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Played a Fathers Day round here with the boys. As we are all Dads we got a return certificate to play again. Nice touch.

This is a tough but fair design. Love how it’s remote setting with no homes makes it so peaceful and scenic. Greens were super smooth. Fairways and tee boxes are in good shape. Only demerit is for the dicey sand traps, either nice and fluffy sand, hard dirt or even mud.

Customer service is outstanding. Friendly and informative counter and starter staff. The nice kid in the cart barn took out our Breakfast to catch them up to us on the course. Easily the best part of the experience. We will definitely be back.
Return trip to Coyote Springs yesterday for the GK Plays. It was great to see some familiar and new faces make the trek to the middle of nowhere. After having played it a few months ago in January I could definitely notice some slight changes in the course between then and now.

Greens now are slightly bumpier and slower than they were in January with some more noticeable areas of heat distress that I would guess would be from the 115 degree temps that came through recently. But with that said they were still better than the majority of courses that you'll find at this time of year in the desert and while slower than previously, that does NOT mean slow! Downhill putts and chips were still a challenge to the max and some pins today were in interesting locations.

Fairways are playing firmer and faster and balls would roll out quite a bit. But they were pretty lush and always had a nice lie and padding underneath to hit from.

Bunkers...thank god I wasn't in all of them like that last time! The couple that I did visit were nice with newer sand. No problems there.

Rough is not quite fully transitioned from Rye to Bermuda yet so it was manageable and a nice consistent length throughout.

Tees were lush and some holes could use a mow as they were a little shaggy but understandable as it heats up.

POP was a little under 5 hours and that's probably because of the brutal wind gusts that rolled in around the time we started the back nine. Couple felt like they got up to the 40mph range. Watching balls hit the invisible wall on #17 was fun in a masochistic way. Service was great at all levels and they brought out box lunches with Gatorade to us on #10 which was super nice of the course! I really love this course and just wish it was closer to civilization. If you're planning to go for the first time make sure you have a full tank of gas and/or stock up and refill on gas/food/supplies at the Love's travel stop at the 15 & 93 junction if you're coming from Vegas. That's all you'll see until you reach the course. Thanks John for once again outdoing yourself and thanks to Coyote Springs for hosting us. Can't wait to be back!
Out to Beaumont with the Dawgs on Oak Valley, early Sat. morning. Good PoP just over 4 hrs with little to no waiting ... course pretty much open. Played white tees which made the course play fairly easy. Not a lot of trouble unless you're way off your game. Fairways generous and rough cut reasonably low, very good grass cover with a few hard pan areas. Bunkers were in great shape.

The defense are trees and some H2O hazards. Greens are not terribly difficult unless you're above the hole, rolling at medium speed. On guy said they can get insanely fast here at times but not today.

Layout winds thru a Beaumont neighborhood but houses do not come into play, most errant balls can be found. Various mounds and some strategic bunkering to avoid off the tee. It can get really windy here, so check the weather report and try to play early. Pre-paid green fee ... check the course for rates. Recommended, especially if you live out here in the desert area, otherwise it's a hellofa drive.
Played on 06/16 and teed off at 10:30. Some wind and slightly cooler temps made the course more challenging than it normally would be and made it a lot of fun. It had been years since I had been here and I forgot how cool the course is. Some great, quirky old features throughout. The conditions are probably about as good as it can get there now, so now's the time to play it. Greens rolled pretty true. 17's green has to be seen to be believed. Very cool. Fws for the most part were fine.

Rough around the edges? Sure. But it's fun golf for what it is, and $40 on the weekend in OC is a bargain. It's a cool, historic course. Get out there and see.
A quick update on conditions at Lemoore. Greens have improved greatly. They were soft and receptive to approach shots and rolled fairly true at a medium slow speed. The greens are on par with what you would expect at your average muni course.

Fairways have improved as well but there are still several thin areas and dirt patches mixed in throughout the course.

