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3/23 with Rat-Patrol(Jim), 14Over(Mike), An,drewZ28 for our GK cup match on a breezy but very pleasant spring day with a POP of about 445 behind a slower 4some but the companionship, stories, conviviality, and scenery made for a good day.
Jim's review is spot on good fairways, level tees, and not overly penal rough. Bunkers were well groomed but for me difficult due to the heavy thick nature of the sand, fortunately I was in only 1 but took 2 to get out--not really the sand's fault so much as my skill level.
Greens are almost fully recovered so there was some inconsistency. These are big greens with significant contour, slope, undulations and the occasional tier.
Another shout out to the customer service.
3/22 using Under Par $45 2some on a really nice SC spring day paired with a couple of nice golfers from OC area. Most areas of the fairways were lush with good cover and excellent lies, nicely cut with good cushion. Some lower areas were still wet and some slopes showed evidence of run off. #11 had some thin areas along the lake which appeared to have been caused by over flow. Fairways are generally wide, however that did not keep players in our group from finding the abundant and deep rough which was an eclectic collection of grasses and other plant forms which made for difficulty in locating the ball and the having to play it all of which contributed to our plodding 4 1/2 hr POP.
Tees were overall lush and level. Bunkers looked good but played poorly as the well groomed mix of sandy mud often his the thinness of the lie.
Greens are very healthy.but were a little grainy due to the composition of the grasses. Rolled at medium speed and tended to take some adverse breaks as the ball slowed.
Greens are scheduled for punching 3/25.
Friendly staff, grass driving range(small bucket per player included in price) and large practice green that provided about the same pace as on the course.
3/13 using their Palm Card 6 M-Th plays $200. A sunny(finally) am and a comfortable 350 POP. Fairways have good cover, were cut tight so a little thin but still good cushion and extra roll!!! Customers here could pay better attention to filling divots however. Rough not that long but generally clumpy with tufts of grasses that then provided uncertain lies. Found 1 fairway bunker on 5 well groomed but on the soft side. Also found 4 green side bunkers that have more than ample sand which is of the heavy variety and requires more skill than I have as it was far too easy to hit a little heavy barely getting out or too much ball and air mailing the sucker. Tees are lush and level.
Greens are in fine condition holding well struck full shots. Rolling today at 10.5 as posted in the club house. Since they have begun using the 6 segment pin placements the degree of difficulty has increased as even within these areas there is opportunity to make the pin location more of a challenge.
Friendly staff, good GPS, soft mats at the range and large chipping area with a sand trap and putting green that mimics the on course conditions as to speed but not all the contours you will find.
3/12 guru outing, having a good time playing with Jerry, Vince, and Lee. Blustery day with about a 1-2 club wind to contend with as well as some pretty tough pins for me at least. Conditions are outstanding, fairways are lush, cut rather tight giving decent roll out but still really lies. Tees also lush and level. Bunkers freshly groomed. Rough just long enough to impede forward progress and thick enough to present a challenge.
Greens are fast with slope and contours that were for me often difficult to read precisely as I had several near makes and a bunch of out right misses that traveled well past the hole. Chipping also required better execution than I brought today as often what looked like an ok shot would gather speed and race away. Greens were in excellent condition and very healthy.
Friendly staff and a great practice area.
Well written and comprehensive review by Sal. I also found Goat Hill to be quite interesting and much more of a challenge than the yardage or slope indicates. The 3 fairways I found were in good shape, a little wet but ok lies. Rough was penal. Beyond the rough was terminal. Target golf at its best. This theme was carried over to the greens as well. Greens are small but often have some serious slope especially experience by Jon on 17 where he faced a very slippery putt from the back of the green to a front pin. Greens are healthy rolled mostly at medium speed, occasionally medium fast which may had a lot to do with the prevailing topography--needless to say putts were tricky.
Bunkers looked ok. Tees pretty worn.
Had a really good time with Andrew my partner and our fellow competitors Sal and Jon.
!st time here but it definitely will not be my last.
3/4 using underpar $80 2some CPO with rather wet and soft fairways post rains. POP under 4 and could have been faster as there was no one out ahead--only the lurking rough that did a good job of swallowing then hiding any balls off the fairway resulting in extra time spent hunting. Rough was even longer around the greens providing some very tough challenges especially if short sided. Fairways were wet with zero to limited roll but generally able to secure ok lies with some LCP invoked. Fairways look to become quite good in the near future.
Tees were lush but needed a trim. Bunkers by observation--no personal encounters today--were freshly groomed and only one had residual water.
Greens were healthy, smooth rolling consistently at medium speeds.
