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Played today on the Mega Monday special. POP was right on 4 hours, but did not seem that way, it seemed shorter? Course is in great condition. Absolutely no issues with the course. Tee boxes fine; sand traps good; fairways were excellent all round; rough was deep and penal; greens just wonderful. Customer service was excellent at all levels. IMO, $60 for prime time on a Monday, is a great deal for these courses.
Played this morning in 3 H. Course is improving weekly (IMO). Tee boxes are clean (some need leveling - minor fixes). Bunkers still need more sand. Fairways have good coverage and providing roll and good lies. Rough is about 1/4" thick and grabs the club. Greens are nice (a little slow) but chip/putt well. Customer service is excellent.
Played this AM in 3 H. Course has returned from aeration and winter, very well. Tees boxes (white) level, clean, no issues. Fairways are green and provided good lies/roll, all round. Bunkers still need sand (but edges of bunkers are cut, so you can putt if necessary. But would like to see more sand). Rough is about 1/4 to 1/2 inch and tough. Greens are nice, with good speed and chipped/putted good all round. Customer service excellent at all levels. Recommended.
Today's POP 3 H. Course has rounded into very nice shape. No issues with the tee boxes (white) on any hole. Fairways are green, rolling and providing good lies (outside of fairways you will find some thin lies/hard pan). The rough in many areas has been cut (even the wire grass) but you will find some rough and it is thick and thin, depending upon your area. Bunkers were all fine and heard no complaints. Greens were cut, clean and chipping/putting great and with speed (they held shots just fine). Customer service excellent at all levels. Construction still under way, with temporary cafe next to banquet hall.
Out early this morning in a nice leisurely POP of 2.5 H. Greens are still recovering from aeration of one week ago. While the greens were cut this morning, there is still a lot of sand left and it makes all putts slow. They were also punching the tee boxes this morning, starting from the back. So we got through the front but back was an issue. Bunkers were all fine (I know because I visited a few). Fairways where being cut in front of us and they are in good condition and provided good lies and roll, all round. Very little rough (if any) to deal with. Customer service excellent at all levels.
Played today in a nice 3 H pace. Course was very wet (all over) due to overnight watering. So while the fairways were green, they were soft and did not roll out (late in the round, fairways were being cut, but too late for us to enjoy). Tee boxes were all long and needed cutting (looks like that was being done later as well). Bunkers were fine and playable. Rough was 1/2" and sticky and wet (easy to loose a ball or 2). Greens were nice and well back from aeration, but they also needed cutting. Theme for the day? Why did you cut everything so late? Overall conditions, did not make for an enjoyable round (IMO). Customer service was acceptable. Might be a while before we go back and play here?
Played today in 3.5 H. Very cold and foggy morning, which did not lend to optimal golf. Tee boxes (white) were all fine/level. Bunkers were playable and no issues heard. Fairways were damp/hard and provided thin lies all round (though they did have roll). The greens had been punched last week (Tues with small punch) and saw no residual of holes/sand. They putted/rolled/chipped just fine. Rough is a mixture of grass and wire grass (sngernz's term for it) and it needs to be cut, as it is impossible to hit out of (the wire grass), while the higher grass is playable. Customer service excellent at all levels. Construction on restaurant and locker room continues. Large trailer toilets in the parking lot and some parking spots taken. Temporary restaurant set up in back of restaurant, near the banquet room.
Played this AM in a POP of 3 H. Greens were aerated 3/25 - 26 and are slow in recovering (need more sun) and are soft/slow (at least another 7-10 days). Fairways are nice and green, with good coverage and lies (some roll out better than others). Rough is about 1/2 inch thick and sticky (some spots easier to play out of then others). Tee boxes were all fine. Bunkers are still the same old bunkers (see previous reviews). Customer service excellent at all levels.
Played today in a nice POP of 3 H. I must have played a different course than the previous reviewer? I did not find the fairways to be firm? In fact they were wet / soft and provided no roll, + an occasional plug and fat hits. The rough was not cut low? It was about 1" and thick/wet and tough to play out of (lost 2 in the rough). Tee boxes were acceptable, but nothing to rave about. Yes bunkers were playable and maintenance was working on them. While the greens have recovered from aeration, they are still slow and soft, but playable. I think in a few days, after the warm weather, there will be a vast improvement in the course conditions? Customer service was excellent at all levels.
Played today after 3 PM, hoping that 2 weeks after aeration, greens would be good. Not the fact. Still showing the holes/sand and very poor at present. The tee boxes had good coverage (but still need leveling IMO); bunkers were all playable; fairways were green and had good coverage, though there are some thin spots still showing; rough was high and hard to play out of. Customer service excellent at all levels. Still major construction (looks lengthy) going on.
Played today in a POP of 3 H. Course is greening up very nice, after the rains. No issues with any tee boxes (clean, level, peg friendly); very little rough at this time to deal with; fairways are greening up nice and provided good roll and lies all round; bunkers were all fine; greens were in great shape, chipped/putted great and had good speed. Customer service was excellent at all levels.
Played today. Rolling Oaks is completely different from its other course, Pine Barrens. Large Oak trees line the course and the fairways are wide/green (great to just let the driver loose). Tee boxes were great; fairways rolled and provided great lies all round; rough was thick and troublesome; bunkers were great to play out of. Greens were in top shape and chipped/putted just wonderful. World Woods is a first class golf destination, that does not charge inflated prices to play golf.
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