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Played Monday the 13th. Started out running 10 minutes behind scheduled tee time as 1st tee was backed up. Had to wait for several hoiles until the back nine. I agree with the prior review as the fairways are entering into summer conditions as they were brown, thinning and hard. The greens were lightning fast and did not hold your shots. POP ended up being 4.5 hours.
Played early morning today. The rain yesterday did not affect the pace of play, expecting it to be cart path only but it was not. The course was green but some parts of the rough were around 2 inches or more causing you to take more time to find your ball. Lost 2 ball hit just slightly into the rough. The greens were the best I have seen it in months. Rolled med-fast and true. Landed in a couple of green side bunkers which did contain ample amount of sand.
POP was slightly over 4 hours.
5/17 using teeoff $19 on a really nice sunny sometimes breezy spring day. Easy check in off early with a 320 POP waiting briefly on 17. Fairways have good cover were somewhat on the soft side so mostly limited roll. Rough along fairways was cut down to about 1 inch but there were occasional areas of longer thicker grasses. Areas closer to the greens also tended to be deeper and more challenging. Tees were inconsistent and mostly on the thin side with some markers placed on sloped areas. Bunkers also varied from full and groomed to thin and packed.
Greens are at least 90% recovered with little evidence of being punched 4/29 and 30. However they were not yet closely mowed and rolled so they were a little bumpy with more grain and are softer currently. Rolling medium/medium fast.
Played Sat May 11th, Course was is VERY good shape although slightly wet from rain night before. Never played here and based on my score I see the bite to it. Greens are fast and have a lot of break. Next time I play I will have a little more knowledge to know where to miss and where I can be a little aggressive. Overall I really like this course and will be back.
I generally don't play "away" on Fridays, but with Coto being closed Thurs/Fri & Sat for a member guest, decided on Oceanside as they only charge $1.00 more for Fridays and I was told it would not be too crowded.

No problem getting out first and walked in under 2 1/2 hours at a nice easy pace. Course is in some of the best condition I have seen it in. Greens were very nice, fairways good, lots of sand in the bunkers, although some were not raked. (Yesterdays play?) Tee boxes for the most part are fine.

I very much enjoy playing this course. I find it fun, interesting, enough of a challenge to keep my interest. It may not be the most visually appealing golf course, but it offers good value and solid traditional style golf.
Decided to get out to play today even though it was raining in the morning. It wasn’t raining hard so I knew it would clear up but for whatever reason, I really enjoy playing in the rain. Got to the course about 10:00 am, paid $25 walking and off I went playing solo. A guy in a cart was at #1 and was teeing off also but no one was out on the course.

Not much to add differently from the previous review. Fairways were ok, nothing great. A couple of fairways were just aerated and were a mess with big holes and residue cores laying everywhere. The other fairways were in ok condition. The rough was hit and miss. Some were just fine, others were very thick and unplayable really and other areas we hard pan. Bunkers were mud as a result of the rain.

The greens were rolling well. #1 green has had some patchwork done but still rolled ok. This green has always had issue though. The rest of the greens were in good shape and rolled nicely.

I have always enjoyed playing here as they have some challenging holes but the course conditions have always kept me away. Let’s see if the rain and the potential improvements will make a difference going forward. I hope so!
5/15 using their Weekday palm card, on a cool calm am POP 345 with a little wait on the last 3 holes. Easy check in, smooth start, paired with a friendly casual 2some. Course conditions overall are excellent with the fairways having good roll and good cushion. Tees lush and level.
Rough was generally about 2 inches long enough to stop the ball but ok to hit full shots depending on how deeply the ball sank. Rough around and behind greens and on slopes was longer and thicker making for very challenging chips and pitches. Bunkers have deep heavy well groomed sand.
Greens were reported at 10.5 rolled smoothly and at consistent speed. Really like the 6 area designation as the variety of pin placements provide for some very interesting locations.
Great course for a very reasonable cost. Currently doing some alterations, cutting down the size of that maw of a bunker on #4 and have removed some small trees left side of #14.
Nice carts with good GPS.
Wanted to get some swings in before the GK Desert Willow outing so walked on to TC around 3pm on Wednesday, 5/15/19. Golfnow offerings for the 3pm-4pm time period had been running for $39, so was stunned when stoic, unmoved staff memeber in the shop told me $60! GN does not let you book a single, and I don’t have the Creek card, so I asked him to match the online rate but was told “next time book with GN”. Was able to finally get a $53 rate, which was still disappointing given the GN advertised rate. Overall an unhappy interaction to start the afternoon.

