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Walked the Blues (6761/72.7/129) in breezy conditions in the 70's. The POP was slightly over 4 1/2H playing with GK Guru's 3-4bravo, dsal_13 & JohnnyGK. Really nice group, very nice to meet and play with Daniel and Anthony for the 1st time. It's always fun placing a face with names who I read their reviews on the website and watching up close some great golf considering the windy conditions.

The Kikuyu tee boxes were semi lush, mowed close and nicely maintained with only the par 3's needing some divot repair.

The Kikuyu fairways had good coverage everywhere. About 50/50 lush and thin.

The Kikuyu rough is mostly mowed down. Decent close to the fairways, more sketchy the farther you get from the fairways.

The sand traps were filled with medium brown sand, fairly hard packed in the fairway bunkers, much softer around the greens. Well maintained even though the green side traps were thinner than I would like to see.

The beautiful dark greens look immaculate and they putted smoothly even with a light top dressing. Medium speed and held iron shots well. You still had to watch downhill putts even with the top dressing making them not as quick as they usually are. Should be back to normal within a few days.

The customer service is always excellent here, very friendly staff. Good practice area. The Vineyard layout is not overly hilly, but it can be a challenging course to walk in the wind. Big climb from 2 green to 3 tee and it's a long walk from 13 green to 14 tee and from 18 green back to the clubhouse and parking lot. Definitely recommended.
Walked the Blues (69.9/119/6321) with nodoubles22, kassper7 & Andrew in slightly more than 4.5 hours Sunday mid day. The weather was clear, breezy and hot. Fun to play with all walkers for the 1st time in awhile!

It had been over 35 years since I last played here. I remembered almost none of the holes, my only recollection was that CW was a fun, not too demanding layout. Fairly wide open, the courses main defenses are the kikuyu and the small, sloping, hump backed greens.

While the layout is decent, the course conditions are not. It appeared to our group that perhaps they waited too long after the wet winter to begin utilizing their water budget again, because the course was way too hard and thin with brown spots after the wet winter we just had. Looked and played more like what I would have expected to encounter last fall, before the rains.

The tees looked like they had not been mowed in several days. The tee markers had not been regularly rotated, even non par 3 holes showed visible signs of wear between the markers. Definitely below average.

The fairways were mostly thin and hard. Some bare spots and some lush areas, but below average overall.

The rough was not high but it's still kikuyu. Tough to chip around the greens where it was thick/lush. Down the sides of the fairways it was much more thin than lush with hardpan areas mixed in.

The sand traps I was in ranged from poor to good. Nice sand but they had not been regularly maintained.

The small, humpbacked greens putted better than they looked, which is a very lukewarm endorsement at best. They were medium fast but very bumpy. It looked like they had not been getting enough water after the spring punching, which was still quite visible and affecting putts much longer afterward than you would normally expect. They were also very firm. I have putted on greens right after punching that were smoother than these. Easily the bumpiest greens I have putted on in quite some time.

The customer service was good in the pro shop. Decent range and chipping area, but the putting green is even worse than most of the greens on the course. I realize it was a Sunday, but $40 to walk a course in this condition is extreme. There was not a single area of this course that was even average compared to the multitude of other courses I have experienced in the last 12-24 months. Recommended = Not until the greens significantly improve.
Played the Blues (6395/71.1/127) in 4H, 35M Saturday morning. Played with lamitchw, Sean and Joe in clear, breezy conditions with temps in the 70's. Fun group to play with!

The tees had good coverage and only the par 3's needed divot attention. However, numerous tees could use leveling. I had to move 3-4 times from my desired tee spot because I would have been standing in a low spot on the tee ground otherwise.

The fairways had good coverage and were decent, semi lush.

The rough has many bare hardpan areas, with a combination of thin coverage with some lush to very lush areas mixed in. Only part of the course I rated below average.

The greens here are undulating and firm, but they still held full shots well. They were quick today and rolling very nice. We definitely played tournament pins, as numerous holes were right beside or on top of crests/plateaus that would quickly turn a 2-3' putt into a 15' come backer if you were barely long.

The traps were in very good condition, nicely maintained with dark brown sand.

The customer service was excellent. I prepaid for the 4some ahead of time and after mistakenly charging 2 of our group, they quickly and efficiently refunded the excess charges at the turn. Nice starter and the Marshall was out riding around trying to speed up POP. Drink cart out making numerous rounds. Had fish tacos in the restaurant after the round, very good and decently priced. Good layout overall with many fun/interesting golf holes up/down rolling hills. Par 71 with only 1 par 5 in the first 15 holes. Decent course in decent condition. Recommended.
Played the Blues (6530/71.6/127) with Kevin and Shawna in clear, breezy conditions in the 70's. Rarely do I comment about my playing partners, but I was impressed that Shawna played the Blues with a birdie and numerous pars. Drives 225+, irons on the green from 175+ and she had a great short game!

