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Indian Wells is always a go to resort for the wife and I. Celebrity is the prettier of the two but both courses are excellent. As others mentioned this is a resort course so the greens are very manageable. They roll true at a decent pace with some subtle breaks. Basically they are fairly flat but are soft and hold approach shots well.

Bunkers offer superb sand and yes the fairway bunkers with their rather steep faces offer the majority of challenge off the tee. Fairways are spacious otherwise. The course features water hazards on about 5-6 holes which I always enjoy as they add to the challange and beauty of the course.

Carts have GPS and will let you know how you're doing on pace of play which will always be around 4 1/2 hrs.

Customer service is great, however the quality of the food at the restaurant has gone down hill from previous visits.

Oh, the selection of clothes in the pros shop is Outstanding !!!
Played Early Sunday Morning as a two some POP 3:00 :)

This was my first time playing here and I thoroughly enjoyed myself. We can all become a little golf course snobby sometimes, and all my friends have only said bad things about this course. This was a perfect example of how beauty is in the eye of the beholder and you have to try everything for yourself.

This course is a blast to play as a forgiving resort course. It's an easy resort course, but I loved it. It's straight forward but by no means a pushover. There is a great mix of doglegs, blind tee shots, elevation changes. The par 5's and a few par 4's have a fun risk reward challenge. It has a touch of Pete Dye esque wood framed greens along the water on the par 5's. The par 3's have great water elements. I played well but wasn't driving it well and scored an 83.

The fairways were lush. Rough was lush. Tee boxes were lush with only one or two having uneven areas.

The bunkers were poor. One had grass growing it, but I'm kind of a bunker snob so I am hard to please with bunkers. They could use more sand but were consistent. I think it was mostly due to being damp.

The greens were great rolled true. Medium to slow speed so you could easily bang putts without too much break. Only the first par 3 had severe green damage and new sod, and one of the par 5 greens up hill had green damage. Otherwise they were perfect.

I highly recommend for a relaxing driving miss daisy kind of day, when you need a self esteem boost. All the greens are elevated so there is a premium of ball striking. You will never have too difficult of a putt or an difficult drive.

The value was great for an early morning tee time of GN. Pace of play was amazing. Staff was friendly.

I heard it backs up so you want to get off early.

I highly recommend and will be back to play early Sunday before football again.
This is an update from my Oct 12th review.

Greens: in excellent condition, smooth, medium to fast and holding.

Fairways: still in above average condition. A few too many divots on some of the holes.

Rough: 1-3" high, MANY bare spots, animal holes/mounds. Worst part of the course.

Tees: many are not level due to old animal holes/tunnels.

Traps: lots of fresh sand, great condition.

POP: just over 4 hours.

In good condition for a Muni.
Played Moorpark Sunday, Nov. 19 teeing off at around 10:50am. We had a tee time at Los Robles for 10:40am, but there were crazy slow tournaments that were out in front of us, and that had pushed the start times back at least 35 min. No thanks, we'd like to finish before dark! We found a 10:50am at Moorpark, pulled the rip cord from Robles and flew over there. We made it in time to hit some balls on their beautiful range, and hit a few putts on the screaming fast greens. POP was a leisurely 4:20, and we felt like we had the course to ourselves. It was a gorgeous day with light winds, so we couldn't ask for anything better. Customer service was excellent, and while we didn't see the drink cart until 9, we saw it at least 3 times on the back.

We played the Ridgeline/Canyon Crest combination, and I realized I'd never played the Canyon Crest 9 as we made the turn. The course conditions are very good right now. Tee boxes are level and lush, with some expected divot damage on the par 3's. The fairways are very lush and green, and really nice to hit from. The rough is no joke right now. It's extremely lush and thick, and your ball definitely sits down, making finding balls just off the fairway quite challenging. Rough around the greens is beautifully lush and thick. I was in a couple of greenside bunkers, and they had nice sand that was great to play from. I was in one fairway bunker, which had firmer, more crusty sand which is easier to hit long shots out of. Nice. The greens were extremely fast...I'd say 11-11.5 on the stimp and pretty firm. Most solid iron shots would hold, but even most wedges were releasing a bit. They rolled beautifully and true. I find Moorpark's greens don't break as much as you'd think, and pace is the most critical factor.

Moorpark isn't usually one of my go-to courses, but it definitely gained a lot of points with me on Sunday. The price usually makes things less crowded on the weekends, and the conditions are really great, so I definitely recommend it right now.
Played SCGA event on 11/20, agree with Mr Weber 2323...everything you would expect from a private course, the staff in all areas were just terrific...the range had nice new Taylor Made balls, smooth, level areas to practice on, short game area was in great shape, and the practice putting green matched the speed of the course greens...they just got done with their overseeding, the course was closed all of October, and the conditions were what you would expect from a course of this caliber...greens fantastic, fairways, a little thin, but, growing in nicely, the rough was kind of thick in places, only in one bunker, and I holed the shot, so I think the bunkers were fantastic...a real treat to play, kind of isolated, to bad we only get to play this course once a year, everyone should try to get out here at least once, you will not regret it,,,drive safely, stay healthy, CGG...
Looking like San Geronimo will close down at the end of 2017. Likely, it will be acquired by the Trust for Public Land & converted into public open space. Several articles from Bay Area News sources, if you are interested.

