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Walked the Oak Tees this morning 11/12/2018 teeing off at 10am joined by a very nice couple. Our POP was 4 hrs 50 minutes on a holiday which wasn't too bad. Weather was perfect around 70-75 degrees with hardly any wind. Fantastic staff here, great prices(paid $25.00) to walk and a very fun layout created by the Olympic Course architect Gil Hanse. Always a very peaceful vibe up here in Ojai with beautiful mountain backdrops.

The greens were very quick and in great shape. They were supposed to receive maintenance last week but they did not and other than 1/2 of number 1 green on the right side being punched all the greens were fast, smooth and holding irons beautifully. Staff should be commended.

Fairways are still nice and full and lush, mostly all green, no problem areas and for this late in the golf season that's awesome.

The tees were mostly all lush, some need leveling, but for the most part great shape.

The rough was in decent shape, some lush parts and some semi-lush spots.

I was in 2 greenside bunkers and they had super soft beach sand that you really need to thump the ball to get out. All bunkers looked well maintained and raked.

You can really tell that the new management is really putting a lot of effort into the course. On number 12 just right of the green under the trees they have re-sodded a big area that used to be dirt, looks fantastic.

Would highly recommend Soule Park.
Walked the Blues this afternoon 11/5/2018 with my buddies Brian and Mack. Joined by a very nice single Milan. Weather was perfect high 70's, low 80's with just a slight breeze. POP was 4 hrs 30 minutes and we paid their twilight rate of 22 bucks to walk. Very friendly staff checking us in, putting green is in great shape just like the greens on the course. They have done some re-seeding to the range and have some grass stalls available for players.

The greens were just beautiful. Quick, firm putting like glass. Hardly any ballmarks and holding irons with spin.

The fairways for this time of year are in good shape. Mostly green and lush. We saw several sprinklers on the front nine watering.

The rough around the greens is in great shape, very lush, very soggy and wet in spots almost like they are over watering.

The tees were level and lush. In good shape.

Was in one bunker greenside on number 11 that was raked on the firmer side and in good shape.

This course is so fun to play, its in great shape and very affordable. Highly Recommended.
Walked the Blacks this afternoon 10/29/2018 with my buddies Mack and Brian on a teeoff promo code for $19.00. Weather was perfect mid 70's with hardly wind. Packed tee sheet in the early afternoon as our POP was just shy of 5 hours. Very friendly staff, great practice area and great conditions at Olivas!

The fairways are still in great shape even this late in the year. We are almost in November and they are still super lush, green with great padded lies.

The rough was uniform, green and semi lush and in great shape as well.

The tees are always usually the highlight here and they did not disappoint being both level and lush with the par 3 divots filled in nicely.

The greens looked great to the naked eye and rolled semi-smooth with just a couple bounces. They are coming off maintenance on 10/8 and I would say they were almost back to regular shape--maybe give them a couple more days to a week. I fixed several extra divots. Still very playable.

Was not in any bunkers but they all looked raked and in great shape.

Great temps, fun layout, good prices and nice staff. If you love golf you will love this place. If you are looking for the fancy Country Club Clubhouse and amenities they don't have that here but they got everything else going on!

Rode the Blacks this afternoon 10/27/2018 on a Hot Deal Time for $21.00 at 12:56pm. Our POP was pretty brutal behind a college tourney. Almost a 3 hour front nine had me play the front nine again in only 1 hour. Paired with a really cool father/son for the 1st nine holes. Really cool starter and staff here. Nice putting green up top next to clubhouse, chipping green right next to 1st tee box and a big range with mats.

Grew up playing here but had not played here for a couple years. The course made some cool renovations in 2016 by putting new bunker complexes in and putting real deep beach sand in all the bunkers. They also reduced some turf and replaced those areas with wood chips, plants and shrub. I really like the changes they made.

The bunkers(was in 2 of them) contained really nicely raked beach sand. Some deep bunkers here that should be avoided. Plenty of greenside and fairway bunkers here.

The greens for looking like they might have been injected or punched weeks ago rolled quick and with just a few minor bumps. I liked the greens and thought they were in good shape.