The POP was good, 4H playing on an $18 rate with a cart from twilight. We rarely pushed the group in front of us and the group behind rarely pushed us.

Olivas is an excellent layout to walk, very flat with no super long walks in between holes. Excellent golf facilities. Grass driving range complete with a good chipping and sand practice area that they have expanded to include a separate chipping area off to the side of the chipping green. Large putting green that is usually very comparable to the course.

The tees were mostly lush, nicely maintained with few unfixed divots. A couple of Blues tees were closed as they were doing maintenance on them.

The fairways were fairly lush and firm. The few poor areas were clearly marked as GUR.

The rough around the fairway is mostly lush. Farther off the fairway could be hardpan to waist deep or anything in between. You need to know where the real deep stuff is barely off fairways and plan accordingly.

The traps were nice to play from, well maintained with good quality sand.

The greens were firm, smooth and putted medium speed. They held well struck irons with a little run out.

The customer service is always excellent here. Minimal food available onsite. The no frills pro shop is in a trailer. No GPS on carts, usually no drink cart, so plan ahead if you need these items. Overall considering the condition, price and layout, one of the better deals in So Cal IMO. Definitely recommended.
Played the Blues (72.2/134/6522) with mendel, Sixpex and Rat-Patrol in the GK outing. Have played multiple rounds with all, nice group to play with! The weather was cool, overcast, breezy and actually sprinkled for a few holes. Typical POP for a Sunday afternoon tournament, around 5H.

Love the layout, one of my favorite in So Cal. Many raised greens, mounds along the side of fairways, large/deep bunkers and several split fairways are a characteristic of the course design. Holes 9/18 are both signature par 4's where the average golfer is going to be hitting a longer club into a double green where anything short or to one side is wet. #8 is almost an island green, and the front pin we played leaves little margin for error left, right or short.

The tees were well maintained but had alot of late in the weekend divots.

The fairways were lush and nice to play from.

The rough was also lush and just deep enough to make longer club selection chancy.

The sand traps are plentiful here. Large, many have decent size lips and need to be avoided in many cases because of the raised greens. They were mostly in good shape, well maintained.

The greens were slower than they looked. Mostly firm and medium speed. Not a ton of break on most greens here.

The cart gal was out making the rounds numerous times. Excellent customer service from everyone involved with the golf. Player assistants out trying to enforce POP. However, it is hard not to laugh or be insulted when you just had 15 minutes while you waited and repaired every divot on a par 3 tee box to pass the time and the Player Assistant comes up and admonishes your group for slow play? What are we supposed to do, hit short irons toward a green while the group in front of us is putting?

The restaurant after the round was the low light of the day. Food okay but well overpriced @ $23 (after tax/tip) for a burger, fries and Arnold Palmer. Service was disjointed, slow and haphazard. The servers had no idea who ordered what and forget about getting a refill. Refused to write separate checks, said upfront it was up to us to figure out the bill among ourselves. Seemed like a convenient way to surcharge the mandatory 18% gratuity for large parties?

Great course in very good to excellent condition. Definitely recommended, but I would eat elsewhere.
Played the Golds (6643/71.5/126) in 5H, 5M using Underpar with mendel. The weather was 70ish, clear and WINDY... 20-30 mph wind most of the afternoon.

The Player is a fairly tight layout, alot of lost balls/OB can come into play quickly on any errant shots along with some water to keep you honest.

The tees were semi lush and well maintained. Only a few of the par 3's needed divot attention.

The Bermuda fairways were semi lush and well maintained. Few unfixed divots.

The rough was semi lush, occasionally thin. Even though not high, it was still penal because it is thick.

The sand traps were mostly decent with dark brown sand/dirt. However, a few had been flooded by over watering in certain areas and needed attention.

The greens were fairly smooth for Bermuda and putted medium speed. Firm but still held well struck approach shots. Not alot of break here on these greens.

The customer service was excellent in the pro shop and restaurant. The starter was questionable. On a day the course was packed, he insisted on having the group in front of us play as a 2some and then us play as a 2some, sandwiched in between multiple 4somes. It made a 5+ hour round seem even longer, the 4some playing behind us was almost always on the tee by the time we were teeing off. It should be noted that after a 5+ hour round, that we played another 9 in less than 1.5 hours with no one in front of us.

