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Played Sunday, mid-morning with a PoP of 4:45 so there was some waiting involved. Fairways coming around, trying to green up still had very thin lies with very little rough ... sometimes better to be in the rough. Firm and fast, even the greens which were true and mostly great to putt on, just not holding very well other than well struck wedges. Bunkers thin and not player friendly at all.

Always enjoyed the layout, canyon golf and a few parallel fairways where you could cut loose. Recommended with a deal.
Just a quick update for Riverside. Played yesterday, 3-24-19, tee time was 7:00, second off. Course is in decent shape. Greens were rolling decent, still had the morning dew on them. But the fairways in spots were tough, not sure if they had a tournament the day before but there was a TON of divots that weren't covered up with sand. I know the big City Am tournament is coming up and the rough is starting to grow in thick in many spots. But overall, typical expectations of Riverside. They get a ton of play, especially on the weekends. If you don't want to fight the crowds and this is the only option, get out there before 8am. Tiny greens, so make sure your wedge game around the greens is up to par!
Played down here over the weekend for the first time. Man it is a loonnngg drive. Course is situated in a really cool valley. All the hills are very green right now and it is a beautiful setting. The course isn't long by any means but it is fun and interesting with a little bit of water in play off the tee and some nice tree lined fairways.

The fairways and rough were very nice for the most part not much to complain about. Greens were rolling smoothly, not overly fast but felt like they held their lines well. Bunkers were in nice shape and properly raked all day. Tee boxes were good for the most part, a little thin here or there but no big deal.

Probably not the type of course that is going to challenge you, but a good area if you're going to go enjoy yourself for a couple days on a weekend and maybe stay at the casino. Would like to come back down and check out the willow glen course, the locals stated that is their favorite amongst the courses down here.
3/25 using Golf Moose $49 2some staring just before 8 POP 310 waiting only on 18. Fairways along the river were flooded at some point and about 1/2 of the area toward the bank is sandy and thin. #4 looks to have actually lost about 10 feet due to wash out. Rough is more apt to be present on slopes and areas close to the greens giving a more challenging lie on the shorter shots.
Bunkers were still pretty wet and not recently groomed as there were multilayers of unraked foot prints. Tees here are quite chewed up especially on the par 3s.
Greens are the high light, lush mostly smooth rolling at medium/medium fast increasing speed as they dried out from the morning dew.
Easy friendly check in.
Junior event last Sunday. Dont get why they would aerate the greens before a tournament but they did.

Other than the greens, everything else was fine.
Sunday, 032419, with a 7:52 tee time on a nice day that warmed up close to 70 with very little wind.

I'm just not happy with their greens at all. It was bumpy and slow! I am sure it is not something anyone would hope for on any green they're playing.

Their fairways were fine and their rough is a mix types of grass that are cut low like a primary cut, but then other holes have thick lush roughs in the back nine although it was still low. The teeing grounds were 50/50 used up but you can find a spot to tee it in. The bunkers were 50/50 also- fluffy and light in one and thick wet and heavy on another- I was in two.

I heard one of their main pipes broke and the rest rooms were closed- they have a portable toilet near the driving range. I couldn't tell for sure if the restaurant was closed for a period, but the main door had yellow tape that looks like someone tried to pull out.

Check in was a typical L.A. city course treatment. Never a bev cart here (not that I'd be glad about it if they did)

But anyway, it's always fun to play here- I'm just hoping for better greens in the future.
Saturday 032319 was a windy day on the cooler side in the morning that warmed up to high 60s without a cloud, and it was a tough day to make any good thing happen.

The course is in good shape- coming back strong from the winter weather with lots of help from the rain we've had. The greens are not fast, but it was nice and smooth- receptive on higher approaches... the greens are hardening and may need aeration sometime soon. The fairways and the teeing grounds were in good shape, and the bunkers were better than okay, but the rough is patchy and mostly uneven (yikes!).

Pro shop and the restaurant have good service. No beverage cart.
Rode the Blues this morning 3/25/2019 on a picture perfect morning with no wind. Joined by a nice twosome and nice single. Our POP was 4 hours riding at a nice pace. Great staff here as always, very nice chipping and putting green and plenty of mats to warm up on at range.

I was really impressed with the golf course. All the rain has really improved turf conditions in the fairways. Fairways had nice coverage, would not call them super lush but never had a bad lie in the fairway. They will only improve in the coming months.

Greens were also in great shape. Rolling perfectly and holding iron shots that are high or with spin. Just love putting these greens.

Greenside rough was beautiful, lush and uniform. Very nice to chip from around the green complexes.