The fairways were mostly all green with what I would call semi-lush lies.

The tees looked like they had just been re-sodded. Thanks to the marshall for letting me play all of the way on the back markers as he was following the end of the college tourney and moving the markers up as they finished.

The rough is mostly lush, Kikuyu and in decent shape.

I am bummed I did not get to play the back nine but could just not stomach a 6 hour round with the sun setting and me wanting to get back for the Dodger Game. Father/Son I played with stated that they played here last Saturday and the POP was not bad so I will chalk it up maybe to just this Saturday with the college event in front of us.

I would recommend playing here but you might want to try a middle of the week round rather than a weekend round here as this track gets a ton of play.
Walked the Oak Tees this morning 10/8/2018 with a 7:12am tee time with my buddy RGM2525. What a great and fun round! Weather was nice at tee off low 50's with no wind today and warming up on the back nine. We paid $28.00 walking and our POP was 3 hours 35 minutes following a nice 3some.

This is the nicest I have seen Soule Park ever. I have not played here since February and am just so impressed. They have new ownership and if you have not checked this place out you should. Right now its wall to wall green and lush with new sand in all the bunkers.

The greens are firm and mostly putting quick and smooth with just a few old ballmarks present that really did not effect putting. Would say rolling close to a 10 on the stimp and in great shape. I believe they can have up to 7 different hole locations on these huge undulating Gil Hanse surfaces.

The fairways were so lush they were Palm Springs quality. Thick, lush and green with great lies.

The tees were super lush, green and mostly all level.

The only bunker I was in was fairway bunker on 9 that had perfect raked sand. All bunkers contain new sand.

Rough was mostly all lush, very few dry spots. They were mowing some of the rough down.

I heard they just had a senior qualifier tournament up here and I can see why.

Highly recommended in great shape! Wish I lived a tad closer. I will return for sure.
Walked the Blues this afternoon 10/1/18 with my buddies Mack and Brian. POP was 4 hrs 35 minutes chasing the sun. Lots of people on the course post Ryder Cup. Weather was around 88 degrees tee off with the back nine cooling off. Just a beautiful afternoon with the winds dying down on the back nine. Paid $22.00 which is their twilight time at 2pm.

This is the nicest I have seen Rustic's fairways. They had full coverage in most all areas, green and great lies.

The tees were mostly all level and lush and also in beautiful shape.

Greens were in good shape rolling medium speed. Seen them much faster but I believe they are almost healed completely from earlier maintenance weeks ago.

Was in one sand bunker on #1 right greenside that was raked and firm and in good shape.

Greenside rough is just beautiful and pristine. Rough just outside the fairways can either be lush all the way down to hardpan depending on the hole.

This is the most beautiful back nine in the county. Just an awesome, fun, challenging course that is affordable and in great shape at this time. Highly Recommended--proud to call it my home course.
Rode the Blacks this afternoon 9/24/2018 for super twilight joined by my buddy RGM2525. We played the Canyon Crest/Creekside combo and had an absolute blast. Weather was perfect around 80 degrees with light winds. POP was around 3 hours 30 minutes.

The greens on both Canyon and Creekside were awesome today. Greens were super slick and quick with very little ballmarks. Its a shame they are punching all 27 holes this week(Ridgeline was done today)--with Creekside and Canyon Crest to follow in the next 2 days.

The fairways are so nice. Padded lush lies with your ball sitting up. Very little problem areas at all. Great shape!

The tees were lush and level. Nice to hit from--most of the 3 par divots were nicely filled in.

The rough is very green, uniform height and healthy in great shape.

Was not in any bunkers but they all looked raked. Playing partner described some as crusty on top with enough sand underneath.

This course is really in great shape. The greens will need some weeks to heal.

I would HIGHLY recommend this course to any golfer. A semi-private course with high end private conditions.

Thanks Moorpark CC. Will return soon.
Late to the party---- Rode the Blacks for my bday round 9/17/18. Thanks to the staff for honoring my bday round a couple days late.

Joined by a single for a couple holes--he left after we caught a logjam of players on #13. POP was 4 hrs 20 minutes.

