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Not a bad course, some things could be fixed but you get what you pay for and not everyone has a million dollar budget. Play was slow though
Walked the Blues (72.9-131-6875) this morning 7/24/17 teeing off around 8:50am and finishing around 1:20pm for a 4.5 hr POP behind an entire Women's club. Joined by Andrew and Dean for a very enjoyable round. Paid $28.00 thanks to the GK coupon which is a steal for morning golf on this course. Weather was perfect 75 degrees and hardly any wind with what felt like humid conditions.

The Lakes course is in great shape right now.

Fairways beautiful mostly semi-lush green grass--ball sitting up fairly nice--very few thin lies and a treat to hit from. Rated 7.5/10.

The greens were listed as a 10.5--seen them quicker but they were still quick today and putted like glass. The lakes course always has beautiful greens. I actually stuck a few wedges in that had some backspin so I thought the greens were super receptive if you had spin or high trajectory irons. Rated 8/10

The tees were beautiful and level--very few divots only on par 3 boxes. Rated 7.5/10

Was in one greenside bunker on #7 and one fairway bunker on #12 that were perfectly raked and contained nice quality sand. Rated 7.5/10.

Rough was healthy around some of the fairway edges and green edges. In good lush and green shape. Rated 8/10.

This is a perfect course in the summer--great layout from the blue's or blacks--with the GK coupon a no brainer--highly recommended.
Great golf course, greens were very fast and in great condition for this time of year. I would have to say arrowhead's greens may be some of the best in the area.The fairways were great too, most places are burned out by now but these were still green and very playable. One of the best courses I have played. I played this past Saturday. I spoke with the gm in the proshop who came off as arrogant, which is my only complaint. He was not very friendly, and later I noticed he was hitting range balls and was then playing golf later because he got in my groups way while just hitting balls into one of the greens. Very offputting. The food was great in the restaurant. Overall it was a good experience because the gold course was in great shape for this time of the year and the food was delicious.
Enjoyed my 100th Course played by choosing The Ocean Course at Half Moon Bay. This course is a links style course over looking the water and we got the full links/ open championship treatment with fog, mist, and wind during our morning round.

The Course was in top condition with the Golf Now AM tour teeing off right after us. Tough pins and tall rough. All of the greens were perfect and consistent. They had some tough pin locations on course due to the tournament and that didnt help our scores much but after learning the speeds nothing was too terrible.

Tee's and fairways were cut perfect and consistent throughout the course and had nothing that would take away and major ratings. The fairways are wide and leave you with plenty of options from the tee's and with the course not being overly long you can choose to layup.

The rough is quite the beast on this course it was wet from the fog/mist and caused your club to grab hard on all shots out of the rough. If you go too far you will fine the Fescu which was cut to about 5 inches and was not super thick to were you could not find your ball but long enough to make you think twice before blasting out of it.

The only down side of this course is hole 15-18 share a public path to the beach from the Ritz Carlton on site. These people are all over the place and the path is parallel with the holes . If you go offline you can easily take out a person. Also they are not quiet as most are on vacation and talk very loud as you are trying to hit.

Overall it is an amazing place to play with the views of the ocean on many of the holes (If its not foggy) and well worth the reasonable price of $140. I will be back.
First Time playing at apple mountain on Sat morning before heading over to Yocha. I found this course on Golf moose about 3 months ago and wanted to play here because all of the pine tree's and elevation change throughout the course. We arrived and headed out to the driving range, which was a little chewed up, to warm up.

We got our right on time at 640am and never caught the 4 some in front of us nor saw the group behind us. POP was about 4hrs mostly due to me launching golf balls into the Forrest to see if i can hear that loud crack of a golf ball hitting the Giant Pines. Something about that echo make you feel a little less upset about a poor shot.

This course was in great shape from tee to green and very wet from the morning watering. The course dried out quick with the exception of the bunkers that were wet the whole day. the greens were medium speed and held most shots. One cool thing is they give you a yardage book and where to hit the green so your ball will feed to the hole. This came in handy on hole 2 because if you went for the hole itself it would have rolled of the green. Instead they said hot left center and the ball will slowly feed to the hole.

One Major tip is for hole 5. Its a very long double dog leg Par 5. You must make sure to keep the first ball in play if you dont its going to be a rough hole. Do not try and draw around the the trees because you will still not be able to reach in 2. it was playing at 587 tee to hole on Sat from the Tips. Sadly I did not pay attention and hooked on into the hazard and then followed it up with a poorly aimed third shot that found the tree's. Play it safe and hit it straight there is no reason to be a hero because you will fail unless you are Bubba at the Masters.

