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Met up with a buddy for a round at Pheasant Run. I hadn't played here for about 6 months but always enjoy this course. It's a completely flat track surrounded by houses but has numerous water hazards to keep you on your toes. As mentioned before it's all about taking advantage of the Par 3 & 5's and surviving the long Par 4's.

Condition wise it's at its usual decent well rounded nice condition. Nothing over the top but above your average muni course. Greens were rolling Medium-Fast+. They were soft and held approach shots well.

Fairways were healthy and green. Maintenance does a great job in keeping water on them throughout the day. Whereas this makes for some wet, winter like conditions from time to time it really keeps the course looking nice in the midst of the triple digit heat wave the valley as been experiencing for the last few weeks.

Tee boxes were decent. Nothing to brag about but nothing to complain about. Sand traps were a tad under preferred or acceptable level.

There were a few holes that had some severe bare patches around the skirt area around the greens.

Pro shop is bare bones but the restaurant/bar is nice.
Played Rancho San Marcos on Sunday as part of our GK Cup matches. Had a blast of a time on a course that's quickly becoming a personal favorite (6 birdies in 3 rounds helps). The layout is super fun and dare I say the perfect mix between challenging yet very scorable. There are some wide open fairways with elevated tees that allow you to grip it and rip it. Yet there are some narrow doglegs with tree trouble that make accuracy with less than driver the ideal choice. Add in a couple of lakes and forced carries over dry (for now ) ravines and you can't help but come away with a smile after playing this track.

Condition wise we were forwarded that the summer heat has taken a bit of toll on the course. Still it was in nice shape around a 7.5 out of 10 overall. Greens were rolling fast. Again they offer a decent amount of challenge but are very manageable. There were a few unrepaired pitch marks on a few of the greens which must have been brought to their attention because they had a kid out repairing divots. Very cool to see that. There were also a couple of greens that had some small GUR areas. The damage may have been caused my wildlife. Regardless the pins were placed far away from these areas so they were pretty much a non factor.

I seemed to find great lies every time in the fairway (regardless of which fairway I was in).
Some of the bunkers were showing signs of the summer heat with crusty and/or hard packed dirt. Others were fine.

Staff was excellent and POP was whatever we wanted. We practically had the course to ourselves.

I used to always look forward to going to thie Santa Ynez region for cycling and racing. Now I think I'll start making regular plans to hang out in the area for golf.
Went out mid morning in a typical Pebble summer cool damp and windy day. Tee'd off at 9:30 AM and actually it wasn't too cold. We never saw the sun all day but temperature wise it certainly manageable. I'm sad to say but the course is in shambles right now. I'm not sure what has happened but the near perfect conditions a few months ago have now turned into a beat up Muni course.

The greens rolled true and fast. No pitch marks or diseases. However, they were hard as a rock and approach shots just would not stick. Greens have very small landing areas and even well struck shots that landed in the wrong part of the green would roll off.

Fairways were a HUGE disappointment. They were 45-55% brown dirt or super thin dead grass. Rarely was there a green lush lie in the fairway. Rough was patchy. A lot of the skirt areas around the greens were being prepped for new sod. Those area's were closed off GUR with a near by "drop zone".

Tee boxes were ok but nothing special as in the past. They were level but not as lush as normal. Sand traps were good for the most part. The first one I was in was perfect but the next one was thin. The others were all decent but not as nice as the first one.

A few years ago before I started playing golf, I remember noticing the huge amounts of brown grass Spanish Bay when cycling past the course. A friend of mine who works at the Spanish Bay Inn told me it was because the Pebble Beach company only has so much water for the three courses and they elect to keep Pebble and Spyglass pristine so Spanish Bay suffers. Not sure if it's true or not but it appears so by the conditions of SB.

Overall, I was very disappointed with the conditions of the course. Even at my reduced rate, it's way overpriced given the poor conditions. There is no way I would pay full pop for it right now.
Played mid day yesterday on a nice hot Central Valley summer day. Given the recent spell of triple digit heat the course was in fantastic shape. Maintenance crew were out all afternoon watering the greens and fairways. Greens rolled true and a medium pace. Most greens are pretty manageable with modest breaks and undulations.

