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This will be my annual review of Stonebridge unless something changes. I walk this course at least three days a week (about 7 miles from clubhouse to clubhouse). I buy an annual pass for $200.00 and that get me green fees of $8.00 to walk or $16.00 to ride.

I played Thursday (5/17) first out at 6:23 and right behind the guy rolling the greens which they do at least two times a week so the greens were fast and smooth.

The rough is about two inches and tough it get out of because it will close your club down so stay out of it.

Sand in the morning is a little wet but easy to get out of.

Fairways for the most part in great shape with a little goose poop on some of them.

WATER, WATER EVERYWERE! About 80% of the 27 holes have water somewhere so if you play a round and don't lost a ball, you have played well.
Played yesterday (5/18) and boy did I like this course. $45.00 (Friday, Sat. & Sun. rate) with a cart that I would recommend you use. The course has some great views and nice houses around it. Greens were just about perfect running about 8 or 9 I think. and the rest of the course was in great shape. Bunkers had nice soft sand (I was in a lot of them!), fairways were great with lots of roll and the first cut of rough was about 1 to 2 inches, but don't go beyond that because you may never find your ball. Over all a great course hidden away in North Salt Lake City. It's best if you have not played here to have your GPS or play with someone that knows the course because some of the holes have blind shots down the fairway.
A quick update on course conditions. Course is in real nice shape right now. Greens are rolling smooth as always at a medium pace and are holding approach shot very well. Sand traps are excellent and tee boxes are level and lush. Fairways are lush for the most part with a few thin areas here and there. Skirt areas around the green are very lush offering great lies for the chance to get up and down.

Paso Robles GC is always a favorite track that offers good use of all clubs. See my previous review of the track for more details on the layout.
Played out here this afternoon on a $37 GN hot deal at 12:45. Was surprised to see it so busy out there. I was paired with another single and the other twosome never showed, so they just sent us out as a twosome. Starter pre-apologized telling us it was going to be a slow round. That's never a good sign. We were stuck right behind a big group of toolwads. I think it was 4 foursomes and they were playing a scramble format. Their second rounds of the day and they were all extremely lit by the time we finished. Still, I think the course was pretty busy in front of them anyway and it was a brutal 5:15 pace for everyone. Saw one marshal on the back nine, but it was too little too late at that point.

The course was in good overall condition. The tee boxes were pretty much perfect. The fairways were really nice with just a few minor brown/thin spots starting to come through. The rough was pretty good tee to green and then really nice around the greens. Bunkers a bit crusty on the front nine, but not in a bad way. Kinda crusty on top to keep the ball up, but soft enough underneath. Some bunkers on the back nine had newer softer sand. The greens were mostly in nice shape and playing better then they looked. A few had some thin/damaged/sandy spots, but they all rolled nicely at medium-fast speeds. Firm and hard to hold, especially the newer green complexes.

Speaking of the newer greens, this was my first time playing the renovated version of the back nine. I liked some changes and didn't like others. The new par-3 11th is kind of a neat hole, though it also feels kind of out of place with the rest of the course. The 18th hole is an odd finisher that is drivable for many and has one of the goofiest greens I can remember. I don't get it and they had the silliest pin position possible today. All the way back on top of an impossible anthill hump. I know a lot of people were underwhelmed by the old #18 as a finisher, but I can't say I'm too big on the new #18. I was glad to see they kept the awesome par-3 17th (now the 16th hole) mostly intact (minus the old waterfall feature behind the green). I need to go back and look at my old photos/scorecards to really assess all the changes, but my first impression was it's not necessarily an improvement. Just some differences (some good, some bad) that will take some getting used to. Still a recommended course that is beautiful, challenging and fun.
Twilight round at Alondra today to work on the swing changes on a relatively forgiving course that only really challenges you with its length. Played the blue tees walking with a push cart for $27 - totally reasonable. Would not pay more though with current conditions.

Ringworld's recent review pretty much covers it. Fairways are very thin in most areas, with the occasional 'scorched earth' areas that remind me of a Pangolin's armor, only in dirt form. Occasionally your ball will land on actual green grass. Dilly dilly! Rough? Not sure what that means out here - everything is pretty much the same in terms of coverage.

Greens are as slow as the first two hours of Dunkirk. Can't remember leaving so many putts short in a long time, even on the down slope. Sure, they held shots well - they're a sponge. Really thick and shaggy, probably haven't been rolled in quite a while. But luckily they're bumpy as well, so there's that. Not ideal.

Bunkers thin like Manut Bol after a juice cleanse. Tee boxes were okay for the most part - not great coverage but you could always find a flat place to tee off from. Pretty sad when tee boxes are the best part of a course.

And yet, like Vic, I'll always come back. POP was definitely good - just under four hours. No cart service but a well-run, speedy snack shop en route from the 9th green to the 10th tee box. All good there.

Alondra fits the bill when you need to work on some mechanics and anticipate spraying the ball around a bit. It's not exactly Woodley Lakes, but you get the idea. But currently, break glass only in case of emergency.
All the stars must have aligned. I just got done at Los Verdes. Tee’d off on the back 9 at 2:58pm. Played 27 holes, and walked off the 27th hole at 6:50pm. It was incredible. They had a big buyout until 2:30, and then straggler singles and twosomes came out. No tee times were offered online or by calling. That is huge for Los Verdes! 27 holes in less than 4 hours! I’m on cloud 9, so the course will also get a favorable review.

