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Out today after a men's club scramble event. Waited on almost every shot until the event ended (we were on 14 at the time). POP 4.5 hours, just seemed longer.
Greens were a average speed for MM, could use a rolling (lots of little lumpy areas). Quite a few unrepaired ball marks (tried to fix at least 2 or 3 each green), and the bunkers were pourly raked (got out, but no real control). Tees, fairways, and rough in pretty much the same condition as all of 2017.
Service great as always, friendly starter.
Worth the price (player's club rate)
And my final round of my 2 day, 72 hole end of summer PS binge was at a new course for me, Eagle Falls.

You drive behind the Fantasy Springs casino. Around past the parking garage. So around the garbage bins. Turn right into the alley. Then into another parking lot that seems like one that is always empty. A row of palm trees leads you into a parking lot that actually has a few cars. Rumor has it, there's a golf course behind the trailers housing the pro shop and snack bar.

I check in, and off to the starter I go. Across the bridge.....into a fantastic golf course surprise! I was nervous, as the starter gave me at least three rattlesnake warnings, with the ominous "if you go into a bathroom, throw a golf ball in there first to scare off any snakes." I didn't go in any of them, uh-uh, no way.

Conditions here were better than the other 3 courses I had played (Shadow Ridge, Stadium, Nick Tourney). Greens were smoother and rolled a little better. Fairways not so spongy, you'd even get some roll here. Rough plush, but not difficult.

What a fun layout. Only 3 3-pars and 3 5-pars, but the 4-pars include a couple of short ones that tempt you to have a rip. Fairways are wider than you might think, but once you start to realize how wide they are, they throw a super tight hole at you to make you nervous.

Really glad I picked this on a whim for my final round of my binge. A great course hidden on the east side of town, don't miss it!
Day 2, Round 1 of my end of summer PS golf binge was at PGA Nicklaus Tournament course. I'm going to copy my Stadium review and edit it, as these courses are in the same condition except that Nick Tourney has sanded their greens not too long ago. Annoying, but they still rolled fine.

Conditions are fine for end of summer. Greens roll true, but are slow as is normal this time of year. Fairways and rough have good coverage with a dead spot here and there. Staff was nice and helpful.

Not as menacing as Stadium, but still more menacing than most courses, and more than anything else of Jack's that I've played. He must have been angry after playing Stadium when he designed this one?

I loved it.

Note to others, I went through a nine hole funk here. Perhaps I was tired after 36 the day before. Perhaps my swing was bad this morning. Age 53, time to lose strength? Maybe the early morning humidity was up, but the ball just wasn't travelling at all. The drives seemed to be rolling 1-2 yards max. Iron shots were 1-2 clubs short. I finally used the cart GPS to measure drives. My usual 260-265 was 220-230. After the second drive of 225, I realized all of this started when I switched balls to a old ProV1X that I grabbed out of my bag. Next hole, a 180 yard par 3. I pulled out a new ball, used my 180 club, and knocked it just over the green. Pulled out the old V1X and knocked it 20 yards short of the front bunker. #oldgolfballssuck.
Day 1 Round 2 of my end of summer PS golf binge was at PGA Stadium. Nickesquire was able to join me, always great to have a GK friend join in for a fun round.

It had been nearly 20 years since I'd played at Stadium, and man this place is a mind trip.

Conditions are fine for end of summer. Greens roll true, but are slow as is normal this time of year. Fairways and rough have good coverage with a dead spot here and there. Staff was nice and helpful.

I cannot imagine playing here on a regular basis, my confidence would be shot. You hit a bad shot here and you pay for it. You hit a decent shot here, you pay for it. You hit a good shot here, you may still pay for it. Ignore the score, and laugh at how many time Stadium punches you in the gut.

I loved it.
My end of summer PS golf binge began at Shadow Ridge on 9/18. No complaints at all, Shadow Ridge is in good end-of-summer condition.

Greens plush and healthy. As is normal for summer in PS, greens are SLOW. Fairways and rough in good condition, with a rare dead spot here and there.

SR is a really fun layout. Not easy, but not too punishing either. Staff is nice and helpful. Highly recommended.
Decided to play GR as a single today 9/19. Got there about 10:00 am and the starter sent me right out to the tee. Ended up playing with another single, Doug. Nice guy and we had a good time out there. Know that they are not aerating the greens this week and will do so on Sept. 25, 26. Pace of play was slow. We still played in just under 4 hours but should have been faster but there was a 4 some a couple of groups ahead that was really slowing things down. They quit after 12 holes which was fine by us.

The kikuyu fairways are decent. They pretty much keep them mowed down but still not a lot of roll out. Tee boxes were ok. Very thick though and could have used a mower. Bunkers were hit and miss. Some were playable but most of them were rock hard. Sadly, this is so common on many courses so it’s tough to be critical here but I did make a point of mention to the pro, Art Guevara about it and he said he would make it a point to remedy. Art is great guy and if you’re ever there, say hello.

The greens are starting to wear with some showing some burnt areas. They did roll very nicely but looks like they could use some work.

