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Played here today with dconnally and mpisarski with an 11:00 starting time. We started right on time. POP was a little slow, not too surprising for a Saturday. We finished in 4:45. Slight rain/mist early in the round but it didn't seem to impact the course too much, except one green that had some casual water collected on it.

Conditions are good, although beware: They aerate the greens starting Monday. Greens were mostly smooth, accepted full shots well, and ran medium-fast. Fairways are the high point, really nice in many places and just a little lower condition in others. Rough was a step down in consistency, but that's fine. Most of the bunkers I was in were good, some could use some more sand. Tee boxes were probably the low point; not often flat and not as well manicured as other parts of the course.

Fun times. Definitely recommended.
Played here today at 1:28 in my GK Cup match vs. 14over. Got a great deal on for just about $28 each. There was a big US Kids Golf tournament that thankfully started right behind us. We played with one other guy and pace was decent; not good, not bad, and we finished in about 4.5 hrs.

The course is in very nice condition. Greens are smooth, medium-fast and accepted full shots very well. Fairways are really nice, maybe the nicest I've ever seen them here. The rough is also very lush and thick in spots. Tee boxes were decent, maybe a little beat up late in the day. Bunkers are the only area that need attention; they are inconsistent from one to the next.

As I've said in previous reviews, this course seems to grow on me more and more each time I play it. Definitely recommended right now!
Played here for my first time on Monday, 8/5. I had a $99 GolfMoose voucher good for a round + replay and booked the first time of the day (6:00 a.m.) one month ahead of time. I was paired with a twosome from England and a guy who works at Bali Hai and was enjoying his day off. After a few holes, the twosome asked us to go ahead alone, as we were playing a bit fast for their liking. We finished in under three hours and then my playing partner helped coordinate with his buddy the starter to get me back out for the second round right away. Pace was slower and it was hotter, so I only stuck around for 12 holes on that second round.

Course conditions are fantastic for August! The greens are smooth, medium-fast, and accepted full shots very well. I did notice a few more imperfections in the second round, but early they were excellent. Fairways were also really great, providing good lies all day. The rough was just a tad below the quality of the fairways with slight browning in spots, but generally very good. Tee boxes were good all day; I seem to recall thinking one was a bit bumpy underfoot. (Certain tee boxes seem to be getting re-seeded and are pure dirt right now, but they are all closed. Some tees were moved back as a result; others moved up.) The beautiful white sand bunkers were the only slight negative. The first few I was in were really good, but the further into the course I got, the more compacted they seemed to become. A full crew of workers was out on one of the holes (15, I want to say) working on the bunkers, so perhaps they're in the midst of renovating them.

Playing with views of Mandalay Bay and Luxor is pretty cool. Conversely, playing with views of Jack in the Box, the freeway and billboards is sort of a bummer. If you're into aviation or easily bothered, planes will be flying at low altitude over you all throughout your round. I think Schmidt-Curley did a great job of routing the course to not feel too jammed in to its footprint, though. Holes seem to play in all different directions and avoid the back and forth I expected for some reason. It's a fun course and also tough.

Definitely recommended in its current condition!
Had a 10:07 "Deal" time from that was originally scheduled for my GK Cup match vs. apisarski. Unfortunately he injured himself and needed to bow out, but I decided to keep my time and play. I arrived early - around 9:15 - to find red signs on the pro shop door and front desk announcing "Pre-Paid Tee Times Cannot Start Before Their Time." So I checked in and they said they'd call me in about 20 minutes. Oddly, that whole time no one teed off on the Chino Creek course, while Butterfield Stage was packed with a tournament. The pro shop called me in as promised and paired me with two other singles, and still no one had teed off since I arrived. So we basically had the course to ourselves all day, we teed off about 20 minutes early, and then one of the guys decided to drop back after nine. So POP was incredible, finishing in 2:40! I only saw two other groups on Chino Creek the whole time we were playing, and we never waited on a shot until my approach shot to 18.

