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Played here at 12:00 on Sunday, June 11 as part of an all-day unlimited golf UnderPar voucher with sixpez, robule and nachosgrande. The resort was very busy and the Palm course was running behind a bit, so we didn’t actually tee off until 12:20. Pace seemed slow but the total was around 4:30. Excellent weather for mid-June in the desert.

Conditions are good but a minor step down from Valley due to lesser condition greens. The greens on Palm had recently been verticut or somehow treated that caused little ridges all throughout every green. It was noticeable enough that when replacing a marked ball, you’d see the ball settle down in these grooves a tiny bit, which sometimes made “touch putts” a bit bouncy. Like Valley, they were firm, accepted full shots well and ran pretty slow. Fairways were good, maybe a tiny bit thinner than Valley. Rough had good coverage, not too penal. Tee boxes good, although one hole was really messed up (I think No. 9). Bunkers were okay.

While conditions were a small step down from Valley, I preferred the layout on Palm. The back nine is good and has some holes that offer a different feel than the familiar Ted Robinson “sameness” elsewhere. I really liked No. 10, a dogleg left par 5 where the second shot plays downhill. I loved the beautiful par-3 17th, chock full of flower beds and waterfalls and with practically an island green. No. 18 is also a cool hole running right along the lake and with great views of the resort. Fun times and an unbeatable deal with the UnderPar voucher at $100 per foursome for unlimited play. ($8.33 per round for us, considering we played three rounds.)

Flickr photo album of 30 photos here:
Played two rounds on the Valley course on Sunday, June 11 with sixpez, robule and nachosgrande. We had an UnderPar voucher for unlimited golf and also played one round on the Palm course. Started at 6:22 a.m. on Valley, and later around 5:00 p.m. Each of those rounds was under 4:00. Got fortunate with a great weather day that was hottest around 7:30 a.m. when the early morning sun was creating humidity from the watered turf. The rest of the day was very comfortable for mid-June desert temps.

Conditions are quite good. Greens were firm but accepted full shots well. Short irons would stop quickly, while mid and long irons took a bounce or two before slowing. The greens were pretty smooth but rolled slow/medium slow. Fairways had great coverage and provided good lies. Rough was also very nice, good coverage, not very penal except a few areas where it gets really deep in the second cut. Blue tee boxes were good, never an issue. Bunkers were good.

I'd never played either course until yesterday, so the UnderPar deal was a great way to knock 'em both out. They surpassed my expectations slightly. Very typical Ted Robinson designs but a little more elevation changes than I expected, some of which seems organic and others that are obviously contrived with mounding, etc. Definitely a fun day with fellow GK'ers!

If anyone's interested, here's a link to my Flickr photo album of 28 photos:
I had a 2:46 “Deal” time (minus 25% promo code) out here on Saturday, June 10. Amazing price for the quality of course. It wasn’t too busy out there, so they sent me out by myself, but there were two threesomes right in front of me all day. POP was still pretty good at 3:35. Beautiful blue skies, weather wasn’t too hot, and there was a decent breeze most of the day. Good water/ice machine right outside the clubhouse and abundant jugs all throughout the course to keep hydrated.

Conditions are very nice. Greens were a little crispy on top but accepted full shots really well. They rolled smooth and medium fast. They were very firm and it was very hard to make any ball marks, but like I said earlier, full shots did stop quickly. Fairways had great coverage of green grass, clean lines and cut short. They provided great lies all day. The rough was only about an inch deep and also had great coverage. There was some minimal yellowing in spots in both the fairways and the rough, but nothing too problematic. The black tee boxes were nearly perfect for the first 10 holes, but then there were some suspect spots on some of the holes on the inward nine. Overall still great, though. Bunkers were pretty good, although seemed to buck to conventional wisdom – fairway bunkers were fluffy and full of sand, while the greenside bunkers were thinner and/or had a little crust on top. Perhaps best of all, the course still felt very well manicured and doesn’t yet have that scruffy summer appearance some courses get when the temperatures rise and prices plummet.

I hadn’t played here in nearly 20 years and I enjoyed it more this time. The water holes are all captivating with Dye’s signature railroad ties bordering the lakes. Speaking of which, I wonder if they’ve replaced the railroad ties somewhat recently, because they looked very uniform and in great condition compared to courses like PGA West Stadium. All in all, the course looked great in the late afternoon sunlight.

