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Played 4/22 as a twosome before a shotgun tourney. Teed off at 7:50 and got stuck behind a foursome that just didn't seem to mind playing slow and having us wait for most of the day. What should have taken us 3 hours or less took up about 4.5 hours. It's a great course, though, and the weather was perfect all day.

I played from the tips and the tee boxes were in excellent condition. Minimal divot damage and plenty of coverage. The fairways were in great condition as well. Semi-soft but still got some roll out on some of my drives. The rough was thick around the greens but less penalizing around the fairways. The bunkers had great sand and were a pleasure to hit out of. The greens were as always hard and not very receptive unless you hit it high and pure. I had multiple well hit longer irons that just didn't get the check up that I usually get. The greens had recently been verticut and also had a light dusting of sand as well. It didn't affect the speed of the putts too much, as they were rolling quite fast, but getting the breaks read correctly was a challenge. I talked to the starter after the round about the greens and he said that because of how much rain they've received they have been having some trouble keeping the greens at their regular condition, so the verticut and sanding was basically their way of punching without losing the greens for a month. Still, a very enjoyable round and I'm sure in a few weeks once the greens have recovered completely it will be even more so.
Played Saturday 4/22/2017. Extremely busy Saturday. Five hours plus. Didn't mind one bit however. Went with the regular foursome and the wives and had a great time. First time here first impressions older course with big trees, dated looking clubhouse, but fine.
Small driving range that the stalls seemed to close to each other. Thought I was going to hit the guy behind me. On to the course. Tees are in good shape no problems there. Fairways were also very good. Thick and cut short goods lies everywhere. Rough was thick around the greens. Bunkers had just enough sand to be playable. On to the greens. They were slow and had a lot of slope. Local knowledge a big advantage. Hit a 50 yard wedge into one green over a mound landed 2 feet to the right of the pin and it kicked dead right and rolled off the green about 40 feet. These seemed to be a theme. The bad is they had been plugged sometime in the past and were horribly bouncy. If the holes had been filled with sand it would have rolled okay, but they were not. Short tight course very tree lined and well protected greens accuracy is definitely needed here. Holes by river our quite pretty. i would love to come back in the summer and play it with good greens. I thinks with the slopes in them it would be quite challenging.
Haven't played or posted much of late. So I looked over recent reviews for Eagle and thought, hmmm - these don't seem to be consistent impressions of the same track. For context here, I love this track but it is well documented on GK by the golf director himself that they are seeking new solutions to maintenance problems here. And with drought and all, things had been pretty dry up until recently.

Driving up, course still looked pretty dry but a ted greener than of late - this panoramic view of the course conditions that you get from the club house was pretty much confirmed upon closer inspection. Turf conditioning is improved overall, with more pad under the ball and the fairways are pretty much clear of any in-growth. Bermuda all the way. That said, it's 50/50 lush versus drier so it's still on the firm side and the ball travels a long way on the ground. A few fairways were recently slit-cut in areas and that was the first sign I got that maintenance is ongoing.

Rough is pretty much non-existent everywhere except around the greens, as it has been for living memory. So there are some iffy lies to be had and no two ways about it, the reason to avoid the rough is not because it's long and penal, but because it's funky thin and penal. Hitting off dirt is not unexpected here. Tees are fine and the sand replacements on the front 9 mentioned on GK by Scott Flowers are visible and much welcomed. Most fairway traps though remain clay and hard-packed.

Either they are getting prepped for green maintenance or they are punting on doing a full aeration for now, but at least 2/3 of the greens showed a light sanding (probably applied in the last 6-10 days) and about 7 or 8 had been slit-cut (16 appeared to have been done very recently, maybe in the last few days). There were few un-repaired ball marks and they were on the firm and fast side, but I thought they were pretty bobbly with the remnant sand and slits.
Also, pins were near edges or tucked on slopes suggesting they were keeping play away from the majority of surfaces in prep for more maintenance.

Clearly they are working towards improvements. but the course remains on the dry and firm side with conditions less than ideal for the most part. I would rate about 6 overall.
The course is in fairly good shape with right now and very busy this Sunday. We completed our round in a little over four hours being one of the first few groups off. The tee boxes are all in good shape with a couple of the short holes in need of some aeration - the ground being so hard that a tee could not be placed in the turf. The fairways have very good coverage but an abundance of kikuyu grass - the stuff seems to be taking over on many golf courses lately. The rough was thick and longer than usual, add the kikuyu and shots from the rough are VERY difficult. The kikuyu is not dense enough in many areas and the ball will sit down just enough to make getting your club on it very frustrating. The traps looked like they were in good shape with visible work going on. There are still a few trees down on the course that need to be removed. The greens were in nice shape and rolled well. The break on many greens here is very deceiving if you've not played the course before. The staff is always friendly and it's nice to see the same faces year after year. The course has some good specials and is usually quite busy. The location makes for a quick round if it's not too busy.
I was matched up with Jon & James on the first twilight tee time, extremely enjoyable guys to play with. We played the Blues (6395/71.1/127) in clear, fairly calm conditions with temps in the 80's. The POP was a leisurely 4H, 30M, we rarely waited or held up the group behind.

