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Played here today, Monday, President’s Day holiday, the 18th of February. A little cool in the morning with a little frost delay so I had a chance to see some folks or should I say they all had a chance to give ol’me some good poking- always great to see the guys.

The greens were good, although I’ve seen it in smoother conditions, but it was fast and wobbly at times. The bunkers were okay with sand and they’re not so uniformed all the way through- i was in a few of them (lol). The rough was up high and not a good place to be. The teeing grounds were fine, but the frigging fairways were mudball city ALL DAY!!! Dead Bermuda grass in mixed crust and mush... ugh.... ugh... ugh... horid. But it’s not my course and really don’t play there much at all.
Thumbs up on food and bev, with good service including the pro shop. Bev cart came around more than a few times and probably knew we were thursty.
Good times like always though.
Played here on Friday and Saturday February 15 & 16 with high winds and cold conditions during SCGA Team Play matches against some pretty good golfers for sure.

The fairways don’t look much but the lies were fine and ran just little more than during the summer months. The teeing grounds were okay, they’re not chewed up and they’re level. The bunkers had good sand although the prep raking wasn’t done right or are they missing teeth leaving deep groves- some of them are taller than the ball on fairway bunkers making it very difficult to advance a ball!!! Ugh ?? but rest assured their greens are the best to putt on. So true, so fast, so pleasureable to putt on- BETTER than most. We saw the course grounds keepers roll the greens on Friday and Saturday. The little Billy Bell designed course is still a real fun course to play. Just wished it was closer to me. Love ?? the course!!
Pro shop staff... ehhh... there’s so many other places who knows customer service. Dining area staff, they’re fine. Food, I’d give them an 8 out of 10. Food prices are $$ out of 5.
No bev cart.
And btw the place is now called “Apple Valley Golf Course” not country club.
2/18 using GSC $90 2 some playing with GKr sbarajasjr(Sal) on a rather cool 10am start. POP about 440 following a 4some that ended up about a hole behind through the last 7-8 holes. Originally we were going to have a team match but that did not come to pass so Sal and I decided to tee it up anyway--glad we did--neither of us played very well but we did enjoy each others company. 1st time playing together and Sal's 1st at Pala.
Fairways were soft with little roll and were marginal what with winter conditions and flow patterns from the recent rains leaving mostly thin lies in the fairway proper. Rough was patchy
with some juicy areas that were quite punitive. Tees were ok. Bunkers had not yet been groomed so were packed wet sand and often containing significant standing water. Even though we had agreed to "rake and place" the challenge was way over my skill level.
Aside from my playing partner the highlight of the round were the greens--medium fast and FAST from above the hole--smooth and consistent through the round.
I played Saturday, 2-18-19. I had a Hot deal for 12:38 tee time. Check in was easy and friendly as always.I was paired with 2 friendly guys who have been playing only a year or so. It was really fun being the most consistent hitter in my group for a change lol.
I always enjoy this course as it's short enough for my game but still challenging with the many greenside bunkers and very undulating greens. I really like the par 3s here.
The tee boxes were good as were the bunkers which had plenty of soft clean sand. The fairways were really ugly- all brown speckled with small clumps of green sprouts- but overall not a problem to play from. The greens were excellent- smooth, medium fast and hardly a ball mark to be seen. There were only a few wet areas but it was CPO on the front 9. Carts were then allowed on the fairways when we got to the back.
The only bad part of the day was the weather. It was WINDY and COLD !!!
I know I'll be back but will wait for warmer weather and greener fairways.
Rode the Golds (6643/71.5/126) with Bill, Mike and Pat in 4H, 40M. The weather was around 60, partly cloudy and windy.

The tees were level and lush. All the par 3's needed divot attention.

The fairways were lush and nice to play from. About as good as I have ever seen them here after all the recent rain. Only negative is too many unfixed divots, which is a golfer issue.

The Bermuda rough is not over seeded and is mowed down close. Expect a scruffy lie, it is not good to play from.

The sand traps were well maintained with decent sand.