Fairways were in great shape. I know Dragonfly prices are a little higher than most courses in the valley but when you see the shape of the course given the recent heat wave, it's worth it. Tee boxes were decent and sand traps are hit and miss. However, I did manage to get up and down out of the bunkers 2 out 3 times so I guess they can't be that bad.

Layout is flat, with a couple water hazards thrown in to keep you honest. A lot of people say it's a tough course but it seems to fit my eye and I always enjoy playing it.

A definite go to track when in the valley.
It's been awhile since I've played Hunter Ranch, and I forgot how challenging the course can be. Most of the holes run north/south so you rarely have a crosswind. It's either behind you or against you! Tons of elevation changes throughout the course with a good mix of tight narrow openings demanding accuracy along with several WIDE fairways allowing you to grip it and rip it. A few water features are thrown in to add to the accuracy challenge along with a mid iron par 3 over a mini canyon.

The course has plenty of trees throughout to offer shade during the triple digit summer temps. Condition wise the greens were smooth as always rolling at a medium-fast pace. They held approach shots decently. The score card has pin placements on them which is helpful in determining your preferred angle of approach. Carts are in nice shape. No GPS system but they do have USB ports to charge your smart device.

Fairways were decent enough. Some areas were very nice, however there were a handful of thin brown areas throughout the course. First cut of rough is very manageable, after that it's pretty much hardpan dirt.

Restaurant is a rustic western style ranch building with very good food. It's a very popular lunch stop for non-golfers.

Overall, it's a fun challenging course. Mid-week the course sees little play so you can get around quickly. Weekends....not so much! I know this is true for just about every course, but it's a much bigger difference between the two at HR.
After struggling with the driver the last couple of outings, I needed a cheap course to just work on my game. Headed to Links of Paso Robles for a 7:30 AM tee time and had the course to myself for the most part. There was a twosome a few holes behind me and a single about 4 holes ahead, that was it. Well, there was a large tractor plowing the weeds in between fairways that was kicking up a severe dust storm. Still, I was able to get around in 2 1/2 hours hitting 2-3 balls on most holes.

Conditions are all over the place. Tee boxes were either lush or half dirt half grass. Greens on the front nine weren't too bad. They were rolling smooth and faster than in the past. They did have a few brown spots here and there but the grounds grew did a good job keeping the pins away from those areas. The back nine is a different story. Most of the greens had large brown patches throughout.

Rough is a plowed field between fairways. Or if I was lucky enough to be ahead of the tractor, it was 2' tall weeds.

The course is doing a special on Monday's during July with $10 green fees. For that price it's worth going out to work on your game. For the rack rate of $47+ save your money.
After some fun in the sun at Quail we headed to Spyglass to test our skills. A quick change of clothes into the "winter pants" helped prepped for the cool damp foggy conditions which are always prevelant at Spyglass. Make no mistake The Glass is a golfers golf course. No fancy hotel or over the top clubhouse. It's pure 100% GOLF.

As expected, conditions are beyond great. Perfect fairways and ultra smooth greens. The greens aren't as tricky as Spanish, Blackhorse/Bayonet, or Pebble but they are super fast. And to think that the pro shop attendant said they were rolling a little slower than normal!!

The breaks are predictable at The Glass, but dialing in the speed can be tricky. Bunkers are a top notch. Naturally the holes on the ocean are a highlight but I also enjoy being back in the forest hearing the waves crashing on the rocks below.

One of the reasons I rate this course so high on my top ten list is because it has everything I enjoy in a course. Ocean front holes, elevation changes, several water hazards, short par 3's (with a forced carry over water), Loooooong par 4's reachable par 5's in two and of course excellent, excellent conditions.

Conditions are so perfect that they don't repair divots on tee boxes, they lay down brand new sod!!
It's summer here in the Monterey Peninsula and that means cold damp fog! So where do you go to avoid the cool temps?? Quail Lodge in Carmel Valley!! Just a few miles inland from Carmel Beach, Quail sits in its own little sunny micro climate.

