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Played the Blues (6739/73.1/140) with Sparky14 in 4H. It was 4H because of a slow 4some in front of us the last 1/3 of the round, otherwise we could have finished in slightly more than 3H. Thanks to Steve for a fun round, laid back and easy going. The weather was bright, sunny and slightly below 100, with little breeze.

The tees were lush and mowed high. Only some par 3's needed divot repair.

The fairways were lush, few places with severe divots. Generally good lies in the fairways.

The rough was lush. What a difference a few days make. Last week the rough was lost ball deep and punitive, today it was mowed down a good 1.5 to 2" lower than last week and much easier to play from.

The plentiful sand traps were well maintained with good quality sand. There are many HUGE traps on this course, a few with 10' to 15' banks/lips to hit over. Avoiding the sand here is a MUCH higher priority than almost any other course I have played. An oddity is that the cart path runs the entire length of several waste bunkers. Therefore, you may well be playing off tire tracks if you hit into them.

The Bermuda greens putted consistently @ medium speed. Very firm and relatively smooth for Bermuda.

Overall, this is a challenging layout and the conditions were well above average. The customer service was top notch. Cart gal around numerous times. Even playing the appropriate tees, the average golfer is probably going to shoot 3-5 strokes higher on this course than they are accustomed to. Numerous forces carries over or skirting water off fairways that are unlevel due to the mounding is challenging for the average golfer. Definitely recommended with the above in mind.
This was our second round today. We teed off at about 9:35 and were paired with another twosome. I imagine this course is always busy and slow, and that was the case even on a Monday. It seemed slower than it was at times, and we still finished in a little over 4 hours. We used a GolfMoose deal for $49/2 players (plus an additional $25 off thanks to a GK prize voucher!!!). So for $12.50 each, not too shabby.

I was pleasantly surprised with the conditions as a fairly low-end muni course. Much of the "grass" from tee to green is a mix of different grasses, clovers and weeds. However, it is all cut down consistently and it plays fine enough. Tee boxes okay. Fairways decent. Rough okay. I was in one bunker and it had nice sand. Once again, I was very impressed by the greens. My number rating may skew a bit high because I scored the greens an 8. I fixed a few stray ball marks here and there, but they were pretty well-maintained despite the quantity (and quality) of players this place gets. They were soft/receptive and rolling smooth at medium/fast speeds.

Course isn't anything too special. Pretty standard old school parkland muni. Flat and tree-lined. What you see is what you get. After the main round, I went and played the Express 9 (par 29) course here. They let me go around for free and let me use the cart from the first round. Decent little practice/learning course with enough challenge on a few holes to keep you entertained.
First round of the Sacramento leg of my trip. ppark81 and I played our dawn patrol round here and were first off as a twosome about 6:40. We zipped around the course easily with minimal encounters with maintenance. Rack rate was $45 with cart for weekday.

The course was in nice overall shape, though playing pretty soggy first thing in the morning. Tee boxes were good. Fairways were mostly quite good. Rough also pretty good throughout, not too deep with the ball sitting up most of the time. Bunkers were on the weaker side. Only in a couple, but they were kinda thin. The greens, like most of the ones encountered on this trip, were excellent. They were very wet and soft, so you had to fly it to the pin. However, as squishy as they seemed underfoot, there wasn't a lot of moisture sitting on top. The surfaces ran super smooth and quite quick. I can only imagine how they would be once dried out a bit more.

I didn't come in with any expectations and I enjoyed the course overall. Nothing overly spectacular, but a very solid mid-level option in the area. Funny that the two local courses it reminded me of most were Wildhorse and Wild Wings, so I guess the Sacramento "wild" trio has an unintentional theme. Not too long and fairly forgiving with the most memorable holes 16 and 18 providing a very strong finish.
This was a great course! The course was in great shape, the greens well maintained, and the staff was great. Here are my notes from the round:

The front 9 played on a relatively flat terrain, with moguls and hills scattered throughout the fairways, so there wasn't much trouble when dealing with elevation (this comes up later). Despite some narrow-looking fairways, this was not a course to scare away a driver. The rough made for some great hitting! And, with the hills, the fairways were great for rolling balls. So, low, hard drives were perfect on the front. The greens were in great shape - challenging reads made for great putting opportunities.