The one disappointment were the fairway bunkers. Not sure what happened but a couple were riddled with thousands of pebbles. One was so bad it looked like a gravel pit. There is no way I would use any of my clubs to hit from one of those.

Everything else is pretty much the same as noted in my other reviews. POP was decent for a weekend. It started off excellent and then came to a screeching halt around the 7th hole.
This was our afternoon round today sandwiched in between a couple inconsequential short course fillers after Edgewood in the morning. We had a 2:45 tee time, but they actually asked us to go out at the 2:35 time because that group hadn't checked in yet. We enjoyed the first few holes without anyone ahead and then caught the groups. Still a solid pace of 3:45. Price was very reasonable at $39.

The course was in decent overall condition. Early on it kind of had that very dried out "US Open" sheen under the bright afternoon sun, but it felt like the course got better as the round went on (both in terms of conditions and design). Tee boxes were fine. Most fairways were pretty good with some thin areas throughout. Rough more inconsistent. Good grass coverage, but bumpy ground underneath and uneven cuts. Some deep nasty spots and some tightly mown sections. Bunkers mixed. Some firm, some soft, most with plenty of pebbles mixed in. Greens good overall, somewhat receptive and rolling smooth at medium speeds.

Early on, I was unimpressed with this course. It felt kind of plain for the first few holes, but then you start going into the "Hills" as the name would suggest. Then, it gets more and more entertaining with an open desert canyon setting. Lots of big changes in elevation. Interesting pot bunker complexes with rough-hewn fescue faces help give the course some character throughout. Hale Irwin designed the course.

One thing to note is how crazy windy it was here, just as it was yesterday at Somersett. Similar unprotected canyon and ridgeline setting that swirls the wind all around. I don't know if today represented the prevailing winds here. If so, I question some planning to have several really steep uphill holes straight into the wind. One par-5 on the back was around 485 from the blue tees, but seemingly playing more like 700 with the straight uphill design and 20MPH winds dead in your face all the way up. However, the finishing stretch made up for it with some big downhill/downwind holes that made me feel like a king (I had very un-sixpez-like drives of 280 and 320 yards thanks to some gravity and wind assistance!).

Not a top-shelf course for this region, but very enjoyable overall and the price was great for a Saturday afternoon round. I think they alternate which course at Red Hawk is public/private on any given day, but it seems like they are more toward the public side of things nowadays.
Finally checked Edgewood off the bucket list this morning, and it was worth every bit of the wait. Definitely expensive at $220 rack for a Saturday morning tee time. One annoying thing that happened was we booked our tee time 60 days in advance and reserved the 7:00 "first time" out on purpose. However, we found out as our play date came closer that they sometimes add earlier times based on demand. We were able to move our tee time up to 6:36 during the week, and we ended up second out behind a threesome of members. Otherwise, day-of service was great. They really don't want morning rabbits out here anyway because of their high maintenance crew standards, so we enjoyed the relaxed pace behind the other group and it was just fine because I was taking a ton of pictures. Around 3:45 pace on a beautiful clear (though fairly windy by the end of the round) morning.

Conditions were spectacular, even in this shoulder season. This place is just so nice. Thee tee boxes are great. The fairways are excellent. The rough was maybe a little inconsistent in terms of length/lushness, but still really good throughout. The bunkers were crazy nice with super soft white sand that was perfectly maintained for us early groups. Then, there were the greens. Pro-quality is all I can say. Firm, super fast and true as true can be. Very demanding green complexes and probably 2/3 of the pin locations were in the back this morning for some reason, so that made for some very intimidating approaches over the deep bunkers.

