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This course was nothing short of beautiful. The most difficult greens I have ever played due to the undulations and multiple levels. It's a tough course (over my head from a skill level perspective) but I'd play it again if afforded the opportunity...the experience was great and much of that had to do with the staff. From the clubhouse to the starter to the marshals and 19th hole personnel, it was just a great time!

Thanks, Aviara!
Rode the Blacks this afternoon teeing off around 12:10pm on a promo special for $19.00 with my buddies Mack and Brian. POP was 4 hrs 50 minutes following a scramble tournament and finishing just at sunset which was spectacular tonight. Great staff and practice facilities and the weather was perfect maybe up to a 1 club wind at times and in the high 60's for temps.

The greens were semi quick and rolling nicely. Receptive and soft. Generally in good shape with just very minimal bounces.

The fairways have become more winter firm and thin and provide some decent roll out. Never had a bad lie in the fairway.

Rough is green, lush and beautiful around green complexes and just outside the fairways. Was only in one bunker back of 17 green that was raked and firmer with plenty of sand underneath.

Tees were in good shape, mostly lush. They have re-sodded the back tees on 17 which look beautiful and are almost done with the re-sodding the back tees on number 8.

Olivas is in good shape for December and I would highly recommend this course. It is becoming a popular track so get an earlier tee time this time of year.
Played today during an overcast and cool day. The course is in good condition except for a couple of greens that appear to be on the onset of some disease. They appear to be on top of maintaining the problem. Hole 15 has a temporary green set up. The greens were somewhat bumpy and was hard to read. The tee boxes have been overseeded and are thin but starting to grow back. Still an enjoyable round.
Great course as always... Fairways were excellent, rough kept the course challenging. The greens could be better (compared to past rounds here at Rams Hill), but not horrible.

Course services were great! very attentive staff. It's a trek for me coming from Orange County, but well worth the once yearly trip here.

Thank you Johnny for setting this up.
Another great GK outing! Enjoyed the day with Tim and Andrew . . . ALWAYS a pleasure playing with those two! It was great seeing the GKers out there as it seems like a looooong time since I last played in an event. The weather was perfect and even after the torrential rains (for SoCal anyways) the course played long but was in great shape! Nice solid layout, visually appealing, challenging and keeps your interest.
The accommodations afterwords were comfy and the food was tasty! Had the prime rib burger and was a juicy double patty delight!
Highly recommended all around!
I played yesterday in GK’s year end gathering. I hadn’t played as much golf this year as usual so there was no way I would miss this chance to play at Ram’s Hill.
This was my fourth time playing here and, once again, the course conditions were great. The forward tee boxes were all level with hardly any divots. The fairways are the most beautiful shade of green with not a bad lie to be found, and the rough was very manageable. The greens had a lot of spike marks but they didn’t seem to affect the rolls. There were some very challenging pin placements on the par 3s. I ended up in a few bunkers. The sand was great but a bit deeper than I can easily hit out of.
Thanks to Rams Hill’s staff and Johnny for another memorable day. I’m looking forward to next year’s outing.
The greens were surprisingly nice. HORRIBLE backups on several holes. Even in the beginning with multiple groups lining up for hole after hole.
Got in an argument with a guy who tried to sneak into the mix as well. Just awful, such people.
NO MARSHALL out there despite all the pace of play issues. I will not return as a result.
We started an hour before twilight, in the morning. ANd did not finish. Unacceptable.
Winter conditions Update! The course is a little rough right now. Play Winter rules an you'll be fine. Fairways are a little splochy (is that a word). There are spots on the fairways where you'll nee'd to move your ball to find some grass. In addition the fairways are cut very tight. Greens and bunkers are great. It's still a fun layout and the best draining course in the area but just wanted to let everyone know it needs a little TLC right now.
6:07 am tee time (second group off) and yes it was pitch black - dark outside. However by our second shots into #2, we could see well enough to justify "losing" the first hole. As a result our walking foursome played in 3 hours 12 minutes. Not too bad !

This is without question the best deal in golf ! $16.50 to play on a December morning in shirt sleeves, with an ocean view on most holes. Doesn't get any better than that!

The greens are the highlight of this course, in fact other than the views, the only highlight. The course is in very rough - scruffy condition. Difficult to find a decent lie anywhere other than in the sand or on/near the greens. Despite that, still had a great time, and can't wait to return again in a few months.

It really makes you appreciate living in Southern California in the winter. Sure beats sitting at home in Chicago and thinking about shoveling snow.
Always enjoy the annual GK event at Rams Hill and this year was no exception. Course conditions were just about as good as always but I'll be that guy and say that the greens weren't as good as I've seen them before. Now mind, you we are talking about Rams Hill's ridiculously high standards so take it with a grain of salt but I found them to be slower and bumpier than I can ever remember but that just means they're still better than 95% of all other courses. All other aspects of the course and service were great as always. The new GPS equipped carts were really nice. Food on the patio was tasty albeit slow arriving, but we had nowhere to go anyway so we just enjoyed the day. Thanks again to Johnny and the staff at Rams Hill. Already looking forward to the next event!
Finally got around to using my free round with 2 other buddies that also got the email special. My review would basically replicate Nick and Caligolfer's so I can't add much. Course conditions were d%mn near perfect and you'd really have to be super picky to not like how the course if playing currently. Yes it's CPO since they just came out of overseed but if there's ever a course that CPO isn't so bad it's the former Ocean Trails since most fairways are barely wide enough for Shaq to lay across lol. I mean there are some seriously tight fairways here and if you're off by even a little bit it's going to make for a long day! The weather was PERFECT. Views were amazing and the price was the BEST! ;) Service is as expected for a course of this caliber. If you still have that free round hurry up!
Had a great time on Friday with nickesquire and two other golfers that joined us for the back nine. This course lived up to the hype and I was impressed. Using the free email voucher made it all that more special.
The course is tough, no doubt about that. With a slope of 130 from the whites, it gave me all I could handle. If you find an orange golf ball it's mine. There is a lot of them out there to be found.
Since Nick described the conditions perfectly, I will focus on a few other things. Customer service here is top notch, from the bag drop attendants to the cart girl, everybody everybody seems happy to serve you. One of the things that impressed me was that the starter is multi-lingual and I heard him speak a minimum of three languages. Very impressive.

They have a nice range which I used and it was mat only on this day because of the 2 inches of rain they received the day before, otherwise looks like a very nice grass range.

Don't know if I'll ever get to play here again, but I will always remember my round here and the fun that I had.
And yes the tee box for the blacks on hole 18 is something else and you need to take a walk up and look at the hole from there, or if you are not a wimp like me and play your tee shot from there.
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