I took lots of pictures and posted 46 to a Flickr album that can be viewed by copying and pasting this URL:
Played in the first group of Monday's GK Review Guru outing with JohnnyGK, rgm2525 and GDR23. Great times as always! Started a little past 11:00 and finished all 27 holes in about 6:45. Huge thanks to GK for setting this up and to Moorpark CC for having us out!

Conditions were outstanding! Greens were smooth, medium-fast and accepted full shots well. Fairways and rough were both very lush. The ball sat up great on the fairways. The rough was 2-3 inches deep and sticky in spots. Definitely a premium on staying in the fairway. The tee boxes were great, a little soft underneath the surface for my preference (my tee felt a little wobbly sometimes), but that's only if I want to get nitpicky. All of the bunkers I was in were good with plentiful sand. Not sure if this sand plays tough or I was having an off day, but I had a hard time hitting good sand shots and failed to escape the bunkers several times.

This was my first time here and I absolutely loved everything about the whole experience. It really surpassed my expectations. Right when you arrive there's a private club aura to the place. Big, beautiful driving range, nice chipping and putting greens. The course itself is unbelievably beautiful, lots of fun and also quite difficult. There are ESA lateral hazards on probably every hole and often on both sides, so controlling your direction is paramount. We played the tips, which also put a premium on distance (and makes a few holes extra fun and challenging). Tons of elevation changes. Just a fantastic course all around. The guys I played with have all played it several times and had their favorite nine. I think I'd have to agree with Johnny that Creekside was my favorite, but they are all wonderful. For me, it's not one of those 27-hole facilities where you definitely want a certain two nines. They're all great.

I took a ton of photos and created a Flickr photo album of 72 images that can be viewed by copying and pasting this URL:
I had the 5:32 a.m. "Deal" time here on Monday. Checked in around 5:15 and was given a cart key and told I could go whenever I wanted. It was still completely dark, so I hit some putts on the practice putting green, which had to be one of the purest, most perfect greens I've ever putted on. Then a single hustled over to the tee around 5:20, so I let him go and I played by myself behind him. He was really quick and I saw him finishing 17 as I was coming off 12. My POP was a leisurely 2:55. Cloudy, misty weather the whole round with very little wind to speak of.

Conditions are excellent! The greens were nearly flawless, although I did find a few fresh-looking unfixed ball marks on some greens, so I assume the speedster ahead of me wasn't fixing his ball marks. Otherwise they were smooth, medium-fast and accepted full shots well. Personally I feel firmer greens would suit this course better, but it's hard to complain at all about these (9/10). Fairways were also nearly perfect. Outstanding coverage and the ball sat up great. The rough had good coverage but was a little patchy, so I rated it a notch lower than the fairways. The tee boxes had fantastic grass but some were a bit spongy and lumpy, maybe due to playing so early and wet? Still very good, though. I wasn't in a bunker but they looked great.

I just love this course more each time I play it. I had so much fun being out there yesterday, just me and the course. Right now there are little yellow flowers blooming around the edges of the course (see my Instagram post) that have it looking awesome. There's also the orange-hued native areas that contrast so beautifully with the green fairways and rough. If you'd told me a few years ago that a flat, links-style course would become one of my favorite courses anywhere, I'd have told you you're crazy, but something about this place just casts a spell on me. Can't wait to get back again!
I played out here in yesterday's GK Review Guru outing with walnutgolf, zgolfinman and jmo1pro2. Great to meet you guys! We started at 11:00 and POP was good, around 4:10. Weather was cloudy and chilly at first, but then the sun emerged around the third hole and it was gorgeous the rest of the day.

Conditions are quite good overall. The course looks really great. The greens are definitely the highlight. They are very healthy with strong turf. Ball marks were difficult to make. They were smooth and medium-fast all day. They are more firm than soft, with full shots taking a couple little bounces before stopping. Fairways were good for the most part, nice coverage but a little inconsistent from one hole to the next. Even at their worst, they were just a little thin/dry. I never had no grass underneath my ball in the fairway. Rough also varied from very lush and pure to a little more spotty in places. Tee boxes were a step down in conditions but nothing bad, just not as well conditioned as the rest of the grass out there. Bunkers are the lone problem area; they all seemed pretty crusty and/or lacking sufficient soft sand.

I really love this course and the whole feel out there in that little valley. In fact, I was enjoying it so much, I ended up playing 36 holes. Eighteen just wasn't enough. Can't ask for a much better day!
Played 36 holes out here yesterday with sixpez using an SCGA voucher. Pace was great, finishing 36 in about six hours, 10 minutes. Very hot (100+) day with occasional breezes. Played the nines in this order: Classic #1, Classic #2, Lake, Classic #2.

