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After avoiding the course for almost two years, I gave it a shot on a weekend as the course was offering $25 special with cart. The course has been a layout that I've enjoyed, but management has struggled to maintain the course in recent years.

Conditions: While still a lot to be desired, it does appear that the ownership is starting to put some maintenance dollars back into the course.

--Greens were the bright spot per usual, receptive and rolled well. Tee blocks were okay, some uneven spots and some TLC needed.
--Fairways and rough were a mix of grass and bare spots, though better than the recent past. Some of the areas on fairways appear to have drainage/irrigation issues (where one area is soaking wet and 5-10 feet away is bone dry.) I am not sure how this could be fixed without a major overhaul.
--Bunkers, while still an issue, are also improved. Probably about 1/2 of the bunkers have new added sand.

I'm hoping the course continues their positive strides.
Played yesterday with larryq2001 and met the nice young man, dubwiser, for the first time on a mostly sunny but very chilly and windy day. Teed off about 12:40, and finished in 5 hrs. Very slow throughout the round. Think everyone got the notice that Crossings' greens are getting punched on the 26th and were getting in a round ahead of time, just like us.

The big hitters played the blues, while I tapped it around from the whites. White tees were very good and level. Overall, conditions similar to my last visit 3 weeks ago. As it happens, though, the greens were even better - they were fantastic. Medium-fast pace, super lush and smooth. So, time to punch! ;-) Due to some poor approach shots, I was able to enjoy the full, multi-leveled and sloping green experience, with some severe roller-coaster putts, breaking between 12-20 feet from 20-60 feet away. Great fun!

The fairways still dormant and providing great roll. The rough was tough, eating a few of my wedges. Was in a few traps and the sand was pretty fluffy and deep - almost lost a shoe getting out of one.

Saw the cart lady a few times, trying to keep warm and the marshals, as always very friendly. Katie in the bar took great care of us even though we moved out to the heated patio (she really is the best), serving drinks and food on a busy evening. It evidently was 'rib night', and dubwiser only made it 1/2-way through a stack of great-looking ribs!
13 of us headed south of the border over the Presidents weekend. This place never disappoints me and holds a special place in my heart. The conditions here are never above a 6 or 7 out of 10 for the most part but i have never seen it below average. The tee boxes need some attention since many were a little unleveled and beat up. The greens were the best part however a little slow. They rolled smooth, held shots, and had only a few ball marks. We would go here much more often if it wasn't for that LONG BORDER WAIT on the return. This was the first and last time we try crossing during a holiday weekend since it took us over 4 hours!!!
Third and final round today. We called ahead before we left Lone Tree. They told us it was pretty wide open and to just come on over. We paid the twilight rate of $30 with cart and we were able to tee off a little before 2:00. There were some scattered groups on the course. We skipped around a little on the front nine and then another player let us through on the back nine, so we had very little waiting and were finished a little after 4:00.

Diablo Creek was by far the best-conditioned course of the day. It was pretty lush and green throughout. Tee boxes were nice and fairways were great with really good coverage and consistent fluffy lies. Rough was also pretty nice all around, getting a little sketchier the further you strayed from fairways. Bunkers were decent (I was only in one and it was good enough). Greens were also nice. A lot of unrepaired ball marks, but the surfaces were soft/receptive and rolling well at medium speeds.

Though it was in much better shape than either Deer Ridge or Lone Tree, it was the least interesting layout of the three. Very flat and a pretty mundane back and forth routing. A few water hazards in play on the front nine and then a creek (Diablo Creek, I presume) that comes into play on some of the back nine holes. The greens have some undulation and character, but not much else stands out. Surprisingly good winter conditions still make this a solid choice at the right price.
Second round of three today was at Lone Tree. Another one to check off the list! We used a Groupon deal that worked out to around $41 a player, but included range balls (which we didn't use) and lunch. We ate lunch afterward in the bar and the food was actually very good (I recommend the chicken tacos). Very friendly staff overall. They warned us of a big weekly senior shotgun group that was out on the course, so they had us start on the back nine around 9:40. We quickly caught up to some groups on the front nine and hung back, then we skipped around a bit on the front nine to avoid logjams and that saved us a good half hour of waiting around. Total pace right around 3.5 hours, so not bad with a little creative routing.

