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Played 5/25 with a 8:41 tee time we got out about 5 minutes late. We waited a bit on the par threes put still finished right at 4 hours.
Course is in its usual prime condition. Fairways,rough, bunkers in great shape. I was not in a bunker but some of them looked to have new white sand.
The greens were smooth and running quick. They held good shots very well.
The staff as usual were friendly and helpfull.
Played here 5/25/18. Day 2 of a Palm Springs trip on an Underpar special. First of all weather stayed at 86 degrees with wind coming into play. Course was in immaculate condition. Greens rolled true and were med to fast. Fairways were lush and green, you can even put from the fairways. Greenside traps contained good sand. Lots of water. I can say one of the top courses I ever played. Played 36 holes and finished in 8 hours total with a break for lunch. Definitely will play this course again.
Was at the VA for an appointment and some volunteer work yesterday and had time to check out the 9 hole course across the street in the back of the property. While this place won't knock your socks off, it is a fun little layout and beats waiting around in the hospital. Small Quonset hut serves as the pro shop (my green fee was $5). Nice little putting green next to the picnic area. You hit off of mats (which do hold a tee if you wish) for each hole. The course is very green and the greens are large and in good shape. The course is not flat and does have some uphill/downhill challenge to it, in addition to the trees on the course. From the W the course "stretches" to 918 yards. From the B 1144. All the holes are named after famous Generals/Admirals. There is also, a beautiful Japanese garden right next to the golf course, if not interested in golf? The course is self supporting and welcomes donations of golf equipment for the many veterans who live on the property. Check it out, if you are in the area. Great customer service from the staff.
Played here 5/24/18 with an Underpar special. First time playing the course and enjoyed the experience. It is a links style layout. It is pretty wide open with very little opportunity to lose your ball unless you hit in the water or in the deep rough. Fairways were lush and greens were very nice except a couple which were starting to show some browning. Excellent and friendly staff. The weather was a excellent hitting a high of 91, winds were blowing in the morning but settled after noon. We ended up playing 36 holes. Worth playing again.
This was my second round on Thursday after Rio Secco. Was joined by kevbig, rob1563 and ppark81 and we teed off a little after 2:00. We never had anyone in front of us and the twosome that caught up to us toward the end of the front nine left after nine holes, so we enjoyed our own relaxed pace of about 3:45. Definitely felt like we had this private course all to ourselves, which only enhanced the overall great experience.

The course was in excellent condition all the way around. The tee boxes, fairways and rough were all lush and well manicured throughout. The greens were very firm and rolling well at medium speeds. Not as fast as they looked like they would be, but they can't cut them too tight this time of year. Bunkers had good sand, not too soft and not too firm.

Every review I've read about THE LVCC spoke more about the experience than the course itself, so I half-expected the old school layout to be somewhat forgettable. It is not, though it is definitely a stark contrast to most modern desert-style courses throughout the area. It is a more traditional parkland kind of course with parallel fairways and lots of big, mature trees in play. Many of the holes do blend together, but then there are several memorable holes as a number of nice water hazards are in play. The 9th and 18th are both great finishing holes as short risk/reward par-5s with very demanding approach shots over water.

Of course, the overall experience is definitely a big part of the appeal. The clubhouse has a neat "time capsule" feel with lots of old pictures and classic Vegas style. The staff is very friendly and helpful without being too over the top. The facilities are nice, though the driving range didn't appear to be anything too great with the limited space they have. The area around this course is kind of sketchy, but it is nice and closed off as its own country club island in the middle of town. Located right behind the old Westgate hotel and plenty of views of the Stratosphere, Wynn, High Roller, etc. Just a fun experience on a great classic course. Highly recommended! I believe they do have some stay/play opportunities with local hotels (including Westgate) from time to time, so it can be accessed if you play your cards right.
Overview: Marriott's Shadow Ridge Resort was Nick Faldo's 1st U.S. design, and he said that he drew his inspiration for this design from the sand belt courses of Australia ... in particular Kingston Heath and Royal Melbourne. The fairways are quite large with deep bunkers and large undulating greens. This course reminds me of his Wildfire Course in Phoenix, AZ as well as the Gary Panks design ... Legacy Golf Resort in Phoenix, AZ.

