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Obtained an online tee time from for $33 riding at 11:32. Good help from the pro shop got me out right away after arriving at 11:10.

I was paired with a single and a twosome, we followed a group of five for four hours. Not a bad POP and it was a nice afternoon. One guy from the group ahead even apologized to me in the parking lot. Hey, not necessary but thanks!

Greens: They were firm and medium fast. I made many putts from the 10'-20' range so I could say they ran true and there were no unexpected breaks. Not a lot of ball marks either.

Fairways and rough: Mostly dormant paspallum and kikuyu with some areas of nice fescue. Everything was mowed to a manageable height and I had no problems with any lies except under the trees on the right side of 18 where it was bare ground.

Tees: We played the blues and they were all level and had decent coverage.

Bunkers: I was in three bunkers. All had good amounts of sand but greenside on three where it was a little thin.

All in all, it was well worth the $33 riding today.
Played today at 12:23pm as a 3some and finished just under 4 hours. Pace seemed slower than it ended up at, but played at a nice, leisurely round on a cool MLK Jr Day.

Course was in pretty good condition overall. Blue tees were level and cut nicely. Fairways were pretty bog standard today, not getting as much roll as I'd hope. Rough was about 2-3 inches. Both fairways and rough had some washed out, hard and very thin areas, of which I found both, and then almost lost a leg sinking into a hidden water-bog under the grass just in front of #17 green, from over-watering!

Avoided all bunkers today, but my playing partners said the sand in the few they visited were soft and reasonably fluffy.

Greens were very nice, minimal ball marks, held shots pretty well, very green, lush and smooth putting. Medium-fast pace.

Saw the cart girl twice and the marshall actually was visible and said a few words. Great day on CM-ML overall.
Played today 1/15/18. Teed off 8:09 Played as a threesome and had to wait 80% of the time but still finishe in four hours. Overall Course is in very good shape much better than the neighboring courses. Kudos to the ground crew and staff. Other than the 8th green all were excellent.
Even after I swore I'd never go back except for daybreak due to slow POP, as fate would have it I ended up back at RSJ with an 11:30 tee off. 3 holes in, 1:05 had passed, what was I thinking. Fortunately, things loosened up after that, and we completed the round in 4:30.

Greens are nice. Everything else is a pasture. It's a toss up on what you'll get more of in the fairways - grass or goose droppings. Dang they have a sheetload of geese and mudhens.

Still, for $30-$40 in SoCal, RSJ is almost as good as you can get. Decent place to go out and work on your game.
Played with Nickesquire, rgm2525 and zgolfinman last week at La Quinta Resort Dunes Course as part of a GK Guru round. Super time. Always fun to tee it up with those guys.

This is a great course that is overshadowed by its big brother the Mountain Course at La Quinta Resort. And rightfully so IMO. The Mountain Course layout, especially back nine is magnificent. However, as a stand alone course, the Dunes Course is in just as good as condition and a blast to play. I thought it was actually more difficult than the Mountain Course. The stretch of holes 2-5 in the wash are well maintained but lack the character of the rest of the course, still fun holes to play though. The rest of the course is an in your face Pete Dye golf experience loaded with cool visuals, intimating shots, lots of forced carries over water and a terrific finishing stretch of golf holes. If you have not played the Dunes Course, I highly recommend it, plus the green fee is less than the Mountain Course.

As far as the conditions, smooth, moderately fast, firm greens. Lush fairways groomed well. Dormant bermuda rough that like the Mountain Course (see my review) will have the rough sprayed this month to make the cool dormant to lush fairway contrast more prominent (like you’ll see this week with the Career Builder PGA golf tournament at PGA WEST courses). Bunkers in great shape as were the tee boxes. My guess is it’s only going to get in better condition as spring approaches and arrives.

Regarding the clubhouse, the Dunes Course has the same large beautiful clubhouse with restaurant and proshop as the Mountain Course. It’s a sight to see and I recommend sitting down for a bite. We really enjoyed our lunch there in-between rounds.

