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Played 6-1 and 6-3. Course has improved since opening day but still has a long way to go. Tee boxes OK and fairways filling in. Greens still stink. 2 or 3 are playable but thats about it. Guess my rating was too high last time. Would put this in the 2 to 3 rating. Give it more time and I hope it will come back!
Played opening day 5-18-18. The course suffered from the lack of snow this winter. Fairways are coming back pretty good but still need some time. Bunkers were in decent shape as well as the tee boxes. The greens were mostly a joke unfortunately. They had been punched and sanded not long ago and though they held shots better than usual they were extremely slow and bumpy. At one point a 3 foot putt bounced into the air about 6 inches. I hope in a couple weeks things will get better.
Played 5-20-18. This is the 5th time playing this curse. It always seems to keep me on my toes. The greens didn't look very good but played wonderfully! Good speed and smooth, and they held well. Bunkers were OK but mot as soft as I would like. The tee boxes were a bit rough. Many bumpy areas and some torn up but very playable. Fairways were nice and the rough was not as penalizing as some. Overall a very nice course that does not loose its challenge no matter how many times you play!
Played 4-7-18. This course is a great deal at he price of $37 regular rate. Unfortunately playing on a Saturday was a trail at the least. Waited till 15 minutes past our tee time and could not get a cart. They were waiting for carts for the tee time ahead of ours and we took pull carts and headed out. Got a cart to us on the second green. That would have put us at least 45 minutes behind schedule and as it was the round took 5 hours. The course is in good shape. Some tee boxes were chewed up and the greens were slow for a desert course. Did not end up in any bunkers but they looked white and soft. I would play here again but not on a weekend. A strong 6.5 course.
Played 2-27-18. Played as the rain stopped and had the course to myself for the most part. Visually a very beautiful course. Fun layout. Tee boxes in good shape, fairways brown in spots but no more than all our So Cal courses these days. Greens were in great shape. Moderate speed but held well and rolled true. Design is somewhat forgiving in that tee shots off the fairway will often roll into the short grass for you. Look forward to coming back. A strong 6.5 to 7.
Played 2-17-18.More brown than green right now! Greens are in great shape. Seems to be the theme this year in the desert. Let the course die except the greens. Have always found this to be a boring course. Not much variation each hole looks like the last and every green has the same set up of a bunker left and right of the green so there is just a slot up the middle to the green. The greens hold OK but had a couple shots land short of the green and roll all the way to the back and even off the green completely! Conditions are such that I am not inclined to return any time soon. A 6 at best.
Played 2-15-18. First time here and really enjoyed it. Was really impressed that when I mentioned it was my first time here the marshal took me in and showed me the amenities and where the golf shop was. Course is in good shape. Soft fairways and receptive greens. Tee boxes were nice and lush and smooth. Did not experience any sand this time but it looked soft and playable. Greens are undulating and hard for me to read but hope next time to do better. Definitely plan on there being a next time!
Played 2-8-18. First time at this course. Started bad when I arrived at the entrance to find I needed a code to open the gate. Got lucky and was behind a delivery truck so I followed him in. Then there are no signs to direct you to the course so I drove around and finally called to find out how to get there. I pull up and the steps to the pro shop are falling apart. Not a good first impression. I check in and since it is a golf shop I need receipts for all my expenses. When I ask for it he has already crumpled it up and thrown it away. More negative points. Range is OK but matts for the day. They were very soft so pleasant to hit off.
The course is pretty beat up. Lots of brown and even patchy where its green. Other areas were very nice. Some bunkers were packed mud and others were soft nice sand.
The greens make this place worth the price. Soft enough to hold well and fast and true. Downhill putts are scary and you must be aggressive uphill. Some really nice holes and some average holes. Mostly narrow off the tee so a bit of a challenge. Overall a course I might play if in the area but would not go out of my way to play here again.
Played 1-24-18. Course is in good shape. Greens still show signs of punching but rolled nice and fast! Tee boxes smooth and lush. Fairways a bit dry but very playable. Bunkers were soft for the most part but some had many small pebbles. Played all 27 holes and conditions were consistent throughout. Troon is trying to make this a course something special for an executive course. Look forward to playing again.
Played 1-15-18. Got out to see how the course was looking. Curse is in great shape. Tee boxes were perfect, fairways had occasional brown spots but minor problem. Greens showed signs of punching but rolled true and had good speed. Similar to Rams Hill. Bunkers seemed OK but was only in 2 and one had had fresh sand spread in it so around the edges was hard packed and the new stuff was very soft. The other was a fairway bunker and mostly hard pack. Not much to complain about here and as enjoyable as ever.
Played 1-7-18. This course lives up to its billing. Immaculate fairways smooth greens and soft bunkers. Saw 1 tee box that had some brown grass, every other one was perfect. Had a little trouble getting a full size tee to sink in flat for the par 3's. Would get half way down and felt like hitting rock. Broken tees are a must if you want it down at ground level. Was in a number of traps and they were consistently soft and deep. A tough challenge. Greens were a fast but not scary fast. Had to be careful on downhill putts but saw a few stop short of the hole when you wold have thought they would keep going. Hard to find anything to criticize! As close to a 10 as you will find.
Played 1-4-18. Course is still having issues. Without water they have eliminated much of the fairways and the rough is mostly dirt. The tee boxes are in decent shape and the traps though they look bad are very nice and soft. The highlight of the course are the greens. Very fast and very receptive. Downhill putts are frightening but they roll true and make up for most of the flaws. Staff was nice and the marshal very friendly. The cost makes it tempting and since the course tends to be empty you can get in a round pretty quickly. We played in about 3.5 hours and did not see another golfer till the 16th. If you want to test your putting skills you will enjoy this course but don't expect the beauty it had. Keep hoping it will make a comeback but it will take years to recover from the condition it is in now. A strong 4+, almost a 5 because of the greens.
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