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Played the Bay Course today, Sunday 8/5 at 9:30am, 4 hours POP and really enjoyed it. I’ve previously played the Plantation Course about 10 years ago, which is also an outstanding golf course. Personally, being a close to the ocean view kind of guy, I liked the Bay Course better. It’s a beautiful track. The 5th hole Par 3 is stunning.

As expected the golf course was in great shape and playing firm. The greens were much more firm than I anticipated and without my hotdog putter, and my trusty rusty 60 degree wedge, being I had to rent clubs, I struggled. They are not easy to read and you have to be careful as there are some very tough pin placements. Overall the greens rolled well and were Medium/Fast. Advice when pitching around the greens, don’t pin seek, the ball is going to release. Fairways were lush and firm. Rough was only a couple inches long but the ball always sat down in the bermunda turf. So much so I actually lost a couple drives that were in. The bunkers are beautiful Hawaiian red-ish sand well taken care of. The tee boxes, level, cut tight and surprisingly dry.

The golf course layout is a blast and gives you ample room to let the big dog out. There are some reachable in two par 5’s, tough par 3’s and many par 4’s with doglegs. It’s a hilly layout but not crazy. On just about every hole you can see the ocean. Holes 4 and 5 are right on it. I was loose with the driver early and the golf course made me pay for it. Once I got it dialed in, I had many birdie opportunities…if only I could have made some putts.

The service is outstanding. The starter walked me to the bag room for my rentals and filled me completely in about track. The guys in the club rental gave me exactly the type of clubs I requested, on the golf course I saw the cart girl numerous times, the marshal even helped me find a stray drive. Everyone with smiles and good professional attitudes.

I’ll be posting photos in the next few days.

Highly Recommended.
Great time Wednesday teeing it up at 3:30pm with GK’ers Alex326, cencalhack, rgm2525 and CenCalGolfer33. Finished in 4 ½ hours. Would have been quicker but we let some singles and a twosome play through.

Golf course was in excellent condition. Fairways a 10 for me. So lush with perfect lies all day. Greens were in great shape although very soft so there were many marks since each shot left a big ball mark and too many golfers decided not to fix theirs. Never bad enough to impact your putting much but hurt to look at the scares on such nice greens. Last time I played the golf course the greens were firm so this was a change. Also they were faster last time but given the forecast is 10 days of 100+ temps, I understand the need to keep them a little longer. Tees super lush in great shape. Rough, oh boy, you don’t was to find the secondary rough, its very long fescue and unless you get lucky your ball is bye-bye lost. The primarily berumada rough was just cut so we got fortunate because with all the heat and humidity I could see it being brutal sticky difficult to hit from under normal circumstances. The bunkers greenside in good shape with quality sand. The fairway bunkers pretty firm which I don’t mind.

I love this golf course. The layout is a blast. Great ball striker grip and rip track. Ample room to find the fairway but spray a shot, any shot, the golf course makes you pay big time with very tough bunkers and as mentioned very difficult rough. The greens are challenging yet fair. Nice, big and undulated. There is not one let down hole. I wish this golf course was not 3+ hours from me but I gladly make a day trip once or twice a year to play it from SoCal. Treat yourself to this gem one day.

Practice facilities are very large and loaded with everything. They even have a some dedicated wedge zones with green complexes. It’s awesome.

Restaurant is excellent with a view of the 9th hole. This was the first time I did not eat there when playing the golf course because we finished so late.

Staff very friendly and professional.

Check out the photos I just posted. We played under a red sun due to the fire near Yosemite - however smoke did not effect the day, it was high in the atmophere.

Highly recommended.
Was a super fun GK Plays outing despite only 14 players and I thank everyone that came!

I had not played Laughlin Ranch since January and then it was a very nice conditioned rye turf course. This time around it would be a bermunda turf course. Not all golf courses transition well from rye to bermunda and vice-versa….I can safely to say Laughlin Ranch Golf Club transitions phenomenally. The course was lush bermunda everywhere. I only wish the night before the course did not get slammed by monsoons since this caused the maintenance to not be able to cut the greens that morning before our round. Hence we had slow surfaces to play however they rolled true and held shots great. Another thing worth noting is the golf course is currently doing a bunker renovation filling in some traps, reshaping and turning sand. Last time out that was not taking place yet. It’s an eye sore at times but nothing that significantly impacts play.

