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Preparations for the Arroyo Festival have begun today as well as aeration of the greens for course #1. So for the rest of the week, the course is playing as an 18 hole combination of BOTH courses 1 & 2. Kinda odd and unique, but at least its not an abbreviated version of 15 holes like they had it during last years festival. They even have temporary signage and score cards printed up! That being said, course 1 is probably gonna be extra screwy for at least 3+ weeks.
The staff was very friendly and helpful. It’s a little pricy at $115, but it’s worth it. The course layout is in the hills outside of portola in the sierras, a beautiful venue. They call it the dragon and it fits. From the first tee to the 18th green it takes every bit of concentration as you use every club in your bag. There is not a level spot in any fairway. There is also an over abundance of bunkers. A high handicapper should bring plenty of ammunition, I lost 3 balls, two on the last two holes. Having said all that I must say that it’s a very fair golf course, it provides plenty of bailout areas. The greens undulating and difficult to read. They were moderately fast and tough. Even with all of that it was a very enjoyable 3.5 hr round.
Played here today (6/18) as part of the SCGA Members Outing. The day was a mix of ups and downs, however the course immediately jumped to the top of my favorites in San Diego. My original tee-time was 8:20 and with the course being only 20 miles away, I left with plenty of time arriving at 7:55 at the gate only to see a backup of 8 cars. Poor communication between the SGCA and the gate guard made me late so I had to play with the 9am grouping. Thankfully they were some of the most entertaining people I have ever played with so that worked out. Other than the gate delay, the event went off without any issues and although I played like horse feces, I really enjoyed the day. The review:

Tee boxes: Good shape overall. I was happy to see a good amount of tee options. The ground was a little beat up but then again we teed off later than other groups. The ground was level though and that really is what matters.

Fairways: Wonderful condition overall. The turf was bright and colorful, offered ample roll since it was a bit dry, and I didn't have a single bad lie all day. I saw workers all day and they left the fairways in really good shape for us.

Rough: Traditional rough; good shape and penal. The thick blades of long grass that lined the fairways; insanely coarse and punishing. Accuracy is at a premium on this course as there are really no holes next to each other. The traditional rough was about 2 inches thick in most places but it humbled even the hardest hitters.

Bunkers: Great condition. They were visually stunning and I saw a few workers raking them all day. The green-side bunkers offered pearl white sand that was fluffy and easy to hit out of. The fairway bunkers had a browner thicker sand that helped make sure your shots could fly out with some roll.

Greens: Excellent condition. They were dry today and rolled (according to the cart GPS of all things) at 11.5. I felt they were pretty darn fast and the breaks were actually second to the speed of the greens. The surfaces were in prime shape and condition as well, very few divots and true roll.

ETC: Property is situated in the lap of luxury. Clubhouse offered everything you could need. Staff treated me like I was a member. The carts were very nice with great GPS, coolers with waters, and ball wash. The course placed chests every 4/5 holes with more water and chilled fruit; impressive. The layout was quite fun, reminiscent of The Farms, only more difficult. For the price I was really impressed with almost every aspect of this course so close to where I work. Recommend!
Early morning Sunday round in under four hours. The staff was a little edgy with the busy morning but we got out fine. The tee boxes were all in great shape with good coverage. The fairways also had nice coverage with only a few burned out spots here and there. The rough was fairly thick on most holes and made finding balls difficult, especially with the dogwood leaves that litter a few of the holes on the front nine. The first nine holes are exactly the same as before the renovation. The traps were are well maintained and had plenty of damp sand. The greens were much softer that usual and quite a bit slower than what we have found in past rounds. They were very few ball marks and they held shot well also. The back nine is where the course has changed. The first three holes are the same as before then things look a lot different (for the good). The new holes have a great look with more water features and bermuda greens. The new course doesn't seem to play any shorter with the renovation. It's an odd feeling to play a course that has been renovated like Soboba. The back nine was like a new course and has me wanting to return soon. We were paired with Gus who was a fellow GKer, it took us until the back nine before we realized it. The round was very enjoyable and fairly priced for the great conditions. Definitely recommended!
Played early on Father's Day, June 17. Pace of play was typical, about 4.5 hours, starting about 6:30 am. Cool morning with it misting on one hole but otherwise perfect walking weather. It was decently clear out there with several cargo ships heading out adding to a great view. Customer service was great as usual. I heard that they just started actual construction work on the coffee shop so that is not going to be done anytime soon (it was originally scheduled to be done June 2018). The cheerful staff at the concessions table they have aren't complaining but it definitely is not as pleasant an experience for anyone in terms of food & beverage.

