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Walked the Blues (71.6-127-6530) this afternoon 6/19/2017 on an EZlink 20% promo deal for $16.49 teeing off at 2pm with my buddy Mack and his buddy Ricki. Passed on the cart today which was included with the price. Weather was high 60's-semi foggy with light winds. Perfect day for golf. We waited behind a slower 2some and a slow 4some ahead of them coming in with a POP of 4 hrs 30 minutes.

Not a ton of changes condition wise from my last round here weeks ago.

Fairways green, mostly lush with nice padded lies. Today there were a certain number of fairways punched that seemed to be random from hole to hole. Rated 8/10

Greens were soft, putting fairly pure--groups ahead not fixing ballmarks--would venture to say I fixed an extra 3-4 ballmarks per hole besides mine. Rated 7.5/10.

Was not in any bunkers but they looked raked and in nice shape.

Mostly all the blue tees are level and in great shape. Some of them might even be too fluffy. Rated 8.5/10 and probably the highlight of the course.

Rough was thick in spots just off the fairways. Was in great shape shiny green and lush. Rated 8/10.

The lakes between 11/12 and 13/16 are dried up with no water in them.

You can't beat the weather in Oxnard or Ventura when the Valley's are hot. Great layout here, great staff, great prices. Highly recommended.
Walked the Blacks(73.4/133/7028) this afternoon 6/12/2017 joined by my buddy Mack and his buddy Brian. Our POP was just over 4 hrs waiting some on a 3 some ahead of us. Weather was mid 70's, breezy on the front with the wind dying some on the back nine. Great staff checking us in. Looked like they got some newer mats on the driving range. Paid their standard twilight rate of $22.00 which starts after 2pm Monday through Thursday--what a deal.

I was most impressed with the fairways here. I need to check when I played here last but I can tell you that the fairways have improved since I have last played here. The back nine fairways seemed even more lush than the front fairways. Some nice cushion padding for irons. Rated 7/10.

The greens are just flat out awesome. They held higher irons with spin well but putted and chipped very quickly which is the perfect mix. Fixed my share of extra ballmarks while waiting for my playing partners to finish their putts. Rated the greens 8/10

The tees are super lush, green and mostly all level. A couple of tees looked almost PGA tour like. Rated 8.5/10.

The rough around the greens is nice and lush--rough around the fairways is a mixed bag--lush in spots, thin in spots and even hardpan dirt in spots--this would be the only area the course needs to improve. Greenside rough rated 8.5/10--fairway rough rated 6/10.

Was not in any greenside or fairway bunkers but they looked to be in good shape, firm and raked.

Tried the blacks today--very good test of golf especially on the back nine.

Love my home course--recommended for sure at this current time.
Played Moorpark CC riding with the GK gurus JohnnyGK, RGM2525 and Itslikeimsaying this morning 6/5/2017 teeing off around 11am. We took our time enjoying the day with a POP around 4 hours 35 minutes not waiting on any shots. We played the Black tees at (73.0-138-7010). Weather was perfect low 80's with a little bit of a breeze cooling things down some.

Moorpark has a great practice facility with a nice grass driving range, nice chipping green and a huge putting green. Starters here are always so friendly and nice.

The course is in very good shape.

The greens were super soft and holding irons like darts. There is more and more poa creeping into them. I remember when I first played here they were all bent grass greens. They were rolling very nice for the amount of poa that was in them. The pins today were tucked and challenging. Moorpark CC has many green complexes where you can tuck and hide pins which makes accuracy with your irons very important. I thought the greens were rated a 8/10 for me.

The fairways were nicely padded and mostly lush in all places. Mix between dormant and light green in color for the most part. Rated a 8/10

The tees were mostly lush, level and sand divots on the par 3's were filled in nicely. Rated 8/10.

Was in one bunker on Canyon Crest #7 that contained raked nice sand that looked crusty on top but had plenty of sand to splash out of. Rated 7.5/10

The rough was very healthy and green lining the fairways. It was a club grabber. Would say 2-3 inches in places and was a nice contrast to the more dormant color fairways. Rated 8.5/10.

