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played 8/14, behind a tourney Majestik golf club, *## teed off half hour late, 3 hours for the front ,players were not raking traps or fixing ball marks on the greens, they were mors concerned with staying in the shade until they could hit their next shots, when they got ready to hit, they drove the carts out and hit one shot, moved to next ball and hit, etc. etc., gaps of holes open through out !! Marshal came up to us once and we complained on the 3rd hole, he told us to keep carts on paths because one of our guys was on a little grass in back of the green about 2 feet off the path. So much for "READY GOLF " enforcement !!
Course was in decent shape except for they are trying to make the greens bigger by using greens mower to cut the fringes and scalping the grace and most of it was dirt for about 3 feet completely around the greens !! Terrible decision, greens keeper should be disciplined !!!
Finished in 5 hours 45 minuets.Hope that management does not let that golf club back !!
Played 8-13-18 for $35 as a single after 3 oclock playing all three nines in a little over 3 hours. Tee boxes were in descent shape, semi-lush and mostly level. Fairways were in nice shape with good lies, mostly green with some small brown areas. Rough was cut down pretty low with a lot of thin or bare spots. Was in two greenside bunkers both of which were crusty on top and soft underneath. Greens were in just okay shape, they were mostly firm with Creekside being a little softer, and the were rolling medium speed and a little bumpy with some small bare spots on Ridgeline. Overall course is in okay shape for summer time.
Got out on time at 1:39pm Monday, 8/13 at Crossings Club rate of $40 with a Father/Son twosome. POP was slow on the day, 4hrs 50mins.

While waiting on the 10th tee, decided to take in the great views from there and noticed the slo-poke culprits were 4 groups in front, as they were making the long drive in their carts to #12 tee, with two groups backed up behind them playing #11, and the next group in front of them were already on the 13th green, two full holes ahead. So, dang you 1:03pm group!!! ;-) Like I said, great views from there, you can see parts of nearly all of the back 9 from there!

Course was probably in the best overall condition I've seen it this year from tee to green. Doing a lot of watering, things are a bit soft in places. Tees were great. Fairways didn't provide great roll-out, but were cut nicely and always had a good lie. Rough was the most even/consistent I've ever seen at the Crossings, and very grabby of the clubhead.

Greens were soft and receptive, very well-watered, but did roll medium to medium-fast, or perhaps I just jammed a few too many past the hole, expecting them to be slower. Wasn't in any bunkers, but they looked great for the most part, though one of my playing partners ended up in an unraked footprint on #6, which he wasn't happy about.

Aside from the slower play, a great day out on this lovely course. Saw the cart girl 3 times, including once on the back side, which is rare. Just wish they had a marshal out, which we never saw.

The bar and players lounge patio area has been closed for more than a month now, and they are not sure when it will re-open. Evidently their liquor license did not properly include that bar area for all these years and was pulled. So, that's a bummer right now. An after-round unwind with beer/food on the patio in the summer was about as good as it gets, with views and fires. They must be losing some serious $ by not having it at the moment, so hopefully it will re-open soon!
Played here today. I really like the layout. There are bailout areas for most shots. Pace of play was great. The fairways were in fine shape. However, the scarce crowd may have been the result of horrible greens. Are players avoiding AT cuz of the failing greens? They were patchy, uneven, checkerboard pattern. I had only a handful of putts that stayed on a consistent smooth surface. Otherwise, putts were an adventure thru multiple surfaces and speed. 6 weeks ago the greens were much better. I'll have to wait until cooler weather & healthier greens to return.
Played out at Redlands country club today in a tournament. Course was in nice shape, first time out here. A short course on the scorecard, but a lot of elevation change throughout the course and only a par 70 with two par fives. Somewhat treelined but also not too tight off the tee for the most part. Greens are the highlight of the course, although they were fairly soft today, looks like they're getting a lot of water on them right now because of the heat. Rolling fairly quick but nothing crazy, need to be careful on some downhillers. Fairways had some good spots but plenty of bare areas out there and pretty thin lies, not perfect by any means right now, again is been hot lately. The rough is pretty thick around the greens, pretty good for the most part throughout the course. Bunkers are all in good shape with consistent sand, although its not the visually appealing white sand that some other courses have, its very playable.

As somebody who hits it pretty long off the tee, I still found challenge in many areas of the course due to the green slopes and difficulty scrambling around the greens. Theres plenty of opportunities out here to hit driver still and take advantage of length, although I do miss the extra par 5s of a par 72. I would definitely return if the opportunity arose.
Practice facility at Goose Creek
Didn't play the course today but I have to commend the workers who keep this place looking like at a gem. The condition of this practice facility is the best. For being as hot as its been the Driving range (Grass, NO Mats) is in great shape with great range balls. The two Chipping areas as well as the 2 putting greens are absolutely in great shape. Practice greens are running pure and smooth. By far this Course's practice facility is the best in the I.E. My compliments to all the hard working Men who keep this course in Superb condition.
Played on 8/8/18 with temps of 95 degrees. We were taking advantage of Twin Oaks 25th Anniversary Special ($25 Off posted rates) from 10:30am - 2:00pm. You know it not going to be your day when the Check-In pro was disputing the $25 off for JC Players Card members.

This course experience failed us in many different ways. First, was the lack of communication informing us of a possible delays due to 6 foursomes of junior golfers (ages 8-12) and their instructors from Premier Golf Academy playing on the front 9. This baffled us as Twin Oaks website showed open times throughout the afternoon. There were no delays until we got to Hole #5. Three groups waiting to tee off and another 3 junior four/five-somes on the hole. Not wanting to wait, we skipped to Hole #7. No delays from that point forward. Played the back 9 in less than 2 hours as the back nine was virtually empty.