The back 9 played like a completely different course. The slope of each hole changed and, with more hills, elevated greens, and up-hill approaches, the entire strategy changed from hole 9 to 10. My favorite hole was the first par 3 on the back 9. From the whites, it was 137 with an elevated tee box and a huge green to land on. I think it was 12. Holes 16, 17, and 18 are talked about as being the toughest holes on the course, despite what the scorecard is telling you. They are tough. 16 is a long par 3 with a narrow fairway, and 17 is a par 4 and 18 is a par 5 that both have several out-of-bounds opportunities. Play these holes safer and you won't have such a rough walk back to the bar!
Played here today (9/18) as part of the annual SCGA visit. This was my first visit here and I must say, this place was really nice. The clubhouse and some of the aesthetics were a little dated, but the real highlight here was the course. A great mix of holes; water in play, perfectly placed sand traps, doglegs galore, and those greens, my god those greens. This place has all trademarks of a private club as well; great attentive service, gated entry with guard, and right in the middle of one the priciest zip codes in So. Cal. The event was run very well by Brenda, my group was funny, easy-going (for the most part), and we finished in a shade over 4 hours, which anyone will tell you is a blessing. On to the review:

Tee boxes: Great shape. The maintenance staff was busy at work this morning watering the boxes. Lots of tee options, so no one box took a beating. Level land to tee off from.

Fairways: Excellent. Green, cut tight, allowed a fair amount of roll, and never once ended up in a bad lie. Love the fact the carts had true mix feed to fix divots. The fairways looked like carpet.

Rough: Penal, though the OB on the course is really what kills you. There is a mix of rough areas; traditional thick stuff, desert-like areas, and million dollar properties all around the course. The good thing is many holes have other holes running parallel that allow for a chance at redemption on errant shots.

Bunkers: Good to great. Some had sand that was a tad more coarse, though no bunker was in bad shape. Was only in one today, but it played from about 25 feet below the hole. Ample bunkers and nice to see them raked consistently.

Greens: Near perfect. The roll on them was like putting on glass. The speed varied from fast to insane. I saw one putt tapped from 3 feet and roll to 5 feet past. The breaks on some of the greens didn't look bad, but played rather difficult. Some divots but none affected the roll.

ETC: Staff was very friendly (as you'd expect). Food was rather bland in the snack shop (cash only). Carts had no GPS and really could use it with the amount of blind shots. Water available on a handful of holes. Ample restroom facilities. Ample parking. Not the cheapest option but call it a once in a lifetime chance to play a wonderful private course and one from the "56" collection in San Diego.
Walked the blues (128-71.6-6634) late this morning 9/18/2017 at 11:20am with my buddy Mack joined by a nice single Jim. We paid $29.00 which is their mid-day walking rate Monday through Thursday. Nice staff at check-in. Looks like they have got some newer mats on the driving range. Weather was in the high 70's, low 80's with about a 1 club wind which felt great. POP was 4 hrs 10 minutes waiting for multiple groups out on a busy Monday. Great to get back to my home course after a hot summer.

The greens were in very good shape, rolling fast and firm--resembled the old rustic especially on downhillers. I did fix an extra 3 divots or so per green waiting for the groups in front of us. These greens were a big improvement from what I remember from a couple rounds ago. They held shots like darts yet were quick and rolling true. Rated 8/10

The fairways I thought were in great shape considering this is a links course that traditionally has harder pan fairways. They were semi-lush to lush and had some great padding to them. Pretty green as well. Staff should be commended for keeping them in this great of shape with the way it can get hot in this area. Rated 7.5/10.

Tees were all level, beautiful and lush. Par 4 and 5 tees were in great shape and not to many divots on the par 3 tees. Rated 8/10.

Was not in any sand or waste bunkers today so I cannot rate them. They looked to be all raked and in good firm shape as usual. Of note as always and noted on the scorecard there are certain portions of the course that have blue stakes which denotes a waste bunker.

The only parts of the course that really need work are certain portions(rough) in and around some fairways and green complex's. Would rate these areas a 5/10. You shouldn't be there but you should not be in dirt or plugs of mud either.

I would highly recommend Rustic's greens, tees and fairways at this time. Such a challenging, fun and beautiful layout. Looking forward to some nice fall and winter rounds here.
I played in the Irvine City Championship at SF on Saturday/Sunday, September 16-17, 2017. I’ve played in this event about a half-dozen times over the years – they used to hold it on British Open weekend (bummer!!), but moved to the Fall last year to try to get more participation. This year they wound up with ~60 players in championship (scratch) and A, B, and C handicapped flights. We teed off around 7am both days under cooler, cloudy skies without too much wind. (There was a little more breeze on Thursday afternoon.) I also played a practice round (included with the tourney fee) on Thursday afternoon 9/14 around 3pm. This review reflects all three rounds.

Unfortunately for my low-ball-flight game, the lake on the back 9 is dry but the fairways are getting plenty of water. All fairway and rough areas were very wet both tourney days, and solid drives were still leaving me with long irons and hybrids into the longer par-4s. Fairway lies were good, and rough at 1-2 inches was fine, except in the finer-diameter stuff the ball sat well down and was hard to control coming out. Traps were in good shape, with good material in greenside traps and fairway traps being a little firmer. (Thursday afternoon fairways were a little drier and I had fewer distance problems.)