Clubhouse: Greeted promptly at the bag drop and went right into the clubhouse and was taken care of quickly and efficiently by the pro shop staff. Nice to see that range balls and sales tax are already included in the price. Always charged tax in AZ and it seems that more and more courses are starting to charge a separate fee for practice balls.

Practice Area: Large, beautiful practice area that had very nice grass coverage. There was also a large practice putting green and a very nice small short game area.

Course: A beautiful course design with a great variety of holes. The 1st hole is pretty much right in front of you and gives you a chance at a good start to your round. The tee shot on the 2nd hole is right in front of you too, and then the par 5 dog legs to the left and you see all the water down the right side and that is when you know the course has some teeth. The bunkers are quite deep and for the most part have good sand in them. The greens are quite undulating, very smooth and ran at a nice speed. The greens had tightly mowed areas where the ball could ... in many cases run off into a chipping area. The fairways were in very good shape and had good grass coverage. I enjoyed many of the holes, but my favorites were the par 4 9th hole and the par 4 10th hole. #18 is an excellent finishing hole with a creek that runs on the the left side of the fairway for the tee shot and then snakes in front and then to the right of the elevated green. This hole can be very challenging with the prevailing wind out of the north west that was blowing 15-20 mph the day that we played it.

Final Thoughts: Wanted to thank sixpez for his recommendation on playing this course. With the amount of time that I have played golf in the Palm Springs area over the last few years, this was the first time that I have heard of the course and was excited to try something new. We enjoyed playing here and this course will be added to our must play list when we visit the Coachella Valley in the future.
Final round for the trip was at El Rio. Based on the rate schedule on their website, I figured I was going to have to wait until after noon to get a slightly lowered rate ($70 morning rate is what is listed and I didn't want to pay that). However, I was done with everything else I wanted to do early and got here a little after 11:00. The place was pretty much a ghost town and they only charged me $45, which was more tolerable. Had the course totally to myself and zipped around in less than 2 hours. I did see one foursome on 18 as I made my turn and another couple was getting ready to tee off as I left, but that was literally it other than the guy working both the bar and pro shop and one maintenance worker I encountered on the course. Kinda strange to see the course and big clubhouse this deserted on the Friday of Memorial Day weekend.

From tee to green, the course was in decent summer condition. Definitely a bit rough around the edges. The tee boxes were nice and the fairways were good for the most part with some thin sections scattered throughout. Lots of extra roll-out was nice, but I generally had adequate lies to hit from. The semi-dormant rough was shaved down to almost nothing, so it always presented very thin/tight lies. The bunkers were decent enough, though full of those little AZ/NV pebbles I love so much.

The big issue here right now is the greens. I had heard through the grapevine that this course completely lost its greens at the end of the winter season. Somebody did something wrong and it was a mess. So now they are trying their best to get them back to some sense of normalcy. They were rough. Thin, sandy, bumpy and ugly. I am not sure what type of grass they are growing in. It's a very coarse dark green grass that seems like it will be pretty tough once it fills in. There were a few greens that were actually pretty solid with full coverage. They were still a bit shaggy and slow, but I could at least see the potential. Hopefully they are able to get the greens restored. For now, it's a pretty bad situation.

The layout was decent. Very flat and wide open landscape with a desolate desert feel. Kind of a semi-links kind of layout from Matt Dye that has a little character that I'm sure is enhanced if/when the course is in better shape and the lines are cleaner. Right now, there's not a ton of definition between fairways, rough and outer desert areas, so it loses a little something visually. I did like the use of the crushed red rock in the desert areas lining the course. This just strikes me as a course that was built with the best intentions, but has suffered over the years from a lack of care and, from what I can tell, a serious lack of play. Has potential to be better again, but it seems like that's a distant hope.
Spent the last day of my trip in the Bullhead City area. Started at Chaparral. I called ahead and they let me know there's a member group that was going out at 9:00 and anything before that (open at 7:00) should be pretty open. Arrived around 7:20 and got out right away. Member group actually went out at 8:00 and they did kind of a spread-out shotgun, but nobody in my way by the time I finished with a 40-minute pace. Price was $31 with cart for 9 holes. They also have GolfBoards for rent here now, if you are interested in that.