As far as an outing host, fantastic. The staff is great to work with and even handled a late night pairing change effortlessly. All the golf carts were staged correctly and afterwards we had ample room in their SLATE restaurant (delicious appropriately priced food). I liked how the driving range and practice putting green are perfectly position to both the 1st and 10th tees. The entire property is themed “Gold Miner” with authentic old mining equipment used as decorations throughout. Really brings a fun ambiance to the place.

GK will for sure be having another outing here. Maybe even as soon as early next year.

Posted some photos...check them out. Also compare them to the January photos I posted to get an idea of how different the golf course looks from Winter to Summer yet still awesome.

Highly Recommended.
Had a super time playing with GK’ers Kevbig, mpisarski01 and sdscratchorbust Saturday morning. We teed it up at 6:50am and got around in 4.15 hours. Golf course was in great summer shape and as a first timer playing it, I loved the layout. Been wanting to play here for over 10 years and the golf course met my expectations.

There are a wide variety of holes with about 4 or 5 playing next to Lake Las Vegas and others rolling up, down, dogleg left, dogleg right through canyons. Green complexes are all well protected and interesting as you would expect from a Nicklaus design. Although I did think for a Nicklaus design the greens were rather tame. Not as much undulations or as slender…this is a good thing in my book. I think where there is the most demand on your game is your approach shots. There never is an easy one and the first hole greets you with long par 4 forced carry over water for a second shot.

Conditions are very good for the Summer. With all the recent rains I will project the fairways will only get lusher as weeks pass. Greens rolling nice and not too summer bermunda turf slow. There is just no way a golf course can chance cutting greens low with average temps over 100. Bunkers in great shape with quality sand. Tee boxes lush and level. Rough was not that high but still very difficult to play from due to the sticky humid day and ball tending to sit down in the bermunda turf.

As for service, excellent. Very friendly and professional. Saw many marshals and on course beverage service.

I’m impressed with Reflection Bay Golf Club and would like to return to play it in the Fall to see what it’s like after overseed. As of now a great summer option.
Ran the GK Cup Final last Sunday at Black Gold Golf Club. Teed it up in the final group with lotrgolfer48 and I watching the excitement unfold between AndrewZ28 and Itslikeimsayin. Was great match going extra holes with AndrewZ28 coming out on top. Congrats Andrew!

Black Gold Golf Club is the only course to have now hosted 3 GK Cup Finals and all of them have been a great experience. It’s a tough yet fair track. You can be a player with a great short game and do very well or a player with good ball striking and very do well. All players need to be accurate off the tee yet not overly dead on or long. All players need to putt well. The layout is very interesting where bombers benefit on the Par 5’s with eagle chances yet be punished significantly on the back nine when off line. It has one of the best finishing holes in Southern California. Demanding par 5 with a water guarded green complex making it an exceptional risk/reward hole. Was a blast seeing the clubhouse patio balcony cheering on the finals group at the end. Super course for competitive golf.

It’s also a golf course consistently in great shape. Sunday was no exception. Being a Sunday afternoon round on weekend with heavy play the greens were not as smooth and fast as my previous Black Gold rounds but they looked very healthy, were medium/fast and held shots. The fairways were mostly lush kikuyu as was the rough. The rough was hit and miss as far as having a difficult escape or not. I had a couple greenside pitch shots just buried in the kikuyu I had to chop a lob wedge out. Puts a premium on your approach shots for sure. Tee boxes in good shape. Bunkers all containing quality sand and well cared for. Some dry thin areas out there in the fairways and rough but not bad enough to impact play. Again overall great shape.

Thank you Black Gold for hosting our GK Cup 11 championship and everyone that came out for the fun!
I finally played Spyglass! Teed it up at 4:45 and finished around 8:15pm. Played with GK’ers sixpez and Alex326. Alex is a member of the Dukes Club so it was only $100. What a steal. Alex had an extra pull cart for me to use and I’m very glad to have had my first experience there walking because it’s simply one of the most beautiful walks I’ve ever had on a golf course. I found out on the 6th fairway climb why it’s called Spyglass “Hill” although. Be prepared for some exercise.