Plenty of water stations on the course and the Drink cart was out making the rounds. The Player course has good facilities. A conventional, old school Palm Springs layout, the exterior of the course is surrounded by homes &/or streets on all sides. Really solid course. Not great by Palm Springs standards, but much better than average. Definitely recommended, even though on this visit, the Dye course was in better condition.
Played the Golds (6158/69.5/125) in 4H, 10M with mendel, Matt & Ryan in clear, breezy conditions.

Played both courses on an AD UP voucher. An oddity for a 36 hole course layout is that the Player and Dye courses are about a mile apart and all their facilities (restaurant, driving range, clubhouse etc.) are completely separate.

I have appreciated the Dye layout more after each round played here. Still not a great layout in my mind, but 18 very solid holes of golf with plenty of variety. OB down both sides of many holes and numerous holes have water that comes prominently into play. However, not a super tight course overall. Most of the landing areas are generous in size, there are just specific shots where there is little margin for error. A conventional Pete Dye layout, with the traditional Dye runoffs around greens, mounds/moguls, water features etc. However, they are tamer here than on most Dye courses I have played.

The Bermuda tees were fairly lush, only a few of the par 3's needed divot attention.

The Bermuda fairways were fairly lush and well maintained. Few unfixed divots.

The Bermuda rough was semi lush and not overly penal. Usually good to play from.

The sand traps were dark brown sand/dirt and were decently maintained.

The greens were relatively smooth for Bermuda but were at most medium speed. Firm but still held well struck approach shots. The breaks here are not as severe as on most Dye layouts.

This course would be difficult to walk as numerous tees are a long way from the last green. From a layout perspective, I feel like a par 70 with only 2 par 5's is a minus. Plenty of water stations on the course and the Beverage cart was out making the rounds.

The customer service was excellent from everyone. Good facilities, complementary range balls although the range tops out @ 220 yards. Well above average course in most locales, but middle of the pack by Palm Springs standards. If I had to pick one of the two Mission Hills courses to play, it would be the sister Player course. Recommended = Yes.
Played the Blues (72.1/131/6658) in slightly less than 4.5H with mendel, lamitchw & Caligolfer1031. Excellent group to play with! The weather was overcast, breezy and in the 70's. Back 9 closed for renovation, so we played the Front 9 twice.

There was a freak wind storm the previous night with winds in excess of 50 mph. SilverRock lost around 70 trees and several sand traps were nearly devoid of sand. Real props to their maintenance crew. Many of the downed trees were already cleared by our 2nd 9. This is a fun & pretty layout with Big Horn Sheep grazing along the mountain. Despite the challenges from the wind, the playing conditions were very good bordering on excellent across the board.

The Bermuda tees were lush and well maintained. Only the par 3's needed minor divot repair.

Both the Bermuda fairways and rough were lush with a few thin spots here and there. Nicely maintained and good to play from.

The sand traps were probably in excellent condition the day before. The ones that still had a normal amount of sand in them had good quality sand. These traps are tough to play from with large lips and long carries if you short side yourself.

The Bermuda greens putted medium speed, were firm but held shots well. Reasonably smooth for Bermuda. Not a huge amount of contour/slope on these large greens.

Love the layout, it's completely away from any houses. Decent amount of lakes, canals and native areas to keep your attention. Many tee shots appear tighter than they actually are. Many more fairway and green side traps than most courses. However, this is not a tight course overall with generous fairway landing areas for the most part. But if you barely miss fairways, you are in hazards or native desertscape on most holes.

The customer service was excellent, from the complimentary range balls all the way to the cart guy cleaning your clubs after the round. Cart gal around numerous times. Marshall's out trying to enforce POP were almost a detriment. When you are waiting on the tee for the fairway to clear it seems like a statement of the obvious... but they still made a point to tell all 4 members of the group to speed up.

We had lunch afterward in their onsite restaurant, service was excellent and the food very good. Great course, definitely recommended.
Played the Blues (6432/70.4/125) twilight with Jack & Rich in 4H 20M. The weather was in the high 70's, windy and clear.

Fun layout with plenty of mature trees and hills to keep things interesting. Challenging course to walk, constantly up/down rolling hills on the front 9, the back 9 is flatter.

The tees were nicely maintained, fairly lush with few unfixed divots.

The Kikuyu fairways are lush, well maintained & had good coverage.

The Kikuyu rough is generally lush and mowed down fairly close near the fairways. Farther away from the fairways, it gets thinner and there is more hardpan. They have also added wood chips in some turf reduction areas.

The sand traps have a decent amount of medium to large grain brown sand and are nicely maintained.