Conditions are always top notch at Quail and even though every time I've played here the course has been in excellent shape, I still get impressed with how superb the grass is. The fairways are just absolutely perfectly lush and you feel like you're hitting off of a sponge.

Greens hold approach shots and roll true. The greens are large but are very manageable with several flat strait putts throughout the round. They roll at a medium fast pace.

Sand is up there with the best in the business.

Customers service is over the top excellent. Everyone at the hotel, pro shop, restaurant, and course attendants are super friendly. Quail is dog friendly as well. In fact they even have Quail monogrammed pet travel dishes in the pro shop.
Played here as part of the Golf Moose member for a day outing. Course is in great shape as you would expect from a high end country club on the Monterey Peninsula. Layout is fun yet interesting at times. The course is built on a hill right below the Laguna Seca raceway, so most holes have some elevation changes. Whereas Carmel Valley Ranch found a way to have all but one hole play downhill, Jack makes you earn your keep with a number of holes playing uphill into the wind. But on the flip side, you get a handful playing downhill WITH the wind.

On top of the elevation changes there are a number of lakes to add to the challange and beauty of the course. Two of the par 3's have forced carries over water and one sits on top of two hilltops with a forced carry over a canyon (170 yrds from the blues). The interesting part are the holes that criss cross. My guess is with limited players on the course during a normal day it's not much of an issue. However, during today's crowded shotgun start format it created some problems.

Conditions wise, the greens were excellent and rolled at a medium fast pace. The perfect speed in my book. They were also, nice and soft and held all approach shots and pitches. No major undulations on the greens but enough slope to make it interesting.

Fairways were green and lush. I never had a bad lie from the fairway. Bunkers were well maintained. A bit crusty on the top of a few but nice soft sand underneath. There are a couple of STEEP and deep green side bunkers.

Tee boxes were just short of flawless. Very lush and level with only a few divots that I'm sure we're from groups in front of us.

Overall, it's a very nice course with some fun and challenging holes all of which are played on excellent conditions. But I suppose that's a given being that's it's a Jack Nicklaus course at a Monterey Peninsula private country club!
A quick update on conditions at Lemoore. Greens have improved greatly. They were soft and receptive to approach shots and rolled fairly true at a medium slow speed. The greens are on par with what you would expect at your average muni course.

Fairways have improved as well but there are still several thin areas and dirt patches mixed in throughout the course.

The one disappointment were the fairway bunkers. Not sure what happened but a couple were riddled with thousands of pebbles. One was so bad it looked like a gravel pit. There is no way I would use any of my clubs to hit from one of those.

Everything else is pretty much the same as noted in my other reviews. POP was decent for a weekend. It started off excellent and then came to a screeching halt around the 7th hole.
Got an invite to meet a fellow GK'er for a round at Poppy Hills. I hadn't played here in a few months so I was more than eager to join. For $25 plus tip, Poppy offers a Youth on Course caddie. Since we were walking, I was more than happy to support the cause. My caddie was decked out in a full on white jump suit just like at Augusta. I strongly encourage others to support this worthy cause when playing here.

As for the course, it was in excellent condition and as challenging as ever. Greens were fast with enough undulations to make you really appreciate the few straight flat putts you do occasionally get. Greens were firm so holding pitch shots was tough. Well struck balls were fine but anything hit even a little thin ran off the back without hesitation.

Fairways were green and a joy to play from. I say that because, I didn't hit many fairways today so I really enjoyed the few I did get to hit from! Sand traps for the most part were excellent. I was in several throughout the day and all but one had soft fluffy sand. I had one that was a bit thin.

With an abundance of deer and a few peaks at the ocean to go on top of the superb playing conditions on a fun but challenging track, you can't go wrong playing Poppy Hills.
Met a buddy for lunch on the way home from my So Cal golf trip. We decided to play 9 here at Casta Del Sol. It's an executive course comprised mainly of various length (100-195) par three's to a couple of short par 4's (225-285). Greens were in fantastic shape. I was pleasantly surprised at how smooth the greens were.

With most of the holes being par 3's there aren't too many real fairways to contend with. The grass area between the tee boxes and greens is so so. Sand traps are hard packed dirt.

Customer service was great.
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