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Got out at 2:45pm on Sunday 9/17 with MrKich and some friends. $24 including cart was a good price to pay, and we barely were able to sneak in 18 holes as the days keep getting shorter :(

Greens: Soft enough to hold shots, yet deceptively quick. Lots of mounds that aren't obviously visible unless you scope out the green fro multiple sides. They were a little bumpy so late in the day and there were some notable bare areas (especially left side of #2) that really affected putts. Tons of unrepaired ball marks, but that's on all of us to fix.

Fairways: Mostly lush with good lies. A few bare areas and a few extra spongy areas. Definitely playable throughout.

Rough: Lush and spongy for the most part, with a few bare areas near course boundaries, and some extra lush areas near trees. This led to some inconsistent lies, as on one whole (#8), I was stymied by a thick spongy mass, then on my next shot from almost an identical lie, my club slid through the grass like a warm knife through butter.

Bunkers: All were in very good shape. Fluffy sand with a nice firm layer underneath. I was in 4 bunkers and all had very similar sand.

Tees: Mostly lush and level with some areas with significant divot damage, especially on the par 3s and short par 4s.

Overall, Chester Washington is a fun track with some interesting holes. I don't get out here too often because I rarely feel like putting up with airport traffic, but when I do I always seem to enjoy myself.
Played here Sunday for with my tournament club. We asked our group officer to confirm that the course was in good condition, because we had seen on GK that they had gone through MAJOR maintenance. The tournament director said it is in great shape...LIAR. Starting from the tee boxes, they where beat up and had so many dry out patches and major divots. They where also uneven lie on most of the tee boxes. The fairways had major GUR, but not marked, because they would have had to spray paint the whole fairway! The greens where okay, but slow, like very slow. If your putter is a sledgehammer, you could have got your ball to hold its line. the bunkers where playing like hard packed, concrete filled craters. I don't think I will come back here again. I was very disappointed with the overall conditions, because of the LIE. If these tournament directs would be more upfront and honest, I would respect that he says it is in major growth patter, after re-seeding or maintenance, not tell us it is in great shape, when it is not.
I have not played here for a while, so was excited to return. I generally prefer old style traditional courses, so this courses certainly qualified. Maybe it was me, but the course just seemed to play exceptionally long this morning. Not much roll in the fairways !

Greens were the best part of the course. They rolled well and seemed to "roll out" further than I had adjusted for. Not that they were all that fast, they just rolled true. Both bunkers I was in resulted in plugged lies, so it was a struggle from the sand today.

We were the third group off, but never waited. Played in under three hours at a nice easy pace on a beautiful overcast morning. Enjoyed the course, but did not play very well, but that was on me. $35 to walk is a bit steep, but all in all, a fun days on the links.
Played the course sept 10 after a morning round at firecliff. The course was in great shape. We had the course to ourselves till the 14th hole. The scenery was great. #6 is one of the best hole designs I've ever played. The finishing hole was also great.
Played firecliff sept 10, with GK Gurus Nickesquire, Roarksown, and Rudyclub. It was a great time! First time playing there.
The course was in excellent shape all around. Absolutely worth the geeen fee! The staff was great.
Rancho used to be a favorite of mine when I can score an early time. I have an LA City card that allows booking early weekend times once a month. NOT WORTH it anymore. The course over the years has been stripped of it's teeth, less trees, everything cut back, perhaps it helps speed up play (Needed there.) BUT, the course has never been in this POOR of condition. Fairways- huge bare spots, soggy in some areas, bone dry in others. Tee boxes dirt, chunky uneven dirt at that. Greens slow, although not as bad as the rest of the track. Bunkers hard, with yesterdays hack/footprints still in them. Nothing good to say, $58.50 to ride on weekend. It's very walkable except I have a bad knee can't walk it. No Blue flags for cart either; "out of them." The LA Open was played here in the 60's, it was the best City course in LA. The Seniors played here in the 80's. Very sad. GT
I can see how some of the recent reviews are mixed.

They've closed the back 9 of the Robinson Ranch Mountain Course and the facility has 3 9-holes they're now calling Valley, Desert (back 9 of the original Valley), and Mountain.

The biggest problem I had was with the tee time and rotation management of groups. I understand that they're in new territory, and I hope they get better. But as of this past Saturday, it was a big mess. Here was our experience with their tee time management:

- Called for a tee time and were told we're playing Valley and Mountain
- Got to the course and the proshop told us we're going to play the Desert and check with them after we're done to find out where we're playing for our back 9.
- Checked in with the Starter and was told to start at Mountain and play Valley as the 2nd 9.
- Finished mountain and were told we couldn't play Valley because there was a big tournament going out at that 9.
- Another tournament was going out at the Desert so we couldn't play there either, so we ended up re-playing Mountain to wait for either Vally or Desert to open up. It was either that, or site around for 3 hours.
- Ended up playing Desert later in the day behind the tournament.

