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Walked the Blues (6390/70.5/124) as part of a SLO Co. Golf tournament. Played with my neighbor Mike and his wife Doris. 4.5H POP under breezy, overcast skies in the 60's.

Few true water hazards but a decent amount of lateral and OB that can catch really errant shots. The layouts main defenses are the sloping greens and the hundreds of 40+' tall trees that line every fairway set on rolling hills.

They had a few tees closed for resodding. I guess my reaction would be about time, because these were probably the worst tees I have played on in 2019. Decent coverage, but most needed leveling, they had not been mowed recently and there were far too many unfixed divots.

The fairways had decent coverage, much more thin than lush. They also had not been recently mowed.

The rough was thin and not tall. However, it was penal because of how uneven it was. Good chance you would draw a poor lie.

The sand traps were decently maintained but needed more sand. Too thin around the greens.

The Poa annua greens were fairly quick but were some of the bumpiest poa greens I have putted on in awhile. And they were hard, not firm. I hit a couple of nice high irons that landed short of the pin, the first bounce was above waist high and was then chipping back from well over the green.

Quick efficient check-in. $26 to walk mid morning. No drink cart, but they had an open restaurant at the clubhouse. Very basic carts, no roof or GPS. Course has basic 100/150/200 yard stones and stones on the tee boxes for yardages. All grass driving range.

Older, parkland style layout with some interesting holes that has few homes anywhere around the course. Could be a fun course to play, but could not recommend with the current conditions, too rough around the edges.
Walked the Blues (3004/70.7/128) in slightly less than 2H super twilight. Thanks to Dairy Creek for a free B-Day round! The weather was breezy, overcast and around 65.

Last time here in 2015, the 18 hole course was in bad shape due to a lack of water. Fast forward 3 1/2 years, and they closed the front 9 and made them practice holes and concentrate their water resources on what used to be the back 9. It is now a very good 9 hole course, with three each par 3/4/5 to reach a par 36. Several of the old front 9 holes are maintained by the Cal Poly SLO golf team and for a fee, you can go play the practice holes. You can also play 9 twice to still get in 18, with players coming off #9 making the turn having priority over players starting on #1.

The tees were good, lush with few unfixed divots.

The fairways were very playable, usually lush.

The rough was a combination of lush/thin. You could be on hardpan, in thick 3" tall rough or somewhere in between. It was punitive because the lies could be ???

The sand traps were very good, nicely maintained with thick sand.

The greens putted smooth and medium fast. Consistent from green to green and very receptive to holding iron shots. These greens have more break that you would think on 1st glance.

The customer service was excellent, I like the layout, good variety of holes. Very good practice range that includes a green to practice sand/chipping/pitching shots in addition to the practice holes. Tragic that SLO County chose to cut 9 from Dairy Creek and make it a 9 hole course and keep Chalk Mountain a fully operational 18 hole course. The layout was so far superior at Dairy Creek.

This is a challenging track that will test your game, especially in the wind, which always seems to blow here. Constantly up/down hills, it is a very challenging course to walk. Recommended.
Rode the Blacks (6360/70.8/119) in around 2.5H first out playing on a B-Day special. Thanks Morro Bay! Partly cloudy, calm and around 60 made for a nice early morning round.

Fun, old school layout. Some doglegs, a couple of blind tees shots over the crest of hills. The area around the greens is mowed down like a links course. All 18 holes a player can run the ball onto the green if need be. Few sand traps, not long by modern standards, the courses primary defense is the smaller sized, quick greens that have alot of break.

The tree lined fairways are constantly up down hills, some severely up/down. Mostly kikuyu, so even though it is hilly, do not expect ball to roll hundreds of yards down the fairways. Expect lots of unlevel lies once you leave the tee.

This layout would remind you much more of a mountain course than a beach course. Not tight overall, but there are numerous tight shots with OB closeby. No water on this course.

The tees were well maintained. Mowed a little high for my taste but not many unfixed divots and mostly level.

The fairways had good coverage, pretty lush for kikuyu. Not much roll on these fairways.

