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Morning tee time at Eagle Glen. Check in and first tee were organized and smooth. Tee boxes had good coverage. Fairways were a little thin and the ball would really run out. Rough had good coverage. Traps had good sand and were well maintained. Greens were in excellent shape, they held quality shots and had very few unfixed divots. Greens were smooth and fast, had three three putt greens. Lots of subtle breaks and undulations in the green complexes.
Wind was about 15 mph and was enough to make club selection a little tricky. POP was a little over four hours. Good Seniors rates.
Played today in a nice 3 H pace. Tee boxes have begun to go dormant (Bermuda grass) but they were all playable/clean. Fairways had good coverage (though they are going dormant as well in areas) and gave good roll and good lies all round. Bunkers were all very playable. Little to no rough, but enough OB and water to take care of that. Greens were great (but # 15 is a temp due to complete rebuild) and held shots, chipped/putted great and with speed. Customer service excellent at all levels.
I grabbed a great deal on for 10:06 11/12/2018. The weather was not ideal, around 50 degrees and wind howling at 30MPH plus. Because of the wind the greens were dry and firm. The course was in typical fall high season prime shape. Everything about the course was fantastic and in great shape. The staff was, as always for me, friendly and helpful. The wind was out of the north so 3 of the 4 par 5’s were downwind and easily reachable in two. We played the Desert Hawk/Coyote Run combination. Aside from the wind and cold temps, this was an exceptional day of golf. I highly recommend this course.
First off at 6 am on a blustery morning. While I am not a fan of playing in the wind, it does keep the frost away ! Actually it was rather pleasant out, about mid 50's, but the wind made it feel colder.

Course was in decent condition, not great, but everything nice enough to make it enjoyable. One of the things I enjoy about this course is the very unusual fact that it has no par 4 holes over 400 yards, which now as a senior, fits my game much better, yet I can still play from the "tips" Despite that fact, the course has adequate length, at least for me. (All the par 3 holes are fairly long as are the last two par 5's)

Greens were nice, but again not great. That is about how I would sum up the entire course. Good, just not exceptional. Always able to get out early here and the staff is always very accommodating. Just a very enjoyable place to spend some time golfing
Eight of us played here yesterday at 8am.most had never played here and it has been awhile since I had played it. The Santa Ana winds were blowing all day but the course was still playable. I am not sure how the course is doing overall since it was not too crowded for a holiday (Veterans Day). I chose here for a couple reasons, the GK ratings were good and the price on there website was $54 per person. They had plenty of tee times available and most courses were up charging for the holiday so we gave it a try.
Course conditions were all above average with the exception to the greens, we all found them to be great. They held shots, rolled fairly fast and smooth, and were a joy to play. Pace was great at 4 hours and we all stayed for lunch afterwards which was great too.
I recommend Anaheim Hills right now with service,conditions,and pace being great however the holes can be a little gimmicky due to blind shots and sloping fairways especially to first timers.
Played today with holiday twilight rates, walking.

The course was EMPTY. It took me 4 holes to finally catch the twosome. After that it was slow going.

Greens were surprisingly good. They kept their line, rolled with medium speed. There were a few holes with some sort of fungus but it appears they were treated and the greens are healing. Fairways still a mix of decent to thin lies but they are working on sections so at least there is some headway there. And did I mention the greens were somewhat decent? That was a nice surprise.

Bunkers had a decent amount of sand. Not fluffy but with enough sand to get a club under the ball. I was in 4 bunkers today so I can vouch for at least 4 of them. Tee boxes were flat.

As I said it was slow going after about 4 holes. Being a walking single I was constantly waiting on shots as it was backed up after 4 and the group ahead just plain ignored me LOL. Just a friendly word of advice, if you have to wait on your shots because of the group ahead why not ask the group behind to join you? You could get the spacing you need so you won't have to wait on every single shot. Just saying.

It's getting darker faster and I finished in the dark but hey it was golf; the conditions were decent, and I was striking the ball well and the greens were easy enough to read and predict. I suppose that is the biggest takeaway here. I chose my spots and hit them on the greens so if I missed it was operator error and not the greens' fault.
Played today in a scramble. Windy conditions all day long, with some gusts around 40 m.p.h. Combined with the difficulty of the track, I'd say it is really challenging to score well here. It's been a long while since I have played here and I can say that the course conditions have really improved. Maybe it's not where it was in the heyday of Robinson Ranch, but it is improving and should become a great venue with continued care and maintenance. I really think that the issue was, and still is to some extent, water. It's apparent that they have really made an effort to water everything from tee to green.

We played the Valley and Desert combo today. Those two nines correspond with what was once the Valley Course. Basically, it plays exactly the same as it always had.

The greens were fairly fast, maybe around 10.5' to 11'. Some of the greens had some damage to the edges, but it was minor and did not come into play. I fixed so many ball marks. Not all of them were from the groups ahead, but those guys could have made some of them and they did not fix any.