The condition of the course was night and day between Mountain and Desert, I think it's fair that my grade is based on Mountain, the worse of the 2 since that's where some of you could be assigned to play.

On the Mountain 9: Tee boxes were very thick and really needed to be cut. Fairways and roughs were inconsistent and had many under construction areas. The parts that weren't being worked on wasn't great either. Random spots on the fairways had rough conditions. Piping a drive down the middle, landing where the fairway was supposed to be could mean your ball is in 2 inch rough. The greens were the worst I've played anywhere. I think the last time I experienced greens this slow and bumpy was in Whittier Narrows, a course I've never returned. It looked like they were trying to cut a few of the greens down to half size. Either that or the greenskeeper forgot to mow half of each of those greens. The green on #6 was completely destroyed. Looked like an under construction fairway, at best. Barely any grass on it.

On the Desert 9: Much better condition everywhere. The tee boxes were still a bit thick, but fairways were more consistent, and the greens were rolling much better. Still a bit on the slow side, but after putting the green on the Mountain 9, the greens on the Desert 9 felt like a marble floor.

We saw a lot of work being done on the course, and I hope they improve in the coming couple of years, especially their tee time logistics. I really liked the layout and look forward to giving it another shot in a year or 2. For now, I wouldn't bother.
Played here as a guest on Saturday. Mostly built into the side of the hills so a lot of holes are very tight. Lots of elevation changes. If you hit it off line, you are out of bounds and lost. Greens were pretty slow but in good shape. Fairways were nice. Traps were pretty hard packed. Great views from almost every hole.
Played Sunday morning, 9-17. POP was slow and compounded by a delayed tee time of 25 minutes. Greens were ok but most disappointing part were the fairways. Huge holes, splotchy grass, and dirt piles everywhere. What happened? Harding's fairways are not anything like this. Not only does it affect play and is unsightly, it's dangerous for walkers especially. The one bunker I was in was also filled with hard/heavy sand. Also, the rough is deep and inconsistent, with the ball sometimes sitting so far down that a decent strike is impossible. If you are planning to play in Griffith Park, I would strongly advise against playing Wilson. Play Harding, which has a better layout to boot.
This was the 4th and final stop on our central CA golf trip. We got a rate of $59 on GolfNow, which I thought was a terrific deal for a Friday morning. We teed off at 8:40, which in my book is early (Weber is usually done by that time), so we could drive home afterward.

Like Bayonet, its sister course, the rough was kept long for a tournament. But we were in luck, sorta, because the rough was being cut down to normal length. We didn't see the freshly cut grass until the back nine, but my game improved significantly with the shorter grass. Like Bayonet, conditions were very good, and these greens were even trickier than Bayonet's. Bunkers, fairways, and tee boxes were all in great shape, and POP was fine, although we had to wait from time to time.

I would definitely play this one again on my next trip, along with Bayonet.
This was stop #3 on the central CA golf trip. We played on a Golf Moose coupon for $80, which seemed like a pretty good deal. I'd never played here before so I was at a severe disadvantage. Finally, we get a course where the rough is manageable, but we still had a lot of wind to deal with. Very professional service, with warm up balls included. Immaculate practice area. In fact, the conditions were like that of an upscale private course, with hardly a blade of grass out of place.

We played the back nine first, and as other reviewers say, it's totally different from the front nine. Hilly like a roller coaster, with numerous elevated tees, almost to the point of going a little overboard. The front nine is a more typical parkland course: generally flat with more houses lining the course. The flyover video on the cart is a nice touch, but totally worthless. It would say something like be sure to use enough club on the uphill approach shot, and would neglect to say it had OB on the left and a hidden hazard lining the right side.

Don't let the yardage fool you. It's pretty short, so we played the back tees (I think they have only three sets), but I corrected that mistake by moving up to the middle tees around the 8th hole. Many of the holes are fairly narrow, and with so much wind I again made little use of my driver. Greens were fast and difficult to read, but toward the end I started getting the hang of it.

I'm neutral on whether I'd play it again on my next trip to Monterey. A little quirky, particularly on the back nine, but now that I know the course I think I'd have a fair chance to have a decent round.
This was stop #2 on the central CA golf trip. This is about the fourth time I've played it, but the first time in 6-7 years, so the first time with the redesign. Like stop #1 (La Purisima) the rough was long and punishing. Apparently it was set up for a mini-tour stop, or something like that, and they let the rough grow long to make it more challenging. Add in the constant wind, the fact that I hardly knew the course, and boy, did it play tough. Again I used driver sparingly because it was too penalizing to miss the fairway.

I never saw a marshal, but POP was fine, especially considering the amount of time needed to look for balls in the rough. The greens were in good shape but tricky. It took 10 holes or so to figure on the speed and break, so I did not score well at all. Fairways and tee boxes were in good shape too, and I don't recall seeing any bare spots.

I would certainly play it again when I'm in the area, along with Black Horse, its companion course, but it would be more playable for this 13 handicapper if the rough was cut down a bit. Very professional service at a first class outfit.
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