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Played 2/21 as a single on GN Hot Deal time at 12:37, happened to get paired with GK'ers larryq2001 and leef2020, whom I overheard talking about GK after the first hole. It was great meeting you guys! I've lurked on here since 2011 mostly for reading/posting reviews and monitoring aerification alerts. It's a great resource (thanks for all your work, Johnny).

It was a slow 5 hour round. Course was windy and cold. Greens were fantastic IMO. No complaints from me on the fairways, rough and bunkers. I believe Lee mentioned they're punching Monday 2/26 so wait 'til late March to play.

The company was great and we finished just before dark; even stayed for the ribs dinner special and HH brews afterwards. Always a fun time playing The Crossings, it's one of my favorites here in the San Diego area. I'll try to make it out to one of the GK outings in the future. Nice meeting you guys. Cheers
Played MPCC mid morning Monday 2/21/18. Perfect cool weather with only a slight breeze. Overall the course is very playable. I played the Ridgeline and Canyon Crest nines. Tee boxes are fine. Although some were a little hard to get the tee in the ground. Fairways are in nice winter condition. They are somewhat green, but also brown. However, lies in the fairway are good. Fairways are a little thin, with a fair amount of rollout. The one greenside bunker I was in had very adequate firm brown sand. The greens rolled well and were medium fast speed. There were a couple of greens that had been lightly punched and sanded, but didn't have too much affect on line or speed. The rough can be quite thick and green in many areas. Some areas are spotty. But mostly the rough is about 2 to 3 inches and lush. I enjoyed my time on the course.
Played today in a nice POP of 3 H. Course is in great shape, presently. Tee boxes are all level/clean. Bunkers are very playable. Fairways are green and providing good lies and roll. What little rough there is, is around the greens, but manageable. Greens are fantastic and chip/putt well, in addition to being very speedy. Customer service excellent at all levels.
Had a chance to jump on the course and tag along while Gus and Ron played out their GK Cup Match on 20 Feb 18.

It had been a while since I played here, as most of you may know several holes are under construction and temp holes have been sorta made up around the course. former holes 2 and 7 have both been cut down to short par 4's and pay 3's with greens placed in what used to be fairways.

Aside from the construction moves the course for the most part is in great shape, fairways are nice, greens rolling and holding shots really well, very well kept. The only areas that were sub par were the temp stuff, not as nice, not so clean, but then again, all that is just not where it belongs so its understandable.

It was worth the $30 I paid the play there in the morning. We caught a bad break on the frost delay and that really kept to POP extremely slow, that was just luck of the draw.

I'll be back after all the holes are ready, as i'm sure its going to be a great course once again. Maybe a GK event after the course is back.
It's been a while since I've played here. This is usually my go to course for a quick inexpensive mid week round when I'm feeling lazy (or it's too cold) to go for a bike ride. Unfortunately, I was stuck behind the last group of a high school tournament so it was much slower today. Usually mid week I can finish in well under 3 hours.

Conditions have deteriorated since the last I time I was here in September or October.
Greens were about the same as usual which is slightly under what you would expect for a muni course. Though they were rolling much faster today.

Fairways were thin and patchy. 1/2 the lies were decent, 1/4 were bad but playable and 1/4 were foot wedges to a decent hitting surface. Areas around the green were the worst. Very hard to get any type of decent lie.

The rough was actually pretty nice. Thick but lush in most places. Tee boxes were the same as the fairways with even worse conditions on the par 3's.

Customer service is good unless James is working then it's great! He makes everyone feel welcomed and comfortable whether you're a first time beginner or scratch golfer. Also, the gals in the kitchen are very friendly with great customer service skills

I've detailed the course layout in other posts so I won't go into much detail here. Its basically a flat muni style layout tight front 9 that's very walkable and a more open back 9.

I've never seen a beverage cart here but then, I always play mid day midweek.

Whereas course conditions have slipped a bit over the last few months, I know they are working hard at getting it back into shape.
Walked the Blues (6083/69.6/116) in 4H with Vince in breezy conditions in the 50's. $32 to walk, tough walking course with all the hills. We occasionally waited on the walking 2some in front of us but things moved well overall.

You do not expect a hilly course less than a mile from the beach. This layout would remind you much more of a mountain course than a beach course. Not tight, the tree lined fairways are constantly up down hills, some severely up/down.

The tees were mostly decent, mowed down and well maintained.

Both the fairways and rough had good coverage. More winter thin than lush, but they both played decently.

There are only a few sand traps on the course. Was not in any, but they looked decent walking by, few foot prints.

The smallish greens putted nice. Medium fast, smooth and held approach shots well. No large tiers or mounds, these greens are old school... but there are few straight putts and anything above the hole and you are in trouble on numerous greens. Really liked the greens, saw the lines well.