This is a wonderful place to play and $65 for prime time its very worth it.
GK Guru outing (well there were two of us--come on CenCal guys)

The course is very lush right now. Those of you that have played here before know that the course is normally setup to imitate a very hard fast links style.

Greens were softer than normal and were holding shots well and allowing for some pull back on well struck shots. They were rolling smooth and slower than normal at medium speed. The speed is actually a good thing because these greens are huge with many slopes and swales. The only damage was from neglectful golfers (how can we educate the non avid players?) and it was only in areas where people tend to hit more shots on the surfaces.

Tees all lush, green, level and very few areas with any divots.

Bunkers unlike most Cen Cal tracks have sand and it is consistent throughout and very playable. The depth of the bunkers is very challenging, anything from chest high to one where I was standing 10' above Johnny. The fairway bunkers are not much shallower and most of the time hitting into one is a blast out with a sw and is equivalent to a penalty with no real chance to advance.

Fairways are very different than in the past. Before they were very firm and fast with lots of rollout. Now they are longer and softer and make the course play much longer but also keep shots from going off into the nasty fescue. Great coverage all around.

Rough in the past was non existent until you reached the heavy fescue areas where even finding the ball is a coin flip. Now there is an intermediate cut that helps keep balls in playable areas.

The longer cut in the fairways combined with the new cut of rough is an excellent move by the course. First- in the past many well hit balls would end up in bad areas because there was nothing to stop them from going off the sloped edges. Second the pace of play has improved noticeably due to far fewer searches for balls because the fairway and first cut of rough keep them out of the nasty stuff, where as previously mentioned, even finding them is luck.
I always enjoy playing this golf course, as it has a number of very realistic birdie holes, coupled with a couple tough holes. ( I find #6 to play very tough and #14 just plays LONG)
The greens were not as good as they generally are, a few having some bumpy patches. However, they were are receptive to shots as any I've recently played. (Even my bride backed up a few shots)

Overall the course was in nice shape, except a few of the tee boxes were fairly well chewed up. Fairways were green and lush.

Staff was great, as usual. There are always "regulars" who play here on Monday mornings, but they allowed us to play through on #6 and enabled us to finish in just under 2 1/2 hours. Thanks !
Had a Great time with the GK family for the event on Sat afternoon. I had such high expectations for this course due to the high ratings and always being top 25 in the state. Unfortunately my expectations were not fully met. Don't get me wrong the course is pretty and the starter warned us about the condition not being absolutely perfect due to some none native grass they cut out of 2-3 fairways and the heat.

The only issue that I absolutely did not enjoy was the greens. They were cut so short that all of the previous hole locations were an issue. We could see at least 10 different locations of hole placements on the green and if you had more than a 15ft putt one would normal be in your line causing some bumpiness. The heat also made them very firm and quick.

I found the front nine to be very boring for some reason. Flat and not all that difficult. The first tee shot is about a 100 foot drop to the fairway below and that was the only exciting shot I can remember from the front nine. I did shoot well (38) so that helped put my mind at easy.

Then the back nine hit and boy will it hit hard. There is a wide spectrum of shots that you need to do to shoot well on the back nine. There are dog legs, forced carries, and lakes. Sadly my score shot up from there and I took a 49.

I still had fun and if it wasn't 105 degrees I probably would have enjoyed it more so Ill be back if im ever there in the winter. A big shout out to Johnny and The GK family for having this event.
Purposely saved this one for last so it would stay on top longer. What a fun day at Yocha Dehe with the first really big Norcal GK Plays event. It was great to meet the folks that BGarcelon was able to wrangle up, along with seeing some familiar SoCal GK'ers who made the trek up. Incredible prize table, thanks largely to a very generous contribution from LinkSoul. Pace was a bit slow with the big group and it was hot out, but we all still had fun!

The course conditions were very nice. Maybe a tad disappointing as they have definitely experienced a hotter-than-normal summer and there is some heat damage. A few big sections of fairways are roped off and played as GUR as they work to repair the damage. I appreciated that they were upfront about this as the starter gives you the info on the first tee. Otherwise, there were a few small burnt spots scattered throughout that you might not normally see here.

