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I'd not played Diamond Bar for a few years, so decided to take advantage of the senior card rate of $16.50. My concerns were how long it might take. We had a 7am tee time, so after paying walked out and looked at the long line of carts waiting to tee off. I thought that it would be a nightmare, like five hours or so. but to my delight we actually teed off 10 minutes prior to out time and finished in 3 hours 45 minutes. Very impressed and surprised!

The greens were much better than I expected. Rolled true, smooth and were reasonably quick. Best part of the course. Fairways, bunkers both good. A little less so for the rough and tee boxes.

Let me say than when 5+ years pass from the last time you play a course, it's incredible how much longer the course played. (Couldn't be because I'm in my 70's now ! ) Despite my age, I'm no smarter, because I played the "tips" at 6800 yards with damp fairways. Truth is, too many holes were a struggle to hit in regulation. Five years don't mean a lot when you're young, but once you get "old" those 5 years are night & day different. But I know me, and if I'm still alive and golfing in five more years, I'll make the same mistake.
Played today in 4 H pace. Very slow group in front of us. If people wish to play early, they should not play slow? Effects everyone behind you. Course has rebounded nicely over the last 2 weeks. Tee boxes are all now green, clean and playable. Fairways were damp when we started (so no roll) but on the back 9 they began to dry out and provide some good roll. But the fairways are not "lush" (and still some dry/brown spots) so you will encounter some thin lies and hopefully you know how to deal with that? Bunkers were all fine and playable. Greens have come back very nicely from aeration. Wet when we started and had not been mowed, but sill putted fine. By the time we got to the back 9, they had dried out and chipped/putted just fine, with good speed. Customer service excellent at all levels.
Wet kikuyu – even more fun than regular kikuyu!!

Played with my monthly group here Saturday, 10/13/18, at 10am after quite a bit of rain the previous night and this morning. Just scattered sprinkles by the time we teed off behind only scattered groups – very unusual for Lakewood on a Saturday morning. Course was very wet and we played LCP, so I didn’t rate the course. Greens were in good shape – receptive, rolling well at medium+ speeds. Wet bunkers with some standing water – no LCP there!! We were able to avoid wet deep rough areas through the LCP. Many areas with muddy ruts from carts and equipment – I was surprised they were allowing carts on the fairways. Many fairway areas squishy from pooled rain.

Overall decent conditions following the rain. We caught the group in front of us on the 17th tee, finishing in just over 4.5 hrs, which is breakneck speed here on a weekend morning.
Just wanted to report back that the greens have fully healed from recent aeration.

Played Saturday the 13th, in the rain but it wasn't pouring.

Tee boxes were good, there was some thin areas, but I had no problem finding a good patch to tee off from. Fairways were very nice. I didn't see any noticeable bald or brown spots. Rough wasn't too tall and was consistent. Bunkers were all wet from the rain, but had plenty of sand in them. Greens were very very nice. No sign of aeration and was rolling nicely even after a heavy night of rain and being wet. Better than most courses on a good day.

Go play.
I decided to play Reidy Creek on Friday, 10/12/2018, to get in a little iron practice. The course left me with mixed feelings. The greens were punched earlier in the month but they are recovering nicely. Even with them being a little long and bumpy they still rolled quiet nice. That was the highlight. The tee boxes were not bad. The traps were in horrible shape. I won't call they sand they were more like concrete. Some had moss growing in them. I also encountered numerous abandoned carts. The group in front of me had to walk one hole until a new cart was delivered. I was glad I was walking. It was a good bargain late Friday ($12 walking) but the course is not nearly as nice as it once was.
First time playing Mt. Woodson today. Great day and great conditions. A few of the tee boxes were a bit chewed up but that was the only real blemish I saw. Can't wait to play it again.

We played slow but that was solely our fault. Played some older guys so getting to their balls and hitting took a while. We were the first group behind a shotgun tourney. Never saw anyone after the second hole. Nobody behind us all day. By the time we finished we saw a group maybe 2 holes behind us that started to catch up. So peaceful.

The started did tell us we were playing slow at the turn. Not sure if he was joking because we never saw anyone most of the day.
Had a super fun Sunday round with Johnny, Kassper7 and Mattias at Black Gold. The staff there did an absolutely amazing job taking care of us and it was well worth the drive out to Yorba Linda. We had a late tee time but ample time to finish as the long shadows began covering the course late.

This is such a very tough course where every errant shot will be penalized handsomely. There's just not a lot of room for error and club selection here is absolutely critical. Pick the wrong club and go just a bit long or too short and all of a sudden you'll find yourself in a whole lot of hurt. But when you do hit the right shots, it feels pretty great.

The course is quite green right now considering the time of year and looked very good from the visual aspect. You may find an occasional thinner lie here or there, but mostly we found ourselves hitting from very good lies in the fairways all day. Of course the rough is fairly grabby with the type of grass they have in play here, and if you're off the fairways then you never quite know what you'll get. Plenty of places to lose balls off the fairways and when you find them, it's often no picnic to get back into the fairways.