The par 71 layout is a plus. Three par 5's, four par 3's, with all the par 3's playing downhill, so the yardages are deceptive. Some doglegs, a couple of blind tees shots. The area around the greens is mowed down like a links course, so everything from a putter to a lob wedge may be a viable option from 15 yards off most greens. Customer service was good, checked in and right out to the 1st tee. No drink cart, Marshall out patrolling but just seemed to glance on his way by. I would definitely play here again, very fun course. Recommended.
Walked the Orange Tees this morning 2/20/2018 at 8:40am with RGM2525, his dad Gordon and also joined by a nice single Dan from Colorado--what a enjoyable day! We had colder but beautiful weather in the high 40's when we teed off warming up some on the back nine with maybe a club of wind on the back nine--very nice playing conditions . POP was 4 hours never really waiting that long and not really being pushed by the 3some of walkers behind us. Paid $28.00 to walk which is their standard morning rate.

The greens were rolling fairly smooth and nice with medium pace. Maybe a 9 to 9.5 on the stimp with just a few ballmarks present. I thought they were in good shape and were holding irons with spin and higher trajectory. The pin locations here on these big Gil Hanse greens make putting and chipping fun and challenging. Rated 7.5/10

The fairways for hardly any rain in the area were semi-lush providing decent lies and decent run out. Rated 7/10

The tees were mostly lush and some needed leveling. In better than average shape. Rated 7/10

The rough is dry, thin in most places with some bare spots and hardpan here and there. Rated 6/10.

Was in fairway bunker on #9 that contained just the right amount of sand for bunker shots.

FYI --this might be a permanent thing so check with the pro-shop they are now starting players on #17, then playing #18 then on to #10-16 and then #1-9 to finish up. So my tips on this site will have to be updated--Johnny might want to update the scorecard too after speaking with the pro-shop to see if this is going to be a permanent change as they had scorecards made for players with this new routing system.

Played 2-20-18 with GDR23 , my Dad, and a single who joined us for $28 walking teeing off at 8:40 and finishing at 12:35. Tee boxes mostly level, with some of them being a little shaggy but overall in descent shape. Fairways were semi-lush with descent lies for the most part with some thin areas. Rough was a mix of everything from 2-3 inches to very thin to bare spots. Was in two greenside bunkers, one that had semi-firm brown sand and the other that had very soft white sand. They were working on some of the bunkers so I am assuming that they are going to redo them all with soft white sand. Greens were in pretty good shape, soft, rolling medium speed and a little bumpy at times but mostly from old ball marks. Fun walkable course that is nice to get out and play once in a while.
2/9 and 2/20 golfsocal $23 with range balls--fairways are a mix of dormant areas and some patches of green along with a few thin to sparse places. 80% of the lies were good the others were marginal--we were playing them down so the rub of the green factored in. Rough is patchy some places thick and deep(3") some areas about 1" and then a few bare spots along the perimeter. Tees are taking a beating quite thin with a lot of sand fill and with winter conditions grass just don't grow.
Bunkers are inconsistent--many have been filled with fine deep sand which requires taking less sand and still exploding the ball out. The bunkers that have the old sand tend to be thin with a cover of a more coarse grain variety which needs to employ less bounce in the effort.
Greens are firm fast to medium fast and smooth of good quality.
Friendly easy going staff.
Monday February 19, 2018 1:49 PM

The golf course could host its final round as early as today

Just shy of its 50th anniversary, San Bernardino Golf Club is to close as early as Presidents Day.
After getting "frosted out" this morning, decided to incorporate playing Bixby Village into an errand I had to do in Long Beach. Had not played here since August 1984. Course has changed.

After waiting for a couple groups to tee off, it took us about 100 minutes to finish the 9 holes, which felt like an eternity. Greens were decent, but rather slow. Fairways/rough was scruffy, but about what I expected. Not in any bunkers, they looked rather thin on sand.

I did not really remember the course very well. (No reason why I should have) Truth is I enjoyed the time on a rather brisk winter early afternoon. I have it calendared to return here in another 34 years !
I played here yesterday on President's Day. I saw the review 7.2, I thought outstanding! I was pretty disappointed by the review rating after I played the course, played 36, the re-play rate was good ($15). It did not meet the 7.2 rating, that I saw. My review goes as , the tee boxes where level but has a lot of divots and bare spots on most of the holes. The fairways are firm and fast, and with a lot of bare spots. I funny how quite a number of holes have the course lay out favorable to bad shots, that turn out great. The are several hole where the course funnels to the middle of the fairway, since the rough is cut down so low, the ball just rolls back into the fairway. I did get some awesome long drives, because of the extra firm fairways, but to get a club on the ball is a different result. Your club head will bounce, when hitting down on your approach shots. The course does have a lot of angulation, which keeps it challenging. The bunkers where concrete hard, but not many throughout the course. The greens are the best asset. The are firm and fast. The putts will roll smooth and true. I know it sounds over critical, but after seeing the review rating, I was hope for better conditions. I will play here again, but please don't over rate this course, if the conditions don't match.
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