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Posted: 11/2/2019
By: Ringworld

Played today after a fairly large tournament. Knew this going into it and of course we were not disappointed when the round took 5+ hours.

Course conditions are as follows:
Greens have some sort of fungus on some, but not all. Greens look funny but for most part ran pretty true. Front 9 greens were ok but afternoon wore on greens in back became a lot more slower and bumpier. Noticed around outer perimeter of greens that grass was dryer compared to center of greens. A well struck ball could stop quickly.

Fairways had good coverage with some thin lies thrown in. Rough was cut low and playable. Fairway bunkers had mud on sides especially Hole 4 with a thin veil of sand. Green-side bunkers were decent with varying types of sand. All playable but you had sandy beach type sand to an almost powdery dusty type sand in other bunkers. I should know I played out of a few of them.

Tee boxes were decent flat and playable.

Course was busy. Play started to move faster towards back 9.
Posted: 10/28/2019
By: Pedro7170

Yesterday, I played Camarillo Springs with my buddies. Our tee time was 10:05AM and finished at 2:15PM. The golf course was not to busy and we didn’t wait for anybody.

The fairways are OK, they need a little TLC some fairways were dry and it was hard to compressed the ball. It felt like hitting from a fairway bunker. The tees need a lot help there where a few of them that weren’t level and my feet felt out balance. There were some tees that I had to position my ball a few drivers back from the tee makers in Order to get a good level area. The greens were to bumping and sandy. Bunkers are OK and they were ok to hit from. Other that we had a great round and it was fun getting out and play the game that we love. As always costumer service was friendly and welcoming. Until then get out up there and continue to kill your drive and get lots of birdies.
Posted: 10/18/19
By: i4golf

Played with 2 gents from Valencia on Wednesday middle day with a Golfnow hot deal. Finished the round in 3.5 hrs. I assume the morning walkers is off for a relative hot day :) Have not played this course for awhile. Course is in a great shape. Everything is green here for this time of the year.
Green is on the soft side compared with what I used to play, having troubles to judge the speed for first few holes. The holes were already beaten up by middle day due to soft condition, or didn’t get recut it today.
My play partners provided me some play tips from tee box which helped my drive. Rough area is not very deep but take some efforts to have a solid shot to the green. Sand is prefect for all bunkers compared with many courses in this area. But can be tricky due to some server slopes if you’re unlucky to land there. Avoid them at any costs! Few water holes, but luckily are not in play today due to my solid drive. Thanks to my partner!
First time smelled weeds on a golf course! Turn out, a weed field is planted on the other side of the course. Try to avoid this place if you’re allergic to the smell.
Posted: 10/17/19
By: JStillman3

Golfed here on 10/15, Tuesday at 12:18, with my Girlfriend. We had some free vouchers issued from a scramble we were in last year.

There were two foursomes in front of us and the lead foursome was extremely slow. 30+ minutes per hole. There’s 15 minute gaps between tee offs, which is awesome, but we still caught up by the 3rd tee box. Luckily, both foursomes let us squeak by on the 10th which was nice.

Pace of play, not very fun on the front.

Course lay out is not extremely challenging. Most fairways are pretty open and large. What make’s this course tough are the green layouts. Green speeds can be quick. Most of them are raised and have pretty challenging undulations, as well as some challenging pin placements. Although, the greens were soft so if your ball striking is on, you can stick some shots pretty close.

Course maintenance. This part was kind of a bummer. Almost all greens had tons of divots. Especially since the greens were soft, the divots were huge. Most fairways had no fill on divots as well. So I fell into some nasty empty steaks on the fairway. Plus, A lot of the tee boxes were uneven and slanted to a good degree. I will say the sand traps I was in had really good, fluffy, sand.

All in all, this course could be so awesome, but it needs some love from the locals, maybe? I don’t really mind uneven tee boxes or the occasional divot on greens, but for $135 I expect a course to be better maintained by staff and golfers. And 17$ for a bucket on the range? Crazy town.

