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Walked the Blues this afternoon 1/22/2018 at 12:10pm with Brian and a nice single Joe. POP was 4 hrs 30 minutes behind a full tee sheet for a Monday afternoon. Weather was breezy and in the high 60's. Breeze died down some toward the end of the round. Used the last of a gift card so the last couple rounds were free. Their standard twilight rate is $22.00 to walk Monday through Thursday.

The greens were in very good shape and quicker than the last couple rounds I was out here. Several green complexes and pin placements made you really think today about how you were trying to get the ball close. They were rolling medium to quick speed and were in great shape with hardly any ballamarks. Along with the tees they were the highlight of the course. Rated 8/10

Speaking of the tees they were green, lush and mowed perfectly in good shape. Some divot damage on the par 3's but not to bad. Rated 7.5/10

The fairways are dry and thinner and need some water and rain on them. Just enough padding on most lies. Rated 6/10

Was in greenside bunker on 7 and 18 that were more on the hardpan side but raked nicely. Rated 6.5/10

The greenside rough just around the fringes are nice, green and lush 8/10. Fairway rough is dry and spotty 6/10.

Rustic has some scoring holes on the front and numerous hang on tougher holes on the back nine. Great day for golf here today. Recommended for a fun round on a great layout with great greens if you can get by the current drier conditions in the fairways.
Walked the blues with my buddy RGM2525 this morning 1/16/2018 joined by a nice father/son combo Mike Jr. and Sr. Paid $28.00 using the GK coupon which is such a great morning walking coupon. Nice staff in the pro-shop. Weather was perfect no wind and around 60 degrees at tee off warming up to around 70 degrees. POP was 4 hrs 15 minutes with not a lot of waiting.

The greens looked like they just received a top dressing in the morning. For the most part the greens were rolling fairly nice even with the top dressing. They held shots somewhat but you really needed to thump putts to keep them on line and make them. They putted slower today than normal. Rated 7/10

The fairways really were a nice surprise. We both thought that for the time of year they contained more lush and green sections than most courses around this time. A few wet areas here and there but pretty decent lies for January. Rated 7.5/10.

Was not in any sand bunkers but they looked to be well raked and contain softer sand.

The tees were very lush, mostly all level and in good shape. Rated 8/10. They have so many different tee options for all levels and they even have foot golf tees.

The rough was a mixed bag, generally cut down to 1 inch and not a big factor. Mostly green and lush. Rated 7.5/10.

Vineyard has a common theme of OB left for the first 10 holes, then some OB right and left for the last 4 holes in the area where there are homes. Course has some great challenging par 4's and 5's and 2 tough par 3's number 7 and 18. Better than average semi-challenging course with nice conditions. Love its sister Lakes course but would recommend this course as well--especially for the GK coupon.
Walked the blues 1st twilight group off this afternoon 1/2/2018 at 12 noon joined by my buddy RGM2525 and a very nice father/son combo Ben and Guy. POP was 4 hours 30 minutes not really being pushed and waiting some on the front nine. Paid $22.00 which is their standard twilight walking rate Mon-Thu.

Rustic with the hard winter conditions is playing like I think the architects envisioned it.

The greens were beautiful receiving high irons with spin and putting pretty nicely--would say medium to fast pace. Maybe a 10.5--little quicker on downhillers. They seemed very firm on chips. Rated 8/10--highlight of the course.

Tees mostly level--mix between dormant and green grass. Rated 7/10

The fairways are firm and running forever. A low ball hitter will be getting an extra 20 yds or so at present time. Some firmer tight lies out there for iron play but nothing to unplayable. Rated 6/10

Was in one greenside bunker on #6 that contained firm raked sand that you need to open the face for sure and get more sand. Rated 6.5/10

The rough along the fairways is pretty mush dormant, brown and thin. There are certain sections like left of 18 that are green and lush. Some of the greenside rough is green and lush. Hard to give an overall rating to the rough.

Rustic still has its bones in the winter. Great place to work on tight lies, work on your overall game in the wind and refine your short game. Recommended.
Out for the final round of 2017 walking the Blues 1st twilight group off with my buddies Pedro, Rick and Matt. Our POP was 4 hrs 50 minutes waiting behind a packed crowd ahead of us. Great and perfect weather scoring conditions low 70's temp wise, only up to a 1 club wind at times and great staff to check us in. Paid $29.00 which is their standard twilight walking rate during the week.

Olivas is for sure in winter condition. The greens had quite a few ball marks and were bouncy putting wise. They were super soft on iron approaches with some balls backing up with spin. I am rating the greens a 6.5/10. I am sure they will cut them some and roll them soon.

