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A quick update on the conditions at Dragonfly. Fairways and tee boxes are in nice shape, rated at a solid 7-7.5. Sand traps are constantly being improved. The one greenside bunker I was in had decent sand and a couple others looked like they had just been topped off with an abundance of new fluffy sand.

The greens however, were full of pitch marks. A number of times the putt would be altered in direction after hitting a bump (pitch mark). Dragonfly boasts that they only aerate their greens once a year (in June) I think they need to revisit that policy. I can't imagine what these greens will look like come February and March if they don't get some attention.

Other than that, the course is good to go with a fun layout that offers some challenging holes yet gives you enough scoring holes to keep you sane.
Played SJCC on 9/11/18 teeing off around 8am. Check in was effortless as the club pro got us dialed in. Being a private club there were only a handful of groups out so we opted to spend a little time on the range before heading out. Range is natural grass with actual grass down range. A lot of valley courses have gone to dirt fields for the range ( for water conservation) so it was nice to hit onto a green surface.

Course conditions were top notch all around. Fairways were a perfect 10 with greens and tee boxes only a notch below. Greens were spacious with most being fairly flat. A couple greens did have some serious double/triple tier undulations that could have made putting extremely difficult if you ended up in the wrong location. I was fortunate on this greens and ended up pin high making a two putt rather easy.

Course layout is well designed with a few elevation changes and a number of water hazards. There were a few holes that accuracy took presidence of distance. I lucked out on one hole but then got blocked out from the left edge of the fairway on #10

This is one of the few courses in the valley that has great sand in every trap. There's no cart service but has a snack shop at the turn in addition to the great restaurant.

The whole course and atmosphere reminded me up Quail Lodge. Perfect fairways topping off all around great course conditions with large flatfish greens. Customer service was full of laid back super friendly staff members who genuinely made you feel welcomed.

Definitely a recommended course if you get the opportunity to play.
Played Rancho Solano on 9/12 with the GK crew. This was my first time playing here and What a fun course! Track has elevation changes, water features and great conditions throughout!! Course design offers the option of grip it and rip it without too much risk of being heavily punished. Yet it has enough trees and water hazards to keep you honest and make less than driver a viable option at times.

Greens are HUGE and have several big undulations throughout. Three putts are easy to do on these greens. All but a couple of greens were in fantastic shape rolling smooth at a medium-slow pace. Just a couple of greens had some brown spots on the edges but again the greens are so big the brown spots were 40-50 feet away from the pins

Green side bunkers had excellent soft fluffy sand. Tee boxes were flat and lush and the cart gal came around a number of times.

I really enjoyed this course and highly recommend it.
Round two of the day with JohnnyGk and BSF was at Paradise Valley. Overall it was a decent and fun course. Not quite as well kept as it's sister course (Ranch Solano) but overall it was in decent shape. Course layout is fairly flat but has a number of water features throughout the track to make it fun and challanging.

Greens where in good shape sans a few unrepaired divots here and there. There's no sand in the carts to repair fairway divots and we were told that they have course marshals repair divots as most players put too much sand in the divots causing premature wear on the mower blades.

Fairways offered good lies throughout. At least that's what I was told. I used up all my good drives in the morning!

Whereas Rancho Solano had more of a "resort" style course feel to it, Paradise Valley had more of a "muni course" feel. If traveling into the area I would recommend Rancho Solano first but Parasise Valley offers a solid second option. I also know one of the "Pro Euro" guys plays there on occasion so it must be a good course! But I think that's just because he likes showing off and driving the par 4 13th hole!
Finally made the 30 min trek to Pasatiempo. RGM2525 told me I need to get out there and play it and he was absolutely right. Course is in fantastic shape tee to green. it's a fun layout with some serious challenges around the greens. The greens rolled very smooth at a reasonable medium-fast pace. Even downhill putts were manageable. Slick, but manageable.

