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I have played this course several times in the last month, including Saturday and Sunday this last weekend. I played it early until Sunday when I played in a tournament starting about 10:30 (about 10 minutes late).

I like the course and conditions are good right now. The rough is thick and high enough to make balls difficult to find. I found several balls when looking for one of ours. The fairways were good. I had no bad lies in either round this weekend in the fairway. The sand was pretty good. Some bunkers had less sand but there was enough to get the club under the ball. The greens are good. For whatever reason, they were faster Saturday morning then they were Sunday afternoon. Go figure. I assumed dried out greens would be faster but not so. Either way, they rolled well with only a few bumps.

Pace of play in the morning was great. Pace of play in the afternoon was not great. 3:50 on Saturday, 5:30 on Sunday. And if felt longer. But, the day was beautiful, the course was in nice shape, and the snack shack at the 12th tee came just in time to save my round.
Played Sunday, 2/4, around 7:00 am. The course was busy although there was some holdup behind us. Like there was an open tee time and no one wanted to take it. Weird. The group behind caught us eventually because it was a slow day on the links. About 4:45.

Nice new restaurant The facility is looking great with the relatively new range and the restaurant bar with an airy feel to it. I did not stay to eat or drink but it looked really nice.

The course is in pretty good shape. The greens were outstanding. Quite fast leaving some uncomfortable putts. My first downhill putt went 10' past the hole. it was a front flag on #2 and I do not believe I have ever seen it that fast in that area. There was good sand in the few traps I visited. That said, I do not like the way they have cut the walls of bunkers so there are steep dirt sides in places. I had to sit on the side of one for a shot in which the bank was a solid three feet and I could not get a stance in the bunker. It was too far down to try to kneel outside and hit it. Where do you get to practice that?

Had good lies in the fairway and the rough was only a factor in places. The tee boxes were good except for #5 where the blue tee box was shoved off to the side with thick grass for the outer half. Yes, half the tee box was in the rough. I had not seen that one before.

In summary, a good place to spend a pre-Super Bowl Sunday. I will be back.
Played Saturday, 1/27. It was a tournament type event and took almost 5 hours. Customer service was good. You have to go into the pro shop now to get balls for the driving range. The pro shop has been upgraded, hopefully they do the same to the range.

The course is in spotty conditions. We were told we were getting free drops from gopher mounds and I can see why. There were quite a few. There were also some sandy stretches on #7 from which the men's club was also taking a drop. There have been several trees that have fallen making the course more open, notably on #6 and #7. Too bad, those were two holes you had to think about before.

The greens were great. Was not in any sand but did not hear any complaints from playing partners. The rough was generally lush but we had no problem finding balls.

Overall, I have seen it better. Hopefully, they can get the upper hand on the gophers.
Played 1/5 in a "work" event. Great service everywhere. I was reminded to do a review thinking about the brat I had after the round at the small food building they have next to the ninth green and where the round ends. It blew away the brat I had at Pebble a couple of days earlier. Fresh and hot off the griddle. They even put hot sauerkraut on it which was great but too much for the bun to handle. Speaking of the service, a service rep went up to two guys waiting who were falling behind on pace at the turn and told them to go tee off, that he would bring their food out to them on the course. Nice.

I also played some golf. The course was in great shape considering it was January. They have not had much rain this fall but everything was lush. The fairways were a pleasure to hit from. The rough was long enough to make solid contact difficult but finding balls was not a problem. For whatever reason, the greens were the slowest we played on that week. They looked great and rolled true but they were not fast. Medium at best.

I love this course. My favorite up here considering the variety, the challenge and the fact I get nothing like it in the LA area. One note. The caddie fee seems to have gone up dramatically since I last paid it a couple of years ago. Forecaddie with cart, bringing clubs out to you, was over $90 per person for four people, not counting tip. I thought last time I paid the fee it was an $85 flat fee not dependent on number of players. Part of the experience but more than I expected. And I loved my caddie, Richard aka Bogey. He did a great job. I highly recommend him.
Played in a tournament on Saturday, the 13th. It was scheduled to start at 9:00 but went off about 15 minutes late. Very slow round. We finished in about 5:20. Considering I did not play well, it was an ordeal.

The course was in okay shape overall. Quite a few bare spots in the fairways, at least some due to winter conditions. They have let some areas go to dirt on the sides (such as right of the cart path on #1) although there is a decent amount of rough area. The rough was cut low and not much of a factor. The sand traps had thick beach type sand and we had at least two players plug in the face of bunkers.

The greens were whoa Nelly fast. Easily the fastest greens I have played in a while and rolling true. Given the slope on some greens, the speed made it difficult. Two people in my group (okay, I was one of them) four putted greens. On a par three on the back nine, I saw four people chip across and off the green on a front pin placement where if you were not below the hole, you could not hold the green if you got to the hole on your chip. I liked the challenge the greens provided. They were the highlight of the course.

The course has wild areas but the undergrowth has been largely cleared out where it might come into play. We had numerous shots bounce off hillsides and back into the grass or at least where they could be played. It was possible to get into trouble but there was definitely some forgiveness. There are a lot of uphill shots to greens where it is difficult to judge distances to counter the forgiveness of the tee shots.

