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Played here today at 7:56 using a Costco voucher I received for Christmas. Paid $10 extra to tee off before noon. Employees (especially the starter) were all very friendly and welcoming. Paired with three guys who play the course semi-regularly. Started on time and pace was decent all day. The group in front of us was a little behind but we still finished in just under 4:30. Beautiful morning and quite warm by the fourth hole.

Conditions aren't much to look at right now but the course actually plays quite nice. Greens are smooth, medium to medium-fast speed and accept full shots well. Fairways are dormant grass with good coverage, but extremely tight... almost like hitting off an old, thin driving range mat. The rough was sometimes preferable, providing a little fluff under the ball. It wasn't too penal in most spots and seemed best around the green complexes. Tee boxes were good, although one or two were a bit lumpy. Bunkers were pretty good, no compacted sand but some seemed more dirt-like than sandy.

This was my third time here and I feel like the course grows on me a bit each time I play it. I think the greens are really challenging, tricky to read and difficult to hole putts. The dormant fairways mean you have to be especially careful on downhill sloping fairways. I nearly drove the green on Nos. 1 & 14. On the short par-4 6th, my 3-wood tee shot ran through the fairway and into the hazard some 280+ yards from the tee. And then on the downhill 16th, my drive ran all the way to the end of the fairway, probably 370 yards from the blue tees. Kinda felt like Kapalua on those holes, so that was sorta fun, but also sorta ridiculous. They put up some netting around the 18th green presumably to keep birds off the green... a necessary evil, I guess, but it's not very attractive on an otherwise pretty finisher.
Played here yesterday (1/13) with fellow GK members Nat and Jon. Hadn't played Sycuan in years but I was pleasantly surprised with the conditions today, though to be fair they are almost always greener here than anywhere in SD and the rain earlier this week surely gave a boost to overall conditions. Booked on GolfNow and this course is infamous for messing up or "losing" reservations and wouldn't you know it, they had us on Willow instead of the one we booked, Oak. At the end of the day, it didn't matter much with a 12:15 tee-time and sunset just a shade after 5pm, I know we wouldn't finish when the first parking lot was full. On to the review.

Tee-boxes: Good shape overall. I rarely found an area where I couldn't stand on level ground. It was easy to drive the tee into the ground and there are three total boxes to choose from.

Fairways: Excellent shape. Green color and soft ground on which to hit from. They offered a good amount of roll and there were only a minimal amount of divots.

Rough: Penal because of the recent rains but more penal than the rough are the areas near the ravines. Either way, errant tee shots were mostly penalized by the insane amount of trees lining the fairways.

Sand: I was only in two traps; both had enough sand but it was a bit hard packed, even if I was able to hit out of them. One trap I was in had a small amount of rocks in it.

Greens: The highlight of the round. They were slow at first but firmed up as the day went on, but no complaints here. They rolled true, at times had tricky breaks, and were a joy to putt on.

ETC: Wonderful carts with accurate GPS. Pace was pretty slow and marshals even though present, couldn't do much. Staff was friendly. Facilities here are ample. Got hit with a golf ball today but even that couldn't take away from the enjoyment factor of a perfect weather day and golf with friends.
Booked a 9:40am time at Diamond Bar for a Saturday ($40 walking). After reading the previous post, I had my worst fears realized when they said they're running 30 minutes late (was more like 40 due to overbooking). Golf carts were lined up all the way to the driving range, it looked like a line to get on a ride at Disneyland. When we finally teed off it was hit and wait on every shot which led to a 3 hr front nine ... brutal, dude! Fortunately, the back nine played much faster but it was still a 5.5 hr round which set a new record for me (add: back-to-back eagles on 14 & 15 eased the pain ... I don't think that will happen again, ever).

Anyway, the layout here is full of traditional, full length par 4's mixed with some dog legs, a couple of reachable par 5's, and long-ish par 3's. A couple of good hills (like #9) to climb if your walking but otherwise fairly flat with some scenic views when away from the very loud nearby freeway which is the reason I believe I've not played here in over a decade.

Greens were in good muni-shape, rolling medium speed but you had to be careful on side-hill chips/putts which could easily run 3-5 feet past the hole ... not flat by any means. Bunkers decent sand, mostly raked (some not), and playable. Lot's of trees line the fairways, rough mostly cut short enough not to be an issue.

I'd really like to recommend this course (bring earplugs if the constant buzz of traffic upsets your Chi) but the overbooking (see previous review) is ridiculous. My suggestion would be to play early and then maybe it'd be a worthwhile round.
I have to say, I'm dissapointed in the conditions. It's been several months since I've played here and the conditions have deteriorated quite a bit. Greens were decent and remain the strong part of the course. There were a number of fresh pitch marks on the greens which surprised me because the group in front on the front 9 were decent players and I wouldn't think they would leave unrepaired marks. On the back nine we were behind a twosome that never hit the green so it couldn't have been them!

