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Played today in a nice POP of 3 H. Course is in great shape, presently. Tee boxes are all level/clean. Bunkers are very playable. Fairways are green and providing good lies and roll. What little rough there is, is around the greens, but manageable. Greens are fantastic and chip/putt well, in addition to being very speedy. Customer service excellent at all levels.
Ernie Banks was fond of saying "let's play 2". So after I checked into the hotel, I did just that. Love this course. Great location, great staff, great food and great golf. Play into the woods and then play along the ocean (like playing Spyglass but at a way less expensive price IMO). Tee boxes were all fine. Fairways were good and provided decent lies and roll. Bunkers were all playable and no complaints. Rough was playable on the front and back (except for that d%mn ice plant). Greens were very nice and playable, as well as consistent. Great place to have a snack/beer (maybe 2) after an afternoon round and watch the sunset. Great customer service. Yes the area is known for better known courses, but you won't be disappointed if you play here.
Played yesterday. Hard to believe this course is older (1926) than it's famous neighbor Pasatiempo (1929) up the road. Who knew golf was so popular in Santa Cruz in the 20"s? One of my favorite courses in the area when I am up here. Not an overly long course (6034) but a challenging course, due to elevation changes (especially the greens) rough (lots of ice plant), small greens and OB. Course was in great shape. Tee boxes fine. Fairways had good coverage, good lies and decent roll. Bunkers were very good and playable. Rough was prevalent along fairways and around greens and the ice plant was wicked. Greens were just great and local knowledge goes a long way in playing here. Great customer service. Recommended if in the area.
Hard to believe I was the last reviewer? Guess people in N CA don't like to drive to Santa Cruz? Played today on another of one of my favorite courses in N CA. Though I liked this course better when it was a Par 72 vs 70 now? This course reminds me of Los Verdes, though this course has no houses around it and many many more trees. Lots of OB along many fairways. Many elevation changes and small greens. Makes for a fun round of golf (LOL). And if your driver is not cooperating (think Tiger) then you will be in for a long day. Tee boxes all level and consistent. Fairways with good lies and roll. Rough (around greens) OB (around fairways) are always lurking. Bunkers are large, deep but very playable. Greens are not large but have speed and undulations and local knowledge goes a long ways. Five great par 3's. Still think # 10 (590 B, 561 W) a downhill, dogleg left (OB left the whole way - road along right to bottom of hill) with a moderate size green, is one of the toughest holes I have ever played. Customer service is excellent. Highly recommended if in the area.
Played yesterday, while on a N CA golf trip. I have great memories of this course, having been able to play here regularly when I worked in Silicon Valley some years ago. Still one of the best courses in CA (IMO). Customer service was excellent. Course is in great shape. No issues with the tee boxes. Fairways were very playable and provided great lies and decent roll all round. Bunkers were fine with no issues and good sand. No issues with the rough. Greens were great, as they chipped/putted just fine, with good speed (glad I had local knowledge on my side). Highly recommended if you have the opportunity to play here.
After seeing that I was the last to review MCC, decided to go out today and see if anything had changed. It has and for the better. I found the fairways to have good amount of green grass coverage (some better than others) and they also had some brown areas, but it was grass and not dirt. The fairways also provided good lies and roll. Rough was about 1/4" but playable. Tee boxes were just fine. I did find the traps to be a little too firm, for my liking (need work). Greens were in good shape and putted fine, though some seemed slower than others (though visually they looked fast) but overall in good shape. Customer service was excellent. Course was very busy and was told, the twilight will be a permanent fixed time of Noon, regardless of DST change next month (great idea). I am able to recommend this course at this time.
Played today in a nice POP of 3.5H. Had not played here in a long time, so took advantage of their "snowbird" special ($34). While the fairways are fescue, they are not 100% dormant and have some green to them. They also provided good lies and great roll all round (very well conditioned). Tee boxes provided no issues. Traps were all clean and with great sand. Found very little rough, but there are numerous OB areas and water, that do come into play. Greens were just great and they are large with many undulations (#4 a par 3 has 4 unique steps from the front to the back of the green and it's long and narrow). The greens chipped/putted just great (and fast 9-10) and you did not want to be above the hole. I will go back, just to play the par 3's (# 8 signature hole is an island green and it's great) which are 4 of the best par 3's you will find on any course in S CA (IMO). And the rest of the holes are great as well. Customer service was excellent at all levels. Great course, with great maintenance crew. I would recommend this course to anyone planning to play in Temecula. Personally, I enjoyed Redhawk more than I did Cross Creek or Pechanga. I am surprised there are not more recent reviews?
Played today in a nice POP of 3 H. Course was drier today than last week, so fairways (though dormant) did provide good roll and lies all round. Traps were all good and playable, heard no complaints. Tee boxes were all fine. Very little rough throughout the course. Greens were chipping/putting just fine and had good speed. Customer service excellent as usual at all levels.
Played this morning in 3 H. While not my favorite county course, the pace of play and price help to make up for those dislikes. Fairways are spotty, with some areas with good coverage and others brown grass/dirt and they are firm with a lot of roll (you will want to move your ball occasionally). Bunkers are all clean and playable. Tee boxes are fine, but I do hope the level them out someday? Virtually no rough at all. Greens were great. Clean and chipped/putted just fine and with good speed. Customer service is excellent at all levels.
POP today was 3 H. Fairways were damp when we started, but still gave good roll and lies and really got better during the round. Virtually no rough anywhere, presently. Bunkers were clean and playable, throughout. Tee boxes were great. All the greens were clean and putted/chipped great and very fast. Customer service was excellent at all levels. Restaurant is now open, after some remodeling.
Played this morning. 2.5 H POP. Greens are in great shape. They are clean, chip/putt great and putt fast. Fairways have good coverage, good roll and good lies. Bunkers are clean and very playable. Little to no rough at all. Tee boxes are all level, clean and playable. Customer service is excellent at all levels (thanks Pete and Michelle and Birdies staff).
Played yesterday in a great POP of 3 H. Course is in good shape currently. Greens are firm, fast and chipping/putting just great. Fairways have good coverage and provide good roll and lies. Rough is evident outside of fairways and around some greens, but is manageable. Bunkers were all cleaned and playable, heard no complaints. Tees boxes excellent. Customer service was excellent at all levels. Be advised, cafe is undergoing remodel for several weeks. Service will be available in the back banquet room, temporarily.
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