Service was top-notch. Guy’s in the proshop, Dunes starter very informative/helpful, on course service seen many times and friendly, after the round cart guys very polite.

This was my first time playing the Dunes Course, glad I did, should have a long time ago, it was a rare cloudy and at times rainy day in La Quinta but got some good photos anyway, just posted them, take a look!
Played over the weekend, had a great time!!! Used Underpar deal for stay and play, great deal: 2 days unlimited golf for 2 people and an awesome room for $260. Highly recommend.

Customer service was fantastic. Guys in the proshop were very accommodating from the minute I called to book the tee times to the time we left the facility. Course is in fantastic condition. It's not absolutely perfect, but darn near close.

Greens were some of the nicest I've played on. Very soft and receptive and putted extremely true, not one time did a putt hop or bump offline. They were very fast, as well. Beware after the morning dew. Teeboxes were very nice, very level with absolutely no divot damage. Almost perfect, they had a little mix of grass types running through them, otherwise they would've been perfect. Fairways were darn near flawless. Decent amount of roll and never once did I have a bad lie, absolutely great. Sand traps were also in great shape, perfect amount of sand and it was nice and fluffy. Rough was thick and fairly penal, so be careful and try and stay in the fairway. It wasn't super high, but it definitely influenced your shot.

Beautiful weather and had a blast. Room we had was awesome, too. Nice King bed, very large room with a balcony. I will be back.
Well I played this course 2 weeks ago and enjoyed it immensely so I thought I'd take our skins game there. Boy was I unimpressed. We played from the tips the first time on a Friday. Perfect weather. Greens were lightening fast and true. The only complaint I had was a few wet spots. I used the Costco deal and thought it was a great place for $30.

Well we returned yesterday the 14th with 12 of us. First, if you use the Costco certs, you can't have more than 8 players. It didn't say that on the rules explicitly, but they honored it anyway which was cool. The course was very poor. It was very, and I mean very soggy. Mud everywhere. The greens were slow and terribly bumpy. The traps were water filled with standing water in many of them. About the best thing was the weather with little to no wind as this isn't a course you want to play when it's blowing.

We teed off at 8:30am and POP was 5 hours, YAWN!!!! We ended up with the cart GPS complaining we were 30 min behind and we were playing into the 3 groups in front of us. No Marshals to speak of and the one slow group, out for a Sunday drive I guess, backed the whole d%mn course up. I'm glad we only paid $45 ($30 for the cert and $15 for playing the weekend prime time). I would not have payed the $78 rack rate they charged for a weekend round.

The food was great and the staff was more than accommodating, but I came to golf not eat. All in all a C- at best.

I would shy away from playing the weekends and I would definitely buy the Costco deal and use it. The deal usually only runs from Nov-Feb but they are valid until Dec 2018 so if you have plans I'd buy the certs and sit on them.
Played in a tournament on Saturday, the 13th. It was scheduled to start at 9:00 but went off about 15 minutes late. Very slow round. We finished in about 5:20. Considering I did not play well, it was an ordeal.

The course was in okay shape overall. Quite a few bare spots in the fairways, at least some due to winter conditions. They have let some areas go to dirt on the sides (such as right of the cart path on #1) although there is a decent amount of rough area. The rough was cut low and not much of a factor. The sand traps had thick beach type sand and we had at least two players plug in the face of bunkers.

The greens were whoa Nelly fast. Easily the fastest greens I have played in a while and rolling true. Given the slope on some greens, the speed made it difficult. Two people in my group (okay, I was one of them) four putted greens. On a par three on the back nine, I saw four people chip across and off the green on a front pin placement where if you were not below the hole, you could not hold the green if you got to the hole on your chip. I liked the challenge the greens provided. They were the highlight of the course.

