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Out today POP 3 H. Course has improved since last week. Fairways were clean, dry and provided good roll and lies all round. Tee boxes were all clean and no issues. Rough around the greens and outside the fairways was 1/2 " and sticky. Traps were all clean and very playable. Greens were clean and chipped/putted very nicely and had good speed. Check in smooth and courteous, as always. Great playing conditions at present. Big tournament next Monday 6/24 and course closed to outside play.
Today was a very cool and foggy round. Having played here so many times, it helped knowing the course layout. Course conditions were just fine, it was the elements that were not. Good customer service, but sad to see that many of the long established Pros/Personnel have been replaced by American Golf. Was told that the new A G policy is, Professionals teach, but do not work in the shop. OK sure?
Played today. POP 3 H. Great customer service as always at check in (thank you Sergio). Found the course this AM in good too excellent condition. While they were doing some aerating of tees (it seemed selective, some were, some were not) the only hole we had an issue with was # 10. They had not cleaned the tee box when we arrived, so that one was a tad scruffy? Fairways are green and provide good lies and good roll (once they dried out from morning dew/watering). Sand traps were all clean and playable. Very little rough, but enough OB areas on every hole to deal with, that keeps your attention span on alert. And water on 10 and 18. Greens were in very nice shape and putted well all round. Though they did seem some what slow and we all agreed, they no doubt are not cutting them so short, with the warm weather. Weather was warm/sunny with no wind, but this is still a difficult course, even in ideal conditions. A must play, IMO.
Out early today and done in 3 H. Course was in decent shape. Tee boxes had good coverage. Fairways are green, with good lies, but not much roll, due to wetness (better by back 9). Traps were fine (in one) and no issues. Rough is low and not penal. Greens were in good shape, though slow, due to dampness and watering (never got faster even on back 9). Customer service excellent at check in.
Played today in 2.5 H. Course is in good shape. No issues with tee boxes. Fairways had good lies and roll. We never talk about traps here anymore :). Greens had good coverage/speed and no issue. Personally, I think the City of Montebello is missing a great opportunity to "upgrade" some of the conditions (like traps) on this course? But I guess it gets enough play that they don't really care? Customer service is excellent at all levels.
Played today. While we were not 1st off, we never saw anyone in front of us and played in 3 H. Very disappointed by the maintenance staff, who had watered the greens in front of us. Many of the greens had standing water on them and puddles around the pins? No way to treat customers IMO. Totally unprofessional. Tee boxes were fine. Fairways had good lies (though some thin areas are beginning to show) and roll. Traps were all fine and playable. Greens rolled fine (those w/o water on them). Customer service excellent as usual, at check in.
Played yesterday. First off and done in 2.5 H (glad of that, it was packed when we finished) under cloudy skies (and no wind) which cleared up after 9, allowing one to see the beautiful Morro Bay views. This is a course I could play many times during the week, if I lived in the area. Truly a beautiful layout and superbly maintained. Tee boxes were spotless. Fairways were mowed, clean and provided great lies and roll, all round. Rough was not tall/penal and was playable. Greens were perfect and after reading the previous review and following the instructions, I had an enjoyable round of golf. It is like playing 2 different courses (IMO). The front 9 is above the clubhouse, with elevation changes and the back 9 is across the road and below the clubhouse and much flatter from tee to green. Customer service was excellent at all levels. They are even running a special every day (including weekends) for $13 after 3 PM. With the long days and no doubt sunny skies in the afternoon, this would be a great play. And don't be afraid of the huge wild turkeys (the ones with 2 legs LOL) that roam the property. And when I say huge, I mean huge. Highly recommended when in the area.
Spent the weekend in Morro Bay and stayed here in Los Osos. Great resort (IMO) with a good restaurant on site and a fun 9 hole course, to walk (or ride) to sharpen ones game. Not long by any stretch (2000 yards from Blue) but small greens, water, elevation changes and wind. Lots of wind in the PM. I really enjoyed the layout and the conditions of greens, fairways and tee boxes were really good. An enjoyable resort, with many amenities (see their website) during ones stay. Quite, clean and great customer service.
Played today under foggy skies. Having not played here in many years, stopped by on my way home from Morro Bay. The two previous reviews are spot on (especially GDR23's). Even his tips from 2006 are still helpful. I had forgotten much of the course since my last visit, but reading their reviews, prepared me for a great experience. Course is in wonderful condition (IMO) and had a wonderful time playing a great layout. I have always been a fan favorite of Robert Muir Graves designed courses. I do not think he gets or has received as much acclaim as he deserves? I always say I am going to stop and play here, when returning from N CA or Monterey and so glad I did this time. A must play (IMO) for the golf purist. I don't think this course will disappoint any golfer?
Played today. POP 3 H. Like Weber yesterday, we were the 1st off. Unlike Weber, we had no maintenance in front of us on the front. We came upon it on the back, but never an issue and were rewarded with great putting services. So the only issues we encountered where wet conditions (front only and dry on back). But the fairways rolled well (as previously stated) and they got better as they dried out. The greens (front only) were slow due to wetness (but you could just fire at the flags, which was fun). Unlike yesterday the bunkers today were fine, as they had all been raked early AM. Was in one and found no problems. As Weber stated "play the correct tees/drive the ball well", which I did today and yes I was rewarded with a great round. Customer service excellent at all levels. Fortunately for me, the course is close to my home and I love playing here (joined the Players club, so costs are less per round). One thing I did notice was that # 15 green was looking much better today, than in the past? So perhaps they are making good progress? But it is for sure, different grass from the rest of the course? And it seems to play much slower?
Out today for our weekly round. Best $44 value in S CA, IMO. POP was right on 3 H. Greens today were great. Held shots, released shots, chipped great, putted fast. Fairways were rolling faster this week. Customer service it's usual great service at all levels. Nice to finally play a round in total sunshine, after our recent May weather.
Played early this AM, on their Memorial Day special. POP 2.5 H as there were a few back 9 players when I made the turn. As I stated in my last review (5/16) the course did dry out some from recent rains. Really did not notice any issues from yesterday's rain either, except bunkers. They all are damp and packed and have not dried out, nor been worked on recently? Conditions from tee to green, are just fine. Customer service great at check in. If you choose to play here, play early if you can. Not only to take advantage of early bird specials during the week, but it is a busy course, most of the time.
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