The rough was more thin than lush overall, but played decently.

There are only I think 2? sand traps on the course. Was not in any, but they looked decent walking by, few foot prints.

The smallish poa annua greens were recently vericutt but still putted nice. Medium fast, smooth for poa. They held approach shots very well. No large tiers or mounds, these greens are mounded. Usually back to front, with putts breaking toward the sides and front. There are few straight putts and anything above the hole and you are in trouble on numerous greens. Be prepared to play some big swinging putts on these greens.

Par 71 layout. Three par 5's, four par 3's. The last three par 3's are 232/192/239 from the tips, but play downhill, so they play shorter but are still a bear. The par 5's are 496/468/512 from the tips, but play much longer due to a combination of being uphill, the prevailing wind and/or the kikuyu.

No GPS on the carts, small driving range that is shorter clubs only. Customer service was excellent, no drink cart today, but friendly staff out on the course and in the pro shop. Recommended.
Rode the Golds (6646/72.6/130) with Gary, Ron and Mike in slightly over 4H mid day. Drizzling when we started, turned out to be a beautiful afternoon. Breezy and partly cloudy with temps in the 60's.

The tees were nice to play from. Mostly lush with excellent coverage.

The Bermuda fairways were lush bordering on excellent. Nice to play from with just a few poor areas here and there.

The rough was good but more hit and miss. Thicker closer to the fairways, with everything from hardpan to lush Bermuda all the way to thick Kikuyu the farther you got from the fairway.

The fairway bunkers were firm brown dirt and okay to play from. The green side bunkers were thick, medium brown dirt (not sand) that was well maintained and generally good to play from.

The large greens were firm and putted medium fast. Alot of slope on these green complexes, not only back to front but also from side to side.

The customer service was excellent from everyone encountered. The Pro Shop/Starter, cart attendants and the ever present cart gal were all great. Good all grass driving range, nice restaurant on site. No GPS on the carts is the only real negative. Always enjoy this beautiful layout. Highly recommended.
Rode the Black/Blue combo tees (6645/72.2/127) in 5.5H with Mike, Todd and Peter. The front was a little slow, the back was a crawl. It was usual for the group in front of us to still be on the tee when we arrived. Still a fun round because of the company and the course. The weather was windy, partly cloudy and around 60. Thank to John/GK for a well run outing!

Corica Park opened in 1927 and was redesigned in 2018 as a Australian Sandbelt Style layout by Rees Jones. Flat course that features a very generous amount of sand traps to avoid and huge green complexes. I really liked the fun layout.

The tees were good, level and well maintained for divots.

The fairways were generally good with a few problem areas. Almost always had a decent lie, but not super lush.

However, the rough was super lush. Around the fairways/greens, it was thick/consistent. The primary rough was mowed down to a good height and I found it good to play and chip out of. The places that had the native grass that is not regularly maintained needed to be avoided.

The sand traps were decently maintained with thick sand/dirt. There are a lot of traps on this course!

Loved the way the huge greens ran. Firm, medium fast and smooth. And that was my opinion after a poor putting day where I missed many makeable putts. There were no tiers or tricked up features, but there were large swales to navigate and you could easily have 75-100' putts if on the wrong side of most greens.

Huge thumbs up to the redesign. Very fun layout that provided risk/reward holes and especially in the wind, was a good test. Most holes had the option to go low or go high on your shots, few forced carries on this course. Good option for players of all skill levels, seven sets of well spaced tees. Nice GPS on the carts. Very good restaurant on site that was packed. Good food at a decent price and the service was excellent. Definitely recommended.
Rode the Blacks (6284/71.6/132) with John, Ian and Mike in 4.5H. The weather was windy, partly cloudy and in the high 50's. Thanks to John for setting this up and for Bordega for having us out!

Robert Trent Jones Jr. design that coupled with the location is borderline spectactular. All 18 holes have anywhere from a good to a stunning view overlooking the Pacific. Very hilly course where you play about an equal amount up/down hill. Many hilly courses you play downhill, then travel for a half mile to get back up the hill so you can play down hill again. I love the way this course does not do that, most greens are close to the next tee. The uphill holes here are very challenging, they are very uphill. Par 70 layouts with only three par 5's I usually do not care for, but I really enjoyed this tough course. I thought the 132 slope from the Blacks was understated.