The course was fairly busy today. SH is an okay layout set over rolling hills with numerous fun and interesting holes.

The tees were lush, mostly level and only the par 3's needed divot attention.

The fairways were fairly lush. The many areas they have previously resodded are filling in and becoming more and more playable with each visit.

The primary rough is about 50/50 lush/thin. The outer edges are mostly hardpan, you can really tell where they concentrate their watering.

The large greens are almost completely recovered from their spring aeration. They are still firm, but they held full shots well and putted fairly smooth and medium fast. I find the greens here usually have hardly a straight putt with lots of subtle break, and a few greens have hills or crests that produce severe breaks.

The traps were decently maintained.

An okay layout set over rolling hills with numerous fun and interesting holes. The customer service was excellent from both the Pro Shop & the Starter. Drink cart gal was very pleasant and around numerous times. No GPS on the carts, average driving range. Recommended as a slightly above average course in slightly above average condition.
First off at twilight and after playing through some lollygaggers we finished in just over 3.5 hrs
The course is in decent condition, fairways OK, rough a bit mangled in spots, bunkers manicured but just raked moist dirt and the greens are doing well after being punched a few weeks back, they aren't pristine visually but roll adequately at medium speed.
Played Navy Destroyer on Sunday, 4/32 at 10:38 with cobra1788 for our GK Cup match.
Played the blues (72.8/129/6780)
We went out as a 2 some, behind many groups of 4, so we joined up with the 2 some behind us around 3 or 4.
POP was ok, about 4:40, but it was a good pace for the most part, once we were a 4some.
Course conditions were really good.
Tee boxes, while a little hairy, were mostly flat/level, with good coverage, and good areas to hit from.
Fairways were really good. A well struck shot had some good roll on it, and even if it rolled into the rough, it was very playable.
The few bunkers I were in were decent. Not amazing, but not sub-standard by any means.
The greens were great. I heard they were punched 4 weeks ago, and really were nice. They are extremely large, with large undulations at Navy. Part of the course difficulty are the greens. Must have a good putting day to play well here.

Overall, course is in excellent shape, and had a good pace for a Sunday morning.
I enjoyed the GK Cup match with Bruce, and I look forward to my Round 3 match.
I was able to get a single time at Hondo for Sunday AM on Sat, cool. $50 walking, non-res with a 4:15 PoP, not too shabby. What was shabby were the putting surfaces on all the greens. Pro shop guy said they were back to normal after punching early April ... he lied. Actually, they just need a cut and a roll, but today they were slow, bumpy, and just plain fuzzy.

The rest of the course is fine, lot's of pine needs anywhere near a Pine tree with drying out fairways and green rough. In a couple GS bunkers: thin cover but playable.

I don't play here often, the layout can be a bit boring with lots of parallel fairways, but the greens are usually quick and putt nice ... just not today.
Having said that I won't be back. The players’ assistant was very helpful. However I signed up for their Club Card with an expectation discounts and other benefits that included when the twilight time starts and associated price. Each time (4 times) I played there I was told had to pay a different fee that was $20 to $25 higher. Their explanation was some sort scattered pricing that was vague and confusing even to the pro-shop staff. It was clearly not the staff rather the management screw-up in design and implementation. The course was in good shape.
By now you all already aware that Bayonet is a go to course on the Monterey Peninsula. Course offers views of the bay from about half the holes. Track has elevation changes on 17 of the holes. Fairways can be narrow so shot accuracy is a premium. Course is well manicured tee to green. Greens are rolling a bit slower than normal right now but still offer plenty of challenge with most greens being multi tiered. Note: greens are a tad easier than the sister course Blackhorse.

A definite must play in the Monterey Peninsula.
I've been thinking of playing here many times on my way to LV. I played today on a Saturday afternoon on my was tobLV for a convention.
A nice clubhouse built in 2008 greets you. Shared by nice Mexican/seafood grill.
Service just fine.
Course winds through an older community...a bit sketchy late in the day. Carts required back by 630 -- I teed off at 430. I frankly wouldn't want to be on the back nine later than that, as some of the local kids begin lingering. I literally had to shoo off a kid off 5th tee while she lounges there with her golden retriever. By the time I got to 14...I was ready to hit the road. In the early morning, probably a completely different vibe.
This course has good bones. A decent design that they obviously can't afford to keep they choose to focus on greens (good) and fairways (decent), while the rough and cart paths are horrible. Cart was well past its prime. It was bone jarring on the "cart path", such as it is.
Worth the $20 twilight if you need a break, but I wouldn't want to pay much more.
Played here for the first time this year. Course is in good shape. Green were firm and fast. Fairways in good shape, not too many thin spots. Bunkers has decent sand but nobody was bothering to rake. Played in 4:45 on a Saturday afternoon.
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