I was hoping for a nice afternoon, but the weather was cloudy and breezy, getting pretty cold as the clouds increased – where are we, Puget Sound? The wind finally dropped off some on the back nine, although you still have to be very aware of the crosswind on the narrow, challenging 12th hole. I was paired with a twosome and we were joined by amiable local Pat, who was fun to play with and we had a relaxed round, finishing in ~4 hours. Recent reviews of TC have been good, and we found the course in good shape, playing the white plates (6,206/69.5/125) – many of the blue tees were up at the white plates, or even in front of them.

Greens were in pretty good condition, with good coverage, firm but holding well-struck shots, a little bumpy in the afternoon and rolling fairly slow at less than medium speed – we continuously left putts short. Many greens had LOTS of old ballmarks.

Fairways had good coverage but the ball sat pretty tight. Rough ranged from short and benign to 2-3 inches that grabbed the club and made distance control difficult. Fairly shaggy collars around the greens made putting from off the green pretty impossible. Tees were flat and in good shape, except for a couple of par-3 teeboxes that were torn up, and there was no divot mix container or it was empty. Sand was ample and in good condition, although pretty damp out in the middle of the bunkers.

Saw a cart girl several times. Refill rack of divot mix on the 10th teebox. Basic but newer carts – no GPS, no cooler, no ballwasher. Many sprinkler heads marked. Staff started warning us on #15 green that we might not finish (carts must be in before dark), but we were able to complete the round ahead of the last couple groups. TC is pricey and the shop experience was not great for me – that’s why I only play here about once per year.
Hard to believe I was the last reviewer since Feb? Went off just before sunrise and the rain. Got through 3 holes and then found the gates locked to play # 4 (guess maintenance was still sleeping). Rerouted with no issues (went to 8 - 16 and then found the gates opened played 4-7 then 17/18). Got some rain towards the end of the round, but was prepared with the rain gear and rain was very very light. POP was 2 H. Found the course to be in very good condition. Tee boxes were fine. Not in any bunkers, but they looked OK and should be fine, as rain was very light. Fairways had good roll and lies. Greens were great all round. Even when the rain came, they still had speed. Customer service was great at check in. Did the early bird w bkfst for $32. FYI -Just noticed my review came out as 5.5? It should have been 6.5 as the course is much better than a rating of 5.5
Played today at 1:39pm, $37 via their website. Was joined by two of the nicest, most fun guys I can recall being blindly paired up with - one local and one on holiday from, a very fun round.

They sent us off on #10 due to the Crossings' "Hits and Giggles" weekly 9-hole beer league w/shotgun outing taking place on the back 9 later in the day. Starting on the very tight #10 with your first drive is not very welcome!

Course overall has taken a nice step up in condition from my last visit. Tees, fairways and especially the greens were lush and cut nicely. Fairways rolled well and greens did as well, at mostly medium-fast, with those navigating slopes certainly more slippery. Some significant discoloration on some greens (fungus?) did not seem to add any bumpiness. Rough was dense and penal. Not in any bunkers :)

A great day out on a mid-60's, cloudy and windy day. Defo recommend.
Big Rec this AM (LB Golf Festival, Senior Division), got around in 4:45, not too bad for tournament play. Course very green Kikuyu/Poa with some bare/semi-muddy spots, some marked GUR, some not ... I seemed to find a lot that 'were not'. Rough challenging if your ball settled in that damp grass. Greens somewhat disappointing as they were a tad slow with some bumps thrown in for good measure ... was expecting real smooth and fast. Only in one GS bunker, good condition but thin layer of sand over clay.

Overall, it's the same ol' Rec Park: no frills golf, no H20 penalty areas, gentle rolling hills (very walkable) with some challenging holes ... and some easy holes. Never was a fan which is why I only play here a few times a year.

Recommended for what it is: a decent muni in the center of Long Beach (yes, there's a bit of street noise to contend with, too).
Went out today as the second group out so pace was not a problem.

A little disappointed in the greens. They were lightly sanded which I think was in anticipation of the upcoming rain. Going off that early was even a little sand on the greens resulted in balls picking the grains of sand. I think this slowed down the speed of the greens. A couple of greens have some fungus too. At least I think it’s a fungus. It looks like yellow spots on the greens similar to what happens in your home on the ceiling if there was a water leak.

Fairways 11, 12 and 16 were sanded and pretty significantly too. They actually had guys out there dumping the sand and going back over it with that contraption similar to raking a baseball infield. Other than these there are certainly some patchy areas in the fairways and then there are some really good areas. It’s just a crap shoot right now.

Rough is a mixed bag too but I was surprised that there were some really thick parts on the course. Of course the further away you were the more likely it was to be thinner.

A few tee boxes were a little unlevel and the par 3 has divot damage but you’ll find a spot to tee it up from.

Overall just ok. Hopefully this rain comes as expected to get the sand in the soil and get these greens back to great again.
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