Tees were beautiful, lush and level.

Was not in any bunkers today but they looked to be raked and on the firmer side.

Just love everything that Rustic offers. World class design, affordable rates, challenging green complexes, shorter par 4's to reach, longer par 4's to challenge. Great mix of par 3's and 5's.

I would highly recommend this golf course to any player right now. Will be back for some more rounds this spring and summer.
Simply the best value in Southern California ! $16.50 to play on the ocean on a beautiful spring morning.

6:30am tee time, second off, but the threesome in front needed to be pushed to keep pace, otherwise no issues with pace of play.

The greens were exceptional. Fast and true, however they will be punching them on 3/26/19, so great timing to play today. Fairways generally decent, rough as usual is spotty or terrible. I notice they have cleared areas surround some of the trees adjacent to a few fairways and surrounded them with sand ? I was lucky enough to find two of them, which made playing off those lies not so much fun. My bad. Keep it in the fairway and it would not have been an issue.

Always enjoy playing this course, even today when I totally sucked, it was a great day to enjoy the ocean views and putt on such pure greens, none of which I made by the way.
Played yesterday/Sunday, 7:45 teetime. We were fortunate enough to get infront of a large group of 40players behind us. POP was much better than usual, 4:15, which wasn't too bad for Balboa. Waited on most shots on the front, but the back moved quicker. Only one group on the 6th teebox, which is a miracle!!

Conditions overall are just average for everything.

Teeboxes were level, but very hard underneath. Broke tees on half the drives.

Fairways were all pretty decent, they were really nice walking up to the landing areas, but then the landing areas were a little suspect. Some divot damage and dead patches here and there.

Greens were pretty nice, but they were firm, didn't hold shots unless they were struck perfectly with lots of compression and spin (I guess that's what you're supposed to do normally) If you were hitting the greens from the rough, expect a club of release, at least.

Found one bunker greenside and it was just fine, no issues.

Rough was rather high and thick, try and avoid it!!

customer service was just fine, the large group of 40 going out behind us had a line out the door in the pro shop. Since we were going out first, they let us skip in front of the line to check in.

Walking resident rate $40 is definitely worth it. Love the track and it's a great walk, good workout. Looks like they are going to punch the teeboxes and fairways, they had them all marked off around the perimeters with red paint. Hopefully that will improve the conditions.
Played here on 3/16/19. Price wasn't too bad. I played with my friend and we tee'd off at 6;47am. Right at sunrise. We were the second pair off the tee. Pace of play was 4 hours for us but we also spent some time looking for golf balls thanks to the high wind. Rack rate was $49.00 a bit steep for the conditions. Lets break those conditions down now....

Fairways- Weakest part of the course, super thin, very little to no growth and mostly dirt or sand. Balls would roll forever and sometimes into the water canal's because of it.
Greens- Best part of the course, very few ball marks due to them being so firm and fast. Greens rolled true and were pretty nice.
Sand Traps- 50/50 some were fluffy others were matted sand with little rocks in it.
Tee Boxes- 50/50 Front nine were much better than the back 9 on this course. Most were level but some showed some damage.
Rough- was non existent due to super thin fairways
Water- there was very little water on the course but it seemed to be clean and not smell.
Cart Girl- Saw her twice and was polite and friendly along with the front desk who was also helpful.

** This course is going to start seeding in April they said so expect by Late June or July for conditions to improve. Until then I wouldnt pay more than $30 weekday and $40 weekend.
For those that may not know, Winter Park Golf Course is probably one of the most highly regarded and highly discussed nine hole courses in the country!

I’m happy to report that the course sure does live up to the hype. Winter Park just oozes with charm, thanks to its unique setting and a nice re-design in 2016. What makes the course’s setting so neat is that it is smack dab in the middle of town! The course works its way between city blocks, a cemetery and butts up against some railroad tracks. I even had a couple SunRail commuter trains go through while I playing.

While Winter Park (the course) dates back to 1914 its 2016 renovation put the course on the Orlando golf map. From what I’ve read the course was in disrepair until Riley Johns and Keith Rhebb renovated it in 2016.

I’m not exactly sure of everything that Johns and Rhebb did during their work, but they added some brilliant green complexes, fairly dramatic bunkering and seemed to increase that intangible “fun factor” that golf seems to be missing these days!

The conditions at Winter Park were nice. The turf still had that newer look to it and I’d guess the course plays firmer and faster without the buckets of rain that fell right before my round! There was some standing water but things seemed to drain well.

I loved every minute playing Winter Park!
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