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Played on Sunday March 18. Had not played at the course in 30 years so I was looking forward to playing, esp. after playing the Harding course a few times. The first few holes before you cross the street and the last few coming back are in okay shape but the holes in between are just awful. I have never seen such a bad gopher problem. It is so bad that I couldn't find my ball in the middle of the fairway. The gopher holes and mounds make it so bumpy that they can't cut the grass properly. Hence, my ball was hidden in rough length grass in the middle of the fairway! Note: you can take relief from gopher damage, but this is out of control. Gopher damage in the fairways happened many times. There are huge sections (like 20 yards by 20 yards sections) that are damaged. Harding is bad too but not this bad. I heard from regulars that they aren't allowed to use poison on the gophers. LA is so freakin' controlled by environmentalists (can't kill coyotes either). This is going to get worse and worse. It's too bad because the courses are kind of nice. I would certainly play there regularly if not for the gopher damage. Greens were so so. Some good. Some bumpy. I don't know about the bunkers as I did not hit into any of them. I don't mind gopher damage in the rough, but not in the fairway. I cannot recommend this course at all.
This is my first time playing here at River Ridge. JohnnyGK set up the tee time as part of our GK Cup match. What a fun course!! Track is built on a rolling hillside so a number of the holes have fun elevation changes. As the name suggests, the course has several lakes that come into play. Including hole 13 which has water on both sides of the narrow fairway. Whereas there aren't any forced carries, the water is definitely in play on 6-8 holes (I put 2 in the drink).

With the exception of the lakes, course is fairly open putting a premium on grip it and rip it. #16 sits on top of the hill offering views of the city below.

As for conditions, greens were in excellent conditon. Rolling smooth, divot free, and offering just enough break to make you think but not feel like your putting on a frozen diamond (aka, Spanish Bay & Blackhorse).

Fairways, were ok. Definitely in winter condition but still very playable. The real downside to the grass conditions of the course was just off the green. There were several "tufts" of live grass 2-3" tall mixed in with patches of dormant grass. This made getting a club on the ball very tough.

Fairway and green side bunkers were both in decent condition, except RAKE Your d%mn bunkers people. I found footprints in every (4) bunker I was in.

POP play was a tad on the slower side but that was mainly due to the sister course being closed for maintainance and the nice weather so everyone was trying to get their round in before the expected rain coming later in the week.

This track doesn't go back by the clubhouse at the turn. There is a snack shop at the turn but it was closed. No beverage cart out, so come prepared with snacks and water.

This course has everything I like in a track; elevation changes, water hazards, great greens and a fun layout !!

There are course that are recommended if in the area and then there are course that are worth the drive. RR is definitely a must play when in the area, and during prime condition it is just below the "worth the drive" mark.

I see myself making this a "stopover" course while traveling down to San Diego next trip.
Played River Ridge Golf Club (Victoria Lakes Course) with Alex326, rgm2525 and GDR23 on Monday 3/19. Tons of fun. Teed it up at 11:55am and finished in under 4 ½ hours despite the fact its sister course, Vineyard, was closed for aeration so all play was on the Victoria Lakes Course. They always do a great job with pace of play out there.

Greens in excellent condition, smooth, holding shot and moderately fast. Not quite the 11.5 speed stated at the starter but more like a 10.5 … they roll real nice.

Fairways in very good condition considering the time of year. Light green bermunda turf on the thin side with complete coverage yet good padding to make a solid strike. Occasion spots of Poa sprinkled in each fairway that does not affect your lies but detracts a little from a uniform look.

Rough is pretty forgiving IMO as it is only max 3 inches in some spots but mainly around 2 inches. If your ball finds it however it could be sitting up or down. It will however significantly cut down the roll of your shot that would have otherwise been in the fairways.

Bunkers are in good shape. I found a few greenside traps and all of them had adequate sand and well-kept with exception to an occasional fresh footprint I can only blame some of morning play for not raking well.