The greens were very nice. They putted medium fast speed, were consistent from green to green & were very receptive to holding approach shots.

The customer service was good, quick, efficient check in. Drink cart was around a couple of times. Nice snack shop on the turn with excellent burgers. Medium difficulty course in well above average condition @ good prices. Definitely recommended.
Played the Blues (6432/70.5/125) with seniors Jeff & Patty in 4.5H on a busy Monday mid-day. We teed off @ 11 am in sunny, breezy conditions with temps in the 80's sandwiched in between 4somes.

The course is looking and playing well. Somewhat challenging course to walk, constantly up/down rolling hills on the front 9, the back 9 is more flat.

The tees were decently maintained, good coverage with few unfixed divots.

The Kikuyu fairways had good coverage and were mostly lush, nice to play from.

The Kikuyu rough is mowed down and more lush than thin. Even though the rough is not high, it's still punitive. Several times we had to be within 5 yards of balls to see them. Farther away from the fairways you could get hardpan, wood chips, thin areas or thick lost ball rough.

The sand traps were nicely maintained with a generous amount of medium to large grain brown sand.

The greens were smooth, putted medium fast and while firm, they still held well struck approach shots.

The customer service was excellent. Their carts have GPS to the front/middle/back of the green and can be adjusted to measure to traps or hazards. The driving range is average, off mats. However they do have a club repair center on site.

Fun layout with plenty of hills & trees to keep things interesting. Medium difficulty course in very good condition @ reasonable prices. Recommended = Yes.
I was matched up with Jon & James on the first twilight tee time, extremely enjoyable guys to play with. We played the Blues (6395/71.1/127) in clear, fairly calm conditions with temps in the 80's. The POP was a leisurely 4H, 30M, we rarely waited or held up the group behind.

The course was fairly busy today. SH is an okay layout set over rolling hills with numerous fun and interesting holes.

The tees were lush, mostly level and only the par 3's needed divot attention.

The fairways were fairly lush. The many areas they have previously resodded are filling in and becoming more and more playable with each visit.

The primary rough is about 50/50 lush/thin. The outer edges are mostly hardpan, you can really tell where they concentrate their watering.

The large greens are almost completely recovered from their spring aeration. They are still firm, but they held full shots well and putted fairly smooth and medium fast. I find the greens here usually have hardly a straight putt with lots of subtle break, and a few greens have hills or crests that produce severe breaks.

The traps were decently maintained.

An okay layout set over rolling hills with numerous fun and interesting holes. The customer service was excellent from both the Pro Shop & the Starter. Drink cart gal was very pleasant and around numerous times. No GPS on the carts, average driving range. Recommended as a slightly above average course in slightly above average condition.
Played the Golds (6328/70.6/127) with 140ver on dawn patrol. The weather was calm and very pleasant, in the 70's. We played a leisurely 4H, 10M round, rarely within a hole of any other group.

I played here roughly 6-7 years ago in a GK event and came away impressed with the course. If I played word association, "fun layout " and "above average conditions" would have been my thoughts from my first visit. WOW, what a difference is all I can say after today.

What we encountered today were poor course conditions almost across the board. And the deterioration has obviously been ongoing. Multiple tee boxes let go and grown up, obviously no longer being watered or maintained. They have made combo tees not listed on the scorecard or recognized in the handicap databases on numerous holes. Several green side sand traps were marked as GUR with weeds and they have obviously not been maintained in awhile.

The tees in use and fairways were thin but had good coverage. They had been aerated, so they are trying to improve the hard, not firm conditions.

The rough was not high but hard to play from because it was all over the place... grass, clumps, weeds, hardpan. Also it did not keep anything off line out of hazards. Mike hit several balls that landed in the fairway or green that rolled through the rough into red staked hazards.

The sand traps were also all over the place quality wise. Several were marked as GUR. Most were average and playable on 1 end, almost hardpan on the other. Yet a couple had been redone with nice, thick sand that produced fried eggs. So hopefully improving?

Hard to believe these greens were aerated 2 full weeks ago. I did not expect pristine, but I did not expect this slow and bumpy either. Anything over 2' and you were basically hoping that the last bounce your putt took was toward the hole. Easily the worst greens I have putted on this year.

The customer service was good in the pro shop, they had us right out as the 2nd group off. This course sadly reminds me of courses I have played in recent years that were on their way to closing. The greens are probably at least 2 weeks from being decent again. If the greens were decent, the rest of the course would be playable. However, when you throw in bad greens with mostly below average conditions everywhere else, this is not a course I would recommend to anyone in it's current state.
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