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Went off at 11 with fellow GKers David, Matt and Ron. Weather was nice, with a bit of wind picking up as we started. Driving range surface is a bit loose and sandy. Putting green is really, really furry and slow, so no help. The course was mostly in good condition with a couple greens being a bit off. The first green was a bit furry and slow, as was the fourth green. The rest of the greens were pretty nice. Bunkers were good to play from and the layout is challenging for a hack like me (we played the Blue/White combo which is a good mix). I like this course even though I played badly . . . but any day upright, playing golf is a glorious day!
Played with a bachelors party group on Thursday 2/8, three groups teeing off starting at 12 pm. The check in was, like always, slow. A room full of people and one register going. When I got to the desk there was some confusion as we had been told a rate of $35, but we were charged $49? No worries, we got sent out, a couple players from out of town needed rentals and those clubs were there set up in their cart ready to go . . . on to the course.
Tees: flat enough, with enough coverage to play from, so fine
Fairways: some patchy areas, some dirt areas, not visually pleasing but playable for the most part
Rough: pretty much ditto from the fairways just a bit longer, 1 to 2 inches were there was some
Bunkers: actually some of the best bunkers I've played from in the last couple years . . . let's just say, better than most
Greens: firm, quick and very nice condition almost on par with the bunkers
POP: pace of play was great as we were the first of the three groups out and finished 3 holes ahead
Customer service: was excellent from the snack cart to the 19th hole which kept the kitchen open a bit late for our group which was nice.
Recommendation: sure, it's a mostly mellow golf experience with the only improvements need being check-in and the fairway/rough, but it's been a long time since it's rained making that a tough proposition. The rumor is the place may only be there for another year to so, so go play it before it's gone!

Such a shame if we truly lose such a cool, convenient, golf facility!
GK Cup match with 140ver, thanks Mike it was a pleasure and fun match.
To me it looked like they had mown the rough down just a touch but not the fairways as they were a bit furry reducing the roll out on drives. Everything was in good shape all around and as Mike (aka weber2323) said it wasn't quite in the excellent shape I imagined it might be after the Farmer's, but it's still Torrey and a really good, challenging golf course.

Off at 11:06 done at 4.
Been awhile since playing here and I was pleased to find the course in good shape, greens were excellent. Of course I made just about everything I saw, 26 putts, so I'm biased, but they were rolling well, medium speed, a bit firm but excepting of well struck shots. Bunkers full of soft white sand, fairways nice, rough minimal but there, tee boxes mostly level (except #8 Blue). Worth the greens fee, go play it!
Fabulous GK outing at Ram's Hill once again! Course is in great shape greens running fast and true holding well struck approaches. Fairways pristine, rough uniform and healthy, bunkers filled with nice fluffy sand and the layout fun yet challenging. I had the cheeseburger at the restaurant and it was very tasty with delicious fries, service was quick, friendly and great. Great warm up areas, putting green (smooth and rolling perfect), pitch and chip green in a separate area (again smooth and perfect) and a driving range featuring Pro V1's. Fantastic!
First off at twilight, played the last hole in the dark, but finished. Fog came in on 13 to add another element to difficult playing conditions . . . wet conditions/no roll on fairways, deep-thick-gnarly rough (aka good luck mister), some thin coverage in the bunkers and inconsistent green speeds. But hey it's Torrey and it was GLORIOUS!
First off at twilight . . . it's amateur hour with the holidays and the weather so nice so waited on about every shot. POP only 4 1/2 hours but seemed like 6. Greens are really fast right now, the rest of the course is in good to very good shape, with the bunkers being better than most courses I've played lately.
I guess I will be the first so it should soon get buried, here we go. Always great to tee it up with the GK crowd! Thanks to Greg, Kevin and Wendy! Exceptional group of fun loving golfers! A special thanks to Wendy for reminding me that ice would be good for my injured hand that was threatening to ruin my round (I can do that all on my own), and of course thanks to Johnny for putting it all together! On to the course:
Tees: mostly flat, good coverage and wide
Fairways: some roll in spots, driver backed up in a couple of the softer ones, good to hit from
Rough: short put rather sticky, definite factor in shot selection
Traps: firm mud in most spots, playable but firm . . . gotta pick it just right
Greens: I've played here before so had a feel for the speeds but still a couple got away from me, hit a few bumps here and there, rather firm on approach (front pins over bunkers were impossible) but overall rolled decent, didn't always look great, but playable
Warm up areas: practice green is a severely sloped just good for a brief warm up and the range is nice, but the balls could use an update
Customer service (on course): saw the snack cart often, there is a halfway house (with an ice machine! Thanks again Wendy, saved my day!)
Customer service (around the course): this is a higher end resort course so pretty much all the bells and whistles with friendly/professional service all around. This being the higher end resort it is the menu is a pricey one, tasty food, but expensive. The tostadas I got reminded me of the Navy Federal Credit Union commercial where the guy says, "My sister likes making tiny food, and I'm OK with that!"
Overall: A good experience, not a course I would play week in and week out mostly due to the layout (I prefer the Champions course), but recommended if you can get a good rate under rack.

PS: I see my rating came out a bit lower than I would have wanted. I would think more like 6.5 would be about right
First off twilight, POP was good until we ran into a group on 15.
Course is in good playable condition, with greens being in real nice shape.
Bunkers have actual sand in them, fairways good, rough minimal.
Tees level and fine except the back tee box on 8 which is crowned.
Third off at twilight barely finished, some people take the leisurely sport of golf way to leisurely ! C'mon man, hit it, go get it. Anyways, the rough has been mowed down tight in prep for over-seeding, which made finding wayward shots easy, but they also ran out in whichever direction you hit 'em. The course is hard and playing really short. The greens are fine now, bunkers good, tees fine, but they are overseeing next week.
Another great day at Torrey, beautiful with perfect weather. Course is in good shape with fairways running fast as well as the greens. Most everything similar to last review (last Sunday) except the greens were looking and rolling a little better. Pretty much my favorite course right now. It's tough, it's a big boy/girl course so, once again, bring your game!
Played twilight at 2:20, out a bit earlier that that. The course was playing short today, the dry air and hard surfaces combined to make the ball go further, much further in some cases (that or the steroids are finally kicking in!). The course is in good shape, with, as Mike said, a few rough areas where the heat has taken it's toll.
Tees: large, flat and mostly well covered
Fairways: running fast with some bare areas (I ended up in one in the middle of the fairway on 13) but mostly good to play from
Rough: cut down a bit (2" to 3") and not quite as thick and sticky as usual (I caught a few flyers that sent the ball enormous distances (190 yard 7 iron straight into a strong wind on 4)
Bunkers: The ones I found were very good
Greens: fast down grain and a bit slower against, they were also a touch scrappy with ball marks ill-fixed and some not at all, also the surfaces themselves were just not smooth . . . a combination that made actually holing putts very difficult
POP: 4 hrs 20 minutes
Customer service: fine
Recommendation: It's Torrey South, an Open venue with spectacular views, so yes, recommended, it is a big boy/girl course so bring your game or pay the price
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