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Was in Temecula for Father's Day so went to Cross Creek at 6:30 am as a single and got right out. I joined a local member on the first tee that is a local doctor in Temucula and we had a great time. The course is in as good of shape as I have ever seen. Tees were level and you could always find a nice area to hit from, the fairways were excellent with only a few areas that needed to be marked GUR, the rough was penal but fair, and the greens were really nice however a little slow for my taste but still rolled true and held shots. The bunkers were the low point....muddy, no sand, and almost unplayable. I really enjoy the coursse layout here. Short holes, long holes, uphill, downhill, doglegs, forced carries, everything is present. Great test of golf so pick the right tees and have fun! Recommended for sure.
Played in my first GK outing on 6/9/19. Great time on a great golf course and we meet some really nice guys out there. I look forward to playing more events and returning to this gem of a golf course. Since so many others have reviewed this course and rated it recently i just wanted to add a couple of observations. conditions were very good throughout and i agree the bunkers need more consistency. Many high lips on the traps made it difficult to get the ball close from tight/inconsistent lies. The greens rolled great with very few bumps. Repaired ball marks were prominent which shows that players were respectful of others by repairing them. I had no issues with the fairways and tees.
Played again on Monday walking and this is a great course to walk. We finished in 4 hours with no waiting after playing through a slow foursome. One thing i think need to be addressed here would be to have sand carriers on the pull carts and perhaps stations near the landing areas. I did see many unrepaired divots in the fairways which can only be attributed to walkers not having sand the fill them.
Can't wait to return!!! Highly recommended. Thanks to Johnny and the GK gang.
Played here today because we had five. Had a 7:45 time and finished at 11:45 walking so pace was great. I've said it before but will say it again, the par three's here can be tough. Especially in the wind which we had today. The course never disappoints me for a public course not far from home. Conditions were very good throughout, not perfect but perfectly playable on all levels. The course is not super difficult but you still need to hit crisp shots to score well. Recommended for sure!
We played today and it has been a few years since we last played here due to the high cost. I agree with Slicers review but want to add our experience. Conditions were great throughout and pace was at 4.5 due to errant tee shots but here is the REAL DEAL......the senior rate is $50 which is a great rate but when we checked in they offered us a $56.91 rate which included lunch and a beer.......what? Are you kidding? We jumped on it and it was well worth it. The restaurant was packed after our round but service was great and so was the food. This is a super deal if you get a chance. The course is tricky and can sneak up on you so play the proper tees. We will return soon, maybe even next week with this deal!
Now is the time to play El Dorado! Played this morning before the SCGA qualifying. The course is in super good shape, probably the best i have ever seen it. The greens are pure right now and i would guess they are running about 11. Everything is excellent though. If i have to criticize anything i would say there are areas in and around the fairways that were marked GUR and a few greens had some bare areas on the borders but that is it. The rough is long but playable and the sand traps were great. If you haven't played here in a while i highly recommend it!!
We teed off today at 8:00 on a perfect day finishing in 4 hours with no waiting. The price was right for me since they give a free birthday round used within three days of your birthday as long as the others pay the rack rate. Senior rates are $55 but you need to pay an extra $24 for a yearly senior card. This is as close as you get to a private course feel in the area. The entrance is great, no crowds, beautiful views, and great golf. They have 27 holes and we played the Ridgeline-Creekside nines. Conditions were great all around however there were a couple of areas that could improve and probably will with more time. The fairway on Ridgeline was brown and had cut grass shavings throughout and the Creekside fairways were near perfect. Thought that was odd but maybe they stabbed them at different times. Still they played great nonetheless. The bunkers were hard and inconsistent probably due to the amount of rain this year. Other then that the course is is super shape and should be played if you get a chance. Recommended
Got out to The Ike yesterday after reading the good reviews on GK. We were not disappointed!! The course is in fantastic shape right now with the fairways and greens being the highlight. In fact, the entire course should be rated a strong 8 out of 10 with the only exception being the bunkers. This great design has many strategically placed bunkers and I was in plenty. There is very little sand in most of them so playing out of the fairway bunkers was fine but the green side ones proved to be difficult especially when you didn't have much green to work with. The layout here is also fantastic and the course is a real challenge so pick your tees wisely. Highly recommended right now........just avoid the bunkers near the greens!
We played here yesterday on a perfect golf day. A little breeze, some sun shining through, and a beautiful setting. I haven't played here for many years so didn't remember anything about the course. I think it was redone some time ago and this course is really great. It reminds me of Old Ranch in Seal Beach with the water holes and design but it is in much better condition. Generous fairways and well protected greens were the norm but the design is fair and engaging. Paid $65 and it was well worth it. Can't wait to get back. Everything was in great shape as you would expect from a private course in the OC. A lot of elevated greens with false fronts that made scoring difficult but super fun to play. The fairway grass gives you tight lies but nice to hit from. Play it if you get a chance!
We played Skylinks today teeing off at 7:48 and 7:56 with eight players. Starter was great and got us out on time but it was crowded today for son reason and we had to wait on almost every shot. Not really much fun in 85 degree temps!!! We all got through it and had a nice lunch in the air conditioned restaurant. Food was good and service excellent.
Now to the course.........tees, greens, and bunkers are all in fair shape right now. Bunkers were inconsistent and unraked, tees were level but chewed up on some, and the greens still were a little sandy from aeration but the holes are all healed. I have to say it.....playing muni courses has its pluses and minuses but one thing stands out on most, players just don't care enough to leave the course in better shape then when they arrived. Ball marks were abundant, divots unrepaired were easy to find, and foot prints from human traffic were found in most bunkers. I blame this on a few things but allowing five some certainly doesn't help at all because they almost never can keep pace and leave each hole in shape for the groups that follow. The fairways were quite good however many tight lies are common and lastly the greens will be excellent given another week so don't be discouraged. $46 to walk in a little steep here IMO
Played here today teeing off at 8:44. Perfect day and as you would expect for a Sunday, crowded. Customer service was excellent, we tee off right on time, and although we did wait on quite a few holes, still finished in 4.5 hours. Not bad for a Sunday at prime time. Tons of fun golf holes here make this a go to course and conditions are really good right now. The course is green, tees are level except for a few par three's that are a bit chewed up, bunkers were great, and the greens have recovered from punching and were semi fast maybe about 9.5 on the meter. The $100 price tag is a little steep but you are in Orange County so it could be worse. Really looking forward to returning soon especially with the great conditions and lay out. Thee range is great, we saw the cart girl 2-3 times, and the outdoor patio overlooking the course is awesome!
Played here today with 32 others. It's funny, it has been over a month since the last review and condition are the same. Please look at the last two reviews for currents conditions here. The greens were the highlight for sure. Quick, challenging, and smooth. Very fun to putt but I will add one thing....there is a fungus coming through on some greens with visual spotting. They told me they cannot treat this because of the saturated greens. It didn't effect the putts at all but just looks funny.
Conditions can be much better but the course is still fun and challenging to play.i heard the resort was bought recently by the Hilton chain and plans are being made to upgrade the resort. Not sure if it is true but if it is I think it would be welcomed.
We played here today teeing it up at 7:30 and finishing at 11:30. With many courses aerating now I saw on GK that they were starting today. Called ahead and was told that the punching was starting at noon so jumped at the $55 senior rate and loved every minute of golf today. The greens were pure! Just rolled perfect with no bumps and running semi fast. Everything here is in great shape right now however the bunkers do need sand. It's kind of a bummer that I am giving this course such high marks knowing that by tomorrow it will be full of holes. Oh well, today was a great day and look forward to heading back in a couple weeks after they heal.
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