Course was in pretty mediocre condition. Tee boxes adequate enough to tee it up and find a flat spot. Some fairways were much better than others, but all had some spotty coverage. Rough also patchy with a lot of bare spots. Like Deer Ridge, a lot of bumpy ground here, so it was tough when the ball sat down in a low spot. I wasn't in any bunkers, but my friend was in a couple and said they were rock hard. The greens were a mixed bag. Some were actually pretty nice with firm, medium-fast surfaces. Others had repair patches they were trying to fix. Looked ugly, but mostly played fine. Then, a few greens were completely scalped and dormant. These were faster and firmer, and obviously looked awful, but I guess it shows they may be putting in some effort to basically start over and restore some of the more damaged greens.

Just an okay course in mediocre condition. Nothing too exciting on the back nine, kind of a back and forth muni feel. Front nine has some more minor changes in elevation and more character overall, but still not anything to write home about. Seems to get plenty of play, especially with Roddy Ranch having been closed a couple years now. Too bad because that was a much better course than this one.
Played here this morning with ppark81. We were the only ones there and ready to go when they opened up the pro shop around 6:30. Very chilly morning and they had a shotgun going out at 9:00, so not too many dawn patrollers out. We teed off around 6:45 and finished just before 9:00, so it went quick. We used a GolfMoose voucher (plus GK certificate) to make it just $12 a player. Hard to beat that deal.

I wasn't expecting much in terms of conditions in the winter season, especially considering it hasn't rained too much yet this year. Conditions were actually pretty decent and the course was looking reasonably green. Tee boxes fine. Fairways had pretty good grass coverage in most places (plenty of bare spots, too). Main issue was ground/turf was a bit lumpy, so the ball would often sit down in a little groove, divot or depression and that made it tougher to make solid contact. Rough was a mixed bag with some deep patches and other areas bare dirt. There were a lot of thick tufts of grass with gaps in between, so sometimes it was a matter of luck. If you sat on top of a good patch of grass, it was nice. If you fell in between the tufts, it really sucked. The maintenance guy was ahead of us all morning dragging the bunkers. They could use a lot more sand, but at least they were maintaining what they had. The greens were a mix of grasses and pretty inconsistent with speeds and receptiveness. Often bumpy on putts and rolling at medium speeds. Anything downhill was pretty fast while uphillers had to be smacked pretty good to get to the hole. Definitely want to stay below the hole when you can.

Fairly enjoyable layout as it winds through the community but houses rarely feel much in play. Moderately hilly with some canyon/links elements. Their sister course Shadow Lakes is now officially closed after years of struggles and Deer Ridge may be on the bubble, too, even though it seems to get ample play. I liked Shadow a little better between the two, but Deer Ridge has a lot of the same qualities.
Played 2/21 as a single on GN Hot Deal time at 12:37, happened to get paired with GK'ers larryq2001 and leef2020, whom I overheard talking about GK after the first hole. It was great meeting you guys! I've lurked on here since 2011 mostly for reading/posting reviews and monitoring aerification alerts. It's a great resource (thanks for all your work, Johnny).

It was a slow 5 hour round. Course was windy and cold. Greens were fantastic IMO. No complaints from me on the fairways, rough and bunkers. I believe Lee mentioned they're punching Monday 2/26 so wait 'til late March to play.