Grass has gone dormant which is no big deal. Dragonfly up the road is the same but still very playable. Fairways on Valley Oaks, however are very thin with several dirt patches. Tee boxes were so horrible it became a joke. Some un-mowed in at least a week and all with several dirt/dead spots.

Hopefully this is just a winter maintenance issue and the course will be back to normal in spring.

As for the layout, there are three sets of Nines with the "Lakes" being the premium 9 due to a few holes with some fun water hazard challenges. Layout out of the other two Nines is nothing special, just a typical flat valley muni course. Fairways on the oaks seem to be a bit more narrow placing a premium on accuracy over length.

We tee'd off early so POP was excellent as there were only a couple groups ahead of us including the previously mentioned foursome who were decent players so they kept things moving right along.

"Clubhouse" is just a plain Jayne building, unlike the ones at Ridge Creek and Pheasant Run which actually have some nice architectural design to them.
Played in the GK outing. Thanks Johnny for another outstanding day and Andrew for all the great Linksoul swag. The dry winter has dried the course a little from the last time I played here so there was an occasional dry looking spot mixed around in the fairway's, but really had no effect on play. Fairway's were lush and perfect.
Greens were in great shape. Noticed a couple of wobbles here and there and lots of foot prints around the pins. But, mostly played well. Receptive and I thought a good pace of medium fast. The practice green was much faster than the course greens, so it took a couple of holes to get the slower speed down. Service was great and just another fabulous day at the best course in San Diego County. Love this place!
Played with my monthly group at 8:15am on Saturday, 1/13/18. Crazy warm weather for January – 80*+ today with clear skies and no wind. [Another 1 million people from the Northeast just decided to move to CA – great!]. As previous posters noted, the clubhouse and shop are undergoing extensive renovation – the new outdoor patio looks nice, but the shop is skeletal right now, and bathrooms are only in poorly-maintained porta-johns – ugh!! Range balls are chipped/cut/worn, and mats are also pretty worn. Putting green is in very nice condition. Started on time behind a couple 5somes and pace was expected 5 hrs. Not much divot mix provided initially, but we filled up from a bin on #8. Lots of unfilled divots in fairways and rough.

At that time of the morning everything is very wet, and the course still shows the heavy rain we had a few days ago, as the soil here is mostly clay and dries very slowly. Almost every shot wound up with mud on the ball. Fairway and rough turf is dormant and/or thin, with lots of scattered bare areas. Not a lot of rollout in the damp conditions. We played winter rules (LCP) but good lies were sometimes hard to find. Tees are also thin, and being wet they were quickly torn up between the markers even this early. Many were also sloping, with the worst offenders the 4th (to the right) and 18th (to the left, when you really need a L>R shot there!).

Greens were the best part of the course. They all had good coverage, rolled well at increasing speed as they dried out, and were pretty firm but receptive. Not too many unrepaired ballmarks. I didn’t remember this much slope on some of these greens (I play here just once a year), and the guy setting the pins chose some very slopy areas today! The position on hole #8 was really unfair – just below the crest of the runup to the upper tier. There was almost no way to stop the ball near the hole in any direction, and even putts from directly below the hole stopped near the hole, then rolled back 6-8 feet. I think the 5some in front of us took 18 putts!!

Sand was in good condition, ample in all greenside areas, fairly dry, and raked.

OK for a casual round.
Played 1-10-18 teeing off before noon as a single and finishing in a little under 2 1/2 hours going through two foursomes. Tee boxes were just okay, most had good coverage and few were a little un-level. Fairways were descent but had a ton of unfilled divots, and a few bare and thin areas. Rough was not to long in in okay shape with some bare spots. Was in three greenside bunkers all of which had nice firm sand. Greens were in nice shape rolling medium speed with an occasional bump. Love the layout of this course, not as tough as Bayonet but still gives you a nice challenge. Costumer service was very friendly from start to finish.
I played La Quinta Resort Mountain Course years ago and enjoyed the layout. This time, playing with GK Gurus Ron and Nick, I feel in love with it. I’d say it is a top 20 all-time course for me. Playing conditions were much better this time around with excellent irrigation coverage, lush grass, well maintained bunkers and smooth, moderately fast, firm greens. I liked the dormant bermuda turf rough contrast to with the greens and overseeded rye grass fairways. I understand that this month they will be spraying the dormant bermuda rough to make it even more dormant (lighter color) and create a greater contrast. We caught a rare cloudy and even raining day in La Quinta Monday so my photos did not turn out as nice as I would have wanted (got some gem pics although – how can you not with that scenery), I’ll set up another GK Guru round to get out there in February to do some more reviews & photos – darn ;)

Enjoyed lunch at the turn with Dave, Ron and Nick, delicious food, excellent service. It’s an exceptional clubhouse. Was late getting to the course, made it just in time for my tee time, so had no time to warm up to give my take on the practice facilities, but the service in the proshop and starters made me feel very comfortable.