A very unique feature of this course is that you can only ride 16 holes. Holes 16/17 are a risk reward, short par 4 followed by a longer par 3. Those you have to walk becaue they are carved out of a marsh. They provide pull carts so golfers can either pull or carry their clubs on those holes.

The playing conditions were very playable. However, after playing over seeded courses in the desert consistently for months, a course that doesn't overseed the thin areas really stand out to me once you become accustomed to lush throughout.

The tees were good. Nicely maintained, level, good coverage with few unfixed divots.

The fairways were decent, nice coverage, about an even amount of lush and thin.

The rough was nasty. Close to the fairways, it was mowed down but still thick. Get more than a few yards off the beaten path and it was anywhere from 6" to a couple feet tall.

Windy course near the ocean, not a surprise that the sand traps were mediocre. Too many areas that were thin/crusty.

The large poa annua greens were firm but still putted medium to medium slow speed. I usually like poa annua greens and putt them okay. However, I was challenged by the speed and consistency of these greens.

The Links at Bodega Harbour would be a very difficult course to walk because it is so hilly. Agree with others comments that it is a must play if even remotely in the area. But this is not a course for everyone because of the difficulity, the hills and the fact that you have to walk two holes. Highly recommended with the above in mind.
Walked the Blues (6299/70.5/123) in 4H, 10M on a sunny, breezy afternoon with temps around 70. Played on their week of B-Day special, thanks Chalk Mountain! Played 9 with Doug and Pat, both 86 year olds who were delightful playing partners.

First time here in 7 years. VERY hilly and challenging course to walk, especially in windy conditions. You will rarely have a level lie on this course after you leave the tee box.

The tees were reasonably level, had good coverage and were well maintained. Probably the best part of the course.

The fairways were decent. Good coverage for kikuyu.

The rough is well, pretty rough. Mixture of weeds and multiple different grasses, mostly mowed down to 3" relatively close to the fairway. 10 yards off many fairways, it looked like the rough had not been mowed or maintained in months. Calf to almost waist deep, almost certain lost ball and no way to play it even if you found your ball.

The sand traps were mediocre. Mostly thin, with patches in each trap I was in that I would call good.

The greens looked good, but putted medium slow to slow. Very undulating with few ball marks, they held irons well.

Numerous holes where shaping the shot would be beneficial. The customer service and range facilities were both okay. Once you leave the tee, they only have old school 100/150/200 yard markers. First time in years I have seen gas powered golf carts on a course.

Overall, the quirky layout has more good holes than bad... but they have several holes here that I would call funky. Too many for one course. At best average playing conditions coupled with a below average layout means that it's unlikely I'll be playing here for at least another 7 years.
Rode the Golds (6511/71.4/132) as a single in 2H, 45M late afternoon. The weather was in the mid 90's, clear & windy.

The tees were lush overall and only the par 3's needed any divot repair.

The fairways were mostly lush, but had a few areas of hardpan.

The rough is more thin than lush and mowed low. Occassional hardpan areas.

The sand traps were well maintained, but most were thin. The fairway bunkers are considerably less maintained, most were hard/crusty.

The large greens putted medium speed and were smooth and firm. Deceptive contours mean you will rarely have a straight putt here.

The course would be very difficult to walk as numerous tees are a long ways from the last green. Good GPS on the carts and they have an all grass range with a couple of practice holes are included in your fee. The customer service was excellent from everyone. No drink cart today. Like the course layout, especially the back 9 where you have some long tough holes mixed in with some shorter risk/reward holes.

The course is very playable, but is beginning to brown and is very firm throughout. This results in more roll than most would be accustomed to. Recommended.
Rode the Golds (6401/71.0/130) as a single twilight in slightly less than 3H using Forelinx. The weather was clear, breezy and in the 90's.