The fairways had enough soft padding but were completely brown and dormant. There were some muddy spots in the fairways closer to the greens. Rating the fairways a 6.5/10

The tees were mostly all level and some of the par 3 tees had old divot damage. They had some of the markers in different spots to save some of the tees. Rated 7/10

Was not in any bunkers so can't rate them.

Rough was brown and dormant and thin in most fairway outlining areas. Rated 6.5/10.

All the lakes are dry in the red hazard area and most of the native grasses have been cut severely down due to the scare possibly of the past fires--just a guess.

All in all Olivas today will probably come out to a 6.5 or so rating--still playable and very fun--for sure a better conditioned option in the spring, summer and early fall time.
Walked the Blacks as a single 12/20/17 joined by a nice single and twosome. Weather was cold and windy mid to low 50's and a 2 club wind at times--we even got a little sprinkle of rain at the end of the round. Paid $29.00 to walk which is their mid-day rate.

The greens are in fabulous shape--firm, quick and true. Very little to no ballmarks present, holding high trajectory irons and shots with spin. Always love putting here on the challenging surfaces--they had some awesome strategic pins today(back left on #8), (extreme front on #6), (tucked short left on #7). Rating the greens today at a 8/10.

The fairways are going semi-dormant and are running forever. A low ball hitter at present time is going to get a ton of roll. Some tighter lies out there but nothing unplayable. Rated 6.5/10

The tees are mostly all level and in nice shape--green. Rated 7.5/10

The greenside rough just around the edges are green and lush and in nice shape. Rated 8/10

Fairway rough is still hard to rate--portions are lush, thin, clumpy and sometimes just bare.

Traps are firm, raked and compact which is the way they are supposed to play. Rated 6.5/10.

Feel so lucky this is only a 7 minute drive away. Recommended.
Walked the blues, then rode the blues today 12/18/2017 at my favorite course La Purisma joined by RGM2525 for 36 beautiful holes. Weather was freezing 37 degrees when we arrived and there was a hour and 45 minute frost delay--they usually let the 1st tee time off at 7am but we were prepped ahead of time that it would be closer to 8am--we were let out 2nd off behind a single at 8:50am and finished the 1st round in 3 hrs 5 minutes--I was exhausted after the 1st round and riding the cart with their re-play deal for 20 bucks felt good. 2nd round was just epic weather--really not that much wind to speak of for the entire day. We waited for a 3some from hole 6 on the second round but still finished in 3 hr 40 minutes for the second round. Great staff and nice conditions at La P.

The greens were in very good shape--and the December colder weather had them super quick. Ron who I played with and is a member here concurred that this was probably the toughest he had seen the pin positions for a non-tournament day or round. On number 15 to give you an example I piped a drive and knocked my second shot on the green in 2 shots on the middle front of the green--I could not keep my eagle putt even on the surface--it was make it or not be able to have your ball stop on the surface--seemed like most of the pins were on top of ridges, tucked in the front of greens or on side slopes or tiers--The greens were just in fantastic shape--rolling probably close between an 10.5-11 on the stimp--very few ballmarks and please do not short side yourself here. Rated 8.5/10--almost 9/10

The fairways were very green--wet with dew from the frost delay--some damp spots in low lying areas but for the most part a treat to hit from. Never even close to a tight lie. Rated 8/10

The tees need some leveling--several tees were crowned, some contained some divot damage. Rated 6.5/10

The rough was green, lush and in nice shape--rated 8/10. Have seen it worse here a far as length--very challenging rough here--beware there are some (rough places in the rough). On #4 bombed my morning round drive over the lake and in front of the greesnide bunker just 20 yds from the green--got up to my ball sitting down in a hole. Try to avoid the rough here at all costs cause you never know what you are going to get.

Was in 8 bunkers over 36 holes all greenside--so got plenty of practice to review them. They were all raked and in decent shape--some were muddy, some were beach sand and some were in between. Overall rating 7/10.

I still think this takes the cream of the crop as the toughest course if not one of the tougher ones in California--just add 5-6 to your normal scorecard and put a smile on your face. With the fairways, greens and rough the way they are now I would HIGHLY recommend La Purisma for playing conditions.
Walked the Blacks today 12/11/2017 teeing off 30 minutes before our scheduled twilight time of 12 noon. Joined by Brian. Our POP was 3 hrs 30 minutes not waiting on any shots until hole 15 where we caught a log jam and finished with a nice twosome for the last 3 holes. Weather was in the low 70's with a slight breeze(hardly any wind) and sunny and semi-smoky conditions due to the close by fires. Nice staff at check-in. Had 10 minutes or so to use the nice practice facilities. Paid their standard twilight rate of $29.00 walking.