They have been putting a good amount of water on the course evidently and the fairways and rough have responded accordingly. There is still a ton of dirt around the edges (which I always seem to find on numbers 2 and 14) but the fairways were excellent and the rough was longer than usual, except around the greens where they shaved it down more than usual. We had to look several times to find balls in the rough and it has been quite a while since that could be said about this course. I thought the course looked great in that regard.

I thought the greens (which look great) were a little slower than the practice green and were slower than I expected. They still rolled at a good speed.

The sand was below par. I hit bottom at least once (greenside #7) and the clay flying from others' shots indicated they experienced the same. Word is that new sand is on the way. Its not there yet.

Overall, a good experience and a great day.
Played the Blues (6313/70.6/129) in slightly less than 3.5H with two Joe's. The weather was clear, fairly calm and around 100. SilverRock is easier after the redesign that shortened the back, but still a fun & pretty layout.

The tees were lush and very well maintained. Only the par 3's needed divot repair.

Both the fairways and rough were lush with a few thin spots here and there. Nicely maintained and good to play from.

The sand traps were in excellent condition with a generous amount of thick sand. These traps are tough to play from with large lips and long carries if you short side yourself.

Decent amount of contour/slope on these large Bermuda greens. They putted medium speed, were firm but held shots well. Reasonably smooth.

The customer service was very good, from the complimentary range balls and water in the ice chest all the way to the cart guy cleaning your clubs after the round. No drink cart out today, but saw the Marshall patrolling several times. Excellent layout, definitely recommended.
Not much to add since my latest Rancho Park review as conditions generally haven't changed too much since then. Played as a single on Sunday from the blue tees and paired up with father/son duo and another single. Rode this time after that long drive back from Coyote Springs on Saturday.

Greens were mostly in good shape but medium speed at best. Ball marks here and there but nothing too bad. Probably the best part of the course. Fairways are a mixed bag of lush and not lush, green and brown, full and thin. The rough is varied throughout - no meter. I found a few bunkers and sand was okay. Tee boxes are less than stellar but functional.

Been playing here more of late as it's still a good test of golf but also the closest good course to my place in Playa del Rey. Still can't figure out why they haven't come up with a better solution on the 18th hole (and 9th for that matter) to keep more range balls out of that fairway. It's no fun looking for your ball when a hundred others are sitting right in the spot you think you hit it. Taller nets! Anything!
Played in Saturday's GK Event at Coyote Springs and it was a pretty fun little round with Perry, Brad and Ron. I got there with very little sleep and little time to spare, but luckily felt pretty good throughout thanks to the cool, interesting course and the nice company.

Coyote Springs actually makes Rams Hill look accessible. It's quite out there, kids. An hour north of Vegas with absolutely nothing in between - pretty wild the whole story about how this place came to be and you have to respect whatever work it is they're doing to not only keep it up and running, but to also have it in pretty darn great shape all around.

Personally, while the course is by no means easy at all (Ron and I played from the blue tees), I find the rating and slope to be very high indeed. Not sure why that is but it could probably use a looking into in the future. But the course is indeed challenging, with no shortage of carries over water and waste areas, bunkers in the middle of just about every fairway, powerful winds that roll through the property, and fairly nutty green complexes that really make you think your way through your putts. There are even some decent elevations despite the flat desert around you, and many a fairway are wavy and undulating to test your shot-making from uneven lies.

Conditions were quite good all around and it was a very fun course to play, especially if you're having a good day finding fairways. If not, I can imagine it to be quite a bear. But the fairways had very good coverage mostly with just a few thinner areas here and there under that oppressive Nevada sun, and the rough was very nice - consistent but not too penal. The greens were in very nice shape as well but not crazy fast at all. They varied a decent bit in terms of speed throughout the day, but what you see is what you got. It's the lines and breaks that make putting tough here. With faster greens it may become a nightmare round. Tee boxes were in good shape and I was in a few bunkers and they seemed mostly very good.