Spyglass Hill met all the hype. It is a really special golf course. I was told by a fellow GK'er that the best part of the golf course is when it heads into the woods, not when it’s by the beach, I did not believe him at first because I love ocean golf, but he was right. From holes 7-18 I was treated to a surreal tranquil golf experience I will never forget. Helped that we were basically the only ones on the course at the time as well. I posted a bunch of photos so please check them out rather than me trying to describe the layout of Spyglass. Words do not do it justice.

Playing conditions were fantastic even those we had just completed playing immaculate lush green Quail Lodge & Golf Club so the bar was set high. While Spyglass was not as green and lush, it certainly was lush and played beautifully. Greens were moderately fast, held shots and smooth. Fairways lush. Rough not that punishing, cut low but lush as well. Bunker all containing excellent sand and groomed. Tee boxes in great shape besides the ones being re-soded (white tees). We played the white tees with the majority of the tee boxes pushed forward and an only a few pushed back.

Spyglass Hill Golf Course immediately becomes one of my top 5 golf courses I’ve ever played. Highly Recommended.
Was invited along with GKer sixpez to a special opening of the South Course at Corica Golf Complex on 6/20, the public grand opening is Friday, June 22nd. I have never played the golf course before this massive renovation….better put, totally new golf course. I was told they literally buried the golf course with new soil and built a fantastic golf course designed by Rees Jones on top of it.

The golf course is in immaculate shape. Greens are pure huge multi-tiered bent grass, smooth, medium speed and firm. Fairways are Santa Ana Bermuda (which means they don’t go dormant), lush, firm providing good lies all day. Primary rough is also Santa Ana Bermunda about 2 inches high and easy to escape from. Secondary rough is either foot tall fescue or foot tall California wild bent grass. The bent grass rough is found mostly around the bunkers and the fescue adjacent so many fairways/green complexes. There is essentially no escape from the tall fescue and a very challenging shot from the tall bent grass rough. They both provide beautiful aesthetics throughout the golf course as well as character true to the layout. The only issue is it’s very difficult to find your ball in them. The bunkers are gorgeous, widespread throughout the course, most not very challenging to escape from yet very well positioned. They had excellent sand and were fun to play from. The tee boxes, level, tight and groomed.

I loved this golf course. It was very fun to play. Reminded me of a flat easier Rustic Canyon in Southern California and hints of Olivas Links. Huge pure greens. Mostly wide fairways. Lots of natural contours. The Par 5’s are a blast providing many chances to reach them in two. Par 3’s mostly challenging with difficult green complexes. Par 4’s lots of variety, some wide open, some tight, some very short, some long. This is a unique interesting golf course I believe all skill levels will enjoy.

Something else very cool about the track is they are the first golf course to have a proshop that doubles as a Linksoul Lab (clothing/gear). Anything Linksoul is high quality and loaded with style. It’s a great fit with the visions for the Corica Golf Complex.

As of 6/20, there are still improvements ongoing such as laying down a revolutionary cart path surface, installing the permanent tee signs, installing a massive practice putting green, starting renovations on the North course (begins June 25th) and others. Despite the additional work, the Corica South Course is a must play to experience. NorCal is very fortunate to have this new fun place to play.

Check out my photos I just posted!
Teed it up at 11:45am with GK’ers sixpez and Alex326 at Quail Lodge & Golf Club Tuesday. Awesome time! Golf course as expected was in immaculate condition. It amazes me how every time I have played here, no matter the time of year, conditions are basically perfect. The entire golf course, with exception to the secondary foot high fescue rough is bright green poa turf. Fairways, Rough and Tees super lush. The primary rough although not long will challenge as the ball will tend to sit down in the sticky poa turf. Greens rolling true, medium speed, firm and smooth. Bunkers are gorgeous, perfectly groomed, excellent sand with most edges having long fescue turf so you’re better off being in the bunker than just missing it…as I found out a few times with the fairway bunkers.

I love this layout, not overly tough but a fair challenge. Bunkers are the golf course’s main line of defense, especially greenside so you need to have your sand game ready or be dialed in with your iron approach shots. Fairways generally wide but miss them and it could be big trouble with OB or lateral hazards. It’s a mostly flat layout with many slight doglegs left and right. Greens are big and undulating. Beautiful lush conditions combined with relaxing pretty views and friendly staff make this an exceptional resort golf course. Full practice facilities and amenities. Highly recommended.
Super time out at GK Plays Coyote Springs Golf Club Saturday. Just want to thank everyone that came, those that planned on coming but could not, and the golf course. This outing went perfect. I was very pleased with the service and organization from the golf course. This is great golf course to have an outing at and one we will be looking to hold another GK Plays at. It’s a tough exciting golf course. Beautiful views. We got some strong wind on the back nine but nothing too extreme. I thought it was in great shape. A different kind of great shape from when I played it first in January. In January the greens and tee boxes were better. In June the fairways, rough and sand traps were in better shape. Still looking forward to playing it when the whole course is pristine but it certainly did not let down for our outing. I grabbed a breakfast burrito before the round which was already made and dang good. Saw the beverage cart many times. Was treated very well by all their staff throughout organizing, during and after the outing.