Conditions are decent overall. Greens are the highlight. They were very smooth (perhaps due to so few players ahead of us), medium speed and held full shots well. Fairways were decent/good except when they weren't, like when my ball ended up in some weeds in the 15th "fairway." The rough varies wildly from deep, thick stuff around some greens to rodent holes and hardpan in other areas. Definitely puts a premium on hitting the fairway. Tee boxes were mostly in good shape with lots of puffy kikuyu. I was in two bunkers, both of which had a thin layer of soft sand on top of compacted sand beneath. I learned my lesson in the first one and really struck down into the second one, which produced a much better result.

Overall the course looks a little rough around the edges, but plays pretty good and makes it hard to complain for $27 including cart today. Gotta love the prices from the beverage cart, too!
Played here this morning with a 9:28 "Deal" time I scored for $21 w/promo code. Hard to beat! I've always enjoyed this course but hadn't heard good things about conditions for a long time, so it had been almost five years since I'd been here.

Got paired up with three nice guys and we ended up teeing off about 10 minutes late. The starter drove by on the 2nd or 3rd hole and warned us that the course was packed (basically implying "It's gonna be slow") and he was right. I think we waited on every tee and the round took about 5:10.

Other than that, it was a positive experience. Conditions-wise, several (maybe 3-4) greens have troublesome patches where there's something wrong with them. But otherwise, the greens were fantastic today! Those "trouble" spots never affected me, so all was good. The greens are medium-fast, very smooth and semi-firm. Full shots definitely took a bounce or two before stopping. The fairways are decent, perhaps a bit thin and lacking uniformity. Rough is a mixed bag of clumpy grass, thin grass, occasional bare spots and clovers/weeds. I was in two bunkers, one was quite thin and the other had sufficient sand in it. All the bunkers seemed well-tended to, however. The tee boxes were definitely the low point of the course today — clumpy grass and lumpy terrain, often making it difficult to achieve an even stance.

Overall, the course is still a little rough around the edges but has seemingly made huge strides since about a year ago (according to my cart partner who lives nearby and plays there frequently). Now maybe they can work on that pace of play. With ESA on many holes, maybe it's just a product of a semi-difficult course on a busy day.
Belated review from our GK Cup match last Sunday, 3/17. Basically agree with everything tocho261 and sixpez had to say.

I thought the greens were fantastic and the fairways were quite good too, playing much better than they look. The rough and tee boxes were a little less consistent, and the bunkers need some serious attention. (Thankfully, I wasn't in any.)

Fun course and fun match! Felt great to get back on the course after one of the longest golf droughts of my life. As an added bonus, the superbloom of California poppies has exploded on the hills adjacent to the course!

Huge thanks to tocho261 for setting us up with the time!
Played here for my first time Sunday, 11/25 at 10:00 am with a great “Deal” time from $42 minus 25% promo code, so $31.50 with cart on a weekend… hard to beat! I arrived almost an hour early and check-in went smoothly. Things were running pretty much right on time. Having heard nightmare stories of six-hour rounds, I feared what I’d encounter midday on a holiday weekend, but POP was good at just over 4:30.

Conditions are mixed but overall pretty decent. Greens were probably the high point, rolling smooth in very nice condition, although only about medium-slow to medium speed. They were quite soft and accepted full shots extremely well. Fairways were spotty but there was always grass under the ball. Sometimes it was thin and sometimes a little more lush. Rough was spottier and there was little visual definition separating the fairways and rough. I wasn’t in a bunker but they actually looked really good. Blue tee boxes were maybe the low point, with some clumpy and/or very thin areas where it was sometimes a challenge to find a smooth patch of grass to tee it up.

I’d attended a Senior PGA Tour event here in the ‘90s and tried to walk on one other time but got denied (tournament or something; can’t recall specifically), so this was my first time playing the course. I really liked it, especially the back nine. The front nine routing seemed a little convoluted to me, but maybe that was just because it was my first go-round. Overall I felt the back was more memorable and also more removed from the surrounding urban landscape. I especially liked the par-3 12th and par-4 14th. Both the 11th and 14th had nice elevated greens. The 18th is pretty claustrophobic, but I loved seeing the Palmer plaque on the tee. The dual-green 17th was interesting, too. Unfortunately I hurt my back on the 6th hole and couldn’t enjoy my round nearly as much as I would have liked. (If it hadn’t been such a beautiful day and/or a course I’d never played before, I probably would’ve quit early.) I definitely want to get back out there once I’m healed up.
Played in the second group out on GK Cup Final day this past Sunday. Started around 10:45 and finished around 4:20. I didn't realize pace was that slow until the 18th tee, so I guess mpisarski01, roarksown1, kassper7 and I were having a good time. Weather started off very nice, medium temp with a nice breeze, but then became scorching hot for the last 10-12 holes.