The company was great and we finished just before dark; even stayed for the ribs dinner special and HH brews afterwards. Always a fun time playing The Crossings, it's one of my favorites here in the San Diego area. I'll try to make it out to one of the GK outings in the future. Nice meeting you guys. Cheers
Played MPCC mid morning Monday 2/21/18. Perfect cool weather with only a slight breeze. Overall the course is very playable. I played the Ridgeline and Canyon Crest nines. Tee boxes are fine. Although some were a little hard to get the tee in the ground. Fairways are in nice winter condition. They are somewhat green, but also brown. However, lies in the fairway are good. Fairways are a little thin, with a fair amount of rollout. The one greenside bunker I was in had very adequate firm brown sand. The greens rolled well and were medium fast speed. There were a couple of greens that had been lightly punched and sanded, but didn't have too much affect on line or speed. The rough can be quite thick and green in many areas. Some areas are spotty. But mostly the rough is about 2 to 3 inches and lush. I enjoyed my time on the course.
Played today in a nice POP of 3 H. Course is in great shape, presently. Tee boxes are all level/clean. Bunkers are very playable. Fairways are green and providing good lies and roll. What little rough there is, is around the greens, but manageable. Greens are fantastic and chip/putt well, in addition to being very speedy. Customer service excellent at all levels.
Had a chance to jump on the course and tag along while Gus and Ron played out their GK Cup Match on 20 Feb 18.

It had been a while since I played here, as most of you may know several holes are under construction and temp holes have been sorta made up around the course. former holes 2 and 7 have both been cut down to short par 4's and pay 3's with greens placed in what used to be fairways.

Aside from the construction moves the course for the most part is in great shape, fairways are nice, greens rolling and holding shots really well, very well kept. The only areas that were sub par were the temp stuff, not as nice, not so clean, but then again, all that is just not where it belongs so its understandable.

It was worth the $30 I paid the play there in the morning. We caught a bad break on the frost delay and that really kept to POP extremely slow, that was just luck of the draw.

I'll be back after all the holes are ready, as i'm sure its going to be a great course once again. Maybe a GK event after the course is back.
It's been a while since I've played here. This is usually my go to course for a quick inexpensive mid week round when I'm feeling lazy (or it's too cold) to go for a bike ride. Unfortunately, I was stuck behind the last group of a high school tournament so it was much slower today. Usually mid week I can finish in well under 3 hours.

Conditions have deteriorated since the last I time I was here in September or October.
Greens were about the same as usual which is slightly under what you would expect for a muni course. Though they were rolling much faster today.

Fairways were thin and patchy. 1/2 the lies were decent, 1/4 were bad but playable and 1/4 were foot wedges to a decent hitting surface. Areas around the green were the worst. Very hard to get any type of decent lie.

The rough was actually pretty nice. Thick but lush in most places. Tee boxes were the same as the fairways with even worse conditions on the par 3's.

Customer service is good unless James is working then it's great! He makes everyone feel welcomed and comfortable whether you're a first time beginner or scratch golfer. Also, the gals in the kitchen are very friendly with great customer service skills

I've detailed the course layout in other posts so I won't go into much detail here. Its basically a flat muni style layout tight front 9 that's very walkable and a more open back 9.

I've never seen a beverage cart here but then, I always play mid day midweek.

Whereas course conditions have slipped a bit over the last few months, I know they are working hard at getting it back into shape.
Walked the Blues (6083/69.6/116) in 4H with Vince in breezy conditions in the 50's. $32 to walk, tough walking course with all the hills. We occasionally waited on the walking 2some in front of us but things moved well overall.

You do not expect a hilly course less than a mile from the beach. This layout would remind you much more of a mountain course than a beach course. Not tight, the tree lined fairways are constantly up down hills, some severely up/down.

The tees were mostly decent, mowed down and well maintained.

Both the fairways and rough had good coverage. More winter thin than lush, but they both played decently.

There are only a few sand traps on the course. Was not in any, but they looked decent walking by, few foot prints.

The smallish greens putted nice. Medium fast, smooth and held approach shots well. No large tiers or mounds, these greens are old school... but there are few straight putts and anything above the hole and you are in trouble on numerous greens. Really liked the greens, saw the lines well.

The par 71 layout is a plus. Three par 5's, four par 3's, with all the par 3's playing downhill, so the yardages are deceptive. Some doglegs, a couple of blind tees shots. The area around the greens is mowed down like a links course, so everything from a putter to a lob wedge may be a viable option from 15 yards off most greens. Customer service was good, checked in and right out to the 1st tee. No drink cart, Marshall out patrolling but just seemed to glance on his way by. I would definitely play here again, very fun course. Recommended.
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