The greens were very nice. Smooth and putted medium fast. They are firm but still held irons okay.

Really good all grass practice facilities with unlimited range balls. The customer service was very good as usual here. Plenty of water stations on the course. Drink cart out making the rounds several times. Carts have GPS. While most fairways are generous in width, Player is not really a grip it and rip it course. Losing balls in native bushes and OB is close to many fairways if you venture off the short grass on many holes. The layout also has numerous lakes to navigate over/around. it's tough but not overly demanding, solid course, nothing tricked up. Good choice for players of all skill levels. Recommended.
Played the canyon/ ranch combo today in the morning. Course handled the recent rains very well. Some areas of the fairways were covered in silt from runoff but nothing to bad.

Tees were great never had a problem and level. Fairways are dormant but still very playable. No real rough to speak off so not really an issue. Greens were great. Held shots well and still had great speed with all the rain. I was only in one bunker. Sand was wet and heavy but still got out ok. Had a great time on a great course.

If you haven’t seen the deal on Costco it is awesome. You would be hard pressed to find to good courses for $40 each.
Was able to get out today and POP was 3.5 H. Very cold when we started but sun came out, warmed it up and dried it out. Course came through the recent rains in very good condition. No issues today with tee boxes. Fairways were still damp in some areas, no real roll, but decent lies. Rough was up (not mowed) and caused issues. We of course do not talk about the traps (LOL) and avoid at all costs. Greens were nice (as they had been cut) and provided good roll, chipping and putting all round. Customer service here, is the best of any golf course in the area, hands down. Even saw Fernando Valenzuela and friends teeing it up this AM.
Was great seeing mpisarski01, kviser, larryq2001, dsal_13 and Mattias. Put this round together on late notice and really appreciate those that could join me. I want to find a way to get together with GK’ers on just about every weekend. For me, as brutal as the high winds, cold temps, wet conditions, excruciating slow pace (due to a tournament) and very poor play on my part was … awesome time as always with GK’ers! Afterwards kviser, Mattias and I went over to the Ventura Harbor for some clam chowder and beers. Golf is best with friends no matter. Thank You.

The course, greens in very nice condition, running mostly smooth, fast (can only imagine how fast they will be when they dry out more) and holding shots. I found many bunkers and they were all in good shape. Was impressed how well they had drained. No standing water and not that moist. Fairways are bermunda turf with sprinkles of poa dotted only because of the wet winter season, come late spring, summer and fall when they are in season, they should be beautiful. Rough is a mixture of many grasses and varying in length, had many experiences due to being wild off the tee, it’s pretty easy to escape from. Tee boxes thin, level with some divot damage (we played the blue tees).

With the high winds coming off the ocean from the NW holes 1, 2, 6, 8, 13, 15 are super tough into the wind. Holes 7 and 12 have large water hazards on the right so that wind can grab your ball and easily deposit it into the drink. Holes 17 and 18 play straight downwind so that’s a nice almost too little too late breather. I love this layout. It destroys me just about every time. I’ve played it well over 20 times and have only had a couple great performances. I’ll be back for sure to take it on again.
I played with yesterday's GK Meet and Play, grouped with mpisarski01 and larryq2001. Looks like the course is currently in the process of verticutting the fairways with most of the front nine in very rough shape. It has been raining a lot lately and the weather was very cold and windy. We did miss the storm that passed through earlier today, or it just skirted around Oxnard, but we got a lot of strong wind late in the round. We started out as two groups of three, but finished as a fivesome as larryq2001 had enough of the wind and cold by the time we finished Hole 14. Sorry, buddy! You missed Johnny hitting driver on the par 3, 15th hole into a stiff head wind.

The verticut fairways, combined with winter dormancy and lots of poa, seriously detracted from the quality of this course. As one of my favorite tracks, I was personally disappointed for the guys who had long drives to play this course for the first time. I totally understand how discouraging it would be and not want to come back.