Friendly staff, easy check in and cheerful starter. Basic GPS. No cart service or marshal as play when we started was quite sparse. Driving range has plush mats.
3/1 played here 3 times over the last 10 days or so. The greens have been consistently good, healthy grass and well maintained, rolling smoothly at medium fast speeds, holding full shots but being pretty quick for chips and pitches. Greens are for sure some of the best around.
Fairways are still wet in some areas but are recovering nicely. About 60% of the time you will get a really good lie in the fairway proper. A 1 1/2- 2 inch rough borders most fairways. The wetter areas are often patchy rough up to 3 inches in length. Some lies can been quite penal.
Bunkers now are groomed and most in ok to good condition with some thin areas at the bottom of some. Tees are mostly ok with some slope issues depending on marker placement.
Playing at about 8 am POP has averaged 320
2/18 using GSC $90 2 some playing with GKr sbarajasjr(Sal) on a rather cool 10am start. POP about 440 following a 4some that ended up about a hole behind through the last 7-8 holes. Originally we were going to have a team match but that did not come to pass so Sal and I decided to tee it up anyway--glad we did--neither of us played very well but we did enjoy each others company. 1st time playing together and Sal's 1st at Pala.
Fairways were soft with little roll and were marginal what with winter conditions and flow patterns from the recent rains leaving mostly thin lies in the fairway proper. Rough was patchy
with some juicy areas that were quite punitive. Tees were ok. Bunkers had not yet been groomed so were packed wet sand and often containing significant standing water. Even though we had agreed to "rake and place" the challenge was way over my skill level.
Aside from my playing partner the highlight of the round were the greens--medium fast and FAST from above the hole--smooth and consistent through the round.
1/8 fast front 9 then had to wait on the last as caught a slow 4some who showed poor golf etiquette by driving where ever they wanted. Course was still pretty wet in places but provided mostly decent lies needing only a few LCPs. Tees needed mowing and bunkers had not yet been groomed. Greens were really good, mowed and rolled quite smoothly, receptive but still at a good medium fast pace. $ for $ best greens time after time.
1/29 birthday round $20 cart fee, greeted cheerfully and advised by pro shop that as a 2some we could go out early to not be behind groups of 4somes resulting in an easy 330 POP Starting without any significant warm up was ok --must have still been loose from all those swings yesterday with a . My playing partner birdied #1, me I easily doubled his score counting my shot into the penalty area.
Fairways are generally dormant and thin with some areas that still have grass with good root structure--lies were pretty much ok however. Not much rough along fairways but more of an issue closer to the greens. Tees level but mostly thin but playable. Course is doing turf reduction around tee boxes and will have a distinctive look when completed.
The 4 greenside bunkers I visited had deep well groomed sand and the one fairway bunker was more on the softer side than I would prefer.
The greens played better than they looked as many were multi-colored and mottled in appearance. Some had small bare areas near the perimeters and some had areas that had been re-sodded. Overall speed about medium and with many being a little bumpy keeping up speed to stay on line took priority. Keeping the flag in sure seemed to help.
Good layout scenic and pleasant.
1/26 birthday round $16 cart fee--1 week before or after birthday--registration to email club required and a printed copy of their email. Fairways are winter thin but due to recent rain were soft enough for good contact but firm enough to give ok roll out. About 50 percent not level lies what with the up hill down hill ans some side hill nature of the course. Water comes into play on a few holes. Not much in the way of rough but where present was thick enough to be challenging.
Tees mostly thin but playable. The 2 bunkers I found had ample deep well groomed sand.
Greens were quite good for the most part with only 2 that had minor damage near the front. 6 pin placements are available and due to the slope, tiers and contours many locations provide additional challenges. Putts rolled at medium speed and were pretty smooth overall.
Check in was easy. Staff was friendly and welcoming. POP 345 even following the 2 5somes in their Monday skins game. Good variety in the layout and quite enjoyable overall. Just a little hard to get to from south OC.
1/25 using Golf Moose $50 2some POP 415 with some waiting about 90% of the holes. Recent rains left more sand on the river bottom holes essentially cutting the fairways in half most notably on those on the west side of the river but made do with a liberal lift clean and place to find tufts of grass. Other fairways were generally ok. Rough is most noticeable around greens and on slopes. Bunkers looked ok but did not have any 1st hand encounters. Tees on the par 3s are beat up and thin.
Greens are the best aspect of the course mostly smooth rolling medium/medium fast with some subtle breaks and depending on pin placement additional contour to factor in.
Staff friendly and golfer oriented.
Listing 25 to 36 of 59,928 Course Reviews
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