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A little late with this review as I played Woodcreek on Sunday 5/26 with an old college friend. We were making our way up to a tournament and stopped in SAC area to visit friends and play golf. Bought a golf moose deal for $59 for 2 and had an 11:16 tee time. For a holiday weekend, it was pretty crowded but we played as a 2 some until joined by a single on the 5th hole. Not much waiting on any groups and finished in just under 4 hours.

The course is in pretty good condition overall. Fairways were green and lush. Not many bare spots and really nice lies. The rough was thick and lush. No issues with the tee boxes but many of them could have been mowed. Bunkers were not very good. The ones I were in were terrible. Not even sand but hard, compacted dirt. Best to stay out of them.

Greens were nice and rolled great. Average size greens but some undulations.

The layout is not my favorite. A muni layout really. Some blind shots especially #5. Fortunately, the single who played with us knew the course otherwise we would have really struggled. IMO, the back 9 is nicer with holes that have some nice mature trees that meander through some nice homes. Although the course is in nice shape and worth a stop to play but not sure if it will be on my can’t wait play again list.
Up in No Cal for the holiday weekend to play a few courses and then a tournament. Always look forward to this trip and first stop today was Boundary Oaks. I play here a couple times a year as I have family up here to visit. Got out early walking and was second out following another single in a cart. Beautiful morning and no wind to speak of. Recognized GK’er Bgarcelon who works here and went over to say hello. Nice gentleman.

BO is in great condition right now. About as good as I have ever seen it. The rain has helped I am sure but the fairways are excellent and I noticed there is no kikuyu. What happened? I asked Bgarcelon who mentioned the weather is cool now and kikuyu goes dormant. As the weather warms up, it will return. Was not aware of that. Regardless, every lie was great. On the thin side but still excellent. Tee boxes were good. The rough was green and lush and not difficult to get out of. I was only in 1 bunker and it was in good shape. Good firm sand.

The greens were holding well and rolled true. These are really nice greens and as the previous reviewer, sixpez indicates, you do not want not want to be above the hole. Putting downhill here is a challenge.

Great improvements here, including the grill/bar. Very nice. Folks here are always great here as well. Thoroughly enjoyable round today finished in about 3 hours. Course is a bit hilly but not crazy. Hopefully, they can keep it nice throughout the summer.
Played DW Firecliff for the first time in the GK outing with Leef2020, Rudyclub and Brady and had a great time. Great weather out there with a little wind. The short of it is I thoroughly enjoyed this course. It is a challenging track and what makes it challenging are the many bunkers. There are quite a few. I have played Doral in Miami a number of times which is said to have over 100 plus bunkers. This course exceeds that I am sure and I was in quite a few. On the plus side, the bunkers were in great shape. The fairways were incredible. Lush and great lies out there. It’s been a while since I have played fairways this nice. The rough wasn’t too troublesome for me but you still had to hit it clean to get out of it.

The greens were also great and rolled true but were very hard. Never found my divot marks on the green. They weren’t holding either unless you caught it real clean. Very tricky with the undulations on many of the greens. I found them hard to read and therefore had a few 3 putts.

A great time playing here and loved this place. Can’t comment on customer service as I had no interaction with course staff. The restaurant closed rather early also. Regardless, I hope to get back out here sometime soon. Definitely recommend.
Decided to get out to play today even though it was raining in the morning. It wasn’t raining hard so I knew it would clear up but for whatever reason, I really enjoy playing in the rain. Got to the course about 10:00 am, paid $25 walking and off I went playing solo. A guy in a cart was at #1 and was teeing off also but no one was out on the course.

Not much to add differently from the previous review. Fairways were ok, nothing great. A couple of fairways were just aerated and were a mess with big holes and residue cores laying everywhere. The other fairways were in ok condition. The rough was hit and miss. Some were just fine, others were very thick and unplayable really and other areas we hard pan. Bunkers were mud as a result of the rain.

The greens were rolling well. #1 green has had some patchwork done but still rolled ok. This green has always had issue though. The rest of the greens were in good shape and rolled nicely.

