I found several to test, I must say.

The course is a brute. The longest 6,500 yard course (and those are the tips) you'll ever play. I drove the ball as well as I can and it still beat me up. But I enjoyed every hole and cannot wait to go back. It's the most fun hard course I've ever played.
Played in the afternoon of 9/11/18, as a single on a slow afternoon. Only saw one other group, a twosome that I caught after about 7 holes and who let me play through around the turn. POP was therefore very good.

Course was generally in good condition. Tee boxes all were level and well covered and fairways were excellent, firm but lush. The rough was thick enough to be punishing but not long.

I didn't love the greens, which had a slightly spongy quality that I've seen at some courses and that I don't love. Quite soft and it sometimes keeps putts from seeming to roll true. Not sure what it is that causes this, perhaps afternoon growth or watering? I'm not an expert, but that would be my biggest complaint.

I was in two bunkers and also found those to be wanting, as both were severely lacking in sand.

On this day they were playing the back nine first, which is a strange way to play the course because the back is by far the more dramatic of the two nines and there's little doubt it was laid out to build toward those dramatic holes. The par 5 15th isn't a great hole but otherwise I mostly enjoyed the back. The front started well and I thought maybe this was a case of the less dramatic holes being even better than the holes on more dramatic land, but after the first four the front nine lost all interest. 5-8 are pretty forgettable and 9 is memorable simply by virtue of being a reachable par 5 with water in play.

It's a tough course overall, but a lovely, serene setting. Coming from Phoenix playing golf without houses surrounding you is a real treat. I would happily return.
Played the afternoon of 9/10/18. Perhaps because this was a holiday afternoon, this was the slowest round I have experienced at Rustic, around 4:45 POP. Very unfortunate.

The course played well and was greener than I expected and have seen over the past few years, though it did still play firm. Greens were a bit slower than normal, but putts still rolled well. Rough was sparse, but then the course offers very little rough overall. I was in two bunkers and both were in poor condition with little sand. Tees were level and in good condition.

No one should expect Tour-level conditions at Rustic, it's not a manicured course. What I have found consistently over a number of rounds over several years is a very playable surface that looks a bit scruffy, and greens that are really good.
Played LaP 9/11/18 second off on a foggy morning. The first four holes were virtually blind due to the fog, which really adds to the abundant challenge!

Course was in excellent condition overall. Greens rolled well, though not especially fast. Fairways were well covered, rough was lush and relatively thick, but not especially long. Tees were generally well covered but several lacked areas where they were very level.

As the second group off, POP was not an issue and the fog eventually lifted and gave way to a beautiful day. This is a gorgeous course but a difficult one.
Played Oak course on Monday morning. Course is in very good shape especially for the recent heat in the area.

Tee boxes were all level and easy to play from. Fairways were in very good condition. Some brown spots but not in places that cause an issue. I was surprised how green it was given the recent heat in the area. Rough was mowed down and not really a factor. Sand was great and easy to play from. Greens were also great. A few ball marks here and there but didn’t seem to effect roll.

Course was a lot of fun and I always enjoy playing here. Their gold card is a good deal and the rewards it offers makes it work getting if you live in the area.
Was in the area and walked on to Dad Miller at 10am. First tee was open and not many players on putting green. Checked in and sent to first tee to join a three some. Got to the third hole and play came to a stop, have never seen three groups stacked up #5. The rest of the day was very slow.
Tees were level with many different types of grass growing, fairways start off with dried out areas and numerous gopher holes need to watch your step. Rough had good coverage. Greens have sprouts of kikuyu spread through the greens, on #1 had to pull one out because it was so tall. Greens had poorly repaired ball marks, which is not the fault of the course. Temp green on #11, 78 yards and in a weird place.
POP on Tuesday was over five hours and hard to keep a rhythm going.
Played Tues Sept 18th at 707. I used my LA Senior card for the second time. Check in quick. I haven't been here for 2 years and forgot most of the holes. The scenery is great, in the hills and deer all over the place, 9 on the first hole alone. POP was not good at 445, we were following a 2 some and they clearly were in no hurry and thought they hit the ball farther than they did. We played the blues at 6145 yards, this made the par 5's 475 plus but made the par 3's a little long. The entire course slopes away from the mountain, fairways, and greens. Many of the holes are a bit tight to drive and a few of the greens had larger slopes than expected. Today the greens were just plain flooded. You left big foot print impressions just walking on them and our 3 some had 6 balls actually plug (half the ball down ) on the greens. Maybe they were getting ready to aerate. I don't know when the new concrete cart paths were put in, but they were very nice and welcome. Because of the scenery and a few challenging holes i would not mind coming back here soon.
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