I've played this course many times & is on my local rota. Although it is not in always the best condition, it is a fun & challenging tract. The front nine is straightforward and relatively easy, while the back nine has elevation changes & has handed me my ass more than I would like to admit. The Greens are the real gem of this course: fast & undulating, while the rest of the course is often in less than ideal shape. Overall, it's a great experience to play & I would recommend getting out there if you haven't done so before it's gone forever.
played her today in an SCGA member outing for $60!! It was worth every penny to play a course in this condition. It was a perfect day for golf with a slight breeze and 80 degrees. Conditions were fantastic throughout the course with the greens being the highlight. I guess if there is anything negative to say about this course is the pace is usually a little slower than others but I think it is because of the layout. There are a few blind shots that you must check ahead to see if it is clear to hit and then you need to find your ball which can be rather difficult in the rough here. Great practice areas, great service, and great conditions make this a must play if you get a chance. The layout may not be for everyone but I think it really makes you think your way around and I love that!!! RECOMMENDED
Played here on Sunday, Nov. 19. paid $32 on a deal (after 10:30 on weekends). No range balls as their machine was inoperable, but I wasn't going to hit anyway. Got out between groups as a twosome when I was joined by another single on tee 1. Pace of play was about 4:15.

There was a small delay on the last hole when my playing partner did not wait until everyone was in their carts. From 245 yards he hit his 5 wood and it sailed to the right and hit the last guy walking to his cart. Dropped him like a rock. I don't think there was any permanent damage as this was a big boy and it hit off his chest. After all the finger pointing, yelling, cussing, and apologizing, I looked at the ball on the ground and asked my partner if he was playing a Titleist 1. He said he was done; I went back and played out with the group behind.

Aside from all that nonsense, I felt the course is currently in a rather good condition. Nice green fairways and rough. Nothing too tight in the fairways and nothing too severe in the rough. It was really nice to hit from most locations on the course with adequate turf under my ball. There were some bare areas on the left side of hole 13, but it's always been that way. I was not in any bunkers but they all looked great with glistening, white sand. Tees were mostly level and had very few divots. Good sand/seed/mulch mix in cart bottles and on tee boxes.

Greens were great overall. They rolled fast and smooth; they were soft enough to leave deep ball marks on high shots and well-struck shots would stick like glue.

It was a nice day overall, with cool temperatures and almost no wind or breeze. There had been a hard frost overnight, but by my tee time it was all good.
Played last Wednesday, spur of the moment round. Was paired with Ernie, nice guy, walking and pretty slow but we still kept up with the foursome in front of us.

Conditions were about as good as I’ve seen here in at least a couple years. Greens were a little bumpy but serviceable, some you can see the encroachment of the surrounding grass onto the putting surface itself but they still rolled decently at medium speed. Fairways had good coverage, rough was fairly consistent and somewhat thick – not enough to require a wedge-out but enough that you had to take it into consideration when making your club choice.

Tees had several spots that weren’t level at the markers but all had level spots within a useful (legal) distance behind. Biggest disappointment were the bunkers – most had little or no sand, just hard dirt and I only found a rake once (though they didn’t really need raking due to how hard they were). Not a long course but greens are quite small so you need to either be spot-on with approaches or have a solid short game.

Nothing fancy here, no real “signature” holes but a good value for the price and conditions. Recommended.
Played in the SCGA outing today. After playing here this place reminds me of Sycuan on steroids. Lots of mature oaks lining the fairways. I’d say the front is pretty flat but the back gets a lot more interesting and tighter.

Greens are pretty good. I thought the practice green was a tad faster than the actual greens. I did have one putt get knocked off line but for the most part they are pretty smooth.

Fairways were great, never had a problem but I saw a few dry and questionable areas but generally very good to hit from. For the most part the fairway is flat, you’re just hitting to an elevated green. Not too much in the way of balls above or below your feet.

Tee boxes were good. I only remember one that was too uneven. The problem is with the actual tee shots themselves. You have some narrow tee shots from the back or shots where a tree is hanging out there that you need to shape it around.

Bunkers are very nice. I was in several green side bunkers and one buried lie and was able to get that thump on them. Even made a few sandies, it’s amazing what one can do where there is actual quality sand to hit from.

Staff was super helpful and friendly. Every worker I saw said hello and acknowledged you. They certainly made you feel like a member. Overall I enjoyed this track. It’s just tough to get to since it’s so out there in no mans land but worth playing every year nice in a while.
Played today in a "slow" 4:15 which could have been under 4 hours. But once again, here is another course too lazy/cheap (really what does a marshal cost - 0) to provide a marshal? Personally, I will never play here again, unless it is in the morning with a good preferred tee time. Tee boxes were hit and miss, as some were in good shape, others beat up; sand traps were terrible at every hole; fairways are browning out, but provided "some" decent lies and good roll; greens were the best part of the course, as they were in good shape and chipped/putted (fast) well all round. Not especially thrilled with customer service today? Play here early, or plan for a slow round.
Played 11/20 around 630AM. A buddy treated so I didn't pay green fees. We got the email claiming "Their Back" after over seeding, etc. They may be back but need at least another week. Fairways are in terrific shape. Best part of the course. Holes 1 and 3 the greens were pretty beat up, as if the mower was off as their were some bad grooves in the greens. Tee boxes weren't cut on most holes. After putting out on the 4th hole, the greens crew followed us and threw a fresh coat of sand all over the green. Sure enough, the remaining holes of the round were played on fresh sand in morning wet conditions. I was a bit disappointed with that.

Overall course looks like it will be in great shape within 1-2 weeks, but not worth full rack rates right now unless your in a pinch.
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