That's just being a little nitpicky because we have such high expectations from this course. Overall, everything was very lush and green. Most fairways were great and the rough was beautifully kept. The bunkers were amazing with soft, bright white sand. The greens were firm-ish and rolling at medium-fast speeds, just getting a little bumpy as the day went on and footprints showed late in the afternoon. I'd say 90% excellent with 10% of areas that need a little TLC to get back to the usual high Yocha standards.

The service is excellent here. Truly top-notch, especially considering there are so many moving parts from the bag drop to the pro shop to the staging area to the practice area and first tee. The team was hustling and helping keep us organized as much as they could. Food service excellent afterward, and we had a nice little private room for the prizes. Great overall experience at one of Northern California's best public courses!

It's such a beautiful setting and a fantastic layout that gets better and better as the round goes on, culminating in a spectacular back nine. The only other time I played here was in the winter and it was before they had done any turf reduction. Then, it was lush and green from wall to wall with all the hillsides being green, as well. Saturday was a different look with more contrast between the green fairways and the golden hills. I wish they would do something nicer with the turf-reduced areas, though. Not as pretty with a bunch of big bare dirt patches in between holes.
This was our second round on Sunday morning. We had a 9:29 tee time and used a Costco voucher for a good price, but they ran a little late and it was closer to 9:40 by the time we teed off. They said there was to be a single or another twosome to join us, but they never showed up when we were announced on the first tee. So, we played as a twosome amidst wall-to-wall groups on a super busy Sunday morning. We just jumped from shade to shade, sitting in the cart and watching the end of The Open in between shots. It was brutally slow on such a hot day, as we finished in just under 5 hours.

Conditions were also pretty mediocre here. You can definitely see how the drought took its toll and they haven't quite recovered, as it is very rough around the edges. Tee boxes fine enough. Fairways had okay coverage. Lots of inconsistencies with shaggy sections and plenty of bare spots, too. Rough was a mixed bag, with some decent areas around greens and the rest being very spotty. Greens were firm and rolling pretty well. Definitely the best part of the course condition-wise. I wasn't in any bunkers, and that was probably a good thing based on what I observed.

At first glance from the clubhouse area, this looks like it will be a really plain muni-style course. Those holes closest are kind of plain (9 and 18 are decent finishers with water in play). However, everything in between is fairly interesting as you get into the more wooded areas and lots of natural hazards are brought into play. Some fun/funky short holes for risk-reward opportunities. It's the type of course you probably have to play a few times to figure out. Layout was ultimately better than expected, despite lackluster conditions. Only worth playing if you get the right deal and you have plenty of time to spare.
Played here Sunday morning with ppark81. Bought a GolfMoose voucher (with a $25 cert won at a GK Plays!), which was already a good deal at $50 for 2 players (extra $10 each to play weekend morning, though). We had a 6:29 time and went off first. Not a huge early bird crowd here. We did have to skip through some back-niners after we made our turn, and we finished in a little over 2 hours.

I'd say the conditions were mediocre. The tee boxes were okay enough, though a few could use some leveling out. The fairways were inconsistent with plenty of spotty areas. The rough even more so. The greens were moderately receptive and were the best aspect of the course. Maybe a little bit bumpy at times, rolling at medium speeds. There aren't many bunkers on this course, but the one I did find on 18 was crazy soft on the upslope. My ball plugged and buried about 4 inches deep.

The conditions were a bit disappointing, but I enjoyed the layout. It's a very pretty and secluded setting with some wonderful views. The layout is somewhat hilly and there are a number of interesting/tricky holes. Auburn Valley isn't close to being in the class of Darkhorse or The Ridge, so look for a deal or be sure to play one of those if your time in the area is limited.
Played here Saturday morning with ppark81. The guy in the pro shop was super nice to get us out early behind a few member groups (a little before 6:20) after our super early tee time at a different course wasn't in the system. We had to scramble and Wildhorse really helped us out. We skipped around at one point on the back nine to avoid a slower threesome ahead of us, and we were able to finish in a little over 2 hours.

The course was in good overall shape. Tee boxes fine. Fairways were mostly nice. Everything was very wet and overly saturated with watering, so no roll-out and some sloppy divots. Certainly would play better a little later once dried out some. Rough a bit spotty in places, but adequate where it mattered. Greens very soft and rolling well at medium speeds. Bunkers wet and compacted early with okay sand.

I thought Wildhorse was a pretty solid course. Not too many homes around the course after the first few holes and a pleasant setting. Overall pretty forgiving, though there are a few good strategy holes with hazards in play.
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