Moorpark CC is a canyon course that really puts the accuracy on the driver and iron play on most holes. You must hit the ball fairly straight to score well here or there is doom lurking. I personally think its the perfect mix of a tough course while still providing fun and shot value for any type of player. Amazing layout and views make this course one of the better courses in all of Ventura County. Highly recommended.
Rode the Blues (71.6-127-6530) yesterday afternoon 6/3/17 teeing off at 2:20pm on an EZlink promo code deal for $24.00. Joined by my 3 buddies Mack, Matt and Pedro. We had a blast playing in 4 hours 15 minutes not waiting at all playing in what felt like Scotland morning weather. It was 90 degrees in Moorpark yesterday--when I arrived in Ventura it was 65 degrees, super foggy with a light mist and about a 7mph wind for most of the day--it got downright cold the last 2 holes--

Super staff(logan,Michelle) got us checked in and ready to go. They have the grass range going on weekends. This is a super place to practice chipping and your short game--they have a huge putting green, huge chipping green including a practice bunker similar to the bunkers on the course.

The fairways are in very good shape--mostly lush and green with enough padding under the ball. They just had their City Championships last week so this is the time of the year to experience nice rough and fairways conditions at Olivas. Rated 8/10

Speaking of the rough it was thick and green just outside the fairways. If you venture past that it has really grown up outside of the cartpaths up to above waist deep--my buddy had two drives outside of the cartpaths where he was barely able to advance the ball 5-10 feet in front of him with a full swing--nasty stuff! Rated 8/10

The greens were super soft! They were a little to slow for my taste but rolled fairly true. To give you an idea how soft they were on #5 we had an extreme front pin--my wedge that I hoisted super high stopped just on the front of the green and actually backed up some on the downslope--he he--normally it would release a good 10-15 feet by the pin. Rated 7.5/10

Was in greenside bunkers on 11 and 18 that were just in perfect shape. Nicely raked beach sand that is thick that you want to really thump. Rated 8.5/10

The tees were just flat out beautiful. Level, lush, green and not too many divots. Most par 3 divots were filled in nicely. Rated 8.5/10.

Course is in real good shape right now--recommended.
Walked the black tees (74.6-135-7170) this morning at 8am joined by my buddy Matt Barkydog1. Our POP walking was 3 hours 40 minutes on a foggy/overcast great day for golf with temps in the mid to low 60's. Range was not open this morning so after a few putts on the putting green we were off. Very friendly starter and staff at Riverridge. I used the GK coupon to walk which was $28.00--what a great price in the morning for this caliber of a course.

The greens today were sanded, soft and listed as a 11.2 on the starter shack stimp board. I could not adjust to the green speeds today thinking they were going to be slower but that's my own fault. Some greens were quicker than others and then some putts with the sand were slower than others--it was pretty interesting today for me with the flat stick--(interesting like four 3 putts--lol). The greens were fairly pure and in good shape which they almost always are here. Iron approaches stuck like darts. The sand knocked the overall rating down maybe .5 so I rated them a 7.5 today. When the sand mixes in and maybe they are rolled they will probably be back to their 8.5 standard rating for me. The greens here are huge and depending on where the pin is you can have some longer lag putts.

Fairways were more lush than thin would say 70 lush 30 thin. Most fairway areas were all green and provided enough padding for iron play. Rated 7/10.

The tees were lush, level and most par 3 divots were filled in nicely. Rated 7/10.

Was only in one greenside bunker left of 11 that was raked and looked to contain thinner sand but was perfect amount of sand underneath top surface and easy to hit out of. Rated 7/10.

The rough was very lush and consistent and green from hole to hole. Rated 8/10.

Layout here is strong from the 2 back tees. Layout is fun--love the five par 5's. GK coupon makes this course a must play. Recommended!
Walked the River Ridge Vineyard course this morning 5/22/2017 at 11am for a GK Guru Round with RGM2525 and Toritori walking the tips (72.7/129/6761) on a beautiful high 60's low 70's day with about a 10mph breeze. Our POP was fantastic not waiting one shot finishing in just over 3 hours 30 minutes. We had a blast out there today on a fun semi-challenging layout. The vineyard course has some strong par 4's, usually some ocean wind, large greens and enough OB, lakes and kikuyu rough to keep each player on their toes.