There's a lot of slope to most of the greens but I found them to be predictable. The real difficulty were the severe slopes on the sides and edges of the greens. Miss in the wrong spot and even perfectly placed pitch shots had NO chance of stoping near the pin. Greens were soft so full on approach shots would usually stick.

Fairways were lush offering great lies. Rated at a solid 9. Tee boxes and sand traps were perfect 10's.

Course is on a a hill so every hole has some sort of slope to it. The front 9 basically goes down the hill then back up so there aren't really any major doglegs. The back nine is a bit more creative with forced carries over gulches and some doglegs.

I walked the course and the front nine was a bit of a challange mainly because I always seemed to leave my trolley cart on the wrong side and kept having to trek up a steep embankment. Back nine was easy to walk.

Some of the writeups rank Pasatiempo above Spyglass and Pebble Beach. I strongly disagree with that statement but certainly rate it as a top notch facility well worth the trip and green fee!
Tip 1: Don't agree to a course when a buddy text's you without first putting on your reading glasses! With that being said, I knew we weren't playing a great course but sadly this this the absolute worst condition of a golf course I've ever played.

Greens were atrocious with several huge dirt areas, numerous ball marks and weeds thrown in the mix. At one point the weeds on the green were so thick I contemplated using a wedge. Getting a smooth roll was rare.

Fairways had decent coverage but I couldn't tell where the fairway ended and the rough started.

Tee boxes on the par 3's were so heavily riddled with divots, finding grass was slim.

The layout is tight with narrow tree lined fairways and some creek crossings. Customer service was great, it's just a shame that the conditions are so terrible.

Definitely not recommended. Overall rating a 2.
Hooked up with RGM2525 for a great round (sans the first 3 holes) at a Central Valley favorite track. We tee'd off before 8am and the first few holes were wet. As in lift, clean and replace, wet. Apparently Ridge Creek has unlimited access to water which is one of the reasons they are able to keep the course so nice.

Greens were nice and smooth and rolled perfect once they dried out a bit. Gone were the numerous pitch marks form last months review. With all the water on the greens, they were soft and easily held approach shots from all clubs.

Tee boxes were great and the one greenside bunker I was in was decent. Fairway bunkers are more hard packed (wet) dirt with steep walls. The real downside to the bunkers is the long nasty grass on the inside lips. Get caught up in there and it's game over.

Fairways were in nice shape but not as great and awe inspiring as last month. Apparently 60+ days of triple digit temps have taken a bit of toll on them. Still, no real complaints about the conditions of the fairways.

The rough.... stay out of it! First cut was deep and a real challenge. Get beyond that and you might as well save time and just drop another ball. Whereas last time playing Ridge Creek, I only lost one ball all day, I lost 3 in one hole today! Fortunately the game turned around after the 5th hole and I didn't loose any after that.

We had a large group let us play through on the 4th hole and after that we zipped around the course with only a single in front of us.
Pebble Beach is always an enjoyable walk even if golf does get in the way! Played yesterday which was the day after Pebble hosted the US Amateur. Course was in great shape as expected. Greens were a perfect 10 not a bump or pitch mark to be found. Part of this is due to the caddies always looking to fix un-repaired ball marks as they go about their regular duties. Greens were rolling at a medium/fast pace, Except for downhill putts which were lightning fast as always. Greens at Pebble are small and single tiered. Just keep the ball below the pin and your set. Unfortunately i was constantly above the hole which made for a challenging day.

Fairways were the lone weak part of the course. Still rated at an eight but with the heavy traffic over the weekend there were some thin areas creating some tight lies.

Sand traps were bliss and tee boxes were a 9.75.

The rough was ROUGH! Very, very tough. Whereas the rough was lush, it was so thick that I have a New appreciation for the pros. My shoulders hurt today from swinging so hard trying to get out of the thick stuff! And that was just from the lies right off the green. Seriously, I finally factored in 10-15 extra yards from around the green when preparing my pitch shots.