Green River has a great lay out and I have always found this course challenging (then again, they’re all challenging). If you play after 11:00, you will get some wind to hit into. They’re going to aerate the greens soon but I would definitely recommend.
9/18 using teeoff $27 deal time on a busy 5 hour POP with pleasant weather and a gusty breeze for back 9 play. Fairways seemed patchy some really good areas but also lot of thin or variable length/variety of grass so lies were inconsistent. Rough was marginal some ares with enough sparse grass that would allow the ball to sit down to the dirt--some areas a little better. Tee boxes generally had good cover but a few were somewhat crowned.
Bunkers had a lot of deep sand--front 9 was newer and heavier providing a challenge--also requires lot of attention to keep groomed--back 9 had a better quality of sand and was more playable. Many were left with lots of footprints or were poorly raked.
Greens were quite soft and on the slow side. Multiple un-repaired ball marks on every hole.
Staff was friendly.
Played yesterday in a nice POP of 3 H. Greens have recovered nicely from aeration, though they did seem to be a little soft, when receiving shots. Fairways were mowed and cleaned, which allowed the ball to roll out nicely on drives. Tee boxes were all fine, saw/found no issues. Very little rough to speak of and what there is, was playable. Customer service excellent at all levels. Well kept course, with reasonable green fees.
Played on Sunday, 9/10 with a mid morning tee time on a rather warm day. It took us around 4 - 4 1/4 hours to play 18 as the course was not busy due to the heat.

Golf course had decent coverage on the fairways. With the weather being so hot, it seemed like they were always watering here and there. There were bare spots and divots on the fairways. There were a few very wet spots on the fairways. You can still play. The tee boxes had good coverage too tho' there were some rather large divots here. I didn't care for the sand as it was mostly hard packed. The rough was rather lush and deep so it can be hard to find your balls if it lands in the rough. Greens were in great shape. It seemed to roll rather slowly as they were watering a lot of greens while we played.

This is one of my favorite golf courses to play in the SFV. The par 3s are fairly long but the fairways are very wide so you can swing away.
Played here on Saturday, 9/16 in the morning. This is nice facility with a two tier driving range, 9 hole par 3 golf course, a couple pitching/chipping area, bunker practice area and putting green. It was great seeing this facility being used for junior golfers as they had golf lessons on morning that I was there.

The driving range is two tiered with mats. Lower level is nice that there was shade from the second level above. Driving range is not too long with about 200 yards to the back netting. The entire driving range is covered - both sides, back and netting above. It was nice that there were targets on the driving range plus a football field goal post about 150 yards out. You just can't hit your ball too high as it will hit the netting from above.

It's nice 9 hole par 3 golf course with yardages ranging from 50 - 100 yards. It will take you around 1 hour to play 9 depending on the number of people in front of you. I like that the teeing mats had a little bounce to it (no mats on top of concrete). There are bunkers on this par 3 course. You can get your short game practice in. Fairways and greens were in good condition. The greens were a little soft as I saw a lot of unrepaired divots here. There's a lot of beginners playing here. You just need to watch out for errant balls from players on other holes. Hole #4 was fun to play as there was driving range on the left and a tree on the right with branches going over the fairway. You either have to hit your ball low under the tree branches or go through some of the openings in the tree branches over the fairway.

This is also a learning center with community room where instruction can be take place indoors. There's a small golf shop and they have some food available for purchase. They have their own parking lot. There's a lot of construction nearby on 5 freeway so there's a lot of road closures and detours in this area.

If I lived closer to this facility I would come more often. When I'm in this area, I might come here to get some practice in. Also this golf facility has lights. I don't know their hours but you can call them.
Played today using my handy dandy GK Coupon for Santa Anita. Tee off after 1:30PM. Finished around 4:30PM with loads of light to spare and before the twilight crowd. Caught the late morning groups after 7 holes.

Greens in pretty decent shape; very receptive. They rolled well with medium/slow speed. Green complexes have that sticky kikuya grass so mind your release. Fairways may look a little yellow-ish but there was sufficient cushion underneath -- No thin lies here. Rough is a mix of thin to thick to bare but it's rough so stay away. Bunkers had compact sand. Difficult to get my club underneath but after a few shots in the bunkers you always figure a way of of those hazards.

Pace of play was brisk. Started as a single, ended up as a 5-some as the groups behind kept coming.

This was first visit here. Heard a lot of positive things about this course so I wanted to check it out for myself. Love the layout. It's fun, challenging and conditions I was say as pretty good for this time of year. Not bad for you folks in the San Gabriel valley. Play here again? You betcha! Recommended.
Played on Monday AM, first time in 3 years. We had a 2 for $80 coupon.

Very friendly starter and Pro shop staff.

Practice area: good driving range but hitting off mats only today. Good putting green and a chipping green.

Greens: holding, medium to fast speed but lots of old marks.

Fairways: almost recovered from being "punched", I did have a few balls end up in old punch marks but they should be fully healed within a week or so. Forgot how wide the fairway are, quite generous.

Rough: freshly cut, 1-3" high.

Traps: raked but firm.

The course is quite challenging. Lots of shots to elevated greens.

POP: just over 4 hours for our foursome.

They have a 6 rounds for $199 special, Monday thru Friday includes cart, good for one year. Looking forward to coming back soon!
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