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Played here on Thursday, Nov 16th, first time in a year. Not very busy, teed off 30 minutes ahead of our 9:40 time.

Greens: soft, smooth and medium speed.

Fairways: some brown spot but overall in good condition.

Rough: 1-3" high, not very difficult.

Traps: worst part of the course, very hard packed sand/dirt.

Nice practice green, driving range but was closed for maintenance.

Course is in decent condition. Recommend but get a discount, plenty of 2 for $69 deals out there.
Played 11/15 in POP of 3.5 H. Found the course in great shape this week. No issues with tee boxes; fairways had more grass coverage, so lies (you will find some thin areas) were good and good roll; some of the wire grass/rough had been cut down from previous week, but still hard to play from; bunkers all clean and playable; greens were rolling great and provided good chipping/putting (fast) all round. Customer service excellent at all levels.
Played 11-17. Not quite back yet from maintenance but worthy. Probably one of the best designs within 50 miles. Most of the time this place is in real good condition even around well played areas. They must have a great maintenance team. Like a golf calendar on every hole. Beautiful curse.
Played Black Gold today with a mid morning tee time of 10:30. Pace of play just about 4:15 minutes in a foursome. Course is in great condition. Fairways are green with not much roll due to the wet conditions. It became a minor problem at times on a few holes most notably on the longer par fours and all the par fives. Nothing like hitting a bomb and then watching it plug or stop dead on impact. Rough is fair but I never really cared for the Kikuyu type rough but I understand the use of it. My problem is always been sliding the club under and leaving it short on many different shots.

Greens were fantastic, rolling med to fast with very few if any ball marks left unattended. Learned very quickly to never start a putt inside the hole here, even a few 3 footers went sideways. The bunkers all have good amounts of sand with the green side bunkers being very good to great. A challenging but fair round and will definitely be back again.
I’m not sure what was up with GolfNow when I booked this trip, but sixpez and I also got an incredible deal out here for 10:23 Sunday morning. Saturday’s blue skies had turned to clouds, but otherwise the weather was still very comfortable. Again we played as just a twosome.

Like Oasis the day before but to an even greater extent, Revere Concord looks great from a distance but is a little bit rough around the edges upon closer inspection. The greens were great; medium fast, accepted full shots well and rolled smooth. The fairways were deep green but lacked consistent coverage, so lies weren’t always great. The dormant rough was stringy and tough in some spots and less penal in others. Tee boxes were a little chewed up and it appeared no one had cleaned up broken tees for a while…they were everywhere! Bunkers were okay.

This was my second time playing Concord and I like the course quite a bit. The four par 3s are all really good. The downhill par-4 first is a fun way to start a round, and the long downhill par-5 18th is a blast.

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Played here Saturday afternoon with sixpez on his quest to play anything and everything. Turned out to be a pretty fun nine-hole course, albeit overpriced at $25 for 9 holes ($35 for 18, which isn’t bad.)

The course was generally in good condition, except for an odd stretch of a few holes that seemed all dried out. The greens were smooth, medium speed and accepted full shots well. Fairways looked to be partially overseeded and were light green compared to the dormant rough. Mostly good lies in the fairway. Rough was a little more inconsistent. Tee boxes were okay; the 9th was all messed up. I’m not sure the course has any sand bunkers. It looked like the few they once had have transitioned to grass bunkers.

We were fortunate to play here late in the day with beautiful sunlight, which really accentuated the beauty of the last few holes. The par-3 9th is one of the most unusual holes you’ll find anywhere, but really fun with a water hazard fronting the green and reeds that conceal the surface from the tee.

Here’s my Flickr photo album of 17 photos:
Booked an amazing GN Hot Deal for Saturday, 11/11 about a month prior for my 5th Annual November golf trip to Nevada with sixpez. We had a 9:30 time and were sent to the tee as just a twosome, despite the tee sheet being seemingly full most of the day. We caught the group ahead of us by the third hole but pace was pretty decent, finishing in about 4:00. Ideal weather: mid 70s, sunny skies and little wind.

Course conditions are quite good. Greens were a little slower than expected and difficult to gauge the speed at first, but they were smooth and accepted full shots well. Overseeded deep green fairways contrasted with the semi-dormant rough. The fairway grass was nice but not as lush as it looked from afar... just a little patchy here and there. Rough was pretty fluffy and sometimes easier to hit from than the fairway. Tee boxes were good. I don’t think I was in a bunker.

This is a nice course that, unfortunately for it, comes with a dosage of Wolf Creek Envy. The course offers views of nearby Wolf Creek that make Oasis (Canyons) pale in comparison. It shares some of the same features of its famous neighbor but on a very toned down level, as the course winds its way through reddish sandstone hills. I think I actually enjoyed the course more in hindsight than I did in the moment. There are some really nice par 3s — three of which play severely downhill, which is fun. The downfall of this course is the surrounding community encroaching on it…lots of streets and tract homes diminish the overall aura of the place.