Conditions are good overall. The first green scared me a bit with quite a few thin patches, but the rest of the greens were much better. Greens were medium-fast, mostly smooth and accepted full shots really well. I kept getting fooled on uphill putts that were faster than I anticipated. Fairways don't look super lush but they played quite nice. I had good lies all day. Rough was maybe a little more ragged, but not bad. Tee boxes were fine. The first bunker I was in (on the hill behind the 4th green) had virtually no sand in it, and even my delicate swing sent my ball way too far and into the hazard. Sorta frustrating. The rest of the bunkers I was in were much better.

I had forgotten how enjoyable this layout is. I really loved it Sunday and look forward to getting back out there again soon. Thanks to Eagle Glen for hosting the GK Cup Final and thanks to Johnny for setting it up. Patty melt in the bar afterward was very tasty, too!
Played here Sunday, 9/16 at 1:50 using the free round they emailed me. Valet, check-in, cart attendants and on-course personnel all very friendly and efficient. They paired me with a single from Georgia, and a twosome, one of which was a local and his friend from Chicago. All nice guys and fun to play with. We played the blue tees. Started right on time and POP was decent, right around 4:30 total. Front was good but on the back the group directly in front of us was a little slow, but there's plenty of gorgeous scenery to admire while waiting to hit shots out here. I chose the 1:50 time because I knew it would find me playing the back nine as the sun set, and the whole course looked amazing in that late afternoon sunlight. It was warm and clear with a little haze/cloud cover concealing parts of Catalina and the horizon line, but otherwise a beautiful day.

Conditions are very good. Greens are smooth, semi-firm and very healthy. Green speeds are fast; very fast if downhill at all. The only putts you could really hit hard were putts up a severe slope. Everything else is a touch putt. Fairways were good, a few discolorations here and there, but overall very nice to play from. The rough was a slight step down from the fairways with occasional clumps and dead spots between the clumps. Otherwise lush grass and often sticky. I didn't get much roll on the fairways or the rough, which makes the 6,200 yard blues play long, especially when the narrowness often makes "less than driver" the best play off the tee. Bunkers were good but would be fantastic with just a little more sand. Tee boxes were good. Overall, nothing is immaculate right now but everything is very solid and enjoyable to play.

This was my second time here. The knocks on the layout is that it's repetitive (back and forth) and very narrow in spots. I feel that's true for the first seven holes, but the rest is pretty darn good. I think the entire back nine is a lot of fun and the views are hard to beat. I want to play the tips sometime but I'd have to hit the ball much better than I did yesterday. This course will beat you up if you're not playing well, and I'm not talking only about the abundant ESA. I only lost two balls but the slopes on and around the greens can be very difficult.

I created a Flickr photo album of 55 photos that can be viewed here:
Played out here today with a 1:30 tee time for $12 through Arrived a few minutes before 1:00 and the pro shop guy said a threesome was on the tee and if I was ready I should join them. So I went straight to the tee and teed off 30 minutes early. Our group was pretty slow and we lost sight of the people in front of us somewhere around the third hole. We finished in about 4:20 total. (Very little/no sense of urgency from two of the members of my foursome.) Gotta love the cool ocean breezes here, which often impacted shots this afternoon.

Conditions-wise, Shorecliffs is still Shorecliffs. Greens were decent. Grass was in good condition but lots of imperfections, so they were often bumpy. They ran about medium speed and accepted full shots very well. The two newer greens were tough to figure out. No. 7 looked fast and was fast. No. 10 looked fast but was slow. Fairways are mediocre. It's rare to get a really nice lie with cushion under the ball... mostly thin lies. Rough is a mixed bag, thick and gnarly in some areas and very spotty and thin in others. Tee boxes were poor... very beat up, not level. I wasn't in any bunkers but had one ball run through one; a playing partner commented that there wasn't much sand in one.