Of all the PGA WEST and La Quinta Resort Courses I’ve played, I am a huge fan of this course and the Nicklaus Tournament Course. I very much enjoy the Stadium, Norman and Dunes but Jack and Mountain would be my perfect 36. – Highly Recommended.
Thinking back to last Sunday and all the fun I had playing and running our Rams Hill Golf Club GK Plays outing, really appreciate everyone that made it, Linksoul golf apparel and for sponsoring it, many of the donated gifts for prizes by those playing and Rams Hill Golf Club for providing exceptional service and playing conditions. It was our 4th outing at the course and sure to be another in the future.

Previous and I'm sure future reviews will focus on the personal golf experience, mine is from an outing organizer perspective. Let’s start with the golf course itself, it appeals to all skill levels, is generous off the tee, the pace of play as always been around 4 ½ hours for our outings, the course is in fantastic shape, the desert views while playing are amazing and the first tee, as well as the 18th green are perfectly positioned to start and conclude your event. Next, before your players tee off, the practice facilities are great with a beautiful driving range stocked with ProV1 balls, two short game practice areas (there is even a practice chipping area near the first tee to the right) and a fun practice putting green near the first tee. Next, the customer service from when you are first talking and working with the tournament director, food & beverage, to the day of your event, to following up after, very courteous and professional. As for the clubhouse, nice proshop and there is beautiful restaurant and patio to enjoy a meal/drink before and after golf. Lastly, the Borrego Spring area is a long drive to get to for just about everyone but IMO that helps adds charm and “away from it all” feeling. Some of the views out there of the desert are at least 50 miles. The area has other fun courses for your players to easily make a golf week or weekend out of it plus affordable lodging. I have always been very happy and never disappointed with our golf experience there.
Out at Rio Hondo early Friday AM, matched with a retired threesome of nice guys, $39 walking green fee and a PoP at just over 4 hrs. (thanks to the marshal who kept the old guys on their toes). First two fairways were somewhat muddy, matted Bermuda so decided to play LC&P. Greens were very dewy but as the course dried out it became much more playable albeit some very thin lies. Rough not long but difficult to find balls due to the many fallen leaves ... poor older gents couldn't find their ball if their lives depended on it, lucky they had me with them or PoP would've been 5 hrs and they'd still lose a dozen balls. No biggie, was glad to help ... I'll be old someday, too :-)

Anyway, the greens, even with the recent rain, were very firm and everything would release so you must take that into account. They rolled semi-quick as they dried out.

Nice course to visit once in a while. Very flat, walkable, busy, many parallel fairways, usually well maintained (bunkers were good sand). I'll be back.
Played Fri Jan 12th at 7:23 check in fast and friendly. Breakfast service great as usual. Got out on time, course was very wet, told 90 degree rule by starter, but fairways were drying out by the sun and seemed ok. One or two tee boxes actually need leveling as they were crowned, fairways wet not much roll out and winter grass, yellowish but always had a decent lie, was not in any traps, greens were real nice, receptive and rolled nice. I fixed many ball marks. POP was ok at 4:07. We still like this place as north and south are really different courses and you can't beet the price.
Played Casta del Sol Friday 01/12/2018 with a 9:06 tee time. Played in a foursome made up of a pair of friends, and another single, all of us are retired, all were good golfers.
Check in was easy as usual. Cart was clean but lacked a score card which I had to go back in for. Practice green was in excellent shape but was still dew covered at 8:45am.
We tee’d off on time behind a foursome trailing a pair of foursomes and a group of five that were together. We were out ahead of a women’s league. The quality of the company the foursome in front of us, and the three guys I was with made play enjoyable despite waiting on every tee. Well I have played this course as a single in as little as two hours and fifteen minutes todays round took right at five hours.

Cart’s were restricted to cart paths due to water on the course. This seldom presented a problem in terms of footing, there were a couple of soppy areas, the major impact was on the softness of the fairway and the collar of the greens which reduced roll out and made hitting a bump and run a crap shoot. Balls that caught the collar of the greens stopped.

The condition of the tee boxes where good. Most were playing up, and narrow as they appear to have recently punched and leveled the tee boxes and are re-growing the grass. The exception was 18 where the rarely used par 4 blues were in play.
The condition of the fairways was good, mostly green some winter brown with good coverage and mostly dry. There are a lot of geese and ducks with the expected hazards they create. This applies to hazards on some greens as well.
Rough was where most of the moisture seemed to be trapped, making it more penal than usual, and creeks were full and flowing.

Bunkers were in excellent shape with nice coverage. The groups ahead of us were doing a good job of raking the bunkers when they were in them.

Greens were excellent, great coverage, playing a bit slow, greens are absolutely beautiful. The groups in front of us were doing and excellent job of repairing ball marks.
The course was fun to play, marshals were out assuring best possible pace of play. The tee side grill at the 10th was serving up good hot dogs, there was closest to the pin competition on the par 3 12th hole to benefit a juvenile brain cancer center. Weather was perfect.

Casta del Sol is in excellent condition a fun play, just a little on the slow side.
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