Greens I found to be in really nice shape. A few ball marks here and there and maybe not as fast as I've seen the greens here before, but they were holding shots quite well and rolling very true. Some tricky pin positions today made putting an adventure for sure, but nothing gimmicky or over the top. Bunkers seemed really good by the greens optically, but they're not as fluffy as they look when you're in them, however the fairways bunkers are the perfect type of thin sand to still be able to hit good shots. Tee boxes were level and had mostly good coverage.

We had a pretty decent POP for most of the day and were having a such a good time that it was surprising when we did actually come in right around five hours. The cart service came around numerous times and I did see water stations on a few holes, so that's good service.

All in all it was big winner of a day out at Black Gold and I would definitely recommend a trip out there if you're feeling pretty confident in your game and want to have an enjoyable round at a quality establishment while the conditions are still very good overall. Just know that this course is no cakewalk and you're in for a big challenge, but you'll enjoy every bit of it.
Played Alhambra on Saturday with a buddy and were lucky enough to avoid the rain all day with a 10:30am tee time and $51 with a cart playing from the blue tees. As much as it rained the night before, we were expecting a swamp, but the course actually drained pretty darn well and there weren't too many areas with standing water.

The course itself gets too low a rating for its short length, but there are plenty of holes at Alhambra where you can get in trouble if you're not on target. It's a shame that you can post a very good score here and that won't be reflected in your handicap at all. But I digress … the course is a fun layout with a good amount of opportunities to go for greens early.

Conditions at Alhambra despite the recent aeration are quite good. Fairways are in very nice shape overall (as usual) and the rough is also good. You won't find too many poor lies at Alhambra which is great - they really do take good care of this place. The recently punched greens are healing well and only showed minimal evidence of punching, however they were a tad bit spongy and slow from all the previous night's rain, and could probably use a flat roller pretty soon to really get the speed moving again.

Bunkers and tee boxes both in good shape as well. Always have a nice time playing this cool little track but I am a bit put off by the terrible ROI after a good round when it comes to the handicap (if you care about things like that). I will always come back here though a few times per year as they are deserving of the business and do a great job taking care of their customers.
October 13, 2018 goes on the Southern California calendar with reports of the long awaited rain which was great! The temperature was in the high 50s for the most part with some breze. I’m not sure that this playing and current weather conditions will be a fair review for the course. It was wet and soggy conditions. What’s good is that the course is covered with good grass and for the most part the rough were lush though not very penalizing.. aw wet sand and some water in it. The greens rolled real well but it’s soaked and holds the ball where it lands- that could be good news for some or not.. for some. The pace of play sucked behind a very slow tournament- over 5 hours... YIKES!!!!
Still a good golf day- better than going to a dental appointment. The kid practicing for his am tour next week was an inspiration to tee with- all day bombs and darts from him.. shakin my head.. kids these days...
I’ll need to come back here and play it again in a better weather and conditions- nice track.
Bev cart were around a few times. Staff were good and attentive including snack bar food folks.
Played Balboa 8*00 start on a Sat. Unlike 20 years ago when there would have been a hundred guys waiting around for a spot on one of the 2 courses, it was easy to sign in. We had a 3some, went out as the same. POP 4 hours 20 min, not bad for a Sat out here. The course is not in great shape, it probably never is. It's been a long time since I played here, same issues. LA City course, gets plenty of play, not enough maintenance. Greens were real nice, mid-fast, yet softened up by over night rain. Fairways very weak. Numerous GUR & many other bare spots, some really large, like 10' by 40 '. Thin grass at best, even in better fairways. Rough is ok, not crazy high, but tough enough to hit out of without being to penal. Mix of kikuyu, crabby grass & many others. Couple bunkers I was in were ok, firm but not rock hard. Tee boxes level. Overall it was fun morning, but just a so-so muni course. I will drive out of LA & spend more $$ rather than come back.
Played the Tournament course at Coyote Creek. Course conditions were excellent all around. Greens wer phenomenal with hardly a pitch mark to be found. Greens rolled true at a fast pace. Most greens are manageable but there are a couple with some major height difference between the two tiers.

Fairways were a solid 9 as well. Green lush and just short of perfect. There were a couple of fairways with some damage from the wild hogs but not nearly as bad this time around. Sand traps were fine as were the tee boxes.

I hear there's a big difference condition wise between the two coyote creek courses with the tournament course getting 75% of the attention.

We Tee'd off at 8:30 to avoid the majority of the weekend rush. Still POP was a bit on the slow side but not bad considering it was weekend prime time.

The Layout is fun and challenging. Given the great conditions, it's worth playing.
Played Fri Oct 12th, our group messed up the email for tee times and luckily I was there an hour early for breakfast, which I missed and got right off. The last review was pretty accurate, greens half punched, and half not. They put the pins on the good grass side, so if you are on the correct side the greens rolled ok, if you had to go from punched to hole, you really had to hit the ball hard to get there, found that out on the first hole (3 putt) and learned, the only other 3 putt i had was I was on the good side of the green and hit it too hard, mentally forgot grass sides, so the greens weren't good but you could adapt. The other thing to consider is the approach, if the punched area is front and you play for rollout to back flag, it won't roll out , the ball pretty much stops. I had 32 putts so they are manageable. Other than the greens the course was ok.
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