I have always enjoyed playing here as they have some challenging holes but the course conditions have always kept me away. Let’s see if the rain and the potential improvements will make a difference going forward. I hope so!
Was invited by leef2020 to play with his regular group on Monday 4/29 with a 2:16 tee time paying $42. Great rate for this course. A lot of people out there but can see why. This course is great shape right now. Breezed through the front 9 in about 2 hours, never waiting but it slowed down on the back. Sill finished in about 4. 5 hours.

Fairways are great. Didn’t have a bad fairway lie out there at all. The rough was thick and penal. Hit the ball a little heavy and the rough would easily turn the club face. Tee boxes were excellent. Full coverage and freshly cut. Bunkers were excellent also. Good firm sand.

The greens are excellent. A bit hard, not holding and not real fast but they rolled great.

This course is a challenge. Potential for birdies on some holes but can see double bogeys on others. Particularly on the back 9 where some fairways are tight. Only played here twice and the back 9 has kicked my butt each time. Still a beautiful track with some great views. Look for a good price online and go for it! Highly recommend.
Was invited out to play Brookside #2 on Friday. Had 9:00 am tee time and was expecting a full house and a 5 hour round as usual but noticed it wasn’t very crowded at all. In fact found a parking spot close to the course which is rare. The starter said we could go out earlier so we did. Although waiting on the par 3’s with 2 groups deep, we still finished in a little over 4 hours.

The course is in good shape even with kikuyu fairways. Not much roll out on drives but you did get a good lie. The rough was not too thick/penal but it was still better to be in the fairway. Bunkers were in good shape. Some were damp but very playable.

The greens were very nice. Rolled true, were soft and were holding all shots. The greens are not tricky and pretty flat really.

Had a good time out there and a good lunch after. The course is pretty flat but it’s not an easy course even though it only plays about 6200 from the blues. Definitely recommend. Perfect weather and a course that is in pretty good shape, what’s not to like?
Our regular group played Morongo on 4/24 and was thrilled as I have never played the Legends course before. One person in our group bought a Groupon for here and comp’d the rest of us. Very nice of him to do so and therefore do not know what they charge. Beautiful day though. A little warm but no wind. Had a 9:30 tee time and we were a bit late (5 minutes) getting to the first tee and the starter let us know it. He wasn’t happy about it. Oh well! No one was in front of us and no one pushed us from behind so we finished in just about 4 hours.

I really enjoyed this course. The fairways were in great shape so complaints there. No bad lies. Tee boxes were a bit beat up though. Interesting about the rough as on the front it was not much of a factor. On the back however, it was thick and we were losing balls just off the fairway. I felt the rough on the back was pretty unfair. Way too thick. Bunkers damp but no issues getting out.

The greens were slower than looked and they were also very hard. You had to hit it clean to hold it. Little weeds were growing on the greens which didn’t give them a good look but they still rolled true. Looks like they are about due for aeration.

A fun day out here at Morongo at a fun course. I thoroughly enjoyed the layout. A nice mix of long and short holes with a few doglegs. It is challenging but also fair with pretty generous fairways. Large bunkers come into play on just about every drive so just getting up there and swinging away doesn’t get it. You need to think the shot through. Thumbs up for this course.
We played the Arroyo as day 2 of our tournament. On another beautiful day, we had a shotgun start and got off right on time at 8:00 am. Much like Siena, this is a very pretty golf course. Many of the holes meander through the neighborhood of some very nice homes. The driving range is hassle to get to. We had to be driven to the range by the marshals if we wanted to warm up. Took about 2-3 minutes to drive there.

Fairways were excellent. Great lies in the fairways which were cut down. The rough was thick and penal. A ball landing in the rough was hard to find so that’s how thick it was. I usually do not have any problems hitting out of the rough but my playing partner did. He hated it as did many others. Slowed down play a bit and many spent time looking for balls just off of the fairway. Bunkers were fine and were filled with good, firm sand.

The greens were fast. Starter told us they would run about 10.5. They were pretty hard and did not hold good shots very well and definitely not holding shots hit out of the rough. They seemed faster actually but you could see some small weeds starting to grow in them. Was told they were going to aerate the green the following day and it looked like they were ready.