Tee boxes were cut flat and decent coverage. A few beat up, but nothing negative to gripe about. Fairways were nice, but here you always trickle to the rough, or real thin areas. Not terrible conditions, but less than ideal. Bunkers were fine. Some thin, some perfect.
The greens were EXCELLENT! They held nicely struck shots, medium-fast, and rolled true (if that means anything here, haha!), with very few ball marks.
And the views on a clear day are just amazing!

All in all, it was a great day out at Los Verdes, and I’m going to try and find out when their next ‘buyout’ is, and get out there in the afternoon.
Teed off Thursday morning at 6:55 and finished in 3.5 hours. The greens are in good condition. They rolled smooth with medium/fast speed and held shots. The fairways had good coverage overall. There were a few thin spots, especially hole 16, but I had good lies during my round. The rough is mostly good with some thin/bare spots. The tee boxes were fair to good mostly due to mild unlevelness. The bunkers were in good condition. I was in a greenside and a fairway bunker. One of the other players in my group also made a comment on how good the bunkers were. The Classic course is fairly straight forward with mild doglegs and tall trees. The staff was friendly.
I am a Troon card holder and went to play the Canada course. In the Pro Shop I was told that they had run out of the course yardage books which frankly is crazy as this course has many holes where you need to understand where the landing areas are.
The course was in decent condition but generally my impression was that this golf course has seen better days.
Rode the Orange tees (6615/71.7/125) in 4 hours under sunny, WINDY conditions in the low 90's. Matched up with Andy & Kyle, excellent guys to play with.

Nicklaus Design, par 35-37 layout with five par 3/5's. Pretty straight forward fun layout. While no holes make you go WOW, there is not a bad hole on the course. An oddity is that the five par 5's are rated as the #1,2,3,4 & 6 handicap holes? The Par 5's only average 520 from the Orange tees, but they all play into the prevailing wind and several play longer with uphill approach shots.

I have played a decent amount of good to excellent golf courses so far this year, mostly in the Palm Springs area. For playing conditions, Escena compares favorably with any of them.

The tees were lush and well maintained.

The fairways look like they are poa annua and Bermuda mixed. Great coverage, nice cushion, excellent to play from.

The rough is lush and thick. Mowed at a good POP height where you usually had good lies.

The sand was nicely maintained with fluffy, brown sand.

The greens were nice. Smooth, medium fast and firm. The firmness had to be taken into account on every shot into a green. They were still about 1/2 winter Rye with the Bermuda beginning to take over again @ this point.

Cart gal out making the rounds, the customer service was very good. Only two negatives about Escena. It is right across the street from the Palm Springs airport down in the area that tends to get windy more so than most courses in this area. Also, no range, their warm up area is hitting into nets, but they provide free warm-up balls. They have a nice chipping green. Overall, above average course in well above average condition = highly recommended.
Played this AM in 3 H. Fairways are getting better (IMO) but they look like they need a lot more water (there appeared to be lot of watering overnight?). But they do provide "decent" lies and plenty of roll. Tee boxes are all fine. Bunkers (in 1) are playable. Rough was about 1/4 inch and sticky. Greens are all in good shape. Customer service excellent at ALL levels.
Because of the "Windmill Classic" both course are officially closed Friday/Saturday, but I decided to sneak out at 5am and try to get around before they "kicked me off" I made it to #14 before the super "reminded" me the course was closed for the tournament, But since I assured him I would be finished by 7:30, and shotgun wasn't until 9am, he allowed me to finish.. (I won't push my luck tomorrow!)

Lots of maintenance everywhere, but I stayed ahead of them, but they have the course looking very good. Greens rolled super true and quick. Everything cut & trimmed.

I don't play in the tournaments because I prefer to play early and quickly, plus it's difficult to justify paying big $$$ to play a course I'm already paying monthly dues to play !
Played in my GK Cup match with John and Matt yesterday, 5/17. We teed off as a threesome riding around 4:40ish and finished in 2 1/2 hours. That's pretty typical at the Goat if you're riding. Obviously it's a workout if walking but still, POP is usually great here. Love being able to burn through a round in that amount of time.

I hadn't played out here in a month or so since they punched the greens. They are about 99% back, the only noticeable leftover being that they are a bit softer than normal as there's probably a little more coverage as they heal. Before the punching they were the firmest and fastest (and super pure) that I had ever seen out there and it made the course even that more difficult (the green shapes and complexes are tricky enough out here). I'm looking to seeing them firm up a little more but right now they are rolling really true and holding well, just a tad on the slower side.

I think the rest of the playing conditions (tees and fairways) are pretty solid right now. Not a lot of water this winter has the course playing firm and a little dried out in spots which leaves you vulnerable to bounces and rolling and sometimes that just feels a bit unfair. But when you do hit it where you're supposed to, the lies are good and there's really solid playability.

There's constantly been some improvements going on and even since the last time I went out there there's new paths and concrete work around the clubhouse that looks really nice and the range was in really good shape (all grass).

The Goat is my home track and I love the vibe out there. It's probably the quirkiest course I've ever played but I've also never played a course that is as demanding of iron play with a set of Par 3's that have serious teeth and greens that are tiny and undulating. It's definitely a course you could get frustrated with the first time around (tons of local knowledge needed to play the bounces), but a great place to call home if you want to hit all the shots.

Oh, and based on the other thread about Veteran rates I looked and the Goat does have a special rate for Veterans. Looks to be about 30% off the normal rates. Which is cool since Oside is still a military town.
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