Have not played here for a little bit. The biggest difference I saw were the greens today. They were in very nice shape--had that glassy December quick vibe and a couple putts and chips could really roll out on players today. Not to many ballmarks but a couple foot marks here and there as even though they putted quicker the greens here are still soft and hold irons like absolute darts. Rated 8/10.

Fairways provided nice cushion lies--would say color of the fairways have turned half dormant brown and half green. Still always a pleasure to hit from them. For December these fairways are better than your normal courses. Rated 7/10

The tees were level, some par 3 black tees with divot damage--number 17 you come to mind(probably use 2 full bottles of divot mix from my playing partner's cart. Overall par 4 and 5 tees in very nice shape. Rated 7/10

The rough just outside the fairways is very green and lush and in beautiful shape. Rated 8/10. Of note they knocked and weed wacked down many native areas not in play just in front of tees and around some native areas I am assuming due to the nearby fires and the way the Santa Ana winds blow from Santa Paula directly to this course.

Was in greenside bunker on #8 and #18 that contained nicely raked damper beach sand that was easy to get out of and thump. Rated 7.5/10.

Great layout--not a lot of people on the course today--recommended.
Out this afternoon 12/4/2018 walking the orange tees joined by my buddy Mack and his buddy Brian and a nice single. We teed off at 11:50am 10 minutes early and finished at 4:20pm for a POP of 4 hrs 30 minutes--we played the front in 2 hrs and then had a 3 group back-up on #10 tee. Weather was beautiful maybe 1 club wind and around 70 degrees at tee off. Paid the walking twilight rate of $19.00 which considering how nice and lush the course is might be one of the best deals in VC county.

Soule Park should be commended on current conditions--very lush and green fairways with very little problem areas. Rated 8/10.

Greens looking and rolling beautiful. Very little to no ball marks, holding very softly on approaches and actually rolling medium to fast. In great shape. Rated 8/10.

Tees mostly level and lush--rated 7.5/10

Was not in any bunkers but they looked to be raked and in good shape.

Rough generally lush and green and in good shape. Rated 8/10.

I just love this course--especially for the rates they charge. New management is really keeping it up nicely for the start of December. Recommended.
Out for the Black Friday experience this morning 11/24/2017 at Soule Park. Walked the Orange Tees joined by my buddies Matt and Rick. We were quoted $28.00 to walk when we booked our time last week. When we showed up this morning they wanted $40.00 to walk. After going back and forth for a couple minutes they honored the original price of $28.00 they stated on the phone. Weather was perfect mid 80's with light breezes and the POP was 5 hours on the busiest day of golf. We had a 10:24am tee time and teed off around 11:10am and finished right at 4:10pm. Never seen this before but they had a marshall in the 1st fairway waving groups on the tee to hit down the hill with groups in front not even out of the way--kind of weird but I guess it worked.

The new management at Soule Park really has this place green and lush from tee to green. Also added some new white marble beach sand in some of the bunkers--#3 and #16 come to mind if I remember right.

The fairways are very lush, full coverage with very few problem areas at all. They must be watering the tees, rough and fairways cause this is the best shape that I have seen Soule Park in this late in the year. Fairway rating 8/10

The tees were lush, semi-level--some tees need minor leveling like #5. Rated 7.5/10.

The greens were rolling very nicely. Soft and holding nicely on approach--fixed some ballmarks from the groups in front of us. Huge Gil Hanse green complexes and you can have some real long lag putts here. Rated 7.5/10

Most of the bunkers had the old brown clay like sand that was firmer and then there were holes like #3 and #16(both par 3's) that had new white soft marble sand. Thinking they are trying to convert all the bunkers to that white marble stuff. White marble sand bunkers rated 8.5/10. Clay like bunkers 7/10.

Rough lining the fairways very lush, green and in good shape. Rated 8/10.

Very fun layout with a couple strong par 4 holes #8, 12, 14 and 15. Plenty of scoring chances on the par 5's #4, 5, 11 and 18--beautiful scenery and great prices.

Recommended with the new management changes.
Walked the Blues today 11/20/2017 teeing off a couple minutes late for the 1st twilight group off around 12:05pm. POP behind a packed holiday week Monday crowd was 4 hrs 55 minutes--we just finished with enough light to see our last putts drop. Weather was epic and a big reason I tied my personal best score ever at Rustic. It was 70 degrees with no wind--just perfect golf weather. Was joined by 2 nice singles that were bombers--had so much fun today. I paid $22.00 which is there twilight rate walking Monday through Thursday.