Greens were in very good condition, fairly firm, cut tight and rolling well at medium-fast+ speeds. Speeds were consistent throughout the course and over the several days, which was nice. Most greens had quite a few old ballmarks slow to heal. I made more putts than I usually do, which only partially made up for several wayward offline tee and other shots, which can cost you quickly at SF, and I had several penalty strokes. Maybe I was trying too hard to hit the ball further to make up for all the lost roll! (I think I’ll go with that excuse!)

SF has problems with some fairly small tee boxes being somewhat domed or sloping, so it’s sometimes a challenge to find a comfortable level area. Par-3 boxes are generally pretty torn up – some boxes have sand containers on them (which few golfers use, apparently!), and some don’t have refills at all. In general players are not taking good care of the tees. Either way the course staff apparently don’t get out to take care of the boxes very well – we saw Saturday’s destruction unfilled on Sunday morning.

There’s a new pro at SF now, as Tom McCray has moved over to Laguna Woods after 15 years. I didn’t get his name, but we chatted briefly about the tourney and course conditions after the second round. My flight winner amazingly shot his best score ever on Saturday – a 10-handicap dropped a gross 74 on SF from the blue tees. Er, okay. Not that I was anywhere within hailing distance!

Still recommended, but watch out for the high rack rate!
Got out at 2:45pm on Sunday 9/17 with MrKich and some friends. $24 including cart was a good price to pay, and we barely were able to sneak in 18 holes as the days keep getting shorter :(

Greens: Soft enough to hold shots, yet deceptively quick. Lots of mounds that aren't obviously visible unless you scope out the green fro multiple sides. They were a little bumpy so late in the day and there were some notable bare areas (especially left side of #2) that really affected putts. Tons of unrepaired ball marks, but that's on all of us to fix.

Fairways: Mostly lush with good lies. A few bare areas and a few extra spongy areas. Definitely playable throughout.

Rough: Lush and spongy for the most part, with a few bare areas near course boundaries, and some extra lush areas near trees. This led to some inconsistent lies, as on one whole (#8), I was stymied by a thick spongy mass, then on my next shot from almost an identical lie, my club slid through the grass like a warm knife through butter.

Bunkers: All were in very good shape. Fluffy sand with a nice firm layer underneath. I was in 4 bunkers and all had very similar sand.

Tees: Mostly lush and level with some areas with significant divot damage, especially on the par 3s and short par 4s.

Overall, Chester Washington is a fun track with some interesting holes. I don't get out here too often because I rarely feel like putting up with airport traffic, but when I do I always seem to enjoy myself.
Played here Sunday for with my tournament club. We asked our group officer to confirm that the course was in good condition, because we had seen on GK that they had gone through MAJOR maintenance. The tournament director said it is in great shape...LIAR. Starting from the tee boxes, they where beat up and had so many dry out patches and major divots. They where also uneven lie on most of the tee boxes. The fairways had major GUR, but not marked, because they would have had to spray paint the whole fairway! The greens where okay, but slow, like very slow. If your putter is a sledgehammer, you could have got your ball to hold its line. the bunkers where playing like hard packed, concrete filled craters. I don't think I will come back here again. I was very disappointed with the overall conditions, because of the LIE. If these tournament directs would be more upfront and honest, I would respect that he says it is in major growth patter, after re-seeding or maintenance, not tell us it is in great shape, when it is not.
I have not played here for a while, so was excited to return. I generally prefer old style traditional courses, so this courses certainly qualified. Maybe it was me, but the course just seemed to play exceptionally long this morning. Not much roll in the fairways !

Greens were the best part of the course. They rolled well and seemed to "roll out" further than I had adjusted for. Not that they were all that fast, they just rolled true. Both bunkers I was in resulted in plugged lies, so it was a struggle from the sand today.

We were the third group off, but never waited. Played in under three hours at a nice easy pace on a beautiful overcast morning. Enjoyed the course, but did not play very well, but that was on me. $35 to walk is a bit steep, but all in all, a fun days on the links.
Played the course sept 10 after a morning round at firecliff. The course was in great shape. We had the course to ourselves till the 14th hole. The scenery was great. #6 is one of the best hole designs I've ever played. The finishing hole was also great.
Played firecliff sept 10, with GK Gurus Nickesquire, Roarksown, and Rudyclub. It was a great time! First time playing there.
The course was in excellent shape all around. Absolutely worth the geeen fee! The staff was great.
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