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Drove up from Orange County yesterday to play, took a little over an hour to get there and same coming back. I hadn't played here in a few years and was excited to come back for the views and course conditions. Starting with the customer service that you would expect at a course for this price I was pretty disappointed. It doesn't take much to keep me happy from a check in point of view but customer service was rough. Next the layout, tee boxes and scorecard do not match up. We were looking for a challenge and tipped it out to find that multiple tee boxes that used to be there are not there and the scorecard needs updating. The course layout and flow really doesn't make much sense and the cart path routing is really poor. There is hardly a hole where you don't park your cart and walk back up a hill 50-100 yards to get to the back tees. There are par 5s that should be par 4s and par 4s that should be par 5s, really no rhyme or reason to the way they have this course playing, from the tips at least. As far as conditioning of the course goes, it was about what you'd expect. Very nice greens, quick with alot of undulation. Fairways, tee boxes, and rough were in good shape. Bunkers were a little hit or miss, not quite what I'd expect from a course in this price range but not horrible. Got on for 100 dollars which I feel is a pretty fair price. I wouldn't come back and pay over 150 mainly for my dislike of the layout and distance to get to the course from OC, but it was fun to see the views and putt on some nice greens.
Played out here on Sunday 9/8 for the first time in a few months. The course is in great shape in regards to the tee boxes, fairways and rough. The bunkers are okay, some have nice sand but almost all of them have large rocks in them. The greens look healthier than I've seen them in a while, but mannnn are they slow. Proshop states they mow them and roll them Saturday morning and then Sunday they dont mow them.... they only roll them. Rate is over 100 dollars, come on. If they mowed the greens, the course would be worth that fee, but as they were, slowest greens in Orange County. Not sure why this course can't figure out their greens, never seems to change. If you don't mind slow greens then go for it, if you do I'd call and find out if they are mowing that day.
First time out at Bear Creek today. I wasn’t sure what to expect coming out, but really enjoyed the course. I’m not a big fan of Jacks designs, but I would say this one was one of my favorites I’ve played. The course is fair, with plenty of tough holes but some birdie holes as well. The greens were amazing. Extremely smooth and fast yet held shots very well. Fairways were great, rough was good but not too penal. Bunkers around the greens had nice sand. Played in under 3 hours which is always a bonus. From a conditioning stand point there really is nothing to complain about. Good driving range, putting green and short game area.
A little late on this review, but played here on 7/24/2019. Course was in fantastic shape following a recent US amateur qualifier. The greens were in near perfect shape, fast and smooth. Fairways were full and ball sat up great. Bunkers had great sand in them. Really love the challenge of the layout here, they have some brutal par 3s. Would love to come back out soon.
Played this morning. Got good weather with hardly a hint of wind. POP was under 4:30. Tee boxes and fairways were great, even for Goose creek I thought they were as good as I’ve ever seen them. Rough was good as well. Bunkers were fine, not perfect but some okay sand. Greens however were probably in the worst shape I’ve ever seen for Goose Creek. They’re slow, bumpy and inconsistent. Some have big unrepaired ball marks that aren’t healing. Number five green has some gnarly fungus or something with big patches gone. I wouldn’t say the greens were terrible, but for goose creek standards it was very disappointing. Hopefully they figure them out in the next couple weeks, always come to expect such firm fast smooth greens here, not even close to comparable to Costa Mesa at the moment.
Played out here yesterday 7/17 in the mid morning. We got off on time but it was pretty slow out there around 4:45 pace at best. Greens were recently sanded but didnt affect the roll much on most of the greens. I do recall number 4 green was a little beat up looking but the rest of the course I found the greens to roll very true and medium speed. Fairways were nice, a little brown here and there, firm and with some good roll out off the tee but definitely far from hardpan. Bunkers were inconsistent, definitely not the greatest sand around the greens but I felt the fairway bunkers were really playable with just a thin layer of sand, so easy to hit out of. Rough wasnt very penal but not too bad. I had played here a few years back and didn't remember liking the course and layout as much as I did yesterday. Sidenote-The back tee boxes are in really nice shape, setting up for the Long Beach City this week. Will have to come back out to play it again sometime.
Was lucky to get out to el niguel cc on 6/1/2019 around noon. Course has done some renovations on their bunkers and moved the greens back about 25 yards on three holes making the course more difficult. Starting from the top, the tees, greens, and bunkers were all fantastic 8-9/10. I really enjoyed the challenge of the course and the fairway bunkers in play off of the tee. The fairways were a little thin, I had plenty of great lies but also more thin lies and bare spots than I was expecting. The rough is cut and nicely frames the fairways, can get some balls sitting down out there making it tough to play from. For the prices I hear this course costs for membership I would say it is one of the more reasonable deals in Orange County for a private course. Their driving range is a little narrow and short, but they have great putting and short game areas. Would definitely recommend. They're hosting the SCGA senior championship this summer, should be in great shape for them and challenging.
Played oak valley on 5/24 at 9am only 45 bucks. The area has been getting alot of rain the last few weeks and this course is lush. Really beautiful out there. Fairways are tightly mown and bordered nicely with dark deep rough. Greens were punched a little over three weeks ago and showed some aeration holes and a little softness but rolled pretty nice, medium speed. In two weeks the greens should be perfect. There was standing water in a few bunkers from all the rain but didnt end up in any. This courses conditioning reminds me of Goose Creek if they just improved their bunkers. Would definitely recommend this course right now if you don't mind the drive there.
Played Saturday 4/20 morning, I lucked out and was able to get out for free with a friend.