The fairways at Rustic are semi-lush with some roll out. Rated 7/10.

The rough just outside the fairways are clumpy, sometimes bare, sometimes nice rough--a bit inconsistent--Rustic gives you plenty of room to bomb it so it gives the course some more "Rustic" character. Rated 6/10.

Greenside rough in most spots very nice and lush. Rated 8/10.

The tees are mostly all level and in good shape. Rated 7.5/10

The greens are in awesome shape. Maybe rolling close to a 10.5 on the stimp, not to many ballmarks present. Rating the greens a 8/10. They are firming up on approach shots that do not contain spin or height.

Was not in any bunkers.

Rode the Blues yesterday afternoon 11/10/2017 at 12:25pm on the second round of a all day play Underpar voucher for $60.00. Joined by my buddies Matt and Nickesquire for a POP of 4 hrs 30 minutes waiting behind multiple groups. The group in front of us had a player swinging and missing on several tee shots and a junior in the cart that was not playing that was rolling down hills, walking in bunkers and not leaving the green areas with her father chasing after her while we were waiting to hit--must have been a holiday--lol.

I last played here in 2008 for the GK/PLGA event when the Q-school guys were there that week. I remember the course just like it was then--a very fun and challenging layout. I actually prefer the Legends layout more but this golf course is very similar other than maybe not as many severe doglegs. Still enough teeth on tee shots, undulating greens and rough to keep any skill level honest.

The greens were a step up from the Legends course. I rated them a 7.5/10. Rolling very nicely--very few ballmarks, undulating and holding iron approaches nicely. For both courses if you are short sided here the way the green complexes are and the rough is you are really going to be working to save your par's.

The fairways were in good to great shape. Would rate them just a step below Legends at an 8/10. Mostly green and lush lies--very few to no problem areas.

The tees like the Legends course were semi-lush to lush and mostly all level. Rated 7.5/10

The rough was similar to Legends maybe not as punitive as far as length. Maybe 1.5/2 inches thick, lush and green. Rated 8/10

The bunkers were hard packed and the worst part of the course. Was in the par 5 greenside bunker on #16 in 2 shots --club bounced pretty bad with little to no sand. Rated 6/10.

I would recommend the Champions course at this time.
Rode the Blues yesterday 11/10/2017 for the 1st round of the day on an unlimited Underpar voucher for $60.00 that included range balls, drink and cart. Played with my buddies Nick and Matt in 4 hrs 15 minutes teeing off at 7am and not having to wait on one shot. Cold tee off at 47 degrees warming up to around low 60's by the completion of the 1st round.

Legends and Champions has a nice big grass range, separate large chipping and putting areas and a nice huge clubhouse which is currently under renovation right now so groups are checking in below by the cart barn. Staff was professional and starter was nice. We had a quick lunch--prices affordable--I had the Turkey wrap which was tasty.

I had never played the Legends course before and I was blown away by the beauty and the layout--I loved the various doglegs and scenery that the course provided--it flowed really nicely--seemed to be a little tighter on the front with a little more room on the back. Would not call it target golf but there is for sure doom on every driver and iron shot if you are crooked with many hazards. It seemed to favor the left to right ball flight off the tee some which was perfect for our group.

The fairways I thought were in incredible shape rated an 8.5/10. Very green and lush and mowed just right--no problem areas at all.

The rough was very lush, green, maybe 2 inches lining the fairways--you were not getting much roll if you were in the rough. It could make wedges and irons more difficult and you really had to concentrate on if you had a flier lie or if you needed to dig down deeper to make great contact. Rated 8.5/10

The greens for the most part rolled decently--I thought the greens were just a step down from Champions only in that there were a couple greens on some shorter par 4's in the middle of the round that contained some old pitch mark damage and fungus that made a couple of our putts bounce--I think Nick had a putt that was going in the hole--bounced a foot off the ground and went offline. Overall they were not bad and I am rating them maybe a 7/10.

The tees were semi-lush to lush and most all teeing grounds were level. 7.5/10.

The sand was below average and was too firm in most places. I was only in one bunker on Legends and had no issues getting out but my playing partners had a lack of sand on this course. Rated 6/10.

Layout for me was a 8.5/10--I would return in a heartbeat to play Legends especially for $30.00 with a cart on a holiday rate day--recommended.
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