This was my first time here since they lost the 5th and 6th holes. I had seen the two new greens growing in the last couple times I played here, and the only difference now is they cut a hole and stuck a flag in them. There are no greenside bunkers on these holes or anything of interest. The course now plays to par 68. Also, the routing is very odd: After you finish the par-3 4th, you backtrack by driving all the way back down the 4th and 3rd holes and then drive down the street to the new 5th (which was formerly the 7th). It seems they've also cleared out some areas between around the ditch that separates the 9th (former 10th) and 18th and the 10th (former 11th) and the 17th. Overall, decent for an extreme "deal" price but hard to recommend otherwise.
When I checked in to San Gorgonio, the pro shop guy booked my UnderPar deal “replay” round at Santa Rosa for me around 11:30. So after I finished, I drove over there (they have separate clubhouses maybe a mile apart). It was pretty busy around 10:00, so I decided to go eat some breakfast and came back around 11:00. There was a group on the first hole, so I chipped for a while and then headed to the first tee, but another single beat me to the tee. He disappeared very quickly, though, so pace was fine. I played through a couple groups and later let a very quick single play through me. Total POP was similar to the morning on San Gorgonio, around 2:30. Very hot and not as picturesque in the midday sun.

Course conditions on Santa Rosa are maybe just a tiny bit below San Gorgonio. The greens are very lightly sanded on Santa Rosa, but it didn’t affect any of my putts. Smooth, medium speed, firm but accepted full shots well. Fairways were excellent, except a few burned out spots. Rough was great, some easy to deal with and some thicker areas. Black tee boxes were good. Again, I was only in one fairway bunker, and it was nice.

I’d played here a couple years ago on a rainy day with SBogey, CPennbo and bsparks1961. Enjoyed it then and enjoyed it again today. Like I said in my San Gorgonio review, I think I prefer San Gorgonio slightly, but they’re both solid courses. Very wide fairways, but I still sprayed two tee balls OB on Santa Rosa today, so it’s not entirely forgiving. Lots of water hazards and lots of very large, nice-looking bunkers.

Here’s a link to my Flickr photo album of 28 photos:
Played here this morning. I used an UnderPar voucher for a single that included a replay… amazing deal for $27. (It’s even cheaper per person if you have a twosome.) I didn’t book a tee time but I knew there were plenty of single spots available this morning. I showed up a bit before 7:00 and was pretty much sent straight to the first tee by the super-friendly pro shop attendant. I played through a group on the second/third holes and had smooth sailing after that. Pace was about 2:30, playing by myself. Weather was hot but pretty breezy, which helped a lot.

Conditions are surprisingly excellent for late August. Greens are smooth, medium-fast and firm, yet they accept full shots very well. They’re just a tiny bit crusty in spots, but overall very impressive for late Summer. The fairways are even better. Like the greens, there are sporadic dry spots, but my ball never ended up on any of those spots and I had near-perfect lies all day. The rough is also good, maybe a bit more dried out on some holes. Rough depth varied from short to semi-thick in spots. Tee boxes were good. I was only in one bunker, a fairway bunker on 18, and it was very nice.

I played Santa Rosa a couple years ago but hadn’t played here before today. The course looked absolutely fantastic in the early morning sunlight, and I enjoyed the layout a lot. Very wide fairways, pretty flat (although often tiered) greens and some very attractive bunkering. There are a ton of water hazards; many holes have small lakes/ponds right in front of the tee box, but only really factor in if you hit a terrible shot. It feels like the kind of water hazard that scares the crud out of you as a beginner, but as a seasoned player, you barely even notice them. San Gorgonio has a couple holes on the back that are sorta boring and feel “less than” the rest of the course, but overall I think I preferred this course to Santa Rosa (which I played on my replay).

Overall very impressive conditions and a fun layout. Only minor bummer is that the course didn’t really live up to its name because the Coachella Valley was very hazy/smoky today, and the mountains were barely visible compared to the norm.

Here’s a link to my Flickr photo album of 36 photos:
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