There are a few problem areas but overall the course is in decent condition heading into hot weather. The course plays very firm, resulting in more roll than most would be accustomed to.

The tees were mostly lush and almost none needed divot repair.

The fairways were just okay, good coverage, part lush, part thin with a few bare spots.

The rough around the fairways is mowed down low. Mostly a combination of lush/thin, very playable with good coverage and occassional bare spots.

The sand traps were very hit and miss. A few were very nice, well maintained with good quality sand. Most were mediocre. A few were hard pan.

The greens are transitioning back to Bermuda. They were smooth, firm and putted medium speed. You really had to pay attention if there were patches of Bermuda between your ball and the hole, because where it has taken over for the winter rye it is much slower and more grainy.

Schmidt/Curley layout that is challenging yet fun. Many undulations on the greens and large swells around the green complexes make for challenging chipping. This course would be difficult to walk as numerous tees are a long ways from the last green. GPS on the carts. Good all grass driving range with a couple of practice holes is a +. The customer service was excellent from everyone encountered.

The course is very playable, but is beginning to brown and is very firm throughout. I like this layout. Recommended.
Rode the Blues (6313/70.6/129) in slightly less than 4H early morning. Paired up with Jeff, Richard and Gary. The weather was clear, windy and in the 90's.

SilverRock offers many tee shots that are nicely camouflaged with a large amount of both fairway and green side traps. Numerous driving areas appear tight. However, this is not a tight course overall with generous fairway landing areas for the most part once you get around bends and look back at the tee.

The tees were lush and well maintained. Only the par 3's needed divot repair.

The fairways were lush, with a few brownish spots from the heat here and there. Nicely maintained and good to play from.

Same for the rough, mowed low and nicely maintained.

The sand traps were in excellent condition. Good quality sand that was thick and plentiful. Tough to play from with large lips and long carries if you short sided yourself.

The greens are hard, not firm in the heat and the wind. Smooth, medium fast and even well struck irons would release a good amount.

The customer service was outstanding as always here. From the complimentary range balls all the way to the cart guy cleaning your clubs after the round. Cart gal out making the rounds. One of my favorite layouts in the Palm Springs area. It is away from any houses with a decent amount of lakes, canals and native areas to keep things interesting. Definitely recommended.
Rode the Blues (6313/70.6/129) in 4H, 15M twilight with Mark, Janet and Brent. The weather was clear, fairly calm and around 95.

The tees were lush and well maintained. Level with few divots.

The fairways were lush, mowed down close and played firm. Nicely maintained and good to play from.

The rough close to the fairways was overseeded and is very lush. Farther away from the fairways is Bermuda coming out of dormancy.

The sand traps were in excellent condition with a generous amount of fine grain sand. These traps are tough to play from with large lips and potential long carries.

The large greens have a decent amount of contour/slope. They are very firm, putted medium fast and were smooth. Even high, well struck irons would have alot of run out.

SilverRock is a fun & pretty layout. The customer service is always excellent here. Drink cart out making the rounds. All grass range included in your fee and the carts have nice GPS. Good restaurant onsite. Highly recommended.
Rode 36 from the Golds (6643/71.5/126) in slightly more than 4H as a single twilight using Forelinx. The weather was 90ish, partly cloudy and breezy.

The course is beginning to dry out with the wind and temps near 90 every day recently. Drivers are now reaching areas I could not a month ago and the firmness around the greens definitely needs to be taken into account on your appraoch shots.

The tees were level, lush and well maintained for divots.

The fairways are mowed close, lush and well maintained with few unfixed divots.

The rough is not over seeded here and is mowed low, so no lost ball challenges. Part weeds, part Bermuda coming out of dormancy, you usually have questionable lies in this stuff.

The sand traps have decent sand but are not maintained that well here. Mediocre.

The greens were nice, smooth and firm. You just had to adjust to the medium to medium slow speed.

The customer service is almost always excellent here. Drink cart out making the rounds early in the round and plenty of water stations on the course. GPS on the carts is a +. Fun course, nothing fancy or overly memorable, but a solid layout overall. Recommended.
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