Greens have healed from whatever punching was done, were fairly firm and fast. Only green I could tell was punched recently was #14 on the back and it was minimal, still very nice. Greens were definitely the highlight of the course.

Fairways are a little dried out and brown, allowing for excellent roll off the tee and some tight lies on wedges. Rough is fluffy and hit or miss and inconsistent around the course. Was in two bunkers and caught some good lies but the sand out here is definitely inconsistent.

Course is hosting a US open qualifier on Wednesday May 8th, so conditions, particularly the greens should be very nice around that time and quick. I saw a regular rate at the time we were playing was about 180 bucks, tough to spend that much on golf myself, if I had to pay I'd probably head to inland empire for 50 bucks or somewhere like goosecreek for better conditions.
Played El Dorado on 4/17/2019. Course got me out a little ahead of my tee time around 11am, pace of play was about 4.5 hours, not too bad. Course has recently just punched and sanded the outer ring of the greens just inside the fringes, about 3 feet wide on every green. The rest of the green, other than the outside edges are in nice shape, recovered from punching, firm and much faster than I expected. The fairways out here are pretty hit or miss, some are a little shaggy, some are thin, plenty of bare spots and thin lies, probably a 4-5/10. Rough is similar, some thick grass, some bare spots, can get some tough lies. Wasn't in any bunkers but looked decent. Course actually has some back tee boxes that aren't listed online that can make the course play about 6900 yards. Would recommend right now, but the outer ring of sand on the greens does make for some tough chips off the edge.
Today was my first time out at big rec, I have played el dorado and sky links in the past and enjoyed them for the most part. Greens were punched a couple weeks ago and they’ll need another couple weeks before being in good shape, although not unplayable at the moment, just slow and some bumps. Fairways have good coverage for the most part and course is overall very green. Rough can be thick in spots. Sand traps looked Okay but wasn’t in any. I will admit after the first two holes I wasn’t sure why I drove up to Long Beach but the course improves as you go and I found the back nine was very enjoyable with some nice elevation change and doglegging holes. The courses main defense seems to be the small size of the greens but nothing too tough about this track.
This place is the definition of a dog track. Course had no alert online but they punched and did an insane amount of sand on their greens while people were playing this morning. Absolutely unplayable greens following punching, never seen so much sand.

Course is short, gimmicky and winds through old houses. Fairways are very firm and thin with tons of bare spots but maybe the highlight of the course if there is one? Rough is anything from hardpan to 4 inches of thick stuff.

Awful course design, bad conditioning, and cant imagine the greens being even remotely decent within the next 3-4 weeks. Only paid 25 bucks and still no chance I'll be heading back this way.
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