Greens were the best part of the course. Rolling medium pace and semi smooth with a few bumps. I believe they will be doing some maintenance on the greens soon.

The fairways I would call drier than normal for this course. Lies were decent--you get a ton of roll if you are a lower ball flight player off the tee.

Tees were mostly level and in decent shape.

Rough was dry and clumpy. In OK shape.

With teaching across the street I will be here more often for some playing lesson rounds. This is a fun hilly layout with some awesome shot value--some birdie holes and a couple tough hang on holes.
Played this afternoon 9/10/2018 twilight with my buddies Brian and Mack. POP 4 hours. Weather was breezy and nice around 78 degrees.

This is the best I have seen this golf course in a very long time.

The fairways are like lush PGA carpet surfaces. They must really be watering out here lately. Perfect lies. Rated 9/10.

The tees were very lush and mostly all level. Great shape. Rated 8.5/10

The rough was green, lush and in great shape. Rated 8.5/10.

Bunkers looked to be in good shape with deep thick nicely raked sand.

The greens were soft, contained many pitch marks that we fixed and rolled semi-smooth with minor bumps. Rated 6.5/10.

Other than the greens which are not that bad the rest of this course(fairways, tees, rough) are all in the 8.5 range.

Highly recommended.
Walked early this morning 9/4/2018 for my b-day round with friends. Weather was very nice overcast, little bit of wind and cooler temps. Met by nice staff inside the pro-shop and starter was really nice(even had his friendly dog) right by the putting green.

I love this course. It was in very nice condition as it usually is.

The fringes/aprons were re-sodded and are very lush and green.

The tees are mostly all level with most of the par 3's being filled in with sand.

The greens are super soft on approach but are rolling beautiful. Around a 10.5 on the stimp and in great condition.

The fairways contain padded lies and are in great shape. Mostly green and semi-lush.

Was in fairway bunker on #12 that contained some high quality sand.

Rough was mostly uniform and in healthy shape.

Great mix of tough par 4's, some scoreable par 5's and some tough par 3's. POP was great today at 4 hrs. Great golf course.

Highly Recommended.
I walked the Black tees yesterday 8/27/2018 with one of my best buds visiting from the Midwest. POP 4 hours, weather nice low 80's. I have played this course as my home course since it first opened. I have not seen the fairways, tees and green side rough in nicer shape than it was on Monday.

The fairways were lush, mostly all green and provided excellent padding. Staff is to be commended as it gets hot back here in the Canyon. Rated 8/10.

The tees were excellent, level and lush and in great shape. Rated 8/10,

The greenside rough was a 9/10. Lush, beautiful to chip out of.

I will not rate the greens today as it looked like on some of the front nine greens there were sections that had been recently punched with super small holes. At current time the greens look great to the naked eye but they are soft and slow. I am sure in a week or so they will be rolling their true normal beautiful self.

Was not in any bunkers but they all looked raked with firmer sand.

Wonderful display of some really tough par 4's from the Blue's or Black's along with some score able holes mixed throughout the round. Still one of the if not the best back nine's in the County.

Highly recommended.
Walked the Blacks today 8/20/2018 with my buddy Steve. Used the GK coupon which was $28.00 to walk. POP 4 hrs. Weather was nice a little humid with temps around 80 degrees. Great pro-shop and starter. Nice putting green similar to course greens and a big driving range.

Always love coming here. Great challenging layout from the Blues or Blacks--always well conditioned with great pace of play. Fun holes here and you will use every club in your bag.

The greens were listed as a 10.6 and were rolling at least that maybe closer to an 11 on the stimp. Pure rolls with some of the back nine greens having a minor slit that looked like it was just healing up. The greens have a perfect mix of really holding irons with spin yet rolling fast and pure. Rated 8/10.

Fairways had nice semi-lush padding. Never a bad lie in the fairways. Rated 7.5/10

The tees were mostly all level and were lush and in good shape. Rated 8/10.

The rough was green and lush and in great shape. Aprons were green and lush and soft and in great shape as well. Rated 8/10.

Was in 2 fairway bunkers on 3 and 13 that were raked and in perfect shape with compact sand. Rated 8/10.

Very highly recommended.
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