I thoroughly enjoyed the course. A good mixture of long and short holes and very fair with generous landing areas. Not sure what they charge here as we played as part of a tournament. Heard some folks pay up $100 on the weekend. That’s a bit steep for this course. Regardless, if you can get a good rate, I would highly recommend.
Was in Vegas to play in a 2 day tournament and the first round was at Siena. Never played here before but my playing partner had and loves it. On an absolutely drop dead gorgeous day, we tee off at 8:00 am. Pretty impressed with the facility. Nice driving range, putting green and the #1 tee box are all right there. No lengthy walk to get warmed up on the range.

Course is in very nice condition. Fairways have good coverage and the lies were excellent. Tee boxes were in great shape. The rough was in good shape and not a factor. Bunkers in great shape with good firm sand.

The greens were in good shape but were hard. Did not hold shots and barley left a ball mark. Bizarre and difficult to judge the speed however. Rolled true but were very grainy and not real fast.

There are a good mix of short/long holes with some doglegs. Some fairways have rock, cactus beds/hazards that cannot be seen from the tee box so driver is not always necessary on many of the holes. I really enjoyed the course. It is a very nice looking course but not real challenging and playing with someone who had played here before was helpful. Not a high end course but not a muni either. Had a great time and look forward to playing here again. Very nice bar and grill and the food was very tasty.
Played AH today with our neighborhood group on a very nice but windy day. Never played here before and didn’t know what to expect. Asked the starter for a little help on how to play it and he said there were many blind shots. He was right. Some quirky holes out there. Noticed it had been a couple of weeks since they aerated so I wasn’t expecting the best. POP was just under 4 hours which was good considering we did spend some time looking for lost shots.

The fairways have been recently aerated and in fact, some were being aerated on this day. Large holes with the residue clumps of dirt on the fairways so unable to give a good review on the fairways. The tee boxes were in great condition. They just need to cut it down a bit but they were green and lush. The rough was not real thick and playable. Bunkers were in good shape with good firm sand.

The greens were not too bad considering it has been 2 weeks since aeration. They were just slow but still rolled ok. I am told they are usually pretty fast but I would not expect to see them in good condition for a couple more weeks.

Not a real fan of the layout. Many blind shots with many elevation changes and having some course knowledge certainly would have helped. The GPS did help out with the layout of the holes. The par 3’s however are very cool and challenging with the elevation changes. Won’t be in a hurry to get back out here soon but would like to give it another try now that I know where to hit it.
Was invited to join cthuyen to play the Babe on 4/5, taking advantage of the $40 special. Can’t beat that price to play here. Was expecting poor conditions but was very surprised to see the fairways were in good condition. Still a lot patchy grass but for the most part, the fairways are starting to fill in. The fairways are better than many muni’s that’s for sure. The rough is growing back nicely also. Still in good condition and very soon I would expect that lush, green look to return. Bunkers are in excellent condition but they have always been great here.

The greens looked faster than they rolled. They were very soft, holding and rolled smooth.

This course will challenge you. Most of the fairways are pretty tight and if you miss, you’re likely to challenged by the many large trees/tree roots that line the fairways. Par 3’s are no picnic either. #7 plays 220 yds. from the whites and 241 yds. from blues But it is a fun course to play and hitting good shots bring on a real sense of accomplishment. Get out and play. I think the $40 weekday fee runs through April.
Had family in town this week and brother in law wants to play. So looked on line and found a good deal at HV. Grabbed it and off we went at 7:10. Two 2somes were ahead of us and a 4some behind us so we were at our own pace. Finished on 3.5 hours. A lot of quirky holes out here but always enjoyed the elevation changes and the views.

Check in was so so but it’s always this way here. It was early and I think I woke the guy up LOL. But have to agree with a couple of previous reviews as they’re not always the poster boys for customer service here. The course though is in real nice condition albeit there were some wet conditions on a couple of holes. Overall however, the fairways were in good shape. The rough was not thick and really not a factor. Bunkers were damp and hard.

The greens are in good shape. Smooth and rolling very nicely. The greens can be tricky though and course knowledge really helps knowing where to hit/pitch it. Had fun out there. If you like a hilly layout with many undulation changes, this one is for you.
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