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Arroyo used to be the best experience and layout in OC. For the past couple years they have struggled with many greens no matter what time of year. Hired a new super to try and revive them but nothing seems to work. They punch and topdress greens almost every three weeks! Played it a dozen times the past six months and it's the worst putting experience compared to any other track in OC. The boxes and fairways are usually pretty good. Grass range is a plus. However, inconsistent is the name of the game. Some greens are average, some are mediocre and some are downright unplayable. The customer service and experience is still good compared to other local tracks but greens need a huge makeover.
A little late with this review but still wanted to do so. A good friend and I went out on Friday 2/8 to play SA and had an 8:22 tee time. Got paired with a couple of cocky guys that frankly wish we hadn’t but that’s a story for another day. It was a beautiful day but there was a lot of rain the days before so I expected a lot of golfers. I was right, it was packed.

Got out about 15 minutes late following a slow 5 some. Finished in about 4:45. The fairways are still winter brown but did notice green starting to come about on many holes. I guess they weren’t able to get the mowers out yet so some of the fairways were thick and therefore not much roll out. Made the course play longer. Some bad lies out there but we were playing LCP. Not much rough to speak of. The bunkers however were hard. The rain I’m sure led to this but never seen this before at SA. Usually, they’re soft. Hopefully, they will address this when the rain stops.

The greens were better than I have seen them here before albeit grainy as usual and on the slow side. They were also hard and not holding.

Overall good conditions but I’m expecting better conditions in the upcoming spring time resulting from the rain.
We played here today and last review writer was spot on. Great layout, really fun to play, the greens were great and the course was soggy. We wish we we behind his group though, the groups in front of us were slow and we finished in just over 5 hours....oh well I could be at work or stuck in traffic so with carts allowed on the cart paths only I was okay with it. A real fun day and I look forward to returning to Old Ranch. Not a great ball striking day so want to have another crack at this place!
Played at 10am Friday, 2/8/19, with my monthly club. This is a private club that allows outside groups in a shotgun tourney one Friday each month. Old-school layout, fairly flat with some elevation changes around the clubhouse at the highest point on the property. After quite a bit of rain last week, everything was wet and soft, but carts had free reign and the really wet spots were marked to be avoided.

Greens were soft and many approaches spun back a long way. They rolled pretty well at medium speed, and several pins were placed in sneaky positions. By 2pm they were showing and holding a lot of footprints. We played preferred lies in fairways, so scattered thin areas were not a problem. Rough was generally damp and a challenge to play from. Tees were flat and OK. Sand was in good condition.

Interactive GPS (TKv) with some on-course markings (plates/stakes). The screen says "distance to pin" but the number given is to the COG. The carts have a club cleaner/ballwasher (nice!), but also have a very strict no-go setting when you stray far from the fairway or path - we had to back up to safety several times, sometimes in the rough between parallel holes! Adequate water available. No cart girl or marshal - there's a snack bar at the turn, and a single bathroom at the junction of holes 6/11/16. The larger scramble tourney in front of us was the slowest scramble play I had ever seen - we could have been 30 min faster.
Played today in an SCGA event. Course was packed. 72 players for a shotgun and CPO. Thought I was in for a long day. But we ended up playing in 4.5 H. Course was still wet as you can imagine, from the rains. But it was not muddy/sloppy, so it obviously drains well. Played it as it laid on some holes some holes LCP. Tee boxes were all playable. Rough was wet/sticky but fairways were wide/soft, so did not see much of the rough. Lots of water, but compared to some Robinson courses were water is much more penal, this course was not that way. Able to navigate all water successfully. Not in any traps (thank you) and heard no complaints for those that did and they were all clean/playable. Greens were just great. Large and plenty of undulations, but you needed to be in the right areas with your approach shots. Greens held shots, chipped/putted nicely and had some good speed to them. Very nice layout and design. Would not hesitate to recommend and certainly would play here again (minus the wet conditions) if offered the opportunity. # 9 and # 18 are two very great holes with the use of water in their design.
Cold, wet, playing long . . . transitioning into warmer, still wet and still playing long later.
Tees: large, level, well covered
Rough: 3" to 4", thick, gnarly and definitely penal
Fairways: a little furry, wet, ro roll but perfect to play from
Bunkers: like always a little inconsistent but very playable
Greens: still firm, rolling well, pretty fast and the ball seems to wiggle a lot . . . usually away from the hole
POP: almost 5 hrs due to searching for balls and deliberate playing partners
Overall: It's Torrey, it was a beautiful day and although it was tough out there, recommended
Played Spyglass this morning while Mickelson and Casey finished up their little match around the corner. Traffic was a zoo inside Pebble but that was my only complaint for the entire day. Weather was absolutely gorgeous with sunny skies and virtually no wind. This is the first time I've played The Glass when it hasn't been cool, damp and foggy.

As mentioned before, Spyglass is all about the golf. Make that about great golf! No fancy hotel or clubhouse. Just great course conditions mixed in with a picturesque setting. Yes the first 5 holes are right on the ocean, but there are plenty of views of the pacific from other holes. Who knew? With the sun out the views of the pacific through the Del Monte Forest are numerous. It was a bit of an offshore breeze so the sound of the waves crashing down below were absent, but still no complaints.