The course conditions were pretty mediocre as the course heads into the slow summer season. Tee boxes fairly beat up and firm underneath, but flat enough to tee it up. Fairways firm with pretty thin/dry grass coverage. Rough areas mostly just dirt and hardpan. Bunkers compacted and damp in the morning, but not terrible. The greens varied in speed and shagginess, with the holes across the street having nicer surfaces overall than the ones on the side where the clubhouse is. Medium-slow and pretty bumpy at times.

I didn't expect too much from this course and it pretty much delivered on that low expectation. Pretty simple layout with a par-30 routing. One of the par-4s is 320 yards while the others are in the 240 range. Par-3s have a wider range of distances and there are different tee boxes for front/back nine play. The 9th/18th actually has two different greens to play to, as well. Overall, pretty basic locals' course for the predominantly senior residents of the area.
Played Fri may 25th, had a 722 tee time but apparently it didn't get in the books, desk knew us and got us out between groups, great service, was told by the starter that the greens were rolled this morning, so we decided not to shoot for the pins and play short and the ball would release, definitely the smart move, greens were fast, rolled very nice. As always tee boxes and fairways were great shape, I have complained about the traps before but they were really nice, probably the best I have seen them here. POP was good at 3.55 4 of us walking.
Played Thursday 5/22. Got a 7:12a tee time online. $45 + tax, green fee + cart. Played with a friend on his birthday who wanted to play here. The course has 2 very different nines. The front nine is more wide open with large green complexes. The back nine is tighter with smaller greens.

The over all condition of the course was mixed. The greens were very good. They were firm and fast. They held good shots and putted very true. Fairways I rated fair. They were firm and thin. A little burned up on most holes. Rough was poor. It was cut as short as the fairway. It wouldn't stop a ball from going off the course. Around the greens, all of your chips are off of tight lies unless you get a bad break and end up in the clumps of grass. Sand was OK. Tee boxes were good.

The course has good practice facilities. Outside service was attentive. We played in 3hrs 15 mins. The carts were old and the GPS wasn't any good. It was to dark, which made it hard to see. Also, the distances it gave you were for the front, middle, & back. It doesn't give you the distance to the pin. Bring your own range finder.

Currently I wouldn't recommend playing here. You can find a better caliber of course with better conditions for $50 around the valley right now.
Played Tuesday and agree 100% with the previous review. However I also played on Thursday and they were in the process of punching the fairways. It actually looked like some were punched the day before. The holes are a little smaller than what I remember and some that looked like they were punched the day before looks like the are already filling in. Generally not to bad but there seems to be more bare spots popping up.

Greens were also punched but with the thin lines that look like the size of a kitchen knife. They rolled really good though. I don’t think this affected any putts.

Sand was great. Just raked that morning and plenty of sand in the bunkers.

Rough is spotty. There was one ball hit in the rough and we had trouble finding it but generally your not going to be penalized too much.

I’d probably give it a couple of weeks to heal before heading out there.
Been wanting to play this course for a while now and finally got the chance to today. Teed of at 10am with a twosome

Pace: 4 hours 10minutes. Virtually no one around us until we caught the group in front of us on hole 13.

Greens: Bumpy and a little slow. Greens look like they were verticut 2 or 3 days ago and werent rolled or mown so Id put the stimp at roughly 8.5

Fairways: Were pretty nice, a few dry spots but nothing too horrible.

Tee Boxes: Solid aside from the par threes which could use a little more attention

Traps: Never saw one all day but from the looks of them, were pretty nice

Rough: Fair but not over penalizing. No issues there

Overall, I really enjoyed the course. The layout, price, and pace were all phenomenal and once the greens get into better shape, this would go into my top 5 courses.
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