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Played Thursday 5/22. Got a 7:12a tee time online. $45 + tax, green fee + cart. Played with a friend on his birthday who wanted to play here. The course has 2 very different nines. The front nine is more wide open with large green complexes. The back nine is tighter with smaller greens.

The over all condition of the course was mixed. The greens were very good. They were firm and fast. They held good shots and putted very true. Fairways I rated fair. They were firm and thin. A little burned up on most holes. Rough was poor. It was cut as short as the fairway. It wouldn't stop a ball from going off the course. Around the greens, all of your chips are off of tight lies unless you get a bad break and end up in the clumps of grass. Sand was OK. Tee boxes were good.

The course has good practice facilities. Outside service was attentive. We played in 3hrs 15 mins. The carts were old and the GPS wasn't any good. It was to dark, which made it hard to see. Also, the distances it gave you were for the front, middle, & back. It doesn't give you the distance to the pin. Bring your own range finder.

Currently I wouldn't recommend playing here. You can find a better caliber of course with better conditions for $50 around the valley right now.
Played Saturday 8/5. 8:08a tee time. $42 included small bucket I played with some guys who play in Longbow's mens club. It's pure desert golf, forced carries to landing areas. Lots of sand traps. Greens are large and tiered with a nice amount of slope. The course is right next to an airport, so you will get some plane noise.

Conditions were soft and damp but generally good. Fairways were nice with minimal dead or burned spots. The rough was similar to the fairway. It was cut short and was easy to play from. Some of the rough around the greens had some bare spots, but not to bad for the summer. Stray off the course and you may have a shot, but there are some areas thick with desert plants. Greens were soft and on the slow side. They firmed up and got faster as we played. The sand was inconsistent. I was in 2 traps that were OK, but my playing partners complained about many sand traps being packed down and wet. Tee boxes were fair. A few were not level.

Outside service was attentive. Pretty good practice facility. Bev cart came by 4 times. POP was 4hrs 20 mins. It has been a few years since I played this course. The greens used to be hard as a rock. They are much better now. Go give Longbow a try.
Played Sunday 1/8 when a friend told me about a skins/closest to the pin game that started at 12:15p. It was $30 to play which included cart. $5 went into the pot for closest and $5 went into the pot for skins. Coyote Lakes is Par 71 relatively short course. It's a desert style with forced carries to landing areas. While it's less than 6300 yards it's fairly tight off the tee. Many fairways have some severe slope and mounding. Stray off the course, and the desert is pretty thick and rocky. Greens are large and have many different levels and tiers. The 5 Par 3's are a good mix of distances, but they are not real long. All the Par 4's are less then 400 yards with the exception of #18. 3 of the 4 Par 5's can be reached in 2.

Generally conditions were good. The course had a full over seed. Fairways were nice. Some areas had some severe divot damage. Rough was thick but not too long. It would give you some flyer lies. I wasn't in the sand but those in my group who were, said it was good. Greens were medium-fast. (10.5 - 11). They rolled smooth and true, but they were very firm. You couldn't make much of a ball mark, just a small dent. You would have to play for your ball to release. Keeping it below the hole was tough. I putted from above the hole most of the day. I am being kind giving the tee boxes a fair rating. They are not level and are kind of small. Many were riddled with divots.

The course has a short practice range where you can only hit the cayman balls. OK chipping area w/sand trap. Nice large practice putting green. Outside service was good. Beverage cart came around once each side. Carts have GPS. Course was very busy that day. POP was 4 1/2 hours. Submitted some photos.

Skins Game Side Note:

They played the skins game from the Gold tee. It was less than 6000 yards. It was the 1st one they tried to do this year and they said they want to do more. There were 16 players. No handicaps used in the skins game. It was a good mix of players, low to high handicaps. No scratch players. 5 skins were made. One was a Par on #2. I'll keep an eye on it and tell the GK community if they have more.
Played 12/10. 12:30 tee time. Online rate of $36+tax. Played this course with a friend who is playing here next weekend in a tournament. No changes in the course layout from when I reviewed it a little over a year ago. It's a generally wide open flat golf course. Most of the holes are straight. Housing developments are around the perimeter of the golf course. Fairways and rough are generous. Desert areas have some mature trees, but it is clear of small plants and you're hitting off of hard pan. Greens are pretty large and mostly flat. The four Par 3's are challenging. Especially hole #12. It's 220 yards on the card but today with the pin back it was all of 235 yards. The Par 5's range between 520 - 546 yards. If you're long, you have a decent shot to get to them in 2. It's the Par 4's that give you a great chance to score. Holes #8 & #9 are 441 & 435 yards respectively, but after that all the Par 4's on the back nine are 400 yards or less.