Other than the slight scheduling issues, I thoroughly enjoyed every bit of this experience. Beautiful course with such a scenic setting on the shore of Lake Tahoe. 16-18 is an incredible finishing stretch as you may know if you watch the annual celebrity tournament every year. They were actually starting to put up the grandstands around the signature par-3 17th as we played. Course has some mountain golf elements, though there aren't any huge changes in elevation. Then, there are some meadow golf elements. A lot of big water hazards, plenty of trees and deep native rough areas lining most holes. Very challenging, beautiful and lived up to my "bucket list" status.
played as a single on friday morning(6/15/18) 615 tee time, checked in and sent right to the 1st tee...was joined by a single and a twosome.played the whites and finished in just under 4 hours. friday was just the perfect weather mid 60s with alittle overcast..plenty of sprinklers going on in the fairways while we played..the fairways were very nice with good coverage plenty of grass and very few GURS(grounds under repair)twenty feet in front of the greens the grass was pristine(like carpet)greens were very good/putted very smooth..greenside bunkers were mostly good sand(the 2 I were in were soft/white and a few pebbles...but very playable.
3 areas that I need to point out are the rough and tee boxs and waste bunkers...waste bunkers are just that...hard firm dirt/sand some weeds growing in them, not a place you want to be but really no high lips...tee boxs (whites) were rather chewed up and most of them were kinded rounded so finding a flat spot though not impossable took a little effort, which brings me to the rough..on the front 9 a creek runs along all but the first 2 holes so so you need to stay in the fairway because they do not have a maintained rough...if you are in it you can play out but it will be a crap shoot,most the times 15 yards of the the fairway is no different then mt.woodson,carmel mountain ranch or any course that does not have side to side fairways.
Overall I highly recomend carlton oaks, it is in very good overall shape!
Played here a couple of times this past week. Walked on a couple of afternoons as a single and there was no one out here. Played by myself all 3 times actually.

They actually were watering the greens during the afternoon so they were always real soft. Not a lot of release after hitting the green. Since there wasn’t a lot of play they weren’t too bad but if it got more traffic I could see the ball marks, spike marks and footprints becoming a problem.

Fairways are good. Since this is a short course there can be a good amount of divots in the fairway. I actually only hit driver on 3 holes due to some trees that can be in the way if you get too close to the green.

Rough has changed a bit. Looks like they took some of the rough out and put bark out as part of a turf reduction effort. Still the rough itself it not bad but you will probably be blocked by trees and have to work the ball accordingly.

Sand looked very hard but surprisingly was really good. They need to be raked but still very good to hit from.

Customer service was great. I got the gold membership which gets you a free round and another one in the month of your birthday. Mine is in June so I thought the $80 which is $40 for 2 of the rounds and the twilight rate is pretty good so I thought this was a good value.
Where are all the golfers? Arrived at the course just prior to 5am, my usual time, and there were no cars, no people, nobody ? Maybe everyone is staying home to watch the Open ?

Course is in very nice shape right now. Greens rolling well, fairways green and lush. Bunkers are perfect. Still a few spots in the rough which need attention, but otherwise, no complaints.

Just learned they will begin punching greens/fairways/rough within the next week or so, which always seems to happen when the course is looking it's best?
Played Fri Jun 15th at 708, I try to play here once or twice a month, our 4 some rotates between los serranos and mile square and goose, they live in OC and make me drive the 91 once a month and they come out here against traffic, and since I only live 3 miles from Goose it is nice, check in staff is getting to know me since I use the driving range allot. Course was as usual great shape, grens were a little slower because I think the heat made them over water them, fixed allot of ball marks. POP was ok at 405, and I always walk.
We arrived in Vegas for Coyote Springs tomorrow (Sat 6/16/18), earlier than planned so we stopped by Primm to play 9 holes for a warm up. Was a little surprised when we pulled in shortly after 2 pm and found only a handful of cars.

Two courses here, so we decided on The Lakes and we were not disappointed! The course was in great shape! The wind made it a little more challenging (US Open Thursday type, but it played well. As long as you were paying attention, the water rarely presented a problem. Sand traps were playable as was the rough. If you weren’t accurately in the middle of the fairway on your drive, we were presented with some interesting lays. Most the fairways, and greens for that matter, had some undulations one way or another. The greens seemed to roll pretty true. Overall a fun time - can’t wait to get back again and play both courses.
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