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Was in the second group of the Guru Plays today with MrKich, Sixpez, and LarryTee. Great group as always at these GK plays. Agree with everything Phil said regarding conditions although I will say that the course was a little too soggy for my liking but I totally get it as it is the desert and the course is green and lush everywhere! It was my first time playing Rio Secco and if not for the knowledge of my playing partners, it would have been a real struggle today. Lots of forced carries and some blind tee shots but the layout is really fun! Top notch facility in Vegas and easily in the upper echelon of public courses here. Highly recommended and can't wait to play it again.
Played yesterday. Scored my worst round, and it was my fault.
I ended up with 41 putts, 6 more than my average. Definitely spend some time practicing putting on their putting greens before your round.

The greens are large, firm, fast, and breaks all over. Very fun to challenge yourself.

One cool thing happened - this course uses a starter at the first tee.
By the time we got to the 8th hole our cart was almost dead. The staff actually came out to the 9th hole and gave us a fresh cart without us asking because their GPS enabled carts alerted them our charge was low.
Love that A+ service.
Played today... More fairways are being plugged today.
Sand traps are all done being filled with new sand.

The overall experience is above average. The greens are complicated enough to keep you on your game.

Two or three spots on the course have a ground under repair that are very minor. Pace of play was 4:07 with a morning tee time.
Scored 87, 20 over which is one above my handicap.
Played roughly 12 holes here yesterday (5/23) with my friend and his co-workers teeing off at roughly 4:10pm. The price was right and we knew we wouldn't finish, instead focusing more on enjoyment of the 12 holes we knew we could easily get to. The course is still about a week and half or so from getting to where it should be after aeration, but I just can't say no to Torrey North. Pace of play was sluggish at first with lots of beginners out there finding the rough, but after 4 things opened up a bit. On to the review...

Tee boxes: Still healing from the effects of the punch earlier this month. Granted they are tee boxes so it's not like it's impossible to find ground to drive tees into, but visually they weren't looking like what Torrey usually does. Ground seemed level enough and the "blue" tee boxes probably get enough play in one day than most courses get in a week.

Fairways: Very good considering the amount of people out. Most drives got good roll and I don't remember a single bad lie. Visually they are pleasing to the eye and more importantly, when you are in play, they are everything you need to get good shots off.

Rough: It's Torrey Pines, so you'd better know what you are getting into when you miss fairways or get cute trying to act like a tour pro. I saw more than one player get completely humbled and the rough is probably at 65% of what it plays during the Farmers. Best of luck!

Bunkers: Good condition overall. Some random wet spots but it probably was misting earlier in the morning. Ample rakes and people did a good job of cleaning up after themselves. Sand texture was somewhere between beach sand and Augusta; fair enough to hit from and land soft.

Greens: Still recovering from aeration so roll here today was pretty slow and bumpy. Almost every green had significant areas that were all sand so I would give them at least another week or two before you practice your putts here. Even so, breaks here was gnarly and the ocean pull was evident.

ETC: Starter this time was great in keeping the flow going. The staff here was friendly enough in the shop and window; cart barn employees could probably use a lesson in customer service from the Lodge staff, who really know how to serve. Pace as mentioned was slow at first but a full 18 holes would have probably taken about 4.5 hours so not terribly slow. Next month should be a great time to visit.
Played in the GKGuru event at Rio Secco today. It was fantastic. Another great GKGuru event hosted by Rio Secco. This course was in excellent shape and the views were stunning. We teed off at 7:30am and it felt like we had the course to ourselves as the twosome in front of us was out of sight immediately. The winds were non existent at the start of the round and the temps were ideal in the mid 80’s.

The tee boxes were manicured boxes and had little or no divot damage. They were just beautiful. The fairways were the same, lush and extremely well manicured. The rough was minimal and not of any consequence. The greens are still new from the remodel last summer and are rolling slower then they look, but are in amazing shape, even with the heat and wind we have had lately. The beverage girl came around multiple times and the prices were a little above average. The green side bunkers were full of fresh fluffy sand but were very wet from the morning sprinklers. The fairway bunkers were hard packed. This was a great event on a great course. I will definitely come back over and over.
Mountain course, a really a good course. Conditions still good even as Summer getting closer.
Agree with other reviews but add one thing not mentioned. Surprised it played longer then I remember. Played blue tees and it was very long for 6666 yards. Greens still putted true and rolled exactly where you putted. A real pleasure playing with the GK golfers after all these years. Great job Johnny.
Twilight round at Harbor Park after some work stuff in the area near quittin' time. Had the clubs in the trunk and made the short trip over. Originally was going out as a single, then two more joined after that and then another guy in a cart on the second tee box. But we moved quickly and it was an enjoyable round with these guys. Good POP.