I’ll be back since we have two more vouchers and I’ll wait until after it’s punched. Could have caught a bad day, but way better choices to get bang for your buck.
Posted: 10/15/19
By: morning277

Played a charity event at Alta Vista. It’s a private course so I don’t think I’ll be back anytime soon (unless I get the opportunity with a member). The overall course design is great. Plenty of uphill and downhill holes, doglegs, water, tree lines, etc. unfortunately we came at a bad time. The tee boxes were high due to overseeding and they had us tees up pretty much in dirt patches away from he newly seeded areas. The fairways were drenched and muddy (surprises they let us have carts out there). You can tell this place is flush when in season but we just happened to catch it at the time of year when everyone is overseeding.
Posted: 10/12/19
By: golferic420

Played Turtle Bay Palmer on 10/12 @ 10am local time. POP was right at 4 hours. Moderately busy, but everyone kept decent pace. Course is in pretty good shape. Tee boxes level and well groomed. Fairways for the most part were good. A couple wet/damp spots due to recent rain storms. Bunkers were good with the orange sand. Greens are healing nicely from aeration about 4 weeks ago. They are ‘grainy’ like most tropical destinations (Maui, Cabo, Dominican Republic), but rolled true. Just a little slow.
Overall great course. Staying at the resort cost $169 for the Palmer, and I’d say it’s worth it. The Fazio course looked like average muni in LA (with better conditions), whereas the Palmer has the ‘Championship’ caliber course. Weather was windy, probably 25-30 mph, but that didn’t take away from enjoyment. Since staying at Turtle Bay, it’s not really in the cards to head closer to Honolulu or Ko Olina to play. Service was top notch, and Lei Lei’s has great food after the round (or before). Definitely worth playing if you’re up in the North Shore.
Posted: 10/9/19
By: rayrazor

Played a round at the Arroyo Golf course this past Sunday. The course seemed a bit empty, possibly due to the Shriner’s tournament. The course was in great shape except for the greens on the first two holes.

Nice fairways, I only noticed on a couple of holes where there were patches of fairways not fully repaired.

The tee boxes were in great shape too. Not many divots, and they were for the most part level.

The greens were in good shape. Firm, seemed a little dry, but can still hold the green. I had seen this course in better shape, but after just a couple of weeks from over seeding it really was not bad.

Pace of play was great too, as my group and I was not great golfers. But we still managed to finish a round of golf under 4 hours.
Posted: 10/8/19
By: morning277

Course is in nice shape. Only been opened for a few weeks after over seeding. There are still a few areas of rough around tee boxes that are coming back but shouldn’t be more than a week to be 100%. Fairways and greens are perfect. Greens running a little slower than normal but they are the greenest I have ever seen them at the course. I am a little biased because this is one of my favorite courses but will honestly say it’s in great shape.
Posted: 10/8/19
By: pedro7170

Finally, I got some free time from all kids activities and got a few hours to play a round of my favorite game. This passed Sunday I played Buenaventura with my buddies Sherwin and Carlos. Golf course is in great shape. Fairways are in great conditions except a few of them had to much water around the greens (I just wish that golfers take time to fix their ball marks and be respectful to others golfers. There were to many ball marks to fix) tees were in good shape, sand traps in perfect conditions and well kept. Our tee time was 11:27am and finished by 4:00pm. If you haven’t played Buenaventura’s golf course you have to visit as it’s a good conditions to play.
Posted: 10/8/19
By: JStillman3

This course is a lot of fun. 1 or 2 greens had some sun damage but nothing major. Fairways are in great shape. Tee boxes give tons of beautiful views. One or two were uneven. Greens were punched last week but they’re healing up nicely will be a lot of fun in a week or two. Sand traps had great sand. Some were a little thin, but still nice loose sand. Five stars for this course. One of my new favorites.
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