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Teed off Thursday, 4/20, at 9:45 finishing in 4.5 hrs. I thing the course maintenance crew had Easter week off. The greens had very little signs of aeration a few weeks prior but they had not been mowed recently. They were shaggy and bumpy. Once the greens are mowed they should be in good shape. The fairways, other than being a little long, had good coverage. The rains earlier this year have helped areas that are normally a little thin grow in nicely. The rough was in good condition with a few thin/bare spots. The bunkers are very compacted (I was in three greenside). The tee boxes are fair to good due to mild unlevelness. I enjoy the varied layout of the Destroyer course. Water comes into play on several holes. The staff is friendly.

The Navy has taken over the running of Food and Beverage at The Navy Golf Course (previously contracted out). The restaurant, as of April 1, is now called the Take 5ive Bar and Grill.
I have been playing eagle Glen the last few years and last week was the best the greens have ever been in my opinion. Little nervous as putting green was aerified but rest of greens were not. They were very firm and very quick, something I would expect at a tour course. The price is very reasonable and the grounds team does an excellent job of making the place look nice. They were out during my round working and I could see they are trying to improve the course. The greens were perfect. There is alot of play and the course was packed so I expect ball marks and lots of divots when a course gets busy. The fwys are very tight and give your ball lots of roll which helps as the course can play very very long in the wind. I love playing on these greens and will be back again in a few days. I play golf on average 200 plus times a year and the majority of rounds are here. Great job eagle Glen you guys are bringing the course back!
Elkins is looking good. I've always enjoyed this course for what it is. A nice layout, relaxed atmosphere, and good course. Nice mix of dogleg left and right. The greens are in excellent shape. This just seems like a cool Friday afternoon course. Just a good way to ease into the weekend. Nothing real notable about current course conditions. It's all good and as green as I've seen.
Don't let the 5827 yards fool you. You have to golf your ball out here. Houses come into play on several holes. Water is in play on three holes. 17 is a fantastic risk/reward par 5. The fairways were just a little thin to my liking. This is due to cart damage and can't be helped. Criticism ends here. The course is in great shape. The texture of sand in the bunkers is perfect. It is much easier to play out of PGA tour like bunkers where you have a cushion for the club to bounce rather than dig. Woodhaven doesn't have the glamour of PGA West, or La Quinta but if you are looking for a fun course in great condition you can't go wrong here.
Played both legend and champions courses on Friday, April 21. Teed off on legend 1st, at 10 am. Pace of play on both courses was great. Course was in great shape, with the exception of the bunkers, which the necessary sand. Courses are definitely on the come back, and greatly improved from the last time I played here. Definitely worth a play. Just wished they could remedy the bunkers. Greens were exceptional. Worth a play.
Played Friday April 21, teed off at 10 am, and played both the legend and champion courses. Greens are in exceptional shape. Fairways are much better than the last time I played here. Pace of play was under 4 hours, as a threesome we never really waited. The only negatives is they closed the snack shop early, and the bunkers were really thin on sand. It seems they are rallying on getting the courses in far better condition, and the bunkers are last on the list. Overall, pleased with the courses.
Played this morning and course is in nice shape and a nice course to walk. I just wonder why I can play Goose, Oak Quarry and even Hidden Valley under 4 hours but always at least 4 1/2 here and today almost 5.
Played Wednesday and course has never been better.
Played the course on March 25th. Tee time was at 8:44, got around as a foursome in just over four hours. Course was in terrific shape from tee box to green. Cost was around $85 and though not the least expensive, well worth the money.
4/21 using Teeoff deal time $20--pleasant am then sunny with light breeze--just under 4 hr POP with no waiting on the front due to having to search for errant shots then a 20 min wait on the turn staying rather slow for 6-7 holes.
Fairways have been well maintained and had good cover overall with decent lies and good cushion while still being firm enough to give more roll. Plenty of rough cut about 2 inches and varying in quality-- some clumpy spots with more than 1 kind of grass not overly penal but enough to get your attention.
Bunkers that we experienced #5, #11, #13 and #18 had ok sand recently groomed and raked after use.
Tees have adequate cover--some par 3s rather damaged and some markers placed on areas of the box that were crowned.
Greens were excellent firm fast smooth receptive for well struck approach shots and challenging for pitches to judge roll out. Pins tended to be more centrally placed in their zones giving a little more margin for error. As nice as they are all will change as of 4/24 with the start of maintenance.
Staff friendly and accommodating as usual.
A week ago I was invited to play here. It was such a surprise because we haven't been back here since... well, it's been quite a while. So we played here on the 12th, April, and the course was well prepared for their Member/Guest tournament for the following day. I just want to say that to be on on this course during a spring sunny day is one of the best kept secret treat anyone could imagine let alone a day before one of their bigger member tournaments.

So needless to say that the course was in tip-top shape in every aspect. Most their greens are undulating and their greens almost looks fake from how green it is in color and how smooth and FAST they were- it is amazing! All bunkers have the beautiful white fluffy conditioned sand. The roughs just been cut, but it's no bargain- they are so healthy and strong. The teeing grounds... it's difficult to find a divot and when you find them, it's filled, and not only that, you'll need to have a tee in your pocket as you won't find even a broken one on a par three. Oh, and the fairways are cut super tight and are also very good.

You all know I couldn't give a course anymore than a 10, but I'll go ahead and give it a 12 anyway!!

To add to our day, a senior caddie ("Rambo!") gave us the full treatment of his specialized expertize making the round and scoring even more so very special and fun. First ball of four was in the air at 7:10 am, handshakes on the 18th by 10:55 am. Then a lunch at the clubhouse.

The halfway house were re-done and we were all pleased at what they've done there.

A royal treatment at a sentimental place from start to finish.

Thank you.
Played today in a great POP of 2.5 hours. Customer service excellent at all levels. Course has come back from aeration very nicely. All the greens are back in top shape and putting/chipping great (and fast) especially if you are following the mowers. Tee boxes in good shape; bunkers are clean/raked; fairways providing good roll and excellent lies. Nice conditions and recommended.
Listing 13 to 24 of 52,835 Course Reviews
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