Carts w/ windshield were very cleaned. Twin Oaks carts has one of the best GPS systems that I have ever encountered. It displays drive distance from each tee as well as accurate distance to the hole, food menus and warning of cart path only (Hole #14).

Course conditions were mixed given the heat stress. Bermuda tees and fairways were tight, short and very nice, the exception being Holes #9 & #11 with large bare spots in the middle of the fairway. These areas were marked as GUR. Some fairway bunkers lack adequate sand depth. None were raked around the edges on the day we played. Rakes were plentiful.

The greens and surrounding areas were a different story and very wet from over-watering. This resulting in some turf loss and stress on the putting surface especially where water run-off occurs. (The very front portions of Greens #3 & #4, will require some resodding come late September). Saturated greens also had numerous deep ball marks and inconsistent putting speeds. Very frustrating at times.

Rather than using to syringe the greens by hand watering, management has elected to activate all of the green sprinklers on a 2-min short cycle, several times a day. Be prepared to wait while sprinklers are running.

Not sure if this is a budget or manpower issue but the bottom line that this practice has likely contributed to turf loss/stress on the greens (black algae), plugged lies in low spots surrounding the greens and wet bunkers.

On Hole #16 by the green to the cart path, is virtually unplayable due to the soggy high turf. Balls get lost and shoes get muddy as mowers can't even enter the area. (Hint: Can you hand mow or weed-eater this area please?)

The bottom line of this review is whether this course justifies the prices charged. Why I personally love this challenging Ted Robinson's design (Par 72, White Tees, 6,146 yds, Rating 70.1 and 126 Slope), the current conditions and water management practices makes it difficult for me to accept without taking advantage of their $25 Anniversary Special reduction (M-Th only).

Expect POP at around 4-4.5 hrs except on Fridays and Wkends when it peaks at 5.5 hrs.
Be sure to ask if on-course playing lessons for juniors are being taught on the day of your booking.
Met a buddy in town for our annual fishing trip and the last day we always play golf. After fishing Saturday we always play golf the next day to cap off the weekend. After playing Woods Valley the last few years, we decided to try Eagle Crest.

Overall this course was a big disappointment. To start it off the fairways are short mixed grass to barren dirt. You pretty much never had a good lie and as the only real green grass seemed to be about 15' from sprinkler heads. Bunkers were either clay dirt, rock filled old sand, or on a select few holes new heavy wet sand. Tee boxes were okay but seemed to have a lot of divots. The one plus side to the course were the greens. Greens were a medium speed and soft. Most high shots would plug or spin out a few feet. I had a low angle 6 iron shot that some how stuck on a par five but left a 3 inch tear in the soft greens, anywhere else that shot would have not have stayed on the green.

All in all a fun little layout but conditions will keep me from ever coming back. Sad to see a cool track with great friendly staff fall to such poor conditions.
Played today in POP of 3 H. We did not find the course in as good a shape as 2 weeks ago. Lots of maintenance and too much grass clippings in the fairways (maybe they do not have enough staff). Course had been heavily watered and there was little to no roll in the fairways. Greens were wet and had not been cut, but were much better by the time we reached the back 9. Tee boxes were fine. Bunkers were fine. What little rough there is, was wet and difficult to play out of. Customer service excellent at all levels.
As I had not played here in over ten years, was excited to return, plus anxious to see/play the new holes. Booked what I thought was the first time off at 6:32am, but upon arrival learned the "men's club" had the first three tee times? So while waiting on the tee for 6:30 to come, because we were told we could not tee off before then. At 6:15 an Asian couple just rode up and teed off without saying anything????

So we just followed them and to my delight, they played very quickly, so while we enjoyed a very easy pace of two hours forty minutes and never really had to wait. (Never saw the men's club behind us!)

The greens were the best part of the course by far. Very disappointed in the fairways and rough on the front nine. Fairways were thin at beat, and the rough was "clumpy" However on the "new holes" (14-16) fairways were excellent and the greens were very better.

Enjoyed my round, but have to admit I am not a fan of the new holes, as they lack the character of the original holes. Happy I played the course before the anticipated bump in green fees once the casino is completed.
Played here on Sat 8-11-18 at noon. It was pleasantly wide open for a weekend anticipating a 5-6-hr round? We were sent off to the tee box and played all 18 without waiting on one single hole. Except when we had to back track to look for my partner's P-Wedge. 4-Holes back this 4-some was kind enough to return the club back he kept in safe keeping. We finished under 4-hours and saw the cart girl a few times. I recommend playing this course as it's challenging and the greens were a little on the slow side. I also brought some of my cichlid fish food pellets for the small koi pond that's hidden on hole #13 I discovered the last time I played here. Please respect the koi fish pond when visiting.
Played here 8/11/18. Everything was just "ok" with the exception of some tees that were almost impossible to find a level spot. Greens were in pretty good shape but pretty slow. They had quite a bit of water on them and were pretty shaggy. This is due to the hot weather for sure. Fairways were ok with some patchy/bare spots throughout. Rough was not a factor, just a smidgen longer than the fairways. Not in any bunkers by they looked very good. Did not see cart girl (not sure if they have one). Check in and starter where both very friendly as usual.

All in all it was an enjoyable round and a good value with at 29.99
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