Greens were great. Good speed at 11.4 and no bumpiness or weird breaks. The few ball marks I found were easily fixed. The green on 14 had a lot of twigs, leaves, and seeds from the nearby eucalyptus trees, thanks to all that wind. That was rough! There were times your ball would just get blown around as the wind picked up, making lining up your putt a challenge.

Fairways were definitely a mixed bag, as we like to say here (I'm going to tip my hat to sixpez, who I think I first heard the term from). The main grass in the fairways, if I'm not mistaken, is Bermudagrass. However, it could be seashore paspallum or a mixture of the two. Either way, it's dormant and really off-color. There's also quite a bit of wild poa annua that is all over the fairways. It's lighter in color, stands up taller, and makes the course look shabby. There's no good way to get rid of it, so it's something to live with. As the weather warms up, it will be just fine.

Rough was sometimes heavy and also a mixed bag of grasses. You could have your ball sitting up or laying down deep. Hope for a good lie, but take your medicine if you have to. Either way, it wasn't terrible by any means.

Tees were all quite level and had nice coverage. We played the blues and they seemed to be in slightly better condition than the white tees. I think the tournament in front of us played the whites.

Bunker sand was plentiful and nicely raked.

POP was terrible and I can only blame that tournament. This is usually one of the few courses around that strictly enforce POP. However, the 5.5 hours pace was really a bummer. The cold and wind did not help at all.

Overall, I know I will be back. I hope Matt and Larry find their way back here as I think they will find conditions much improved later in the year. This is a great location for summer golf as it's usually around 70 degrees and the course is in better condition.
Rough post-storm conditions at Woodley Lakes this past weekend on Saturday. No carts were allowed on the course due to all the standing water and so all the push carts were already taken. Smart idea but poor execution.

Literally lakes roped off in the middle of at least half of the fairways. Very frustrating to hit nice shots that would just end with a big splash and no roll whatsoever - not the course's fault for the rain per se but this is not a course that drains well at all. Bunkers were also filled with water in many spots. Tee boxes were mostly all set up in one area to minimize damage, so those were pretty beat up by mid-day.

Greens were the best part of the course. Inconsistent speeds throughout the day but generally in very good condition and rolling true if speed was correctly judged. Not a lot of mystery to Woodley Lakes greens - what you see is what you get.

I would definitely wait a bit before getting out there again but hopefully, when the water recedes, this good confidence course will look a little greener and lusher than before.
First time playing River Ridge yesterday with a bunch of Gk'ers. I had some higher hopes from this course as I always see people mentioning it as a decent course. POP was a ridiculous 5.5hr round due to a tournament IMO the course is a little rough at the moment. Most Fairways were Verti-cut leaving strange lies all day. Course is a mix of brown and green from the different types of grass throughout the course but as long as you found grass it provided a decent lie. Greens were the highlight of the course as they we running 11.4 and held shots all day.

The real story was the weather which was 55° and 25-40 MPH winds. This course does not have a lot of shelter from wind like that and made for a miserable back nine. Having to go Driver, 3wd, 6 iron on a 400 yard par 4 is tough to swallow. Honestly I dont know if Ill make the trek from orange county to play here again due to the conditions and layout but if you are in the area its a nice affordable place to play.
Played the front 9 late on Saturday, 2/16 teeing off a few minutes late at 3:10pm and finished in 2.5 hours. CPO for the entire course, as the rains on Thursday, etc., has made it soft and muddy in spots. Tees, fairways and rough had not been cut in probably 3-4 days, I'm guessing.

Tees OK. Fairways were very playable, but not much roll. Our 3some lost 5 balls in 9 holes in the 3-6" rough. Had to be pretty much on top of it to see it. Bunkers were real nice, good medium-weight and soft sand. Greens certainly the best part - they were cut and other than spike bumps on some of the softer areas of the greens, they rolled nicely.

Course is very green and lovely. However, if you're thinking of playing in the coming days before a sustained dry spell lingers over the area, suggest calling to see when they have last cut the rough and fairways and if they are still CPO before committing $.
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