For the amazing deal we got, I highly recommend this course. For rack rate, I think your money is better spent elsewhere in Mesquite.

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I was able to arrange a round here on Tuesday after Oakmont, so it worked out perfectly for a mid-afternoon round. It wasn't crowded at all, so I zipped around the course. I ran into one member on the course who told me a few things about the 9-hole (technically 10) layout. The one tricky part is the 6th/15th. Here, they actually have two separate criss-crossing par-3s, one you play for the 6th and the other you play as the 15th. On that same note, don't be fooled by the "practice" green straight ahead of you on the 2nd/11th hole. The actual green for both holes is to the right across a little canyon.

Conditions were decent, but somewhat of a letdown after super plush conditions at Oakmont earlier. Little more dry and thin over here. Tee boxes and fairways mostly a bit dried out, but played fine enough. The rough was thin in some areas and thicker in others, especially around greens. Bunkers were nice. The greens were also in very good shape, rolling smooth at medium speeds.

It's kind of unfair to compare Chevy Chase to Oakmont because I played them back-to-back and they are near one another. Oakmont is obviously a higher-end club. Chevy Chase just redid their entire clubhouse this year, so the facilities have been very much upgraded as they're looking to attract new members. The layout is fun and quite challenging. It's not long, but it is hilly and very narrow in places, with slopes that can sometimes be helpful and sometimes be not-so-helpful. It's one of those old courses where the quirks add some character. I enjoyed the course for what it is and everyone at the club was super nice.
Played here on 11/6 as part of an NCGA member outing. This is their big outing at the end of every year, and in the past few years they've scheduled two Lake Merced visits that always sell out immediately. Finally got in on one and it was worth it. The clubhouse and facilities are nice with a traditional feel and the staff was very friendly with a big outside group. Continental breakfast and boxed lunches were provided. Pace of play was slow at just under 5 hours, but this a place you don't mind taking your time to play.

Conditions were stellar. Everything was super lush and green. Tee boxes and fairways were nicely kept and the rough was thick. It wasn't super duper deep, but certainly more than we're used to in SoCal these days. It was more than enough to make you work hard for a good recovery. Bunkers were fantastic and the greens were excellent. They were firm and rolling very fast. The natural slopes here are very hard to read.

Though originally built in the 1920s, this course has been through several major renovations. Several holes had to be removed at one point to make way for the 280 freeway, so the routing has been changed around. They were redoing one of the par-4 greens when we played, so there was a temporary par-3 set up on that hole. Still, this place has a very classic feel with the Bay Area setting (lots of hills and trees like Harding or Presidio). It's got some modern touches, as well. However the course has taken shape, it is a fun, challenging and beautiful layout. Highly recommended if you ever get a chance to play here.
Johnny recently added some courses I've played in the past couple months that weren't in the GK database. Thanks! I played here on 9/18 while in Sacramento. It wasn't too crowded out there. I played around one group and came back to replay the hole I skipped. Otherwise, I was done with 9 holes in a little over an hour. The price was around $22 for 9 holes with a cart.

The conditions were pretty decent. They had a bunch of small marker flags throughout the fairway that seemed to signify some kind of upcoming maintenance. I am not sure, but the fairways were fine otherwise. The greens were also in very good shape for a course of this caliber. I was in one bunker. It was firm and crusty, but manageable.

This is a solid little 9-hole par-34 course set in a public park. Pretty flat and straightforward with tree-lined fairways. Not much else to note, though better than I would have expected.
Always enjoy playing this course because the staff is generally very accommodating, senior rate makes it very affordable, and there are a number of really fun and interesting holes. The setting is so peaceful and tranquil.

Agree with the prior review by Sammy3, greens rolled fairly well, but there were a few which had some residual signs of the recent punching. Fairways were a mix of green grass, brown areas and some bare spots. Same with the greenside bunkers; some had lots of sand, some were very thin? But I like the course, so I suspect that clouds my judgment. Enjoyed the round, with great weather and no pace of play issues
Been holding off on posting an update until there was something to report or comment on

Played the home track twice this week. On Sunday the over growth from the seeding was running wild. The tee boxes and rough were way over grown with healthy green turf. Fast forward to Wednesday. The crews have been out making the first clippings on the overgrowth and the course is starting to take shape. Tee boxes have been framed and the rough is thick, but not real penalizing. It’s very dense but soft. The crews were everywhere yesterday. Mowing, watering and working on the green side bunkers. By this week end the course should be in absolute beautiful condition. I tried making a tee time but Friday, Saturday and Sunday are already pretty full.

It’s time to play The Rock!!
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