The course is in pretty good condition. Greens were smooth, fast and firm with sharp edges on the holes. Difficult to hole putts unless ball was center cut. I'm not sure how deep into summer these greens will survive, as many of them were already crusty and thin. But as of now, they're rolling great and despite their firmness, full shots stopped somewhat quickly for me. Fairways were mostly lush with some brown spots here and there, but very nice for the most part. Rough had mostly good coverage and was cut pretty short, providing really nice lies. Bunkers were all crusty, and like Keith said, the only way to get a good spot was to end up where someone had already raked earlier in the day. Definitely in need of some attention. Tee boxes were good all day.

The course itself was a little underwhelming to me. It's a solid test and has some nice, subtle elevation changes for a Coachella Valley "housing development" course. I always remembered the 18th hole creating such drama at the Bob Hope Desert Classic, but that's one of very few good, memorable holes. Most of the holes are somewhat generic "desert golf" holes like those that could be found throughout the Valley. The Lake nine seemed to have more elevation changes and was maybe a little more interesting than the Classic nines. On the plus side, the staff was very welcoming and the course provided ample water stations and drinking fountains throughout. I'm definitely glad I played it, but was hoping for something more memorable.

Here's a link to my Flickr photo album of 45 photos:
Played out here in the GK Review Guru outing today with sixpez, gary00 and sparky14. Teed off around 10:10 and POP was pretty good, 4:20 total. Hot, sunny day with a breeze that seemed to build throughout the round.

Course is in good condition, playing better than it looks (although it doesn't look bad, just a tad on the dry/scruffy side in spots). I agree with Gary that the greens were hard to read. Our group didn't make any putts, but it wasn't the fault of the course. The greens are in good/great condition, smooth and running medium-fast. They accepted full shots quite well. Fairways are firm and fast and in good condition. They don't look super lush, but they play great. Like Gary said, very tight lies in spots. The rough was a little spottier with occasional bare spots and/or clumpy grass, but good for the most part as well. The bunkers were full of sand and excellent, some of the best I've played recently. Blue tee boxes were all good.

Always a fun course and even better when playing it with GK'ers!
I played in the second GK Review Guru group yesterday, teeing off around 1:20 with kevbig, MrKich and chevelle. Good times! Weather was mostly cloudy, bright overcast skies and a pretty good breeze blowing most all day. Curiously, it seemed to be a crosswind on nearly every hole; very rarely helping or hurting much. POP was ideal at 3:50. Really appreciated the course delivering pin sheets to us when we realized the pins weren't set according to the customary 1-2-3-4 green segments.

Conditions are tip-top right now! The greens are smooth and medium-fast to fast. They are very accepting of short irons (I spun back a couple wedge shots) but longer clubs took a bounce or two before stopping. About medium firmness, which I think fits this layout well. The fairways were lush with great coverage, providing perfect lies all day. The rough was also very lush and well maintained. For the most part, balls sat up on top and it wasn't too penal. Tee boxes were excellent. As others have mentioned, the bunkers are the lone weak spot right now. I was in two, and both felt like they could use some more sand or a deep raking. They did have a thin layer of soft sand on top, but just underneath the surface seemed too firm. I rated everything a 9 except the bunkers.

My appreciation for this course grows with each visit I make. Looking forward to getting out there again soon!
Finally played Goat Hill Park for the first time today. Their tee sheet looked wide open on the website, so I didn’t make a tee time and arrived around 1:00. I had a coupon from some sort of community discount card purchased from a Boy Scout that was buy one green fee, get one free, so it was $26 for my son and I to walk. Very friendly woman in the pro shop welcomed us and gave us a little “Local Knowledge” card as an addendum to the scorecard. That was a big help for us first timers. The range was busy but few people seemed to be heading out on the course. After my son hit a small bucket, we teed off. Walking pace was about 3:25, getting pushed a little by a twosome in a cart on the last couple holes. Pretty good breeze most of the afternoon, sunny skies and temps in the upper 60s.

Course conditions are quite good. The greens seem very healthy. I think salt air does them good, because they reminded me a bit of the greens at Olivas Links. Very thick, strong turf that felt sort of wiry when you fixed ball marks. Despite the great coverage and smooth cut, they were quite slow. I’d say slow to medium-slow. I can’t remember the last time I played greens this slow, and I had a hard time adjusting. They were also pretty firm. The few full shots where I actually hit the green today all took a bounce or two before stopping. Fairways were pretty lush with good coverage. Rough varied from bare spots to dry grass to lush, nasty green grass. Tee boxes were good. Neither my son nor I were in any bunkers. There aren’t many bunkers on the course, but the ones I saw looked quite good.