Very nice surprise to have sandwiches and drinks brought out to us in the middle of the round, and I found the facilities overall to be very nice. Even the little café and pro shop were very well stocked and inviting. Also had cart service which was nice. But those gas-powered carts probably could use some changing out sometime soon. They're a bit loud when coming up on somebody about to swing the club!

So overall, if you're in the Vegas area and want to experience a very unique and fun experience, by all means check out Coyote Springs. Now, would I make a pilgrimage five hours away from LA again just to play here with absolutely nothing else around it? No, not likely, but that's not a knock on the place in any way other than the geography. However, if I was having a long Vegas weekend and had a few days to play golf wherever, I would absolutely come back up for the day. You would be nutty not to do it.
I played in the GK outing this past Saturday. This was my first time at the course. For being in the middle of nowhere I would say it’s worth the drive from Las Vegas or Mesquite. The wind was a factor but, thankfully, it was not terrible. Beautiful water features and generous landing areas on most holes. Greens were good. They putted at a nice pace. Not as fast as I like, but it was not slow unless you were putting away from the valley southeast of the course. That made for some interesting putts. After having golfed at Wolf Creek the day prior, these greens appeared very slow at times; however, I'm sure it's just an illusion as downhill putts ran well past the hole if you weren't careful. Fairways and rough were very nice to hit from. I saw no areas of damaged or missing turf. Tee boxes were level and lush. We got great service from the two beverage cart attendants and the delivery of lunch to us during the round was quite welcome. Always a great time with I would consider coming back on my next visit to the LV area.
Played out at Sandpiper with two of my buddies Saturday morning at 9:00. Pace of Play was right around 4 hours following a threesome, but hardly waiting on any shots, and not really being pushed by the group behind who was a hole behind most of the day. Two of us walked and both agreed that while the course it is walkable there are some holes that would make us think of taking a cart next time.

Customer service was excellent from the Proshop, cart attendent, beverage cart and restaurant after.

The tee boxes where in excellent shape with very few divots, lush and level. Fairways had a couple of spots that were thin, but were mostly in great shape and never had anything but a cushy lie.

Rough was inconsistent from lush to higher level weeds, but I am not a fan of punishing a course review for inconsistent rough since it is supposed to be penal and what better way to make it penal than having it play differently on different holes.

Traps were in good shape, some a little firm and others soft, but never really had a problem playing out of them.

The greens were the highlight of the course, (besides from the views) rolling quick, with very few balls marks. Definitely, need to be below the hole here. On one hole I was about 10 feet above the hole and barely tapped the ball and it rolled out to about 8 feet past when all was said and done.

The views are spectacular and without them, the course would still be fun and playable, it just wouldn't justify the rate. I have wanted to get out here for a while now, and am glad I did. I would play this course more often if it was a little cheaper and closer, but think it will make the rotation at least once every year or so.
Super time out at GK Plays Coyote Springs Golf Club Saturday. Just want to thank everyone that came, those that planned on coming but could not, and the golf course. This outing went perfect. I was very pleased with the service and organization from the golf course. This is great golf course to have an outing at and one we will be looking to hold another GK Plays at. It’s a tough exciting golf course. Beautiful views. We got some strong wind on the back nine but nothing too extreme. I thought it was in great shape. A different kind of great shape from when I played it first in January. In January the greens and tee boxes were better. In June the fairways, rough and sand traps were in better shape. Still looking forward to playing it when the whole course is pristine but it certainly did not let down for our outing. I grabbed a breakfast burrito before the round which was already made and dang good. Saw the beverage cart many times. Was treated very well by all their staff throughout organizing, during and after the outing.

Looking very forward to reading more reviews about the golf course/outing. Again Thanks!
Having not played here in many months, decided to give it a go today. First off at dawn and POP was 2.5 H (walking). Found the course to be in decent playing condition. Most of the tee boxes were in fine shape, but did find a couple, that were chewed up (not a big deal). Bunkers were all clean and playable, with no issues (was in 2). Fairways had satisfactory coverage (found a few brown/bare spots) and provided good roll and lies, all round. Very little (if any) rough to deal with. Greens were all clean, in good shape w/o divot damage and chipped/putted just fine all round. Customer service was excellent at all levels. An enjoyable round of golf, IMO.
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