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Played Mountain Meadows today 12/19 9:30 tee time. We teed off 10 minutes early and finished in a bit over 4 hours playing as a fivesome. First of all the greens are some of the best I have seen in a long time. Fast but manageable. No noticeable ball marks anywhere. The sand was decent, And the fairways were very good with decent roll out and good cover. The rough wasn't too penal, All and all this course is in very good condition and fun to play. For as much play as this course gets it's in Great condition!!
Played Mountain Meadows 6/21/2018 Ten fifteen tee time. Pace of play not terrible at 4 and a half hours. Greens were great, very few ball marks and fairly receptive to correctly hit pitches. Fairways were in good condition with a few thin spots but overall very nice. Rough is somewhat tough here, because when it gets thick you are lucky to punch it out. Sand was good to great (if sand can ever be called great.) But all bunkers had plenty of good fluffy sand. The only down side was that some of the tee boxes were very chewed up, especially the par threes. All and all a good county course that is in really nice shape for all of the rounds of golf played here.
Played on 4/7/2018 This course is in very good condition. The fairways are very good as are the greens. The greens roll smooth and true. The rough can be very penal because in a lot of places there are Gazania flowers along the edges And they swallow the ball(no kidding) As with all the courses in the area the bunker sand is a mix of hard packed sand and pebbles. This course is a lot of fun to play and customer service is great. Free range balls if you are playing that day and that's always nice. Tee boxes were level and pace of play was right at four hours. They are doing clubhouse renovations right now but looks like they will have them completed soon. If you get a chance add this course to your agenda if you are playing golf in the area. You will enjoy!!
We played the course on 4/6/2018. Well, while the course is in very good shape and a test of skill with all of traps protecting the greens and fairways. The way this course treats it's customers is absolutely horrible. We had a 12:00 tee time and when we arrived they informed our group that there would be a delay of an hour which actually turned into a two hour delay. THIS IS NOT ACCEPTABLE. The excuse they gave was that a tournament that was before us brought more players than planned. So they just decided to let them decide that everyone else would be delayed. What is is the point of making tee times if the course doesn't honor them. Our group plays this course a couple of times a year, BUT NO MORE!!!!
The course is in good shape for winter. If you can call 78 degrees winter conditions. The fairways were very green with only a few thin yellowed spots. Tee boxes were pretty much level and lush with a few exceptions. Traps were almost all filled with nice dry sand. The rough was very playable and the wood chips are what they are. Greens were very nice and mostly rolled well without too much bounce and speed was consistent . THE ONLY THING IS A ROUND OF GOLF SHOULD NOT TAKE 5 1/2 HOURS TO PLAY!!!!!!
Played Sierrra Lakes this morning with a 8:45 tee time. Got out 10 minutes early. Great conditions on the course, good roll out on the drives and enough turf around the greens for chipping. Greens were fast but the same throughout the course. Traps were full of soft but not too heavy sand. Rough was just about right depth so finding balls was no problem. All and all a course that is in very nice early winter conditions.
Played 2/23/17. The course is in very nice condition. The greens were pretty much close to perfect except that they were very very fast. Most tee boxes were level and well covered with turf. The pace of play was not great because somehow a group of five was playing in front of us, and didn't care that they were two holes behind. I have always been told they don't allow groups of five but maybe someone knew somebody. The course was not overly wet even with all the recent rain. Sand was mostly good with some being fresh sand and a few others still hard packed by the rains. Overall a good round of golf.
Played 5/3 /14 This course is a lot of fun to play. This time of year it is dry and fast. I always enjoy an extra 20 yards of roll on my drive and as long as you remember to play short of the greens and let the ball roll on you will have a good round of golf. The greens were very hard and dry but rolled smoothly. The fairways were the same hard and dry. Sand seemed fine, although I was lucky and didn't get into any traps. Definetly worth the green fee. Very nice driving range and clubhouse with free balls for those with tee times.
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Wish I could write a review but with the way that our tee time was meesed over we didn't get to play this beautiful course. Sunday the 4th of May at 6:50 was supposed to be our tee time that had been set with the course for 5 weeks. Upon arriving we found out that they had scheduled a shotgun tournament with A&B FLIGHTS at the same time. I know that a tournament that size is goig to get preferance over our group of eight but we had spoken to the course several times in the weeks prior to our outing and were never told about the tournament that we would have been inserted into the middle of. ALL I can say is that yes it is a very nice course, but make sure when making tee times here call at the last minute to see if they are going to jack you around.
The former Desert Lakes course now known as Huukan is starting to come around. The prior managment group came close to ruining this nice little neighborhood course. Since being purchased by the Mohave Indian group form across the rive the course has done nothing except IMPROVE. They still have a ways to go but the course is on track to be in great shape by this time next year. The fairways are very nice and the greens are in good shape the rough is fairly thin in a lot of spots, but it is slowly comming back after years of neglect. This is a diamond in the rough but soon it will shine again.
Played Dos Lagos 7/27/12 7:06 tee time. First time playing this course. Overall a nice layout, the front nine is a lot differant than the back nine. The front nine sort of winds down a narrow canyon while the back nine is wide open and has a lot of elevation changes. The tee boxes were ok, some of them looked like they should have been moved to the left or right to give the turf a chance to heal in the area they were in. The greens were not very predictable some medium slow and others quite slow but that might have been a advantage because they all have many tiers to them. Lots of ball marks, all fixed but not healing very well. Very large greens on most holes and protected by bunkers. Fairways were quite nice and the rough was very decent also. Will play here again just wish it was a little closer to my neck of the woods.

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Played Friday 20th of May, The course was in overall ok shape. The sand traps had no sand just a collection of differant types of weeds growing in them. The fairways were in good shape no bare spots or torn up turf. The greens while lush were as bumpy as the back of a gator and when you thought your putt seemed to be going straight to the cup it would jump left or right from the rough surface. The rough wasn't real long but it was very difficult to find a ball hit into it. I think that it's more of a case that the balls always seemed to sink all the way to the bottom. Any way had a good time and played without any waiting on other groups. Pro shop very good as always.

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