Conditions are good at Harbor Park right now which is great. The greens look healthy enough but were putting very slow late in the day and felt quite spongy. They have recovered from aerification fine but could use a good roll. They putted rather slow and a bit bumpy but the coverage was good.

Fairways are in pretty good shape right now but you can find a few thin areas of course. Rough is a mixed bag. Bunkers looked serviceable. Tee boxes were a bit mashed up but flat lies could be found at least.

Apparently they've put a little money back into the course as evidenced by new ball washers and flags on the holes. It also looks like that's trickled back down into the overall conditions as well, so that's good to see. This place really helped me years ago get into the game with their great $8.50 price for a fun and challenging(ish) regulation nine-hole course. Been a while since I'd been back so I enjoyed it. Played a decent round too which was nice.
Played opening day 5-18-18. The course suffered from the lack of snow this winter. Fairways are coming back pretty good but still need some time. Bunkers were in decent shape as well as the tee boxes. The greens were mostly a joke unfortunately. They had been punched and sanded not long ago and though they held shots better than usual they were extremely slow and bumpy. At one point a 3 foot putt bounced into the air about 6 inches. I hope in a couple weeks things will get better.
Played 5-20-18. This is the 5th time playing this curse. It always seems to keep me on my toes. The greens didn't look very good but played wonderfully! Good speed and smooth, and they held well. Bunkers were OK but mot as soft as I would like. The tee boxes were a bit rough. Many bumpy areas and some torn up but very playable. Fairways were nice and the rough was not as penalizing as some. Overall a very nice course that does not loose its challenge no matter how many times you play!
Was very much looking forward to playing Black Mesa. I kinda knew what to expect, but even so, there were a number of blind shots which were totally unexpected. The course is visually stunning, and due to a heavy rain storm yesterday afternoon, (First rain here in 56 days I'm told) The course had a number of washed out areas and all the walks up to tee boxes and down to the greens were rather muddy.

I could describe conditons, but Keith's review from May 2012 is right on the money. The gravel cart paths and gas carts were very annoying. While I did enjoy the course, frankly it's not my type course. Greens were a bit too severe and without any local knowledge, very tough to score on. That coupled with all the blind shots and need for "local knowledge" made for a tough round.

Staff was fantastic ! Allowed us out early and we zipped around in under 3 hours, which for this course is good time. I highly recommend playing here, it's affordable, beautiful, and will test your golf game. ( Played the blue tees at 6750 which provides much more memorable views than the white tees.
Played the North course on a family vacation on the Big Island. Went out on the twilight tee times with a group of seven. Check in was quick and easy considering none of us brought clubs. Proceeded to the starter and they set us up with Taylor Made or Titleist clubs. Starter was in a weird mood and was really little help.
Course is very stunning with the fairways surrounded by lava rock formations. Quite a few tee boxes were on a slant but had little divot damage. Fairways were immaculate and rough was tough. Ball would sit up in the rough but would grab your club head. Traps had great sand and were well groomed. Greens had good coverage with about half of the greens had small ant hills throughout the greens. Greens were firm and a little on the slow side.
Nobody on the course and the trade winds were blowing pretty good. POP was a little over four hours. Very fun day playing a friendly family day of golf.
This is a bit late, but I played super twilight last Friday, 5/16 with a buddy. The course was pretty busy and a group with young kids was on the first fairway with a group of teens in the tee box, so we skipped ahead to the second hole.

Similar to Altadena, the relative playing conditions were pretty good. Mostly level tee boxes, grass generally as grown in as it is going to get here in all phases, and the greens were pretty decent and clean, rolling at a medium speed. Missed the bunkers so I can't comment there. Pace was a little sluggish, but we got through it and could have gone back to play the first, but didn't.

I don't know if it encouraged more turnout, but word was out that they are considering closing the course and reconsidering it's use, possibly as a regional park. Whatever happens, it will have to go through review, comment, etc., etc. so nothing is happening soon. Hopefully, the end result won't mean losing another golf course.

Eaton has a more interesting topography and elevation changes than sister course Altadena, and could potentially be the better playing course, but the general impression is more unkempt, especially in the collateral areas of rough and between holes. Some edging, xeriscaping, and wood chip areas would go a long way towards making the course look much sharper without upping water usage, but those are my thoughts, not part of any known plan. According to my buddy (the realtor) the rumor is that the current management company is focusing on getting Altadena up to speed and then turn its resources to Eaton. Altadena has been coming around, I don't see much evidence of that sprucing up having been initiated at Eaton yet.

In the meantime it has the same advantages as Altadena of nice mountain views and a relaxed, local vibe. Don't drive too far to get here, but if you are in the neighborhood it's worth a go.
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