Looking very forward to reading more reviews about the golf course/outing. Again Thanks!
Needed a quick round on Friday 6/15 afternoon before our GK Plays outing on Saturday. First place I thought of was The Club at Sunrise. It delivered. Great time with GK’er Rob1563 as always. Plus the greens were in great shape. Blows me away that one of the most affordable golf courses in Las Vegas has greens that rival the highest end courses in the region I’ve played. One of the best things about the greens is although they are not fast, they are perfectly consistent from green to green. You will be dialing in your stroke in no time. This week they will be doing their heavy punch/sanding on 6/20 & 6/21 so try to get your round in before that. Give it a couple weeks to heal. The rest of the golf course is mostly lush with some thin and bare areas present on the fairways. Try to avoid hitting the ball right at all times or face the punishment of a blind recovery shot out of the rough in the flood wash. That is if your ball does not roll to the bottom of the wash then it’s “sayonara”. If you miss the ball left, as long as you keep it low and don’t have an extreme miss left, it will be in bounds and you can easily recover back in play. The bunkers had good quality sand and I’m glad to report they now have ranks in the bunkers instead of a rake attached to your golf cart. Before my round I grabbed a bite to eat in the clubhouse. Very affordable and enjoyed the hot dog. Recommend playing after the greens heal from aeration. Should be a solid affordable July-August option.
Was my first time playing Glen Ivy Golf Club yesterday 6/12 in Corona, CA. Good times with GK Gurus!

I loved the layout the way it trailed through hills, elevation changes, doglegs, scenery, challenging yet fair, fun greens, exciting approach shots. Was a fun blend. I thought the conditions were great with beautiful healthy greens (medium speed, smooth and holding shots), excellent coverage in the fairways, quality sand in the bunkers, nice tee boxes, the only aspect of the golf course that was mostly lush but dry and thin at times was the rough. Overall, considering how dry that region is, they are doing an excellent job keeping it watered. I agree with sparky14 that you can see some of the region heat effects with browning areas. But every lie had plenty of grass cushion. My guess given their commitment to keeping it lush (their owner plays the course himself virtually everyday) they will probably just water it more to combat the heat. POP yesterday was only 4 hrs. Just an FYI, right now they are doing a major upgrade to the driving range so it will be closed for some time.

I thoroughly enjoyed this golf course, I can't believe it took me over 15 years since launching to finally play it! Highly Recommended.
Played with fellow GK’ers GDR23, Mr.Kich and Barkydog1 at Tierra Rejada Golf Club yesterday. Great time!

Tierra Rejada is a very unique interesting layout I always enjoy (with exception to hole #17). The first 11 holes are a roller coaster of demanding hilly shots with gorgeous views and one of my all-time favorite short par 3’s, hole #7. From hole #12 and on, it becomes a more straightforward course, still loaded with fun holes with my favorite on the back nine, the “waterfall” hole #13 (just wish I could play it well). The clubhouse is small but very nice. Service excellent. Practice facilities great (although the range and lower short game area are currently closed as they replace the netting).

As for the conditions, I live just couple miles from the golf course in same hills the golf course is built in. Let me tell you, it’s a windy and very dry climate. So I knew going into the round that the golf course was not going to be very lush, and likely will never be very lush given our current Southern California water prices and restrictions. That said, they have been doing a good job focusing their water resources on the greens which were in great shape and fun to putt on. The fairways were mostly dry with decent coverage, rough a little more dry but with decent coverage and tee boxes (we played blues) in good shape, little dry, mostly level. The bunkers, I found a couple, had firm sand but certainly playable. There are some weeds you’ll encounter, mostly on the outer edges of the fairways and in the rough but nothing too extreme.

Fun golf course, worth a play, unique experience.
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