The greens were super soft, contained some sand on them today and were putting pretty pure but a lot slower than usual due to the minimal amount of sand on the greens. Once the sand settles in and these greens are cut or rolled I can see these greens being in GREAT shape. Currently rated 7/10. One thing to appreciate about RiverRidge is the super strives to keep the maintenance up and running to provide usually exceptional green conditions.

The fairways were mostly lush based kikuyu grass with still a decent amount of roll. Pretty nice coverage throughout. Rated a 7.5/10.

The tees were cut and mowed kikuyu in nice shape. Par 4 and 5 tees had no divot damage and the par 3's contained some divots that were mostly filled in and in nice shape. Mostly all tees were level. Rated 7.5/10

Was in greenside bunkers on #15 and #16 that were raked and semi-firm but contained just enough sand for the club not to bounce. Rated 7/10

The rough was mostly semi-lushed mowed down kikuyu grass 1 inch to maybe 1.5 inches long. In good shape. Easy to play out of. Rated 7.5/10.

Customer service in the pro-shop is always nice and professional. Range has some beat up portions in hitting areas. They have two great separate chipping areas that are nice and a very sloped putting green that is very large to practice long lag putting. They have some really cool twilight and sunset rates during the summer--this is Oxnard so I would still being a windbreaker even in the summer if you are playing in the afternoon.

Played one of my favorite courses Sandpiper for the 3rd time ever this morning 5/15/2017 at 11am in the first GK Guru group out joined by JohnnyGK, Pedro7170 and Jerry64--fun group of guys and we had a great round and time out there despite very blustery conditions--how can you not in Santa Barbara at Piper. The weather was unusual for Santa Barbara as we had a pretty steady 25mph+ at times wind that strengthened as the round went on. Our POP letting a 2 some play through on 9 was 4 hrs 30 minutes. I rode the Black Tees(7159/75.1/136).

The course is just flat out a must play. I am biased in saying that--its one of my favorite layouts with very quick greens which I enjoy putting on, length, a fun and challenging layout and always great conditions.

The staff I met today were very courteous, cool and had a nice pleasant caring attitude. I always am treated well here.

They have a very sloped and quick putting green which is just a tad quicker than the regular greens here. The driving range is huge with Taylormade balls. The restaurant has a great ocean view overlooking most of the course and facility.

The greens were once again the highlight of the course. Running quick, true and holding irons and chips with spin which is the perfect combo. If I had to stimp it today they were close to a 11 on the stimp. Downhillers even quicker than that. The staff and cart barn guys do a great job of letting players know that the green complexes are designed from back to front and to stay below the pin locations. Greens rated an 8.5/10.

The fairways were green, lush and provided a nice cushion for lies. Very nice shape for early summer/late spring. Rated 8/10.

The tees were level, lush and in good shape. Rated 8/10.

The rough bordering the fairways was in very good shape. Couple inches thick at least and very green and healthy. Rated 8.5/10.

The bunkers that I were in(greenside #1 and greenside #3) looked to be damp and crusty on the surface but as you splashed your shot out no problem with enough sand underneath the top surface. Rated 7.5/10.

You get some awesome ocean views on #5,#6, #10, #11, #12, #13, #14 and in the background on most of the back nine holes. I have not played Pebble but I can see why they call this the mini Pebble Beach. Holes #2, #4, #11 and #17 from the tips will test the best of players.

If I had more money and lived in SB or close to it I would be playing this course at least once a week. Highly recommended!
Rode the Blacks (6806/73.0/130) playing 36 holes this afternoon 5/1/17 with my buddy Mack and his buddy Brian. Finished both rounds in 6 hours 5 minutes playing the 1st round in 4 hrs with Mack and Brian and zipped through the second round by myself in 2 hrs 5 minutes with nobody on the course. It was a strange scene at Olivas there was maybe a total of 8-10 groups we saw all day. Just fantastic--like a private CC today. Weather was postcard-maybe 5mph wind at most and low 70 temps. Paid $16.49 on a EZ links 20% promo code. Great staff let me go a little early with my buddy Mack and Brian.

Olivas is getting ready for their City Championships in late May. The fairways were so much lusher and green today then the last time I played it. They are starting to look like the best public course fairways around like they were the last couple of summers. Sprinklers and watering must be going on here cause they were just beautiful. Rated a 8.5/10.