I seem to play here every 8 to 10 years. If it is that long again, I probably won't be sad about it.
Played on Saturday, December 9. They had put a top dressing of sand on the greens sometime this week, but it did not affect play. They were running well if not as good as the week before. The sand was little evident on the back nine, indicating to me that they started there.

Overall, the course was in pretty good shape. I like the fact they are regrowing grass in some of the areas they let go during the drought. Hopefully by this spring, with a decent rainy season, the course will be more lush around the edges. We started about 7:00, ten minutes late, and finished in just over 4.5 hours. We waited on most shots. Still, a gorgeous morning only marred by the cloud of smoke rising behind Malibu from the Thomas Fire.
Played early on Saturday. POP 3 hours 45 minutes, walking. We had at least two open holes behind us though when we reached the 17th tee, so the later groups did not get to enjoy the outstanding pace of play.

I was pleasantly surprised by the conditions, especially the greens. They were much faster than usual, rolling really well. Otherwise the conditions were decent. The fairways were pretty good if tightly mowed. There are quite a few kikuyu spots where it seemed bare because the grass was cut low. I did not seen any true bare spots though. The rough was hit or miss. Cut lower than it was last winter. The one fairway bunker I was in was very firm. No complaints from those in the greenside bunkers.

Good facilities including coffee shop and bar. I'll be back.
Played in a tourney today, scheduled for 10:00 am. Got off about a half hour late and played in 5 hours. Both were expected.

Really enjoyed the course today. Lush fairways, rough was a factor, and the green side bunkers were nice. They are working on some of the fairway bunkers which are GUR. Sure there were some bare areas and a few tee boxes were not level. Meanwhile the greens were fantastic. Quick and true. As good as poa gets. The scores in my club were pretty high I think because the greens were so fast. We had two four putt greens in my foursome. I was worried the course greens would not live up to the perfect practice greens but they were right there with them.

Sorry about going on about the greens but to some extent I rate a course based on them.

The cart lady was diligent, they have a well stocked snack stand at a convenient junction, and a barbecue at the turn. There is a lot to like at ElDo right now.
Stopped here to wait out the traffic after working in the Inland Empire yesterday morning. Didn't work too well because we played in 3.5 hours and I ended up hitting the freeway in the rush hour peak. Can't beat the pace of play though. $41 to ride on a hot afternoon.

The course was in pretty good shape. The Classic course is quite lush on the front nine and decent but not as lush on the back nine. The rough was up and we had to spend some time looking for balls, including one I could not find on No. 9. The only negatives to the round were the greens being slower than normal, less than medium speed, and no sand in one bunker I was in. They had a top layer of sand on some greens. I could not tell if it was spot repair work or if the sand had been assimilated into the greens in some places. Either way, it did not help the speed problem.

The service was good throughout. I'll be back.
Know Before You Go. Didn't and paid for it. Next time I'll at least read the last review! Greens were brutally disgracefull. 2 and 3 or 4 (don't recall which) had some fungus going on with sanded areas. All the greens were shaggy and slow except a couple on the back nine. None were like the practice green which was pretty good. Bumps were consistent throughout the course.

The fairways varied from dried hard pan old school drought Alondra and lush kikuyu. The rough was up in spots.

Overall, the course is a disgrace to the County golf system.

With regard to service, I can't get past the bizarre sequence of groups, single, single, woman giving playing lesson to six and ten year old girls, threesome, twosome, twosome.... The fact we played in 4.5 hours on Sunday mid morning did not make me feel any better. We were in the group behind the playing lesson. It could not get over fast enough.
I'm told the course will not be on our rotation again, but played it in a tourney on Sunday, August 6. On the plus side, the pace of play was decent, about 4:30.

The holes on the clubhouse side of the street are decently lush. The fairways were lush. The sand was good in both bunkers I was in. There was gnarly rough in places and we spent a lot of time looking for balls not that far off the fairway. The course is less lush on the driving range side of the street. The golf carts are amazingly durable considering all the gopher mounds in the rough in places. About as rough a ride as I can remember.

The greens were pretty good. A bit too bumpy, and a bit too soft (probably connected). Decent speed but not as nice or as fast as the practice green.

No drink cart. Nice bar and the food looked better than average. They were advertising on the 9th tee a Hot Dog of the Month Special - Bacon wrapped hot dog with barbecue sauce, cheese and green onions. Really?

Its golf but I am in no hurry to get back.
Played Friday and Sunday, July 28 and 30, both relatively early rounds. Pace of play was excellent on Friday (3:45) and great on Sunday (3:20). The service is excellent in the pro shop. It is good in the coffee shop as well although the spot is popular with local residents so it can take a while to get food.

The course was in good shape. The water features contain water again. The rough is thick generally and nasty in some places. The fairways were shaggy and quite wet so there was not as much roll as you would expect. The heat was the likely reason. The greens were good. They were running at medium speed with some bumps because they were soft making footprints a factor. The sand was just okay because there were quite a few rocks present. The tee boxes had some crowning.

I like the course layout and enjoy it. I recommend it although word to the wise - use bug spray. The mosquitoes killed us on Friday.
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