Very challenging to say the least but also rewarding when pulling off a great shot.

The last time I played pebble I made the mistake of worrying about my score. This time I went back to being relaxed and enjoying the view while golf got in the way. It's the only way to play this course which is much tougher than the yardage suggests.

Having a good caddie helps tame the course. My caddie this time was good. No real complaints. The harder the putt the more accurate his read was.

As posted in one of my other reviews, my only complaint is the lack of restrooms. Only one bathroom on the course which is accessible after the 9th and 12th greens.

I'll be playing again in December or January and can't wait!!
The onslaught of triple digit weather in the valley is starting to show. The course is still in decent to nice shape but there are now some brown spots and thin lies in the fairways throughout the course. Greens have held up and still have plenty of life in them. Greens are receptive to approach shots and only a few had some bumpiness to them from ball marks.

Overall rating for the course is around a 7-7.5. As others have mentioned NO WATER on the course?!?! In two years they went from having bottled water in coolers stationed throughout the course to No Water at all.

Overall, it's a fun track with above average (for Muni courses) conditions.
Laguna Seca is one of my favorite layouts in the Peninsula. It's hard to believe it's been several months since I've played here. The track has numerous elevation changes with several risk/ reward holes. Three of the par 5's are grip it and rip it and the fourth has two water features that make accuracy and club selection critical.

Course offer plenty of scoring holes yest has a couple monster par 4's like the ninth hole which may be the second toughest par 4 on the peninsula.

Conditions were very nice today. All greens were smooth and rolled true. Greens here are deceptive. There is generally more break than it appears.

Fairways were decent with mostly green coverage and decent lies. There were a few brown and thin areas throughout the course. Tee boxes were much improved over the last time here. They were all level with good lush coverage.

Laguna seca is a great place for a lower cost add when coming to the Monterey peninsula
Finally made it out to Kings Country Club after several months of trying to coordinate the outing with a friend. Course is in very nice condition overall. Fairways were lush and green throughout with only a couple of brown spots throughout the course.

Greens were very soft and receptive to approach shots. A couple of the greens had some ball marks but overall not bad at all. Whereas most greens were fairly flat and manageable to navigate, the interesting part was some of the greens were huge and others were tiny. If you played here enough you would know which ones you had room for error on. But like I said, most were flat so pin seeking wasn't a problem.

The layout is completely flat with only one real water hazard coming into play. The par 5 13th hole is a blast with a moat around the green. I needed about 3-5 more yards on my drive to be comfortable to go for it in two so I had to lay up.

Most of the holes tend to dog leg left, heavily rewarding a draw. If you have a natural fade or a slice, I could see how this course would wreak havoc on a player. Course is lined with trees throughout offering shade in the high summer temps in the valley but also placing a premium on accuracy.

Sand traps were nice as were the tee boxes. Clubhouse has some nice style to it with a decent "café" type menu.

We had an early tee time so I didn't utilize any of the practice areas. Overall the course was fun and well groomed.
Hooked up with some GK'ers including JohnnyGK himself for a great late afternoon round at Ridge Creek. Because there were 5 of us I will not comment on everyone's wardrobe but will say I was I the official GK outfit with the dark green shirt, socks and matching green and white golf balls. JohnnyGK made sure I didn't get any points deducted by supplying me with the green tees.

Course was in terrific shape with the fairways stealing the show. They were 8.5-9 on the scale and were an absolute pleasure to hit from. Throughout the entire round we were impressed how green and lush the course was. No issues with the tee boxes. Sand traps were ok, some hardpan some with a little bit of fluff to them.

Greens, rolled nice and fast but did have several pitch marks throughout. They still rolled smooth for the most part though.

The course is a true links style track with some deep bunkers (both fairway and greenside) that at times make you pitch out sideways. Ridge Creek has a good mixture of tough holes that you just try to survive along with some shorter ones that offer good scoring opportunities.

The only disappointment was the restaurant closed before we finished.
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