Opinions on this course seem to run the gamut, but I enjoyed it a lot. Tons of elevation changes, and really great topography for golf. It’s tough, too. Definitely a good workout to walk it. The par-4 12th was my favorite hole, which plays from an elevated tee to a diagonal fairway, and then up a chute to the small, elevated green. A few minor nitpicks: I didn’t see any drinking water available on the course; would love to see a few jugs added throughout the course. The routing is a bit confusing for a first-time visitor, but we never got too lost. I got burned on a few holes by lack of local knowledge, where I hit what I thought were good shots and then they weren’t. Guess I’ll just have to go back!

Oh, also, we saw a big snake on the 10th green!

To see that and 49 other photos of Goat Hill Park, copy and paste this url to access my Flickr photo album:
Played here today at 11:03, using a "Deal" time and 30% off promo code. Pretty great deal! First time here. When I arrived around 10:15, the course looked full for ladies day and then there were quite a few men members on the range, waiting to go out. The pro shop guy was friendly and invited me to hit some balls and said he’d probably get me started a little early. He paired me with a couple and we teed off around 11:00, probably 15 minutes after the last member group. We never waited on anyone all day, although we let a single through on the back nine. Total POP was 3:45 but felt a little longer.

Conditions are quite good but a little inconsistent throughout the course. The greens were medium-fast to fast. Downhillers could really get away from you easily. They showed visual signs of recent aeration, but no bumps or affect of any kind on how the ball rolled. They were pretty soft and accepted full shots well. Fairways were really lush and nice in some spots and then a little thinner in others. Good coverage overall but lies were somewhat inconsistent. Rough was also sort of inconsistent but mostly good coverage and not too penal. Some dried out and/or clumpy areas, though. Blue tee boxes were good. I was in one bunker and it was nice.

I liked the layout quite a bit. It was definitely more interesting (and more difficult) than I expected, based on what I had seen from the street on the way to Maderas a few times. There are very few flat, straightforward holes here. Almost every hole has some sort of elevation change, dogleg, hazards, etc., and many combine more than one of those features. There are also lots of mature trees and occasional rock outcroppings that create some real “jail” spots, and I tended to find them often. I had to chip out of trees sideways three separate times today. There are also some blind shots: The fairway is completely obscured from the blue tee on both the 11th and 18th holes. (You can tell where the hole goes, but you can’t see the landing area.) Overall the course reminded me a bit of Legends/Temeku Hills, but also a little bit of Los Serranos and even Shorecliffs in spots. There’s not much of a “prestige/private club” aura at all. On the good side, the few members I encountered seemed very friendly and welcoming. In my opinion, definitely worth a play while it lasts on

Misc.: The 9th hole can play as either a par 3 or 4. Today the sign on the first tee said No. 9 was playing as a par 3, but then the tees were actually at their par 4 boxes. Range had nice mats and limited-flight balls, hit into a dry hillside. There's a tiny practice putting green right at the range but another larger one on the other side of the clubhouse, although I didn't notice that one until playing the 2nd hole. No beverage cart today. There is ice/water station with cups, lids and straws adjacent to the clubhouse.

If you’re interested, here’s my Flickr photo album of 38 photos from today:
Played a GK Review Guru round with dconnally, gary00 and leef2020 here Wednesday at 11:04. Fun times! We arrived early to use the range, but they were doing some maintenance on it so it was closed all day. We then asked if we could get out early, but they were very busy. They did start us about 10 minutes early, and the pace was pretty slow all day. Total POP was 4:55. Partly cloudy skies when we arrived gave way to clear blue skies by the time we started. It got pretty windy a few times, but overall a very pleasant weather day.

The course is in good/decent condition overall. Greens are mostly smooth, although they seemed to get a little bumpy later in the day. They were more firm than soft, as I had a hard time getting shots to stop quickly. They ran about medium speed. A few greens (No. 4 comes to mind) had some pretty major bare spots near the edge. Fairways have mostly good coverage. Some are a mix of grasses and others are more pure looking. Overall good fairway lies all day. Rough had good coverage (for the most part; some bare spots here and there) and was fairly short and not very penal. Blue tee boxes were good, maybe the best conditioned part of the course right now. I was in four bunkers: One behind the 12th green was damp and hard packed, and my footprints barely made any tracks. The two fairway bunkers I was in were both good. The greenside bunker short-right of No. 17 was really nice.
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