Tee Boxs in very good shape (played whites). Mostly lush and green. Decently groomed. Some expected divot damage on par 3s.

They are not going aerate the greens on the Victoria Lakes Course until 4/23 – 4/26 so expect the conditions with all this rain and warm temps to level up every week. The course is a pleasure to play as always with a fun challenging layout and some of the most enjoyable putting greens in Southern California. Very friendly staff and excellent service. Highly recommended.
Rode the Blues today 3/19/2018 with JohnnyGK, RGM2525 and Alex326 as part of Johnny and Alex's GK Match Play. Weather was very nice high 60's with about a 5-10mph breeze at times. Teed off at 11:55am and finished around 4:20pm for a POP around 4 hrs 25 minutes. Met by very nice staff in the pro-shop. Hit a couple balls on the grass range and used there nice putting green right next to the tee box.

The lakes course is a real nice challenge that has length, usually wind in the afternoon and enough water, hazards and OB to test any playing ability. The GK coupon for $28.00 bucks is just an awesome price to walk in the morning Monday through Friday.

The greens were listed as a 11.5 but I thought they were more in the 10.5 stimp range. Hardly any ballmarks holding irons very nicely. I left some putts short and I thought for RiverRidge's standards they were slow. Don't get me wrong for most courses these would be quick. I thought they were in very good shape. Rated 8/10

The fairways were 50/50 lush to thin. Tighter lies in some spots with some dormant padding here and there. I thought there were in decent shape. You did get some roll out if you are a low ball hitter. Rated 6.5/10.

The tees were mostly all level with some minor divot damage just on the par 3 tees. Rated 7/10.

Was in fairway bunker on #3 that contained raked beach sand that was soft but still easy to hit out of. Rated 7/10.

Rough was a mix of lush grass, some dry and thin areas and everything in between. Hard to rate so I will give it a 6.5/10.

I am sure in the next couple of months into May with the rains coming this course will be in tip top shape like it usually is. They are punching the greens next month so go out and enjoy before they punch.

Played the Blues, (5375/66.1/116) in around 4 hours with Andy, Donna and John in perfect weather, around 80 with little wind.

Shadow Mountain was designed by Gene Sarazen and is one of the oldest courses in the Palm Springs area. You are stepping back in time 60+ years when 220 yard drives were considered long. Probably both the shortest and tightest regulation course I have ever played. The four par 3, two par 5, par 70 layout features many doglegs. You look at the scorecard and see most par 4's in the 310-380 range and both par 5's in the 440 range and you think pitch and putt. However, there are not more than 5 holes total that most golfers could safely hit a driver on. I used almost every club from Driver to 4I off the tee on the par 4's, you have to play to the dogleg unless you want to risk shots over houses & OB.

Because of the tightness, the course is tougher than the yardage/ratings indicate in my opinion. The houses are right on top of the course, most holes had OB on at least one side if not both. The courses main defense is the tight, tree lined fairways that are surrounded by hundreds of 70' tall palm trees. Some holes also had 30' tall pine trees mixed in among the tall palm trees, which can almost totally block you out if approaching on the wrong line.

The tees were average and did not match the lush condition of the rest of the course.

The fairways were lush and nice to play from.

The rough was lush, the ball usually sat up in the rough.

The sand traps were well maintained. Fairway traps firm, the green side traps were firmer than I prefer but nicely raked.

The small greens were hard (not firm) and quick. They slope from back to front and putted very true.

This is a shot makers course where position and shaping the ball are the main requirement. This would be a good course for super seniors, ladies and people desiring a quirky, shorter change of pace.
Back to the Goat on a very cold morning. Although we had a 6:30am tee time, nobody there, so we waited until 6:45 to hit it. I normally walk everywhere I can, but took a cart today because I was playing with a friend. While the cart was nice, it does not allow you to "get loose"

The greens were the best I have ever seen them. We had zero cut greens and they were still pretty quick and difficult. Had they been cut, they would be brutally hard. ( In all fairness, I do not play here all that often) Fairways were green and for the most part, had plenty of grass. I was in one bunker and there was so much sand it was difficult to rake it when finished from my footprints. Tees/rough were just so/so.