As far as course conditions go. It's exactly what you would expect from a world class and PGA tour worthy course. Greens were excellent rolling at a medium fast pace. With all the rain, they were super soft easily holding shots. Fairways were lush and surprisingly dry for the most part. They too were soft offering little roll out.

Rough was rough!! very wet, muddy, dense and tall. A two club difference in some cases and a minimum of one extra club in all situations.

Tee boxes and sand traps were also of top notch.

Spyglass has all the ingredients for the making of a top course. Ocean front holes, pristine conditions, elevations changes throughout, 4 water hazards to negotiate on the course and good solid customer service throughout.

A very enjoyable walk and obviously highly recommended.
Played here on Saturday, 2/9, in Team Play. it was pouring rain on the way to the course and raining steadily when we got there. Nonetheless, we were told we were playing. The putting green was virtually unputtable (top corner allowed some putts) and the driving range was closed until we teed off. It stopped raining on number 2 or 3 and had pretty good weather the rest of the round. it ended up being a 5 hour round as it was cart path only and there was quite a bit of searching for balls.

The good - The greens were really fast and rolled great, both when wet and after drying out. The sand was great also (much better than this time last year) although compacted from the rain.

The okay - The fairways were for the most part okay with pretty good hitting surfaces. They have not been able to mow and in some parts it was tough to tell where the rough ended and the fairway began. The rough was pretty low and not a factor although there was some really thick junk in areas, hence the searching. It was tough to find balls in those areas. The tee boxes were a mixed bag with some sloping but I was always able to find a flat area.

The bad - The 14th and 15th fairways were so bad that they had a marshal out there helping people find balls on 15 and directing them on 14. Roughly 70-80 percent of the fairway on 14 was roped off and had standing water throughout, which is amazing considering how sloped it is. All of 15's fairway was roped off up to near the green. My teammate lost his ball in an area where it had to have plugged so deep it was gone. I could feel the ground shifting under my feet as we looked for his ball. The fairway was not mowed, needless to say.

Great service, especially in the coffee shop. I'll come back when it dries out.
I realize not many have the ability to play the private courses, but the SCGA does a great job of getting members on them. I played in the SCGA outing today riding the blues, POP was 5 hours due to CPO. Kudos to SCGA for putting on a great outing. I love the layout of this course, but the fairways were the worst I’ve ever played on. I understand we have had a lot of rain, I llive 5 minutes from the course and I know Bermuda goes dormant and yellow, these fairways were straight mud. I played moorprk last week and had no issues. I even played vista the executive in town after the recent downpour and they are better. If I were a member paying over $800 monthly I’d lose it with the greenskeeper. It was so bad you were better off in the rough (see photo) Tee boxes were great, traps were thin, greens were ok, rough was the highlight. I played monarch Friday and it was in phenomenal shape. I will play Valencia again in the outing November 4, if they will have me after this review lol. It can’t be worse than today.
Rode the Blues (5827/67.3/120) in 3H, 45M mid morning using Forelinx. Matched up with Ray, Ralph and Russ, all vacationing from Canada. Mid 60's, clear and calm, very comfortable golf weather.

The tees were lush and well maintained with few unfixed divots.

The fairways were mostly lush and good to play from.

The rough was lush but not tall. Good POP rough.

The traps were well maintained with thick sand. A few had sprinkler runoff challenges.

The small greens were smooth and putted medium fast speed.

The customer service was excellent from everyone. Drink cart out making the rounds. No GPS on the basic carts that are nice. Rasonably priced grill onsite. Complimentary range balls on an all grass range that tops out at about 220 yards.

This course would be easy to walk, very flat and most tees are close to the last green. Other than #17, a risk reward par 5 that runs around a lake, the layout will not wow you. Many holes would remind you of holes on dozens of other vintage Palm Springs courses. Fun course, the staff is always very friendly and I almost always get matched up with nice seniors to play with. Recommended.
Played in what was supposed to be a tournament but became unofficial when too many people cancelled because of forecast rain. The course was great in working with us under the circumstances and getting out those that wanted to play. And it did rain, at times, which really did not affect the course until the last hole when the downpour quickly turned the fairway into a quagmire and the green into a pond. Cart path only (I walked), 5.5 hour round.

The fairways were the worst I have seen them. I play here at least once a year and I have never had a negative opinion of the fairways. For whatever reasons, the grass was sparse in places, many places. Light rough was not a factor. Good sand in the bunkers.

The greens were great. Quite fast with tricky pin positions.

The 19th hole here is great, which we enjoyed with the club member who had a hole in one on number 7. Very nice.
When I called to play here last week, they only had 9 holes open due to the rains, but confirmed that all 18 were open. Also was told that frost would not be a factor for walkers. (Carts on path otherwise)

First off a few minutes after 6am. Very cold, mid 30's, and frost present, but not on the greens which were really nice. The greens which were mowed were reasonably fast and rolled well. Most of the fairways were in good shape, but the areas adjacent to the fairways still showed the residual of all the rains. (Lots of flooded areas) Only in one bunker - well maintained and plenty of sand.

Staff is always friendly and accommodating. Enjoy playing this course despite the fact it is not the most visually appealing course at times.
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