The course has wild areas but the undergrowth has been largely cleared out where it might come into play. We had numerous shots bounce off hillsides and back into the grass or at least where they could be played. It was possible to get into trouble but there was definitely some forgiveness. There are a lot of uphill shots to greens where it is difficult to judge distances to counter the forgiveness of the tee shots.

I seem to play here every 8 to 10 years. If it is that long again, I probably won't be sad about it.
Played here 1/13/18 with 2 other players. Our tee time was 7:15am. POP was very good. We finished in 4 hours. Course was in pretty good shape. A few bare spots scattered around. Tee boxes were decent and for the most part level. Greens were in awesome shape, firm and rolled true and held your ball well. Water was clean and fairways were trim. Very fun course to play but not too challenging. I shot a 92 but dropped a 36 on the back 9. I had to play the first 2 holes in the dark which wasnt easy.
Played Saturday morning 1/13 at 10:30 with a buddy, paired up with another two-some. I seldom get down to Harbor Park, which makes it a change of pace. Also it fit my itinerary for the day and I like it as a fairly straight forward 9-holer that includes two par fives.

Overall conditions were pretty decent for mid-winter. Tee boxes were level or mostly, and had enough coverage on them. The fairways were pretty green overall and mostly decent lies, but there were stretches where the grass, while green, was fairly thin and the sticky, damp undersoil was more of a factor. Rough could be either lush or bare, depending on where you ended up, but usually better around the greens. I missed the bunkers, so no intel there. I thought the greens were in pretty good shape — running medium speed, fairly true, reasonably smooth, and not particularly bumpy or marked up.

The pace was a leisurely but steady 2.5 hours. It was a surprisingly warm, sunny day — really very nice to be out for a walk— and I had no complaints. Not a course to go too far out of your way to play, but no reason to avoid either.
Quick little Saturday round at Penmar this weekend. For $20 it's almost always a great, quick option when time is short. You're never going to get pristine conditions here, and there's no range to warm up, but it's usually in good shape (with the exception of the greens and tee boxes).

Currently the fairways and rough are in nice shape, a few muddy sections to contend with though. Greens are slow and very bumpy. Sand is thin. Tee boxes are mostly in poor shape currently. POP can be an issue here but on this weekend we got lucky and didn't get held up until the 5th hole but not too bad.

I've seen Penmar in better shape but it's by no means bad right now. You get to use a lot of clubs in your bag here for a nine hole, and getting on is usually hassle free, so if you only have a bit of time, try it out once.
Played here today at 7:56 using a Costco voucher I received for Christmas. Paid $10 extra to tee off before noon. Employees (especially the starter) were all very friendly and welcoming. Paired with three guys who play the course semi-regularly. Started on time and pace was decent all day. The group in front of us was a little behind but we still finished in just under 4:30. Beautiful morning and quite warm by the fourth hole.

Conditions aren't much to look at right now but the course actually plays quite nice. Greens are smooth, medium to medium-fast speed and accept full shots well. Fairways are dormant grass with good coverage, but extremely tight... almost like hitting off an old, thin driving range mat. The rough was sometimes preferable, providing a little fluff under the ball. It wasn't too penal in most spots and seemed best around the green complexes. Tee boxes were good, although one or two were a bit lumpy. Bunkers were pretty good, no compacted sand but some seemed more dirt-like than sandy.

This was my third time here and I feel like the course grows on me a bit each time I play it. I think the greens are really challenging, tricky to read and difficult to hole putts. The dormant fairways mean you have to be especially careful on downhill sloping fairways. I nearly drove the green on Nos. 1 & 14. On the short par-4 6th, my 3-wood tee shot ran through the fairway and into the hazard some 280+ yards from the tee. And then on the downhill 16th, my drive ran all the way to the end of the fairway, probably 370 yards from the blue tees. Kinda felt like Kapalua on those holes, so that was sorta fun, but also sorta ridiculous. They put up some netting around the 18th green presumably to keep birds off the green... a necessary evil, I guess, but it's not very attractive on an otherwise pretty finisher.
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