Fairways and rough were much as I remember them although it seems the fairways did appear to need some mowing. The rough was very low and it allowed errant shots to just drift off into the hazard. The rough around the greens was sufficiently deep, though.

We played the white tees and they were mostly level, with a few that were a little uneven. Good grass coverage and soft enough to place a tee in.

Bunkers had decent sand from what I saw, including the fairway bunkers. All were nicely raked and edged.

I'm not sure of the rack rate, but I assume they are asking more than I would like to pay. Looking at conditions, I'd be happy to play here for around $45; any more I'd feel like it wasn't worth it.
Walked the Oak Tees this morning 11/12/2018 teeing off at 10am joined by a very nice couple. Our POP was 4 hrs 50 minutes on a holiday which wasn't too bad. Weather was perfect around 70-75 degrees with hardly any wind. Fantastic staff here, great prices(paid $25.00) to walk and a very fun layout created by the Olympic Course architect Gil Hanse. Always a very peaceful vibe up here in Ojai with beautiful mountain backdrops.

The greens were very quick and in great shape. They were supposed to receive maintenance last week but they did not and other than 1/2 of number 1 green on the right side being punched all the greens were fast, smooth and holding irons beautifully. Staff should be commended.

Fairways are still nice and full and lush, mostly all green, no problem areas and for this late in the golf season that's awesome.

The tees were mostly all lush, some need leveling, but for the most part great shape.

The rough was in decent shape, some lush parts and some semi-lush spots.

I was in 2 greenside bunkers and they had super soft beach sand that you really need to thump the ball to get out. All bunkers looked well maintained and raked.

You can really tell that the new management is really putting a lot of effort into the course. On number 12 just right of the green under the trees they have re-sodded a big area that used to be dirt, looks fantastic.

Would highly recommend Soule Park.
I have been to Monterey plenty of times & played many of the other offerings on the peninsula, but I have only been to Pebble Beach once – during the 2000 US Open. I remember rolling up to Pebble thinking I wouldn’t ever consider paying $500 to play any golf course & after walking the course, I would pay 4x that amount. The place is simply stunning.

Smash cut to 18 years later – I won a free round at Pebble Beach in my Golf Group’s Annual Member-Guest tourney in March of this year, so finally got a chance to play it on 11/10. First off the tee at 6:40am & our 4-some was set up with a caddie for each person. Just an amazing morning – zero wind, about 60 degrees & climbing and no fog. There was definitely smoke from the fires up in Northern California, however the air quality was okay.

Being first off, we set the pace at around 3:45. We were about 2-holes ahead of the next group throughout the round. They are hosting the Taylormade Invitational this week, so the conditions were immaculate: from the tee boxes to the greens & everything in between. Soup to nuts, a solid 9.5. Caddies were really knowledgeable & fun. We finished our round with the obligatory lunch & drinks in the Taproom & it is everything it’s cracked up to be & more. The food & service were outstanding & the ambiance is second to none. Just an amazing, Bucket-List Day!
Another Sunday afternoon at RHCC and the course did not disappoint.

Greens were incredible - fast as ever, perfectly manicured, tough to stop of balls of course, and incredibly tiered and sloped and difficult. Fairways are still growing in and are showing some signs of drying out but you're still always going to find a good lie. Rough is brutal. You can lose balls which you watch from start to finish and know exactly where they are. It's baffling and sometimes infuriating.

Sand in the bunkers is in good shape and the tee boxes are finally settling a bit better so you can actually get your tees into the ground on each hole. That's a nice improvement from the first few months at this newly re-designed course.

Fantastic new layout that really rewards fairway hits and absolutely crushes you if you're in the rough or native areas. Still waiting on the hole 2 redesign though as that one makes no sense, but the rest are pretty awesome.

Still getting to know this course with each visit and learning its quirks and angles. It's just so easy to blow up fast here so more progress is definitely needed. Will keep at it. And if you get a chance to play here, don't skip it.
Played Fri 11/9, 10am tee time. Very calm and warm day. 4:15 pace as a 4some. Wow. Course is in fantastic shape. I play a lot of private golf, and this course is in country club shape. Greens lightning fast, about 11.5. True, and firm, but hold well struck shots. Interesting green complexes. The whole course is in great shape. For public play, it's well taken care of. Bunkers could be raked better, but the sand is consistent throughout. Links style course that is vulnerable when there is no wind, like today. Had a great time.
Quick nine at Penmar on Saturday after the desire to finally sleep in (and Daylight Saving Time having kicked in) took precedent over an early morning round and a long drive somewhere else. Enjoyed the round very much.

Good conditions currently at Penmar with slow greens that hold shots well but have a few too many bumps to them, but still better than other times here. You'll never get fooled by any break at Penmar so putting averages should remain low. Fairways are also in good shape right now and the only areas of concern are the tee boxes and bunkers.

Very basic, straight-ahead layout at Penmar but it's longer in some places than you're usual nine hole course. Par 33 with no par 5s but you will still use a few clubs. It's a good spot to stretch out the legs and walk and build up some confidence. Recommended.
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