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Played at the golf club terra lago on July 4th. At 630am. $59 summer card with 25 replays till Aug 31. The North course is opened till July 9th. Then they'll reopen the South. The course was in great shape. Some of the greens were a little yellow but rolled great. Tee boxes were nice and level. Few divot marks. Greenside bunkers were great. Fairways lush and plenty of roll. Rough was short not very penal. I really enjoyed the desert background and the elevation changes.
Played today 6/17/18 at 6:40 for 35$. Was supposed to be paired with a threesome,however they were late. Went out with the 6:48 twosome. Which happened to be another GK member Sd3Bs. POP was 3:40. The weather stayed cool the entire round. Everything is nice and green. The greenside bunkers had great sand. The greens had a lot of water, but they rolled great. The new greens on 15 and 16 were completely different from the others. They were fast! The new layout is very well done. The rough was great. Not to thick except on the 15th. The rough around the green was very very thick and really grabbed your club. They always have great deals to play here. Rack rate is $50, well worth it!
Played at la quinta resort mountain course 5/20. Another well organized GK Plays!! Was paired with 3 GKers I've yet to play with. Learned a lot from them! Second time playing here. I really enjoy the course and feel like you can really score here. Most tee boxes were in great shape. The fairways nice and green. Rough was easy to hit out of. Bunkers were good to me. Had a sandy on the 11th! Pace of play was around 4 hours. Greens were hard but rolled great. Perfect weather! It was great to meet new people and see everyone else again!
Played at goose creek during a gk guru's round 5/15/18
. First time playing with Weber, third time with Nickesquire and sw second with MrKich. Play was after an scga amateur qualifier. First time playing here. It's a great parkland layout. Giving you plenty of room for error but also punishing you for it. Trees, bunkers in play on tee shots . The areas around the greens were very sloped. Saw many shots almost reach the green or reach the green just to roll off or go back down. A good shot on the green would hold. The bunkers looked great. The one in was in, was fluffy and I was out and almost on the green except the slope rejected me. The greens were rolling good. Tee boxes in great shape. A few were really hard and made the tees a bit hard to push in. The practice area was extensive. I will definitely drive back out there. Another Great GK Guru outing!!
Snuck in a birthday round at DVGC 2 pm on Sunday 2/11/18 . $22 with a hot dog! My son ate it , he said it was delicious. $5+ hot dog IMO.
Pop was 3hours . We played the front nine twice as the back 9 was a bit jammed. The greens are in great shape. They rolled true medium hard. The tee boxes are in great shape some could've used mowing. The fairways grass is fine. some fairways in better shape than others. Fairways are dry and have bare spots about 100 to 150 yards from tee boxes .So if you hit a good drive chances are the fairway is nice. Rough was green closer to the fairway. It does turn to dirt if your shots are off. All the approach areas were great. The greenside bunker on the 3rd hole was a bit hard but not bad. A lot of divots not fixed on green. That’s the players fault not the course. A lot of droppings on the par 3 4th hole. Its just that time of the year. The lakes are low on water but we are in a drought. The lake to carry on the 17th was full and the waterfall was running. The staff is always very friendly. The gps on the carts is frustrating at times but I’m sure they slowed them down around hazards because the carts used to fly, and I’ve witnessed people spin out around curves, and go up and down hills and rock areas that already state not to take cart through ,It doesn't have yardage its just used to protect the golf carts. The speed drops from 11 to 7mph. Nothing drastic. I don’t have a problem with the playing conditions for the price.
Even a $40 early tee time is worth it. If they did improve I’m sure the prices would easily double. They always have tee time specials if you signup for them.
Played here 2/13/18 with raidernationkennels, on the way back from omni! $29 green fee @ 2pm. Pop was 3.5 hrs only because we caught up to an 8some on the 14th and they would not let us play through!!
They did apologize on the 18th tee but still didnt let us through!
The course wasn't as narrow as I had imagined. The 3rd hole is the narrowest on the course and also the hardest. However there's plenty of room on the right in the 6th fairway! The 3,4,5,6 holes are very close together. I can see a traffic jam on busy days. The par 3 7th was very pretty. The 8th and 9th open up with ob to the left, only a real bad hook can get you there. The back 9 was great. It had more elevation and the houses were farther away from course. The course is in great shape, it is well manicured and very scenic and quiet
The freeway noise is minimal and you only hear it the 8,9, 11 holes. The fairways were great. The collar of the green was perfect, the greens perfect. The sand was some of the best sand I've been in. Very very fluffy!! The staff was friendly. I would definitely drive out there again! It's definitely a hidden gem in plain sight!!
Played the legends course with the GK Gurus! 2/13/18 First time playing with Johnny and Ron! Had a great time! The course seems about the same as it did in december. We had an relaxed 4 hr round. The fairways in great shape. Sand was nice. The rough was nice it looked easy to hit out of but it really grabbed the clubs.The greens were great. The collar of the green needed work in december and it needs work now. Some more than others. It was hard to tell where the green ended and collar started.They were muddy bare, trying to chip to collar to roll on the green was tough. It would just stop or hit sand and go the other way.. Besides that the course is in great shape and if the price is right a very enjoyable course.
Played with the GK Gurus. Had a frost delay, it gave us more time to practice. (Practice facility was great). Maybe a bit too much since I left my game at the range. This was my first time at IWGR. The clubhouse is massive! The staff were very friendly. The sausage egg muffin was great.
The first hole is such a great starter hole. I enjoyed all those bunkers around the green.The bunkers I was in were in great shape,very fluffy!. Every hole was very scenic. The greens were a great, very tricky. All the water in play during the round was entertaining. The two par 3 and par 5s were a first for me.The course kicked my ass,but I did par the hardest hole on the back nine! #15! This was one of the best conditioned golf course I've played on. Thank you for another great outing!
Played 1/7/18 in the GK outing. First time here. The course is in great shape. The practice area was great. The scenery beautiful. First course I've played during winter that was completely green! The bunkers were in great shape, I was in a few! The course seems easy but a bad shot and it was just trouble. The fairways and greens were absolutely green!! No gps on the carts, but all the sprinklers have yardage. Every hole is well designed. I can't wait to go back. The GK events just get better and better!!
Played black golf today 1/6/18. Rate was 89$. Staff was very friendly. 8:41 tee,PoP was almost 5 hr. The group in front of us was real slow and not playing ready golf. The scenery was great. Golf carts had gps and the nice leather plush seats. The best part about the course were the greens, and around them. They were real tricky and broke all around the holes . They were real fast in the morning and slowed down in the back 9.The rough was rough. Reminded me of hidden valleys rough. It was still good to hit out of. The bunker I was in was great. The fairways were about a 5 out of 10. The layout was great! After reading reviews I brought some extra balls but only lost two and found about 8!!. The rates are lower if your'e a resident. Imo the fees are too high for the course. Range balls are $ 4 8 12, hoped they were included in the round.Expected better conditions. The restaurant had good food at a good price. Restaurant staff was great.
Played 12/10 at 8 am. Used a groupgolfer voucher. The staff was great, the course was in great shape. Tees, fairways and greens were in perfect shape. The rough was alright. Sand traps were great. They are doing work on the sides of the holes but it did not bug us. The greens were at an 11. Playing the greens at La Costa the week before helped out. Weather was great. It's usually 30 degrees hotter whenever I play in in the desert! Going back tomorrow!
Played 12/9 with the GK event. Had a great time with sixpez and the wangster two.. The course was in good condition, It had an interesting layout. Very resort feel. I would play it again if I was staying at the resort and the price was right.
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