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Played today in a nice POP of 3.5 H. Course is in really nice shape presently. They were hosting a 140 player tournament today and had the course nice an ready. Tee boxes clean/level no tee issues; fairways clean and provided roll and great lies all round; bunkers were clean and playable; rough was wet/sticky in the AM and tough to play out of; greens were damp at first and got faster as they dried out and looked/chipped/putted great; customer service was excellent at all levels. Great course to play and enjoy.
Back out to L V today. POP was right on 4 hours. Course is getting ready for some large tournaments in the next few week. So lots of maintenance going on. Tee boxes are all fine; fairways are green with some brown areas, but very playable; no bunker issues; you will find some rough outside of fairways/greens and much of it is thick and difficult; greens were fine and speedy (especially downhill). Customer service excellent at all levels. Love what they are doing by cutting in front of and around the greens, to give you better scoring opportunities.
Had some business in Glendora so decided to play S D C on their recently posted specials. I thought I would pay $24.99 w cart and food, but took the option of no food and paid $20 w cart (nice deal). Course was not to crowded and we played in 4 hours (we did wait but not long) and the weather was great. Course is in decent shape, after all the recent warm weather. Tee boxes were clean and tee receptive; fairways were clean and provided good bounce/roll, even though there are some dry spots (playable) and you will find some patchy areas, that are less than desirable; heard no complaints on bunkers and they appeared fine; very little, if any rough; greens were great and they chipped/putted well on every hole. Customer service was excellent at all levels.
Played today in a nice POP of 3 H. None of us were extremely excited about the course. Tee boxes were all either beaten up, or mowed down and needing water. Fairways provided no roll at all (many holes are long enough w/o some roll). Other than the 2nd green (which was in terrible shape), the greens were good and chipped and putted well. Bunkers were hit and miss, as some were playable others were not. You could not bounce one ball onto a green. You had to land on the green at all times (hard to do 18 times). Rough was extensive and plentiful and difficult to play from. Customer service was excellent. Personally, I most likely will not be going back, anytime soon.
Played Wed 8/9. POP was right on 4 hours with 5 of us. Course is in nice shape presently. They seemed to have solved the "fungus" issue on the greens and they chipped and putted great. They are hard, so be prepared for some wild bounces? Fairways have nice coverage and good lies; sandtraps are very very playable; lots of rough outside of fairways and around the greens; Tee boxes are good, but are getting hard and not so tee friendly; customer service excellent at all levels.
Played today on a great sunny day w/o wind. Found the course in terrific condition and the views spectacular. Having played P B numerous times, we agreed to play here, as you can reserve 24 hours in advance (actually up to 6 months ? according to staff) w/o having to stay on the property (nice). Conditions were great on the tees; no bunker issues or complaints; rough not troublesome and playable; fairways receptive and good roll and the greens were immaculate (they do repair ball marks here - they should) chipping/putting just great. Glad we chose here, as several of us had not played here in many years, when it was much younger (and we were also). It is really mature now (as well as us) and well worth playing, if you want to get away from the crowds at P B ? Customer service terrific at all levels and the food is terrific. Oh and did I mention the views :)
Second round of the day. I love this course. Into the woods and out to the ocean. Still is referred as the poor mans PB (so true paid $45 w cart). Whole course is in great shape. And we got a beautiful sunny (with no wind) afternoon. Tee boxes fine; fairways very good; rough was manageable (avoid the sand dunes); greens were in great shape for chipping/putting. Customer service excellent. A must play if in the area. Stayed in a great little Inn called Pacific Garden Inn just up the street. Has the greatest collection of Bing Crosby / P B Pro Am collectibles I have ever seen. Even Bill Murray stays here during PB tournament. Also up the street from Pacific Grove (5 mins).
Played today in a mixture of fog and sunshine. Course is in wonderful shape, as S C City Championship is next week. Tee boxes were fine; fairways were wet to start, so very little roll, but later on they were fine; sandtraps posed no issues; rough was thick, wet, sticky; greens were very nice and chipped/putted just fine. Always enjoy coming here to play. Wonderful course, with character and charm. Customer service was excellent at all levels. If you are in the area play it.
Played today in somewhat humid but occasional breezy conditions, which was pleasant. I really cannot add much to my review, that has not already been stated by the numerous GK members who have played lately. What I can add, is that you can expect the round to take 4.5 hours to play, merely due to the distances between greens/tees, as the course winds through the hills ( perfect example # 12. A million dollar bridge for 1 hole. See it for yourself). Customer service is excellent at all levels. Love the bar right before you enter the clubhouse (drink before your round, OK). I truly enjoyed this course. Sad that it is the distance it is from my home, as I would play this several times per month. Highly recommended.
Played yesterday afte La Contenta. Course is only 20 miles away, so why not? Kudos to the previous reviewer for the input, as we knew what to expect if conditions were not good? Have to concur with this input. Still found the same conditions on many of the holes. Had not played here either in 30 years but the only difference today is all the homes going in. Business must be good at the Mule Creek prison these days :) Layout is still great. Tough course to navigate, with the high rough and OB along fairways, not to mention the trees. Tee boxes for us were fine. Fairways were still wet/damp in many areas. Bunkers appeared fine w/o any standing water. Rough is deep and penal. Greens were fine for us, but very slow. Customer service was great ($22 w cart after 2). I would still recommend this course because of its layout and design.
Played here yesterday before traveling into Sacramento. Been 30 years since I played here last and the course is still great. Located about 25 miles W of Stocton, off 99 and it is well worth the visit. This course has some of the best par 3's of any course you will play (pics to follow later) including a downhill 170 with water in front. Not to mention the several blind shots from the tee box and the severe uphill fairways. Course is in great shape, despite the heat in the area. Tee boxes clean/level; fairways provided good lies and roll out; bunkers were a little crusty but playable (not in any thank goodness); rough was about 1/2 inch and tough; greens were large, undulating and fantastic to play. They recently put in bent grass on all the greens and they are great (just do not be above the hole on any green - wow). And the 18th hole is a great finishing hole. Par 4 @ 435 yards and a dogleg left. So you have to drive past the dogleg to see the hole and then go over a large water feature to a raised green (tough). Customer service excellent ($39 w cart on a Sat). If in the area highly recommended.
Played today in 3.5 H. 2 groups who went out early (before 6) slowed us all down (pick up the pace or get a later time please). Never enjoyable to wait on almost every hole, when it is not necessary. Course is still in good shape. Tee boxes clean/level. Fairways (damp on front but dried out on back) were providing excellent lies and roll out. Heard no issues regarding sand traps from anyone and they looked fine. Very little rough and what is there is playable. Greens were in good shape for chipping/putting and putted very well. Customer service at all levels was excellent. Enjoyable course to play, given the conditions and service. Maybe they should think about a marshal, rather than relying on the honor system?? (just saying).
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