The tees are also SUPER lush, green and level. Most tees looked like PGA tour tees. Rated 9/10.

Was in 2 bunkers over 36 holes--both were well raked and contained damper beach sand. Rated 8/10. Bunkers here are always high quality.

The greens today were the only disappointment--but don't fear only disappointed because they look like they had just been punched maybe a week or so ago. Putts were bobbling. Can't give a fair rating on the greens but if I had to rate them they were close to a 6/10 at current time. Obviously they are in punch mode getting ready for the City Championships in 3 or so weeks. Give them at least a couple weeks to heal.

The rough lining the fairways is in great shape--thicker and lush. Rated 8/10

The fringe areas are very lush with some signs of punching.

If the fairways and tees stay this lush all summer--once the greens heal in a couple of weeks this course is going to be close to a 8.7-9.0 range.

Recommended for sure.
Was invited out by my brother in law today 4/24/2017 at 12 noon for a scramble shotgun tournament run by the local Kiwanis Club starting at 12 noon also joined by Brandon and Andrew. Our POP was 4 hours 45 minutes enjoying our day on this private track not being pushed nor pushing anyone. Weather was partly cloudy, breezy and in the low 70's.

The Old Ranch course has a beautiful clubhouse with ample restaurant space and we enjoyed a box lunch before the round and nice sit down dinner afterwards. Range was big using AstroTurf. They had a nice putting green and it looks like this private club hosts nice weddings and events. Staff and servers were friendly. Carts did not provide GPS but were nice.

I don't get out this way much to play golf because of the traffic but this was a nice invite and a chance to spend the day with my brother in law.

This course was in above average shape with a nice mix of a couple tree line tighter driving holes, some open driving holes, mid length par 3's, some water that only really comes into play on #6, #9 and #18 I believe. Nice mix of greenside and fairway bunkers. This course does not jump out at me as a course I would necessarily join if I had an opportunity to join a private club but for sure a fun, semi-challenging option.

The greens were semi-undulating and in decent shape. There was an ample amount of sand on them and they maybe were punched 2-3 weeks ago as a guess. Considering the amount of sand on them I thought they were still rolling pretty pure and were quick. Chips and irons were holding like darts due to the sand. I am rating them a 7/10 but without the sand on them I can see them being in the 8 range in a couple of weeks.

The tees were mostly all level and were nice and lush. Rated 8/10.

The fairways for a private course I felt were a little more brownish then they should have been. Had some big drives with a lot of roll out. Don't get me wrong the lies were good I was just assuming they were going to be a little greener and lush to the naked eye. Rated 7/10.

Was in one greenside bunker and one fairway bunker. They have some nice thick deeper beach sand here that must be thumped. The bunkers were raked and in good shape. Rated 8/10.

The rough was 1-2 inches and was not to penal in most areas. Rated 7.5/10.

Our group had a very fun time--I would return again in a heartbeat. Recommended.
Walked the Blues(71.6-128-6634) this afternoon 4/17/2017 at 2pm with my buddy Mack and his buddies Steve and Brian in swirling wind conditions. POP was 4 hrs 30 minutes taking our time enjoying the surroundings. Paid $22.00 which is their standard twilight rate Monday thru Thursday starting at 2pm.

The greens are in great shape. Just beautiful rolls--semi firm greens but still accepting irons with spin or higher trajectory irons. Little to no ballmarks present. For sure along with the tees the highlight of the course. Rated 8/10.

The tees were also beautiful. Level, lush, green and well maintained. Rated 8/10

The bunkers that I were in (greenside 3 and 4) were raked, firm and in decent shape. Rated 6.5/10.

The fairways were semi-firm, a lot of roll out. Typical links harder style fairways. Firm lies in decent shape. Need more water. Rated 6.5/10.

Great greenside lush thicker rough. Rated 8/10

Fairway rough--lush in places, dry and patchy in areas--tough to put a rating on it with tons of variance.

Friendly staff, great prices, fun and challenging layout--proud to call it my home course.
Played the Mission Club yesterday 4/10/2017 as a part of a GK Guru round with buddies Nickesquire1, JohnnyGK and RGM2525. We rode the blue tees (71.9-128-6546) in breezy conditions with a POP of 4 hours 30 minutes taking our time. For 3 of us this was a first look at this course which I believe used to be private and is now public. It's semi-tucked away winding through a very nice housing complex/development in Lompoc.