This is simply the most difficult 4400 yard course I have ever played- period. If you play from the "tips" on every hole, there are some really tough shots, and give the severity of the greens, makes scoring here a real challenge.

While I would not want to play here every day, each time I do play here I thoroughly enjoy myself. Fun Golf !
Played today in a quick 3 H. Course has greened up nicely with all the rain. No issues with tee boxes; fairways (good lies better roll out today); rough is getting higher and less forgiving; greens were very nice. Still not enough sand in bunkers, but pro shop says it is coming in April as $$$ has been allocated (we shall see ?). Customer service excellent. Aerating Sun March 25 and Monday (closed) the 26th.
I played here yesterday...NEVER Again! I only played here, because my Golf Club Tournament Group had it on the schedule. I had played here a few weeks ago (1-31-18), and I gave it a poor review. I thought maybe after 6 weeks, they would have improved their conditions, but No Improvement! The tee boxes where mostly uneven or full of divots, un-repaired. The fairways are concrete firm, and roll, and a lot of time for the worse. One of my playing partners hit a hit up #10, and the ball rolled back 60 to 70 yards back to him! The rough was shaved down to bare nothing and shots will not hold anywhere around the course. The bunkers are hard packed and un-racked. The greens are fast and firm, but some of the greens are so firm, you will just roll off . I had an approach on an elevated par 3, and landed it on the front edge, and it rolled back , 70 yards, BACK DOWN towards the tee box. The course is too gimmicky for my pleasure. This is NOT a Must Play. It was a waste of $90
Played on 3/16 at 9 am - 4:20 POP

This course was in fantastic shape from tee to green. The practice facilities were also in fantastic shape with balls readily available on both the driving range and chipping green. The putting green was a little small though considering how popular and crowded the course is.

Tee boxes were all level, lush, with minimal divot damage.

Fairways were perfect.

Greens rolled true but were much slower than anticipated and a little inconsistent from green to green. They held shots well that were well struck.

Customer service was friendly and excellent.

Can't wait to play again.
Greens aeration is going on at Simi today and tomorrow, so my experience there yesterday, 3/18, becomes somewhat irrelevant as a description of current conditions. A brief summary is in order. Well covered and level teeing grounds — don't recall hunting for a more grassy or level patch. Fairways were generally green and on the winter thin side. Most often the lie had some cushion and was pretty decent to good, but infrequently there were some tight and, less frequently, almost bare lies. Rough was reasonably forgiving and usually offered a recovery opportunity. The bunkers I experienced were pretty nice and groomed — finer than beach sand but not too soft — it kept the ball up and playable. The greens were smooth, clean, on the quick side and, based on my conversion rate of knee-knockers, pretty true.

With the effects of the rains, and by the time the greens have recovered from aeration, this course should be in very nice shape.
Played 3-19-18 first out as a single walking in two hours for $22. Tee boxes were in descent shape, some were a little thin with some divot damage on par threes and short par fours. Fairways were okay a little thin in some areas with some small bare spots that could give you a bad lie. Rough is a mess of everything, short, long, thin, clumpy and bare overall not in good shape. Was in two greenside bunkers that had nice brown sand but also had a lot of small rocks. Greens for the most part were in good shape but some of them had some small bare or thin spots, they were rolling medium/fast with an occasional bump and playing semi-soft.
Played Mar 13

Tees were mostly good with areas of damage and some unlevel

Fairways were hit and miss as many varieties of grass are present and dormant to green could be had as a lie

Green surrounds were also hit and miss anything from lush to bare

Rough was non existent

Greens were mostly good smooth and medium to fast. There were a few greens that had very poor patches. The difficulty is reading these greens as the land slopes mostly towards the valley bottom but visually it fools you, definitely a home course advantage here.
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