Conditions were fair - good. They over seeded the tee boxes, fairways, and greens. Some holes had some soggy and even muddy areas. Most notably the left side of hole #10. The fairways I rated only fair. There were many bare spots and thin areas. Also, not many people are using the sand bottles in their carts. There was a lot of divot damage. The rough was dormant bermuda grass. Pretty easy to play from. Ball doesn't spin as much. Sand traps were inconsistent. Some were fine and others have heavy packed down sand. Greens were good. They were soft underfoot. Medium - slow. (9.5 to 10) Don't over read them. Most putts are straight. Tee boxes were in good condition.

Outside service was weak. The ranger had to tell us which cart to use. The beverage cart came around 5 times. Good practice range. Nice chipping and putting area. Others I played with said the food from the restaurant was very good. POP was 3 hrs 45 mins. They have GPS in the carts now. OK value for the conditions. Submitted 4 pics.
Played 11/19. Online rate of $48. 12:15 tee time. I've played and reviewed this course many times over the years. It's a Par 70 mostly park style golf course. It has generous fairways with mostly flat greens. To the right of the greens on hole #4 & #6 is ESA. Free drop from the drop area. It's got six good Par 3's including hole #18, a downhill short - mid iron to a green mostly surrounded by water.

The golf course was in good shape after a full over seed. Fairways were firm and fast with the ball sitting up nicely. Rough was generally lush, a few areas had bare spots. Some of the lower lying areas were soft to play from. Greens rolled smooth and true. Medium speed, 10.5. Some had heavy ball mark damage. Sand traps were good with plenty of soft sand. Tee boxes were fair. A few had heavy divot damage, but many boxes had tee markers that were very close together. I'm glad they have been keeping up with trimming the trees as necessary on the course. Next, they might want to address trimming the trees on the tee around hole #9.

Practice facility has chipping and putting but no range. They do have hitting nets to warm up. Outside service was good. Beverage cart came by 3 times. The course was very busy. The front nine took longer to play than the back. We still made it in 4 1/2 hours. If you are looking to play a fun course that gives you a good chance to score, then give Silverado a try. Submitting five new Par 3 Pics.
Played 11/12 on a gift certificate. 1:20p tee time. Course has come through over seed in good shape. It has a good mix of holes. There's more water on this course than most around town. As always, you want to protect against missing right on most of the holes with the exception of hole #3 and #8. The course was very busy.

Tee boxes, fairways and rough were mostly in good shape. A few fairways had some divot damage and the rough was thin in a few places. Nothing major. Greens were fair - good. Medium speed about 10.5 - 11. Most of the greens were riddled with unfixed ball marks. My threesome was fixing 3 to 4 per hole each. We also had a big problem with the sand traps and the players who played that day. No one was raking the sand and people must have been climbing out over the face of some of the traps. Who leaves footprints gouging out the face of a sand trap? I raked 2 traps I wasn't even in just because I felt bad for the players behind us. Also, there were a number of them that didn't have any sand in them. Just dirt and rocks. We weren't sure if they were ground under repair or waste areas. No one mentioned it in the pro shop. They had rakes around them so we played them as a hazard.

Driving range is on the small side. You can't hit driver if the tees are up. Chipping area has been improved. The practice putting green is very good. Outside service was attentive. Beverage cart came by 3 times. POP was 4 hrs 10 mins. Right now I can't recommend playing this course. Submitting 5 pics.
Played 11/11. I got an online rate of $49.99 for a twilight tee time of 1:20p included range balls. I last played here 2 1/2 years ago and reviewed it when it first started taking public play. It still has the members getting the prime tee times and the public plays in the afternoon. While the course is nice and really challenging, the golf experience was poor.

It's a tough golf course that's generally in good shape. It's not long but it's tight off the tee. Fairways are narrow. I paced off a few that were less than 20 yards wide. The rough was long and lush. It could give you some tough lies. Easy to catch a flyer or a knuckle ball. There is a lot of tough mounding around the greens. Greens are tiered and have a lot of slope. Running around 10.5. When chipping on them, the ball skidded instead of checking. You needed to play mostly flop shots. Tee boxes and sand were in good shape. Submitted some photos.

Good all around practice facility. Outside service must be told only to help the members. They never even looked our way. There was no beverage cart service. Carts don't have GPS so bring your own. POP was a ridiculous 5 1/2 hours. There was no ranger on a course that desperately needs one. We quit at the 4 1/2 hour mark when it got dark and still had 3 holes to play. Driving back to the clubhouse, we saw group after group of members walking with pull carts looking for their balls in the desert. What a joke! I can't recommend playing this course at this time.
Played 10/29. 1:22p twilight tee time for $37.75. It's been a while since I played this course. The course is a nice layout and is one of the better city munis. It's got nice practice facilities. ( Small bucket $5, large $10). Not much in the way of outside service but they do have a beverage cart.

Aguila is in good condition right now. They over seeded the tees, fairways, and greens. They are letting the rough go dormant, but the hot weather has kept it green. There is some thicker clumpy rough around the greens. It can give you some tricky lies. Tee boxes and fairways were in good shape. Greens were soft and medium speed. Probably a 10. Sand traps were in good condition.

