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We played here today and last review writer was spot on. Great layout, really fun to play, the greens were great and the course was soggy. We wish we we behind his group though, the groups in front of us were slow and we finished in just over 5 hours....oh well I could be at work or stuck in traffic so with carts allowed on the cart paths only I was okay with it. A real fun day and I look forward to returning to Old Ranch. Not a great ball striking day so want to have another crack at this place!
Back out at Los Robles today at 8:30. We finished in 4 hours walking as a foursome. The course is very green and is in great overall shape for a public course. Depending on your tee selection, this course can jump out and bite you if you aren't on your game. There is a lot of water saving habitat areas that come into play if you miss the fairways and greens and you will need to hit all kinds of different shots to get it close. The fairways were nice but a little patchy, the sand traps were nice, and the tees boxes level. THE GREENS were very nice and rolled true however if you had a downhill putt watch out! Some putts we hit missed by an inch and picked up pace after the hole. A couple holes were almost unfair but you just needed to keep the ball under the hole....afterward we had a nice lunch with great service so the day was great for us all. Recommend the course and pick your tees wisely.
Played AG yesterday with 12 of us to end the year. We teed off right on time and finished in 4.5 hours. Everyone enjoyed themselves however scoring was difficult. With fast greens and tight lies being the norm, accompanied by a little chilly wind, bogeys we common. The fairways are dormant right now but very playable, the tee boxes are always level, and the greens were real nice and held crisp hit shots. Also great was the $55 senior rate given on-line. The bunkers had good sand but lies were inconsistent due to the lack of raking by players.
We did experience a few problems though, the range was sanded and all chewed up and after 9 holes on a chilly morning the snack bar didn't have coffee made. How does that happen? Also, we all wanted to have lunch together and found that the restaurant is now closed on Mondays. Oh well, still a nice way to end 2018!! Happy New Year.
Rio is usually my "go to" course for a number of reasons...….pace is usually great, conditions are above normal, customer service is great, and the course layout is fun and fair to play. We played here yesterday at 8am with no waiting on a beautiful day. Everyone enjoyed themselves and we all thought the course was in decent shape however, we have seen it in much better. With the recent rains it appears the course has taken a little beating especially the fairways which we all found to be a little spotty. The greens rolled true and were at a decent pace and everything else was typical Rio...…..we will return!
We played here last Monday at 8:30 with six players. We went out as two threesomes and since we kept waiting to hit on the first 4 holes we decided to join up since no one was behind. We managed to finish our round as a sixsome without ever seeing a group behind us until the last hole. Fun day, great weather, and the course is fine. The layout is a little boring on the classic course but conditions are a little above average and pace is usually good. With the recent rains there's no doubt the course will look even greener then before.
Eight of us played here yesterday at 8am.most had never played here and it has been awhile since I had played it. The Santa Ana winds were blowing all day but the course was still playable. I am not sure how the course is doing overall since it was not too crowded for a holiday (Veterans Day). I chose here for a couple reasons, the GK ratings were good and the price on there website was $54 per person. They had plenty of tee times available and most courses were up charging for the holiday so we gave it a try.
Course conditions were all above average with the exception to the greens, we all found them to be great. They held shots, rolled fairly fast and smooth, and were a joy to play. Pace was great at 4 hours and we all stayed for lunch afterwards which was great too.
I recommend Anaheim Hills right now with service,conditions,and pace being great however the holes can be a little gimmicky due to blind shots and sloping fairways especially to first timers.
Played Lakewood yesterday with an 8:00 tee time for 5. We teed off right on time and finished in 4.5 hours walking with almost no waiting. The course is in pretty good shape overall. A few tees were chewed up, a few bunkers were being repaired, and the fairways were very payable. We all thought the greens were very nice running semi fast smooth and held shots well. We haven't played here in quite a while so it was nice to see the remodeled restaurant and clubhouse. We stayed for lunch and it was nice sitting on the patio overlooking the course and the food was decent. Our only gripe was the duck poop on a number of greens which i am not sure if the course can do anything about. With many courses doing maintenance at this time i would recommend giving Lakewood a try.
COME ON WESTRIDGE!!! I use to play here often but it has been a while (2 years) since returning on 10/22/18. I agree with Weber, there are many fun holes here but the lack of care for the course shows and that is why i stopped coming. I understand that things happen when management/ownership changes but this has gone on far too long. Come on get it together Westridge! How about leveling the tee boxes, cutting the fairway and rough to a consistent level where a player knows what he will get when he lands there. Hey the bunkers were nice and the greens were a little better than average but that is where it ends. This hilly course has always been difficult to get pristine conditions but in the past they have done a good job but now it appears they have given up......the best thing was the $35 rate given us with carts.
We played here again on 10/8/18 at 8am. There were a lot of groups waiting to tee off when we arrived but our five some got out right on time. We waited on a few holes throughout our round but still finished in 4.5 hours. Conditions are a bit mixed here right now. About half of the tee boxes were plugged full of holes due to aeration. The traps were a little thin but okay, the greens were semi smooth and ran about 9.5. The fairways were the highlight of the course. Most were green and nice to hit from although a little patchy. I think this course is a little overpriced compared to others courses nearby like Navy Destroyer, Miles Square but still enjoyed the round. your divots, rake the bunker, and replace your divots as a courtesy to others!
Was watching Tiger play yesterday and he was leading by 4 so I thought it might be a good time to go play RP. I arrived at 3:15, paid $28 to walk, and was told to go out! Pace was good for the first two holes but then the waiting started. I guess that can be expected on a beautiful Saturday afternoon. As far as course conditions go, everything was just okay with the fairways being best. I think it is kind of sad playing here because this place has so much history and the old school layout is fantastic but the facilities are just tired. They could do so much better but with all the play they get but I guess they don't need to spend the money. The low point of the round was the greens. They were patchy, bumpy, and inconsistent. I must have fixed 5 ball marks on every green before putting which I know is not the courses fault but still annoying. Maybe people think it doesn't matter since the greens are neglected. I always love playing here but wish the conditions were better. Will still return whenever I can.
Played here at 7am on 9/17/18. The course is a little tired feeling right now. The greens were pretty nice, held well, and rolled true. The rest of the course is inconsistent though. Fairways were green but patchy, the tees were mostly level but a little beat up, the rough was long, short, bare, i think you get it...…...The course has been in much better shape but perhaps they are getting ready to punch soon as evidence on the Players Course. The best thing was we finished in under 4 hours walking.
I played here with 40others on 9/9-10,2018. I love this course and love this resort. Conditions were excellent throughout with the exception of some tee boxes which were chewed up and unlevel. This is the first time i have played here since they started building next to holes 9 and 18. I don't get it, especially on 18, golfers are going to be screaming FORE all day long if they done do something. With jail being left and now a building right we might be forced to tee off with our putters. What's up???
I hope they figure something out but we 100% enjoyed ourselves and will be returning!!
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