The clubhouse is small but welcoming with friendly staff and a very laid back I would say retired folk vibe. Very peaceful out here. They had a grass driving range that Ron and I discovered might not be for drivers after hitting a couple drives on the range up the hill into sloped backyards. The sloped putting green resembles the greens on the course. Their snack bar was closed on Monday afternoon. The carts were in very nice shape but did not provide GPS.

You can tell that this used to be a private course in that I felt everything was in at least above average to good shape other than maybe the bunkers which were at least average.

The greens were the highlight of the course. Holding shots like darts, putting medium speed and not a blemish on them. I thought they were in great shape. Rarely do I rate poa greens this high but I would say they were close to an 8.5/10--very well done. Some of the green complexes have some undulation to them and I thought the coolest thing about the green complexes were some of them especially on the back nine were tucked around a circle of housing complexes. Usually I don't like to see houses close to the golf course for peace of mind but these greens had a cool Palm Springs feel with a natural amphitheater vibe to them.

The fairways provided nice ample cushion, very little to no problem areas at all. Rated 7/10.

The tees were in good shape, mostly all level and only the par 3's contained some divots. Rated 7/10.

The rough was thick but did not seem that penal at all after playing La P. It was in good shape mowed between 1-2 inches. Rated 7.5/10.

Was in greenside bunker on #14 and a fairway bunker on #16. The fairway bunker was perfect with hardpacked sand to hit out of. The greenside bunker that I was in had enough sand but playing partners commented that possibly the bunkers could use more overall sand in them. Rated 6.5/10.

The layout reminded me of so many short, tight, semi-hilly dogleg courses I have played in the past. Only difference here is this course had OB or red staked areas at the perimeter or corners of almost every hole unlike some of the other dogleg courses that come to mind. Both 9's flowed well and it is a fun layout. If you like to work the ball big time both ways around treeline fairways this place is for you.

I would recommend this course to any type of player. Very unique enjoyable semi-tough and fun layout.
Played one of my favorites La Purisma yesterday Monday 4/10/2017 for a GK Guru round teeing off with my buddies Nickesquire1 and Pedro7170 at 8:20am on a cold tee off start around 42 degrees with little to no wind for most of the day. Temps warmed up nicely on the back nine. I think our pace of play was around 4 hrs 40 minutes taking our time enjoying the day. Nick and I rode the blue tees (73.1-136-6670).

The greens were in very good shape--there were only problem areas on #2 green in the middle/front section due to the darn coots in that area. Other than that the greens are holding higher trajectory irons and irons with spin. They are quick and firm enough that if you are short sided chipping--good luck. Hardly any ballmarks to fix--a treat to putt on primarily smooth surfaces. Would say maybe rolling a 10.5 to 11 on the stimp. Greens were rated a 8/10 for me--great job.

The fairways were primarily lush with maybe exception to some spots here and there. For the most part you were sitting up nicely. The rains have done this place really good. Rated 7/10.

The tees were in good shape--mostly lush and level. Rated 7/10

Was in one greenside bunker on #14 that contained thicker/beacher sand that has to really be thumped. Thought the bunkers looked to be in above average shape. Rated 7/10.

The rough is really tough if you are in it. It's 2-4 inches deep in some places and can just be an advancement of 50 yds, 75 yds or if your lucky further--was lucky today to only be in the rough chipping or pitching today so did not get to experience the nastiness of it today on full shots. Rating it 8.5/10. I know they have the US open qualifier here coming up next month and I can see the course keeping the rough at least this height if not worse for the next month or so prior to that event.

This is probably one of if not the toughest course I have played. It has everything you could want--length, deep rough, usually wind, uphill and sidehill lies in the fairways, protected green complexes and laterals and penalty areas if you get to far off the beaten path. But then there is the scenery, quietness and great layout to enjoy. A gem,

Of note and my buddy who is a member semi-explained it to me--the yardage markers are sprinklers that can be hard to find as there is not many of them. If you are to cheap like me to bring a range finder or distance locater it can take some time to get your yardage here--can be a little frustrating--possible POP issue but this place is golf to its purest.

Highly Recommended--enjoy and for sure bring your A game.
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