I think this course is one of the better values to play in the winter season for under $50
Played 10/18 to scout the course and 10/22 in a 4-man scramble for charity. The course must be one of the first golf courses in the Phoenix area. It dates back to 1913. It's a more traditional style course. It's generally flat, tree-lined, and has small greens. It's got some nice bunkering in the fairway and around the greens. It's not a long course by todays standards. 6640 yards Par 72 71.0/124 from the black tees. It has some good Par 3's. Two of them play long at 212 yards & 215 yards respectively. It has a nice mix of Par 4's, with the two longest being 482 & 471 yards. It's the Par 5's where this course gives you a big advantage. Three of the four Par 5's are less than 500 yards. The longest is #18 which is only 509 yards.

The course did a full over seed and it had only been open a week when I played it. Generally, the condition of the course was fair - good. They didn't punch the greens during the over seed. The grass was a little thin ,but it was coming in nicely. The greens were soft and slow. You needed to putt them firm enough to hold the line and not try to die them into the hole. The fairways were very generous on most holes. They were lush but a little shaggy which was to be expected. The rough was thick and could give you a variety of lies. The sand traps had plenty of sand in them. The green side bunkers had the faces pushed up to block your view of the greens surface from the fairway. The good news is they are shallow and easy to play from. The black tee boxes were level and didn't have much wear.

San Marcos has a good practice putting green. It has a nice pitching and chipping area with a practice bunker. It doesn't have a good driving range. You have to hit the yellow foam balls on the short range. They have outside service. The beverage cart came around three times. I heard this course had its problems in the past. It was reflected in the fact that there are no recent reviews. With that being said, I would say it is a good value for this time of year in season. I've seen online rates between $25 - $45 depending on day and time. I'd rate the course higher once the grass comes in more. I submitted photos so you can see for yourself. I also added some playing tips.

Side note: If you are standing on the 14th tee box, look to the right and you will see a big white mansion. It was Al Capone's winter residence.
Played Saturday 7/2. 8:38a tee time. $46 included green fee & cart. It's been 4 years since I played this course and reviewed it when it was remodeled. Needless to say, it was a little disappointing to see it in such bad shape.

The greens were punched 3 & 1/2 weeks earlier and they still haven't healed. They are slow and bumpy. They need more time. They look like they were punched but not filled with sand. Fairways didn't do well transitioning from rye to bermuda. There were many bare spots. Same goes for the rough. Sand traps were OK. I know they built up many of the old tee boxes and added new ones. Many of them are showing signs of wear, becoming mounded and uneven.

POP was 4 hours. Good practice range with chipping and putting areas. They have a covered driving range which wasn't covered when we were warming up. The service was the one bright spot. Outside service was attentive. The bev cart came around 4 times. The service and the food in the restaurant was very good.It's too bad the golf course went from a 7 to a 5.
Played Sunday 4/17. Booked a 12:42p tee time online from the golf course's website. $59.73 included cart. I'd seen the other recent reviews and heard the buzz about this course being redone by the school. I never played the old Maryvale course, so I was able to look at the remodel as a fresh course. Word is out about this course. It was busy. POP was 5 hours and there was no ranger. The bright side was it gave me time to take pictures.

Previous reviewers nailed the characteristics of the golf course. It's generally a flat course. Fairway & rough have some slope & mounding. Some holes had some burned & bare spots. Lots of well placed bunkers with plenty of sand. My playing partners thought the sand traps were some of the best they played from this year. Greens were very large and slightly elevated. They are fast. Running 11 - 11.5. They are firm. Hard underfoot and no divot marks. A high ball with spin was your best chance at controlling the ball. Play for some roll out. Overall a very solid golf course that should only get better with time.

Nice new clubhouse. Beverage cart came around numerous times. Outside service was good on the front end, but not good at the end of the round. Good practice range, putting & chipping area. Course isn't well marked. A range finder was necessary. It's a golf course that you have to mange your way around the bunkers to play well. Definitely a course I would recommend & play again.
Played 3/24. Got a 11:46 tee time for $71 included green fee & cart. Silverado is a player friendly park style course. It is a Par 70 with generous fairways and mostly flat greens. From the back tees it plays a little over 6300 yards. The trouble on the right of #4 & #6 is ESA (Environmentally Sensitive Area) If you're in it, play from the drop zone no penalty.

This is the first time I have played it during the prime season. Tee to green the conditions were very good. Fairways were nice and firm. Rough has grown in more than I have seen in the past, but it gave you good juicy lies. Greens were firm and held good shots. They were med-fast. (10.5-11) Sand traps were good and had plenty of sand. They have repaired some of the tee boxes over the years, but a few are still humped. The back tee of #13 needs work.

Outside service was good. Beverage cart came 5 times. Silverado has no driving range. They have nets with astro turf mats to warm up. They do have a pitching an chipping area by the 1st tee, as well as a putting green by the clubhouse. POP was 4 1/2 hrs.
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